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Is ESPN A Giant Bubble About to Burst?

Big news came out last week that might have gotten lost in the shuffle of the slowest sports week of the year -- according to the Wall Street Journal …


Are Empty Stadium Seats Bad for the NFL?Ticketing Today

The digital NFL fan experience at home is gradually becoming more appealing to fans than purchasing a ticket, creating more empty stadium seats on …

Buffalo Bills

Forget peanuts and Cracker Jack: These baseball teams have stadium-grown greens

As fans sitting on the third base line streamed into Boston’s Fenway Park for the Red Sox home opener in April, they were greeted with the sight of …


Once Immune To Cord-Cutting, 'King Of Live Sports' Finds Throne Shaken

It's no secret that cable television is in trouble. With Hulu, Netflix and many networks streaming their shows online, viewers don't have to watch shows like Scandal or American Horror Story live. They can stream it the next day — or the next year.

Nevertheless, one channel had long looked impervious …


The Cavs Go ‘All In’ to Drive Long-Term Fan Loyalty

The Cleveland Cavaliers recently wrapped up the most successful season in franchise history. The off-season signing of game-changing players and …

Cleveland Cavaliers

Major League Baseball sponsorship trends in 2015

Credit: Bob DeChiara-US PRESSWIRE USAToday Sports Images

Halfway through the Major League Baseball regular season, a study by Repucom found that …


Care and Feeding of the Season Ticket Holder

Why the sense of neglect?

Some blue chip sports programs are complacent because they have season ticket waiting lists
• Cost/benefit of adding amenities …

UW Announces Fan Engagement Events

SEATTLE - The University of Washington department of intercollegiate athletics will hold three fan engagement events prior to the 2015 Husky Football …

Pac-12 Conference

NFL teams each earn $226.4M from national revenue sharing

NFL teams each received $226.4 million from the NFL as part of national revenue sharing from the 2014 fiscal year.

The amount was revealed on Monday when the Green Bay Packers reported their share of the pie. The total surpassed $7.2 billion and comes mostly from the league's television deals.

The …

Revenue Sharing

Rugby World Cup: MasterCard's five lessons in sponsoring a major sporting event

The Rugby World Cup sometimes bills itself as the third biggest sporting event, behind the football World Cup and the Olympic Games, although the …

Rugby Union

The loyalty scoreboard

​In April 2015, Deloitte fielded a survey to approximately 4,000 sports fans over the age of 18 in the United States. Based on their self-reported …


6 Sports Marketing Campaigns That Embraced Social Media

The sports industry has been a pioneer in the adoption of social media as a way to communicate with their devoted fans in a whole new way. Whether …


Here’s how the Packers make so much money

As the NFL’s only publicly owned team (in spirit, anyway, because public shares have no value and cannot be traded), the Green Bay Packers have to release their financial records every year, probably to the chagrin of every other NFL owner who would sooner donate every cent to charity than open up …


Dallas Cowboys & AT&T Stadium: SWOT Analysis

A SWOT Analysis defines a company or organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Below is a full analysis of the Dallas Cowboys …


Sports Owners Dip Into the Public’s Purse, Despite Their Billions in the Bank

CLEVELAND — The billionaire owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Dan Gilbert, is a lucky man. When LeBron James, his transcendent native son, left for Miami, the owner threw an impressive tantrum, going on about “cowardly betrayal.”

Despite that, James felt the tug of home and returned to Cleveland to …

Dan Gilbert

The importance of social media in sport

Mobile technologies and social media are transforming sports and sports businesses. Here, Andrew Cave and Alex Miller chart a digital revolution

Read more about the business of sport

More than half a million people will converge on the Wimbledon Championships from Monday. While the focus is on the …

Sports Industry

Will Giants’ high valuation lead to heavy spending?

It’s good to be the San Francisco Giants.

Not only are the Giants the reigning World Series champions, but the team is also one of the most valuable …

San Francisco Giants

Fans first: Redskins to break injury news to season-ticket holders

The Washington Redskins haven't delivered enough wins to please their fan base for most of the past 15 years. They hope they can deliver something the fans do like this season: breaking news.

The Redskins announced in a letter from team president Bruce Allen to season-ticket holders that they "will …

Washington Redskins

Building Your Athlete Brand via Social Media

A large, engaged social media following is a business opportunity, not just a status marker. Sports reporters increasingly look to athletes’ social …

Social Media

#SEAT15 Conference Recap

On July 19-21, Sport and Entertainment Alliance in Technology (SEAT) held their annual conference. Leaders in digital and tech descended upon AT&T …

Northern California

Who's Winning the Social War at Wimbledon?

This article originally appeared on The Next Web.

The battle for social media engagement during the Wimbledon tournament is being dominated by four …




I was at a minor league baseball game earlier this week. The president of …

Full House

Not All Sports Fans Are the Same | HopscotchHopscotch

For several seasons, sports marketers had a feeling that not all fans were the same. But it was hard to do much about it. Until now.

Not only have …

Sports Industry

The Other 'Moneyball': Using Analytics to Sell Season Tickets

The Milwaukee Brewers are hardly the most successful team on the field in Major League Baseball. They have never won a World Series, and have only …

Sports Analytics

Keeping Respondents Engaged: The Importance of Sharing

Consider market research surveys from a fan’s perspective. They receive a survey invitation from their favorite team and, looking forward to the …


Just What Do Millennial Fans Want?

The most powerful people in college football are desperate to figure out what the millennials on their campuses actually want.

They thought they knew. To stop the puzzling decline of student attendance at football games, schools across the country have taken numerous steps in recent years. The most …

Ole Miss Rebels

A Digital Takeover?: Five Takeaways From Bob Bowman’s Interview With BTIG

A Digital Takeover?: Five Takeaways From Bob Bowman’s Interview With BTIG

By: Brandon Costa, Senior Editor
Thursday, July 16, 2015 - 1:23 pm

As millions …


Fifa urged by Coca-Cola to undergo immediate independent reform

Coca-Cola has called on Fifa to undergo an immediate, independent reform process led by an external figure in what amounts to the most significant challenge to date by one of the embattled governing body’s corporate backers.

The soft drinks giant, a World Cup sponsor since 1978, has confirmed in a …


The New Face Of Sports Sponsorships

For decades, partnering with the most successful sports teams and hiring the latest superstar athlete has allowed brands to connect with their …