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By Sean Flaherty | Business ideas on the edge of disruption.

These Are The New Rules of Work

Forget everything you've always known about work. The rules have changed.

Work is increasingly both everywhere and nowhere—more deeply embedded in our lives than ever before, but disappearing as a discrete activity.

The old rules of work applied to an economy of factories and offices, a world of …

Keynesian Economics

The US wants cars to 'talk' to each other, sooner rather than later

The Department of Transportation wants America's cars to talk to each other, and it wants that to happen pretty soon. That's why Secretary Anthony Foxx has announced that legislation to make vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication a mandatory feature of new cars will be brought forward. At a speech …

Silicon Valley

How Smartphone Startup Light Plans to Replace High-End Cameras

From a small space in Palo Alto, Calif., startup Light is looking to turn the camera industry on its head.

Smartphones have already decimated the market for compact, point-and-shoot cameras. Now, Light says it has a plan for the smartphone to replace high-end cameras too.

The company has been working …


Wolfram’s Image Rec Site Reflects Enormous Shift In AI

Earlier this week, Stephen Wolfram unveiled a website that automatically identifies digital images. Drop in a photo of, say, a Tesla coil, and the …


The Business Economics And Opportunity Of Open-Source Data Science

Editor’s note: David Smith leads the open source solutions group at Revolution Analytics (a subsidiary of Microsoft). He writes daily about applications of R and predictive analytics on the Revolutions blog and is the co-author of An Introduction to R.

Mythology can be a useful tool for uniting …

Open Source

Los Angeles is hiring an advisor for ridesharing and robotic cars

Los Angeles might be opening up to next-generation transportation between its loosening stance on ridesharing and its deal with Waze, but it's still looking for someone who can shed more light on the subject. Mayor Eric Garcetti has revealed that the city is hiring an advisor who'll create a …

Los Angeles

How Autonomous Cars Will Change Traffic

TaxiBots and AutoVots: Coming to a Simulation Near You

TaxiBots and AutoVots may sound like toys that you played with in the 1980s that have been turned into a blockbuster movie franchise. They’re actually autonomous vehicle concepts used in a study released in April by the Organization for Economic …


Will Automated Driving Kill The Auto Insurance Industry?

When there are no more accidents, will there be no more Geico ads?

One day, robots and artificial intelligence could eliminate millions of jobs in America, even in industries that aren’t immediately obvious. A study not long ago from two Oxford University academics found that 47% of positions are at …


The Death of Web Design

Medium, Shopify, Behance. What do they all have in common? High-quality website templates. No longer does an innovative idea require the web design …

World Wide Web

The World’s First Self-Driving Semi-Truck Hits the Road

If the truck encounters a situation it can’t confidently handle, like heavy snow, it will alert the human that it’s time for him to take over via …


Top 6 reasons why IT contracts fail

Information Age

Amazon's Echo Takes A Step Closer To Becoming The Heart Of The Smart Home

The Echo just got IFTTT support, opening the door for Amazon's Siri-in-a-can to connect to all sorts of services and smart devices.

When Amazon first announced the Echo—an always-on speaker slash Siri-in-a-can tied into the company's services—we were bullish about it. Although the Echo couldn't do …


No Budget for Innovation (or: a Corporate Fairytale)

Once upon a time… a toothpaste factory had a problem. They sometimes shipped empty boxes without the tube inside, which was caused by the way the …


Shredding the rules

A striking number of innovative companies have business models that flout the law

PIONEERING entrepreneurs have often had an uneasy relationship with …


I See Change uses your Instagram photos for science

You may not think much about it while you’re busy snapping photos of your breakfast or the evening sunset, but Instagram pictures can be an …


Japan Is Giving Away iPads To Millions Of Elderly People

Keeping seniors sharp with a digital window to the world

Today, tech giants Apple and IBM, along with Japanese post office conglomerate Japan Post Group announced that they will be teaming up to bring iPads and custom apps to Japan’s elderly population. The iPads will come fully loaded with the …


Warby Parker wants you to use your phone for eye exams (update)

Warby Parker, the eyewear company that sends you frames to try on before you make a purchase, has some lofty goals for the near future. In addition to plans that'll almost double its current retail footprint, the start-up has tech in the works that will save you a trip to the optometrist for an eye …


Five reasons why automation promotes collaboration | Information Age

The five key tenets of DevOps should develop naturally once automation is introduced

Collaboration is vital to a DevOps ethos that promotes agile …


Three Unbreakable Rules for User Interfaces

We all know a great user interface when we see it. Brands are built in the mind, through repeated experiences over time. The technology experience …

UI Design

Data science in action - don't confuse recommendations and predictions

SUMMARY: Building on their recent personalization pieces, Sailthru’s Jeremy Stanley clears up the buzzword confusion between personalization and …


How to Build Your Brand by Awarding the Influencers

Tapping into the power of influencers to get the word out about your business is one of the most powerful brand-building strategies at your disposal.

Whether you're a small business or a major Fortune 500 company, brand building is key to growth. Influencers act as a trusted voice speaking to a …

Small Business Marketing

Facebook continues to make most of its money from mobile

Facebook's bet on mobile continues to pay off in absolute spades. The first quarterly earnings report of the year from Zuckerberg and crew lay testament to that, showing that a whopping 73 percent of its $3.32 billion in ad revenue now comes from mobile alone (Total revenue for the quarter was …


The 14 best data visualization tools

Raw data is boring and it’s difficult to make sense of it in its natural form. Add visualization to it and you get something that everybody can easily digest. Not only you can make sense of it faster, but you can also observe interesting patterns that wouldn’t be apparent from looking only at stats.

Industrial Design

Why Already Busy People Are More Likely To Get More Things Done

You know "if you want something done, ask a busy person," but what makes those with too much to do the most likely to get things done?

Someone recently posed this question to me: we all know that "if you want something done, ask a busy person." But why is that? Why exactly do busy people seem so …


5 Great Ideas For The Future Of Flying (And One Really Terrible One)

The good news, there’s more room to store your bag. The bad news, there may be a lot more people on your plane.

Every year, the brightest minds in the airline industry assemble in Hamburg, Germany, for the Aircraft Interiors Expo. For the most part, it's a boring trade show full of talk about seat …

From “Economic Man” to Behavioral Economics

Idea in Brief

The Context

Research into how cognitive biases muck up decision making—a field perhaps best known for its offshoot, behavioral economics—is extremely popular among academics and the public alike.

The Complications

Behavioral economics is just one perspective on decision making. Formal …


Wealthier children have bigger brains, study finds

Brain scans offer new dimension to the so-called “achievement gap”

Richer pupils achieve higher academic grades because their brains are different, according to research.

Past research has shown pupils from low-income backgrounds fared worse than those from wealthier families.

Brain scans have now …

The Brain

Moore’s Law turns 50, but will it soon cease to exist?

The prediction led to the widespread adoption of computers and smartphones, but there are tell-tale signs that it is becoming outdated and could cease to hold within the decade.

In 1950, at a time when there were fewer than 10 digital computers worldwide, Bill Pfann, a 33-year-old scientist at Bell …