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17 Things You Didn't Know About The F-14 Tomcat

The F-14 Tomcat may have earned its following after being the plane that participated in the most famous 4G inverted dive with a fictitious MiG in …

Paul Newman

“Mr. Trash Wheel” Removes 4,000,000 Cigarettes from Baltimore Harbor

A water wheel in Baltimore's Inner Harbor has removed 160 tons of garbage from the waterway in just under a year. That's 97,000 bottles, 80,000 …


Divers Find 1468 Wreck That May Hold Millions in Coins

(Newser) – An international team of divers has discovered a long-sought 15th-century shipwreck just south of the island of Jussarö in Finland. When …


Strange sounds recorded at edge of space

Ever wonder what near space sounds like? The mystery is solved thanks to a NASA balloon experiment that captured atmospheric infrasound 22 miles above Earth. Infrasound, at frequencies below 20 hertz, is undetected to the human ear, but becomes audible when sound waves are sped up.

Sensors on a …


Biohackers Inject Night Vision Into Human Eyeballs

Science for the Masses, a California-based group of biohackers, successfully induced night vision on one of their own by injecting Chlorin e6 into a …

Night Vision

Ooho Water 'Blob' Could Change How We Carry Water

How Many Customers Are You Losing Due to Responsive Web Design?

The increasing popularity of a variety of devices to access the internet—ranging from small handheld phones to tablets and laptops—have led web …

World Wide Web

Police Will Throw This Camera Ball Into Rooms

“Tactical spheres”

“Camera in the hole!" police officers soon shout, as they toss the new Explorer camera orb into a dangerous room before entering. Made by MIT alumnus at Bounce Imaging, the Explorer is a small, grenade-sized sphere full of cameras that first responders can throw into a space ahead …


Changing Minds: The Science of Influence

Force works if you are in a position of authority over someone and you are in a situation where flash decisions need to be made immediately. …


The color of empathy is not flat: Insights to Color Blindness & Design.

Line, motion, space, texture, size , form, shape, typography, and color.

As a member of the 9 structural units, or elements of visual interaction …

Color Blindness

Effective Logo Design, Part 3: How Geometry Influences Logo Design

Galileo knew it. Every ancient culture that left traces of knowledge in their art knew it. Basic shapes compose the fundamental geometry of the …


Don't Base 'Customer Ratings' Sorting on Averages Only

This is the 8th in a series of 9 articles based on research findings from our e-commerce product list usability study.Both our qualitative and …

Information Architecture

3 Ways to Engage Your Site Visitors

For an ecommerce site there are two positive actions possible by visitors: (1) They buy your product or service or (2) they engage, become part of your community and, if you do everything right, your brand ambassador.

Marketers can argue which of those two actions is more important: While monetary …

Influencer Marketing

A Chip That Mimics Human Organs Is the Design of the Year

The chip's ultimate goal is to lessen dependence on animal test subjects and decrease time and cost for developing drugs. The post A Chip That Mimics …

Johnson & Johnson

It’s Not Just in Your Head, the Web is Slowing Down

It’s not your imagination, and it’s not because AT&T – and possibly others -- is purposefully cutting speeds to unlimited data plan users. The real …


The technology skills needed to deliver in a customer-obsessed organization

Digital technologies have shifted control into the hands of your customers. Your customers are now independent, active agents in everything, from …


Designing Great Customer Services

By Laura KellerPublished: June 22, 2015“When an organization is a service organization—that is, their revenue and business model center on offering a …


How to design for human behaviour: 5 pro tips

Read more about How to design for human behaviour: 5 pro tips at CreativeBloq.comOur two-volume series Interaction Design Best Practices delves into …

Web Design

Stand Aside Ikea, This Software Can Design Furniture With No Screws

Who needs glue, pegs, and screws when furniture can assemble like a puzzle?

There’s nothing worse than arriving home from Ikea, so excited about your new living room furniture, only to spend the rest of your weekend slaving over the assembly instructions and cursing in Swedish.

A new piece of …


What Makes Tesla, Apple, and Amazon Different

There's something about Tesla ...

In Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future, Ashlee Vance's excellent, newly released biography of the Tesla Motors CEO, he writes that Musk's all-electric Model S Tesla sedan "slapped Detroit sober," despite the automobile industry tinkering …


The 3 Laws of Customer Loyalty

Be Consistent.
Trust is pretty simple in concept, but extremely difficult to accomplish because we don’t think about what creates and earns trust. …

Customer Loyalty

Six Perspectives of Digital Quality

Architecture – The architecture of your solution must be reusable, extensible and modular.

Reusability – How reusable are the individual components of …


How to Silence Your Irrationally Harsh Inner Critic

Your harshest critic is often yourself. You might not even realize it, especially as you go around administering fair attention and wise advice to …


Responsive design is failing mobile UX

It’s no longer enough to simply make sure your web content fits on a small screen. Google reinforced this precedent by updating its algorithm to …

UX Design

Usability Metrics – A Guide To Quantify The Usability Of Any System

A metric is a “system or standard of measurement” represented in units that can be utilized to describe more than one attribute. Metrics come in very …

Information Architecture

What makes a good leader great?

Whether we like it or not, we’re born into a world where climbing the ranks in business ultimately becomes our top priority—especially earlier on in our careers.

We compete to get into the best universities, and we clamor for open positions at the top firms. Once we get our leg in the door, we …


Lexus is developing a hoverboard you can actually ride


Now watch this learning AI attempting to master Mario Kart

Last week, we showed you Seth Bling’s MarI/O neural network mastering Super Mario World. Now it’s taken on Mario Kart and got good at racing depressingly quickly, with the help of a modified script by Winterbunny:

Just as it did with Super Mario World, MarI/O attacks Mario Kart via a process of …

Mario Kart

How Mobilegeddon Affected Big Brand UX

June 22, 2015What is Mobilegeddon? It refers to Google’s latest search algorithm update, which rolled out at the end of Arpil with the promise to …

Mobile Devices

What is superconductivity, and when will we all get maglev trains and unlimited electrical power?

Superconductivity has the potential to change the human relationship with electricity. But how? And what might that mean for the future?