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50 Important Customer Experience Stats for Business Leaders

Customer experience is the last source of sustainable differentiation and the new competitive battleground. -- Tiffani Bova, Gartner Vice President and Distinguished Analyst

I completely agree with Bova's thesis, but do all business leaders fully recognize and understand the importance of customer …


Here's Why 3D Printing Needs More Metal

More and more companies want to make 3D-printed metal parts.

Alcoa, a colossus of the aluminum and metals industry, is currently building a new additive manufacturing center with a $60 million price tag in Pittsburgh. Its purpose: To serve as the main production site as Alcoa begins developing a …


Web Design Trend Showcase: Blurred Backgrounds

Along with large background photos in general, blurred background images are becoming increasingly popular in web design. The addition of the blur …

Web Design

Computer Vision Is Better At Seeing Your Secret Emotions Than Humans

Don't even try to hide them

A lot of people aren't able to perceive micro expressions. They're the tiny facial ticks that reveal what we're feeling when we're trying not to let it show. So, understanding those micro expressions could allow you to look deeper into peoples' faces and know what what's …


Stealthy Shape-Shifting Skin Could Wrap Chinese Aircraft

Researchers publish stealth secrets

Chinese researchers have developed a new aircraft skin that makes planes even harder to see on radar. Published this week, the technique makes a plane skin that can adapt to different radar frequencies and react to them, the radio wave equivalent of chameleon skin.


Self-levitating displays allow for physical interaction with mid-air virtual objects

Combination of cutting-edge technologies bridge chasm between virtual and physical worlds

In what’s being billed as a breakthrough in programmable …

Virtual Reality

Vending machine dispenses your new car like a soft drink

Believe it or not, there are already vending machines for cars. However, they typically require that you walk over to your new ride -- it's not much more than a cute take on what you'd see at a regular dealership. Carvana isn't happy with this state of affairs, though. The retailer is launching an …


Participatory Design: What it is, and what makes it so great

November 4, 2015


A relatively new approach to designing software, Participatory Design is proving itself to be an incredibly valuable tool in …

Tiny Machine Paddles Water, Eats Pollution, Spits Out Electricity

Row, row, row your bot

Inside these tiny machines is a colony of hungry bacteria, yearning to eat. The row-bot, as this charming little device is named, paddles about on the surface of water, funneling waste and pollution into its bacteria-rich stomach and receiving electrical power in return. It’s …


Intercom on Product Management book

Intercom takes their development frameworks, adds a bunch of honest learnings, and spins the pairing into a book with at least a dozen useful ideas …

Product Management

The Science Behind How Pay Affects Productivity

To real people, it’s the thought that counts as much as the cash.

In 2013, three Harvard researchers decided to see how different levels of pay would affect the amount of work they got.

On the freelancer contracting site oDesk, they posted jobs typing in CAPTCHAs, those hard-to-read words or codes …

Job Satisfaction

Inside The Z Machine, Where Scientists Turned Hydrogen Into Metal

Tackling an 80-year-old theory

For 80 years, researchers theorized that hydrogen could transform into a metal. This year, scientists at Sandia National Laboratories finally proved it.

They took deuterium, an isotope of hydrogen, and applied 3 million times the atmospheric pressure using the Z …


The Car Of The Future May Look Nothing Like A Car

A new definition of "I'll take that to go"

The next big thing in transportation may be Next. The modular electric car design looks really nothing like a car, more like a boxy room on wheels, but it runs on roads just like any other car.

At least, that's the idea. There are no prototypes of Next yet, …

Concept Cars

The Hexo drone is your flying selfie companion

Hiring a film crew to capture your action sport exploits can cost thousands of dollars an hour while trying to take selfies as you barrel full-tilt down the side of a mountain is a great way to wind up in traction. But with the HEXO+ UAV from Squadrone Systems, you won't have to do either. This …


The BeOn bulb wants to help protect and serve in the event of burglars and power outages

Last week, I was in my pajamas and about to brush my teeth when my doorbell rang. It was only 8:00 p.m., but I had a really bad cold and had already …


Watch a jetpack pilot fly past the Statue of Liberty for the first time

Forget taking a ferry to see the Statue of Liberty... how about visiting with a couple of jet engines strapped to your back? JetPack Aviation chief David Mayman did just that: the entrepreneur is the first person to fly around New York City's signature statue in a "controlled and sustained" way …

Statue of Liberty

Forget that party bus, Uber wants to send a caravan for you and your friends

After disrupting the taxi industry and dipping its toe in logistics like food and package delivery, Uber is now eyeing another lucrative business to co-opt: party buses. Last week, the San Francisco-based ride-hailing company launched UberEvents, a new feature that allows party hosts to buy Uber …


US Army lab develops a way to read soldiers' brains

Military intelligence analysts spend a lot of time scrutinizing countless images from various sources, such as drones and surveillance systems. An automated program developed by cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Anthony Ries, however, can make the process a lot faster. Ries works for a US Army research …

The Brain

Transparent Aluminum Now A Reality

The way mankind has progressed is impressive to say the least, and what was once in the realm of science fiction has once again, become reality. What …


Transparent solar cells are here, but they won't see the light of day for years

Imagine a world where every pane of glass on the planet – from the screen on your smartphone to the windows on your house – was a solar panel capable …

Renewable Energy

You will soon be able to buy the first driveable 3D-printed car

Earlier this year, Local Motors hosted a challenge to create the first 3D-printed car that can drive on the highway.

For the competition, contestants were asked to "create the first highway-ready vehicle using large-scale 3D printing and the full extent of Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM)," …

3D Printing

How To Turn Your Entire Staff Into A Social Media Army

Word-of-mouth messages from friends and colleagues are almost always better received than blasts from corporate accounts.

With 36 million Facebook likes and 10 million Twitter followers, Starbucks has clearly mastered the art of social media. It's also translated social fans into real revenue: The …


In Greece, Driverless Buses Are Now Accepting Passengers

An automated bus program goes with the flow of traffic

Greek commuters have a new way to get to work: a completely driverless bus that operates within normal traffic. The buses are part of a program that has been running in Trikala, Greece, since earlier this summer, but so far they’ve only been …


Feds Seek Ways To Protect Prisons From Drones

Countermeasures for contraband couriers

Legal drone delivery may still be a ways off, but quadcopters have been smuggling contraband into prisons for years now. Quadcopters are cheap enough and powerful enough to carry a few pounds of goods, like cigarettes, knives, cell phones, or drugs over a …


iBox Macro 3D Resin Printer - Prints in Carbon Fiber

Building on the success of our iBox Nano, we are very excited to introduce you to its big brother; The iBox Macro.

The iBox Macro is a desktop 3D …

Tiko - The Unibody 3D Printer

Sep 2015

Wow, it’s been an action packed month! Over the last few weeks there’s been a steady stream of pre-production components coming into the …

BLOCKS - The World's First Modular Smartwatch

Update: Metallic Finish Added (Check Update 5). Open Design Announced (You can change the colours and materials of shells). Partnership with

BAE Systems just invested $30M in a new rocket engine that could revolutionize space travel

British defense contractor BAE Systems, one of the world’s foremost purveyors of futuristic defense technologies, just officially announced that it …

BAE Systems

Most patients are comfortable sharing social media with their doctors

In an age where Internet surfers are increasingly concerned about privacy matters and keeping their online lives separate from real life, it turns …

Social Media

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