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Cassini's Final Images

Enceladus Setting Behind Saturn<p>A Last Look at Titan<p>Finale Ringscape<p>Saturn: Before the Plunge<p>Daphnis' Final Appearance<p>Lone Propeller

I've adopted a '2-hour rule' based on the habit that led Einstein, Darwin, and Nietzsche to brilliance — and it's had the highest ROI of anything I've done

Albert Einstein was 16 years old when he first flirted with the idea of special relativity.<p>He was a daydreamer. The pioneering theory that lead him to establish the foundation of modern physics was actually envisioned in one of his many famous thought experiments.<p>He wondered, specifically, what …


If you can’t explain something in simple terms, you don’t understand it

In the early 1960s, Richard Feynman gave a series of undergraduate lectures that were collected into a book called the Feynman Lectures on Physics. …

Can This Quantum-Computing Genius Beat Out IBM and Google?

Few people can say they’ve brought about a quantum leap in their field. But if all goes well for Chad Rigetti, this summer he will join them, by …

Quantum Computing

How Does Earth Move Through Space? Now We Know, On Every Scale

Ask a scientist for our cosmic address, and you’ll get quite a mouthful. Here we are, on planet Earth, which spins on its axis and revolves around the Sun, which orbits in an ellipse around the center of the Milky Way, which is being pulled towards Andromeda within our local group, which is being …


Is The Concern Artificial Intelligence — Or Autonomy?

There's a provocative interview with the philosopher Daniel Dennett in Living on Earth.<p>The topic is Dennett's latest book — <i>From Bacteria to Bach and Back: The Evolution of Minds</i> — and his idea that Charles Darwin and Alan Turing can be credited, in a way, with the same discovery: that you don't …

American Philosophy