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Will 49ers’ Stadium Uphold Its Techie Reputation During Super Bowl 50?

(TNS) — The San Francisco 49ers hoped Levi’s Stadium would become “the address of Silicon Valley” when the team designed its $1.3 billion home field …

Super Bowl

Are NFL Personal Seat Licenses Good Investments?

Including the new stadiums being built for the Atlanta Falcons and Minnesota Vikings, over half the teams in the National Football League have sold seat licenses to fund their stadiums. Some (Carolina Panthers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Seattle Seahawks) have been excellent investments. Others (San …


Apple Could Make $24 Billion From Winning The NFL's Thursday Night Football Rights

[Author was long YHOO at time of writing]

Last August, I argued here that Apple had wasted $130 billion in stock buybacks and dividends over the past 3 years.

The stock has gained about $18/share since September 2012. That’s a total gain of about 19% vs. the Nasdaq which has done 63% over the same …

Apple News

Here's Why Comcast Customers Can't Watch Nets, Yankees

The business of TV is going through so much change that even live sports—the golden goose of the industry—are no longer immune.

Once upon a time, a cable provider dropping the network that airs the New York Yankees for subscribers in the northeast would have been almost unthinkable. But that’s …


Google Launches Experimental Ad Campaign To Drive Fans To NHL GameCenter Live

Imagine being on the computer and seeing an ad pop up in the corner that is a video of an NHL play that happened only minutes ago, and it happens to …


10 Ways Stadiums & Venues Are Using Technology to Delight Fans & Keep Them Coming Back

Data and new technology are changing fan experiences at stadiums and venues like never before. Teams and venues are using data, apps, beacons and …

Sports Industry

The 18 Best Sports Business & Sports Sponsorship Blogs to Follow

The 18 Best Sports Business & Sports …

FC Bayern Munich Builds Brand; In The U.S. | Sports Marketing & PR Roundup

It is not an easy thing, building brand affinity for a soccer club, or any team or league, that plays games thousands of miles away and whose stars …

German Bundesliga

Breaking the Model | Synergy Sponsorship: leading sponsorship agency since 1984

Sports marketing was invented in the US at a time when broadcast TV was most definitely king. The problem is that shifts in audience behavior and …

ESPN is losing subscribers by the millions

Disney, the parent company of ESPN, warned that the sports network may keep losing subscribers.

During an earnings conference call in August, Disney CEO Bob Iger said that ESPN had "experienced some modest [subscriber] losses" because of an overall decline in multichannel cable subscriptions in US …

Bob Iger

Atlanta Hawks – How marketing to millennials can turn things around!

I usually don’t watch basketball, especially NBA, but one club grabbed my attention. It’s the Atlanta Hawks. I really like the way they showed that

Viral Marketing

New Crew: Columbus Crew SC rebrand, transformation under Gregg Berhalter has rejuvenated team and fanbase

Ahead of Sunday’s Eastern Conference Championship opener, it’s been just over a year since the Columbus Crew became Columbus Crew SC, and just over …

New York Red Bulls

The NBA Climbs the Social Ladder

In an interview, commissioner Adam Silver explains how the league has embraced its social-media revolution


I’m paying more attention to early season basketball, and it feels super weird.

Look: I enjoy the NBA just fine, but I belong to that portion of the NBA audience for whom the serious …

Social Media

United States

Turn fans into loyal customers.

Your digital/mobile/social platform could be the first experience a sports consumer has with your Enterprise. Make it …


No Other Sports Organization In The World Is More Technologically Impressive Than The Golden State Warriors

Jocks and nerds do not get along. It’s a tale as old as time, a universal truth, one of Plato’s ideal forms. Like oil and water, the two groups …

Golden State Warriors

The NFL’s ratings dominance is as insane as ever

NEWS FLASH: the NFL is popular.America’s favorite pastime, favorite sport, and favorite weekly drama series is the NFL. The league continues to sit …


The Future of Stadiums Might Be No Stadium at All

Architect Dan Meis has a great business designing sports stadiums. But now he's wondering if they've become too big and expensive for their own …

Dallas Cowboys

IBM Wants to Help Professional Sports Teams Enter The Digital Age

Say what you will about IBM, they are constantly trying new ways to generate business, and their latest initiative involves helping professional sports team modernize stadium operations and update the way they interact with fans.

The project is two-fold. The first part is the Sports and …


Go Inside the Totally Reimagined NFL Stadium of Tomorrow

NFL teams won't play in sterile concrete bowls. Instead, they will play in multi-use spaces near the urban core, redefining our idea of what a …

The Future

Oakland Raiders in a whole new ball game with younger audience

Football, the sport that captured the hearts — and entertainment dollars — of Baby Boomers and their parents, is viewed much differently today by a …


Why This Study on Millennial Sports Video Habits Should Worry ESPN

And other traditional cable providers.

If you don’t spend a lot of time on YouTube, you may not have heard of Whistle Sports, a digital video network that launched just over one year ago. But you could be regularly watching Whistle Sports videos without knowing it.

Whistle Sports produces a range of …


Money is still an object for Dodgers, who are trying to cut payroll from $300 million

This is the time of year when the baseball world spotlights the available players deemed most expensive and links them to the Dodgers.

David Price! Zack Greinke! How about both? Why stop there?

We keep thinking back to that summer day in 2012, in the Dodgers' first year under Guggenheim Baseball …

Los Angeles Dodgers

Why Sports Business May End Up Firing The Media

Blog Posts

Ben Goss · November 10, 2015

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Most mornings, my first-thing routine consists includes my email, which usually contains one with Ad Age’s

Infographic: Sports fans are growing ambivalent to sponsorship, report finds

The brand experience agency surveyed 2,000 sports fans in the UK, US, Brazil, Spain and Japan.

A total of 83% of the group said they accepted the …

Sports Fans

Manchester United to become the highest grossing football club ever following array of sponsorship dealings

Manchester United are set to become the highest grossing football club ever with revenue expectations of over £510m by the end of the year.

A number …

Cutting the Cord: Yahoo's London event scored 15.2M NFL streamers

Yahoo's recent live stream of an NFL game lasted only about three hours, but it could have kicked off repercussions that will play out over the next decade.

A look back at the box score: On the field, the Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Buffalo Bills 34-31 in the Oct. 25 game played at Wembley Stadium …


Fans: "Enhance my experience or stay out of my face." #smsports #sportsbiz #digisport what can sponsors do?

What '60 Minutes' Didn't Tell You About The Future Of Football

60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft thinks the NFL’s concussion problem could be traumatic for the league.

“Not since football was nearly banned a hundred years ago has the sport been under the microscope the way it is today,” Kroft said on Sunday’s report. “And all of it has to do with matters of …


Making the right decisions: What business leaders can learn from the sports industry’s use of data

At the time of writing, Manchester City FC currently sits at the top of the Premier League pile, ahead of England’s other top-flight teams.

This won’t …

Business Intelligence

Why The Power of Teams Can't Be Ignored After The Paris Attacks

During times of tragedy, the real transformation lies within our ability to unite.

On Friday night the entire globe stood alongside France in the wake of the horrific attacks. I must admit I had a tough time engaging normally in my everyday weekend activities, which typically consist of sports and …