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Brand Worthy Software Products Start with Rock Solid Security

Building secure applications and sites is not simple. But it is simple to stay on top of standards and best practices that will help you to keep your …


Personality test finds Britain's most extroverted, agreeable and emotionally stable regions

Online word-of-mouth communications are having a significant effect on product sales, yet research to date has failed to understand why that effect …


(Really) Taking On Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) has rapidly moved from an ideal to an operational mandate. As Forrester's CMO, customer experience is one of my four …


Do-it-yourself healthcare is closer than you think

Thanks to smartphones, cloud computing, sensors, and other technology, today’s tech entrepreneurs see plenty of opportunities to upend health care …

Medical Technology

The Design Sprint — Google Ventures

The sprint gives teams a shortcut to learning without building and launching.

The sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business …

Phone numbers as unique user identity: Are you ready?

This post is part of a series titled, 'Future of Communications,' and is brought to you by Nexmo.

Using the Web to support the social process has significantly increased in the last decade with the explosion of social network services like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and online dating sites.

While …


Interpersonal trust erodes over time in the online world, experts say

For their research, Parigi and Cook examined Couchsurfing, a website that supports international travel and cultural exchange. Its members both host …


EY - Megatrends that will shape our future

At EY, we describe megatrends as large, transformative global forces that define the future by having a far-reaching impact on business, economies, …

The Future

Beyond Transparency: Can A Culture Of 100% Honesty Work?

New research shows that employees value honesty more than any perks. Take a look at how these companies have instilled a culture of candor.

It’s a scenario that would make anyone sweat.

The big-data team at Moz, a marketing software company, was working on a large project to rebuild the systems …


The Biggest Business Comebacks Of The Past 20 Years

Our verdict is in: Apple staged the most impressive recovery of the last 20 years. Here are 19 others that overcame hard times.

Apple: The Most Impressive Business Comeback Of The Past 20 Years

In our fast-changing, startup-crazed economy, it can seem like only the newest companies have the agility …

Howard Schultz

FAA gives Amazon the OK to conduct drone tests

After threatening to take its drone tests elsewhere, the FAA granted the online retailer permission to test its unmanned aircraft. If you'll recall, Bezos & Co. weren't interested in leveraging any of the government-approved test sites for drone trials, wanting instead to fly near its Seattle R&D …


How OnePlus One’s marketing made it the most desirable phone in the world

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It’s relatively new, and you can get it by invitation only.

It’s the smartphone that’s managed to dominate the market in a very short amount of time, an impressive feat …


The skills gap is widening – but here’s how you can close it

Rosie Allabarton is a writer who lives in Berlin. Her journalism specializes in technology, education, employment and women in technology. She works as a tech writer and content manager for CareerFoundry, an online educational platform that provides training in web development and UX design,


How Much Does a Website Cost?

As Technology Consultants, we get this question a lot. Not only with potential clients, but also during casual conversations with friends, family, on …

Product Development

Design Principles For Building Better Wearables

Editor’s note: Guy Bieber is the Director of Strategy and Innovation for Citrix. He formerly worked as the Chief Architect for Warrior Systems at General Dynamics on the first deployed wearable computing platform for soldiers called the Land Warrior System.

We are seeing a wave of wearable products …

Wearable Tech

Engineers Bring A New Open-Source Siri To Life

Google has Google Now, Apple has Siri and Microsoft has Cortana—these personal digital assistants are playing an increasingly dominant role on mobile and desktop. Now researchers from the University of Michigan have unveiled an open-source alternative called Sirius, the latest of several similar …


9 common ways that businesses inhibit innovation


4 directions that will frame enterprise software development


Empathy And Technology − The Relationship That Makes Good Design Better

It’s time for product designers to start thinking differently. Why? We have all experienced how great design, coupled with technology, has the …

Tracking the Customer Journey Is Critical for Engagement

Competition for customers is more intense today than ever before, and companies struggle to differentiate themselves from the competition. Our …

Business Intelligence

Social Media for Business Part 1: Pinterest

Part one of a five-part series on social media for businesses. The series looks at each of the big five social media outlets (Facebook, LinkedIn,

Social Media

Why We Should Design Some Things to Be Difficult to Use

Or, How I destroyed the world's economy by making something too easy.The post Why We Should Design Some Things to Be Difficult to Use appeared first …

The CEO Of The Future Is A "Designer-In-Chief"

A trends report from Wolff Olins says CEOs are starting to harness the good ideas of others rather than cracking a whip.

A century ago, the CEO was a fearsome whip-cracker. Fifty years ago, he was motivator dangling corporate incentives. And now, according to the 2015 Wolff Olins Leadership Report, …

Concept Design

What Role Does Content Play in Social CRM?

There is no doubt that content plays a huge role in modern business success. Content creation, curation, and distribution are three must-do …


How Travel Can Make You a Better Leader

A trip to Asia inspired Bruce Poon Tip to create a unique travel company, and now he lets his employees travel the world for free.

Bruce Poon Tip can’t keep track of the number of countries he’s traveled to. The founder of the adventure travel company G Adventures and author of Looptail: How One …

Adventure Travel

6 Competitive Edges Entrepreneurs Gain When They Learn How To Code

Think coding is just for developers and programmers? Think again. Why business owners are taking the lead in the learn-to-code movement.

There has been a lot of talk about the learn-to-code movement recently, and much of it revolves around the importance of filling the growing need for software …


Google's Knowledge Vault Helps Rank Sites By Accuracy

Just the facts, ma'am

Imagine you want to figure out how accurate something is. How would you go about it? Well, you might go to the library, find the relevant encyclopedia article, and read it. But let's be honest: in this day and age, you'll probably just type your question into Google.

Just …


Why Libraries Should Be the Next Great Start-Up Incubators

An old idea reinvented for the 21st century.

Co-working spaces are often treated today as a novelty, as a thoroughly modern solution to the changing needs of a workforce now more loyal to their laptops than any long-term employers. But the idea is actually as old as the public library.

One of the …


The Apple Watch Is Time, Saved

Over the course of investigating the Apple Watch, I’ve spoken to several sources who have spent extended time with it. There are a lot of interesting details, some of which we’ll get into. But, by far, the biggest recurring theme is how little you use your iPhone once you have one.

After these …

Apple Watch