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Weather Downloads | Weather Underground

Requirements: Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Apple Watch. Requires iOS 8.0 or later.

The Internet's first ever weather …


Three Levels of Arctic Sea Monster Fossils Revealed

It’s hard to tell that it’s breakfast time, since the sun doesn’t actually set here this time of year, but breakfast time it is. And breakfast has already been inhaled. Some people have made porridge, others prefer biscuits with jam. We have been in the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard for a few days …

Sea Monster

We Can Now 3D-Print Glass And It Is Entrancing

That glass is so hot right now

The process of making glass was already amazing. Take tiny grains of sand, melt them at staggering temperatures with other chemicals, then carefully cool it into a brand new solid, ready to be a vase, window, bottle, or bead. It's possible to make glass on your grill …


Tiny, Sophisticated Human Brain Grown In A Dish

It’s as advanced as the brain of a five-week-old fetus

Researchers from Ohio State University have made the most sophisticated lab-grown brain yet, according to results presented yesterday at the 2015 Military Health System Research Symposium. It could provide a new way to understand how genes and …

The Brain

Watch A Hacker Take Over A Drone Remotely

Robot toys are vulnerable to skilled attacks

Toy drone companies are not known for their cybersecurity finesse. Twice at this year’s annual hacker conference DEFCON, presenters demonstrated hacks on the Parrot series of drones that sent them crashing to the ground.

One, from Planet Zuda’s Ryan …


Bacteria With Synthetic DNA Create Protein Never Found In Nature

For when the usual four nucleotides can’t give you what you want

Your DNA, like that of everything else on the planet, is made of four nucleotides: A, C, G, and T. These are like a blueprint that your body reads to produce 20 different amino acids, which combine to make up the proteins that enable …


IBM’s ‘Rodent Brain’ Chip Could Make Our Phones Hyper-Smart

For the first time, IBM is sharing its brain-like microprocessor with the outside world.The post IBM’s ‘Rodent Brain’ Chip Could Make Our Phones …

Meet Ring, the connected door bell company that just scored Richard Branson as an investor

Richard Branson, American Family Insurance, and the venture arm of a private homebuilder round out the new investors.

Jamie Siminoff, CEO of Ring, a maker of a video doorbell, is proof that a missed connection isn’t the worst thing that can happen to an entrepreneur.

Fourteen years ago he met Richard …

Richard Branson

How Self-Driving Vehicles Will Change Us

Guest author Amber Case is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and researcher who helps Fortune 500 companies design, build, and think through their roadmap for connected devices. She is the cofounder and former CEO of Geoloqi, a location-based software company acquired by Esri in 2012.

Tesla announced …

Used Cars

Cartoon Reminder: You’re Overdesigning Your Product

Nobody wants all that crap.

Buttons. Widgets. Features. Social integration. Push. Hamburger menus. Pop-ups. Gesture interface. Custom animations. It can all begin to add up.

But this three-panel strip by Brady Bonus reminds us what matters: not that you reach the moon with your design work, but that …


Reflect Sunlight To Dark Corners Of Your Home With This Solar Mirror

It could be the next best thing to knocking out a wall and adding another window.

There’s no artificial light in existence that rivals the beauty of sunshine glowing through your windows. But if you don’t have windows consuming every wall of your home, your living room can feel like a cave, forcing …

Solar Power

Catapult to Safety With This CO2-Fueled Pool Parachute

The floatee gets a makeover, thanks to Kingii.

If you abide by the mantra of safety first, consider the Kingii, a gadget that will rocket a struggling swimmer above water, courtesy of a CO2-filled balloon.

Just strap the Kingii to your wrist, yank the lever to deploy the balloon, and the effects of …


Cheap Centimeter-Precision GPS For Cars, Drones, Virtual Reality

Photo: Cockrell School of Engineering/University of Texas at AustinThe GPS navigation system in your mobile phone can get you to the airport or the …

Inflatable ‘space elevator’ invented by scientists

Astronauts would ascend 12 miles into the stratosphere before taking off under new plans to build a space lift

It is an idea that every small child has had at some point. Instead of sending up rockets into space, why not simply build a huge lift.

Now a Canadian firm has been granted a patent for a …


User Experience Perspective of Quality

There are six dimensions of quality for digital products. One of these dimensions is user experience, (UX). UX design is a multi-disciplinary design …

UX Design

Continuous Improvement: Get to Market and Iterate, Iterate, Iterate

When contracting for a new project, the two biggest questions to which clients want to know the answers are:

How much is it going to cost?
• When will it …

Customer Experience

Zero Frustration Philosophy

Your brand is built in the mind of your customers. Each and every interaction that they have with your firm has a direct impact on their emotional …


Self-Charging Phones Are on the Way, Finally

A handful of companies are coming up with ways to extend your phone’s battery life when you’re far from a power outlet. The case that Will Zell …

Mobile Technology

Meet the robot looking to hitchhike across the United States

This is HitchBot, a hitchhiking robot developed in Port Credit, Ontario, Canada. Having spent the last year traveling around Canada and Germany, the …


The Henn-Na (Weird) Hotel is run by robots, and you can now book a night for around $100

For those of you whose ideal vacation involves as little human contact as possible, there is a new hotel that may be absolutely perfect. On Friday, …


Drones to deliver medicine to rural Virginia field hospital - The Washington Post

RICHMOND — The sprawling field hospital that springs up in rural southwest Virginia every summer has been called the largest health-care outreach operation of its kind.

This year, the event may have another first.

Unmanned aerial vehicles — drones — are supposed to deliver medicine to the Wise County …


Robot Swans Patrol Singapore’s Reservoirs, Hunting Pollution

If you're going to fill your water with robot sensors, why not make them fit in?

The NUSwan might sound like a bio-engineered creature from Blade Runner, but it has more in common with the Roomba that sweeps your home. The robot swans have been deployed by the National University of Singapore to …


Ford's New Headlights Spot and Turn to Illuminate Hazards at Night

Self-driving smart cars might still be years away, but the technology that makes them so smart is already benefitting drivers. Ford is currently …

Company plans to turn NYC's trash cans into WiFi hotspots

NYC agreed to convert old payphones into hotspots back in 2014, and now a Massachusetts company called BigBelly wants to add connectivity to its smart trash cans, as well. BigBelly has applied for a grant from the Mayor's Office to be able to turn hundreds of its products into hotspots specifically …

New York City

Crawling robot patrols Alaska pipeline's formerly 'unpiggable' pipes

In the trans-Alaska pipeline's early days there was just a pig, a large projectile sliding through pipe with the flow of crude oil, scraping away …


Drones For Good

Where's government-as-a-platform in your Spending Review, Chancellor?

SUMMARY – Chancellor George Osborne has just launched his latest Spending Review. He has failed to mention government-as-a-platform. Why?

The UK’s …

3 ways wearables in manufacturing will transform shop floors

SUMMARY: Wearables in manufacturing will transform shop floor activities such as training, safety and transparency, writes Plex Systems’ Jason Prater.


Night Vision Contact Lenses May Soon be Possible

Military's Self-Steering Bullets Can Hit Moving Targets

Using DARPA's self-guided bullet system, even a novice sniper was able to hit a moving target.


Intro There is no doubt that firearms have shaped …