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5 Ways to Be the Leader Employees Rally Behind

If you are like most entrepreneurs I know, there just aren’t enough hours in a day to get all your own work done, as well as run the many one-hour meetings each team member seems to demand for decisions and mentoring. I have found it to be more productive and effective to lead with the model that …


Microsoft Just Took Android’s Future Out of Google’s Hands

Microsoft partnership with open-source, Android-based Cyanogen OS makes one thing very clear: Android’s not just for Google anymore.The post …


Intent to solve

When we’re building products for people, designers often do something called “needs finding” which translates roughly into “looking for problems in …


3 Ways Embracing Curiosity Can Change Your Life

Ever wonder what curiosity can do for you? Author Warren Berger looks at how the tendency to wonder is a secret to success.

Brian Grazer is one of the most successful producers in Hollywood, with film credits that include Splash, A Beautiful Mind, and Apollo 13, along with TV hits such as "24," …

Brian Grazer

The New York Times Invents A Conference Table That Takes Notes For You

It's called the Listening Table, and it not only transcribes meetings, but knows when they're important.

Like most offices, The New York Times holds a lot of meetings. Editorial meetings, ad sales meetings, design meetings, you name it; all centered around a table seemingly for no other purpose than …


Listening To Music In An Age Of Infinite Choice

Today, with $9.99 in your back pocket and a working Internet connection, you can sign up for Spotify and get instant access to some 30 million songs, all ready and waiting to be played at the push of a button.

For today's teenagers, that's the new norm. For anyone who grew up carefully collecting …

Vinyl Records

You can’t have big data until you have good data | Information Age

'Companies must stop measuring the wrong data, deceiving themselves about the accuracy of their data, and go back to basics'

Businesses are beginning …

Information Age

Every Frame Of This Incredible Short Film Was 3-D Printed

From beginning to end, Chase Me is the world's first movie that was printed on a FormLabs Form 1+ 3-D printer.

The stats of most films read in footage shot, actors cast, and dollars budgeted. Not Chase Me, a new short by French animator Gilles-Alexander Deschaud. The world's very first 3-D printed …


Making Simple Ideas Simpler

Simplicity, or the lack thereof, is one of the first things users notice as they acquaint themselves with a new interface. To make that first …

UX Design

No More Pogo Sticking: Protect Users from Wasted Clicks

Summary: Misleading links and omitted information force users to bounce back and forth in a hub-and-spoke pattern between a routing page and subpages …


10 ways mobile apps are bringing breakthrough technologies to business

The best mobile apps are giving companies unprecedented efficiency, convenience, and the ability to deliver a topnotch customer experience.

Mobile Technology

5 Ways to Take Advantage of the New Google-Twitter Partnership

Recently, Google and Twitter announced a new partnership that willgive Google access to tweets posted on the social media platform, giving them the ability to embed those tweets directly into relevant search results. For the average user, this is great news--now, when performing a search, you'll be …


The Mobile Video Moment Has Finally Arrived

Mobile video is definitely having a moment.

Consider: It’s helping people feeling connected to each other while broadcasting on new live apps, it’s enabling instant virtual appointments with plumbers and nurses thousands of miles away, and it’s even enabling a guy in South Carolina to drastically …


Sprint will now send people to your house to deliver and set up your new phone

Sprint is beginning a new program today in Kansas City that has new phone upgrades delivered to people’s homes (or anywhere else they choose), complete with a transfer of all the files and settings from their old phone. It’s called Direct 2 You, and it’s a mix of home delivery service and customer …


Here’s What Scientists Learned In The Largest Systematic Study Of Email Habits

For one thing, you’re shockingly predictable

You probably get a lot of emails. Heck, maybe someone even sent you this article in an email. And you have likely developed a systematic approach to dealing with this digital avalanche that never seems to end. Even though email has been around for about …


The True Cost of a Bad Hire

The True Cost of a Bad Hire infographic from Executives Online in the UK puts into perspective the £4.13 billion a year that UK businesses are losing …

Steve Jobs

Laser Chip Could Turn Smartphones Into Handheld 3D Scanners

Forget point and shoot, it's point and scan

Taking 2D photos with your phone is rather popular these days, but thanks to Caltech scientists, soon you may be able to wave your phone at an object and capture a 3D scan of it. You could scan a particularly nice coffee cup, and then instantly send the 3D …


When Exponential Progress Becomes Reality

“I used to say that this is the most important graph in all the technology business. I’m now of the opinion that this is the most important graph …


3 Ways You Can Use Nontraditional Education To Win The War For Talent

The ongoing transformation of higher education makes hiring more challenging, but there are alternative ways to reach the right people.

"Gone. Poof. Done."

That’s how former Zappos recruiting strategist Stacy Zapar summarized the online shoe retailer's decision last year to eliminate all of its job …


Why Real Leaders Don't Care About Titles Or Formalities

Real leaders can inspire diverse teams to face reality, problem-solve, and contribute innovative solutions, no matter what. Here's how.

Leadership for a fractured world is a complex topic, and no single theory can do it justice.

Traditional leadership that relies on prominence ("look to me"), …



What if buying something was as easy as Liking it? You’d probably buy a lot more, and buy it through whoever made it so damn simple. Becoming that conduit for payments means more than racking up transaction fees. For the portal to purchase influences not just how you buy, but what.

Today, purchases …


Build to learn: Why you should make things no one will ever use

If you’ve ever built something for other people you’ll know the buzz that comes from having real users. There’s nothing quite like knowing you made something from scratch that helped or entertained another person.

Once you’ve made something used by other people it might seem like it doesn’t make …

Flipped Classroom

Surviving the Startup (Weekend)

Being around other entrepreneurs is always an invigorating experience. It is like reliving adolescence, minus some of the awkwardness, of course, …


Designing A Happier Office On The Super Cheap

We're talking Ikea cheap: it’s small tweaks, rather than dramatic transformations, that have the biggest impact on company culture.

When Google set up shop in New York City, the Internet was flooded with pictures of its stunning new $1.9 billion space. The world marveled at lounges with deck chairs …

Office Spaces

How to leverage Web APIs in your business

An API (application programming interface) is a specification that defines how to interact with software components. APIs which allow access to remote assets via a communication network are referred to as Web APIs. The benefits for developers in adopting Web APIs are an easy way to enrich …


(Really) Taking On Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) has rapidly moved from an ideal to an operational mandate. As Forrester’s CMO, customer experience is one of my four strategic priorities. It’s also tied to my compensation. How’s that for focusing the mind?

I’m not alone. Creating a superior and differentiated customer …

Customer Experience

4 Reasons Why Design Is Taking Over Silicon Valley

VC design partner John Maeda says that the most successful tech companies of the future will really be design companies. Here's why.

Are the fortunes of design on the rise in Silicon Valley? A resounding yes, says John Maeda, design partner at the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers. …

Silicon Valley

Brand Worthy Software Products Start with Rock Solid Security

Building secure applications and sites is not simple. But it is simple to stay on top of standards and best practices that will help you to keep your …


Personality test finds Britain's most extroverted, agreeable and emotionally stable regions

Online word-of-mouth communications are having a significant effect on product sales, yet research to date has failed to understand why that effect …