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4 Lessons Stadium Managers Can Learn From the Sports Business Awards

The Sports Facility of the Year has been selected. In this article, we share 4 lessons stadium managers can learn from the victor and nominees.


An Olympic-Sized Battle: Who’s Paying for Tokyo’s 2020 Stadium?

Whoever Prime Minister Shinzo Abe picks to oversee the 2020 Olympics is already facing a titanic clash over funding for a $1.4-billion stadium.

The …


Charter To Offer Dodgers TV Network To Subscribers

Charter Communications intends to make SportsNet LA, the regional sports network that offers Los Angeles Dodgers baseball games, to its subscribers …


Did this architecture firm save baseball?

Or did America’s pastime not need saving after all?

Worrying about the future of baseball is almost as old as the game itself.

This year, the anxiety has focused on statistics that show kids are far less likely to play little league baseball today than they were 15 years ago. Baseball fans are also …


Vilified World Cup Brands Should Wonder if FIFA Sponsorship Is Worth the Trouble

It was not a good day to be a World Cup sponsor. The anti-FIFA sentiment is growing so vocal and the corruption so deep that brands are starting to …

FIFA World Cup

We’re constantly battling the war of tradition vs innovation in college athletics. In order to keep up with the Jones’ we need to be innovative, but in order to stay relevant with our constituents we...


The company changing the face of baseball

The Kansas City-based firm has built two-thirds of the country’s ballparks—and changed our favorite pastime in the process.

Last year was one for the baseball record books, just not in a good way. If it hadn’t been for the Kansas City Royals forcing a dramatic game seven in the World Series, the …


Darren Rovell on Twitter

Lions join growing group of teams that will allow fans to see players going to & from locker room (via @Bill_Shea19)

Baseball is dying ... again

This following headline appeared on a Wall Street Journal article two days ago: "Why Children Are Abandoning Baseball," with a sobering subhead that reads "Major League Baseball is strong, but the casual young player is vanishing, threatening the sport's future."

Brian Costa's report is billed as …


Seattle Mariners Cutting Down On Energy costs with LED Lighting

Fans visiting the Seattle Mariners at Safeco Field this season may notice a difference in the stadium’s lighting.

The Mariners have made their stadium …

Major League Baseball

In stadium financing game, Goldman Sachs dominates

When San Diego Chargers executives needed help raising $1.7 billion for a football stadium in Carson, they turned to the professionals: Goldman Sachs.

The giant investment bank has become a major player in the high-stakes stadium financing game, crafting 30 deals with pro teams in the last …

Goldman Sachs

Sports on TV Headed for Some Big League Changes

Anyone with a Twitter account and a love of the game can tell you how their interaction with sports has changed in recent years. But a number of …


Advertising business MCN says sports rights inflation "almost untenable"

Luke Hodge of the Hawks kisses the Premeirship Cup during the 2014 AFL Grand Final match. Photo: Quinn Rooney

Foxtel's $500 million advertising …


Real Madrid To Debut Their Microsoft-Built App To 450 Million Fans

A few weeks ago we wrote an article on Real Madrid’s new partnership with Microsoft. The mobile app has since launched and we got a chance to speak

Spanish Football

Technology Disruption in Sports


$550 million naming rights cash bonanza for top teams

Paris (AFP) - Major companies are now spending more than $550 million a year to get their names on sports stadiums in Europe and the United States, …

European Football

How The NFL Is Using Los Angeles As A Bargaining Chip

CREDIT: (AP Photo/Chris Park)On Monday, a committee formed by San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer unveiled a plan to build a $1.1 billion stadium to keep …

Los Angeles

Nobody's Perfect: The Case for Artificially Intelligent Officiating

Like most people, you only have time to read yesterday’s box scores first thing in the morning. Right before Chad walks over to your cube rambling on …

Artificial Intelligence

The Globalisation of Rightsholders | Synergy Sponsorship: leading sponsorship agency since 1984

The globalisation of sport has entered its next evolution, with geographical boundaries now more blurred than ever and global-local tensions becoming …


Are streaming fans stealing sports?

The sports world weighs in on the growing controversy surrounding sports streaming on apps like Periscope.

Sports Science

Connected Stadiums Enhance Fan Experience

21 May, 2015

Declining Fan Engagement and Increasing Technology Demands Fuel Evolving Venue Network Strategies

Stadiums and sporting facilities are …

Soldier Field

When to Unscrew the Light Bulbs Is Arenas’ Cost-Cutting Question

Sports-venue operators should be patient when considering whether to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars upgrading to LED lighting. Today’s …

Wells Fargo

Connected Stadiums: over 100% increase in Telecom stadium naming rights deals

Cologne, 21.05.15 – Across European football, by the time the 2015/16 season kicks off, the revenues generated by naming rights deals from …


How technology will change sports: Owners, players, industry experts sound off

When discussing his company’s new multimillion dollar partnership with Real Madrid FC earlier this month, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made quite the …

Sports Science

Public Stadium Investment: Civic Necessity or Luxury?

A lot of big numbers with dollar signs are attached to the proposed new stadium for the Chargers in Mission Valley.

The mayor’s advisory group …

San Diego County

Case Study - Is Sponsorship Worth the Money? Measuring Sponsorship ROI Using Social Data

Corporate sponsorship has been an important part of major sporting and cultural events for many decades. From company names emblazoned across team …


Why Children Are Abandoning Baseball

Newburgh, N.Y.

The ball fields at Delano-Hitch Park were covered in snow when Jim Wilson launched a campaign to keep them in use. As president of the City of Newburgh Little League, he had seen participation numbers plummet to the point where the league was in danger of folding. Now, he and the …


Periscope, Meerkat threaten teams’ hold on video feeds

Sports leagues and teams across the country have bet big on social media in recent years, spending millions of dollars to install powerful wireless …


FanMaker | Coastal Carolina Boosts Student Ticket Revenue 30% YoY with FanMaker Loyalty Program

Coastal Carolina Boosts Student Ticket Revenue 30% YoY with FanMaker Loyalty Program

Coastal Carolina University is a small liberal arts university, …

Loyalty Programs