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Integrating with SaaS - Align Your Business and Technological Strategies

Over the last few weeks, several clients have approached us with questions on how to integrate a third party software as a service (SaaS) product …

UX Design

USB Typewriter

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"A groundbreaking advancement in the field of obsolescence!"

USB Typewriters and

Smart-home remotes want to replace your phone, but they have their own issues

There are lots of ways to turn on your lights, beyond just the switch. Thanks to smart bulbs and outlets, you can program your lights to turn on at …


This Public Bench Turns Into A Merry-Go-Round To Connect Strangers On The Street

You're not going to want to stare at your smartphone when you're riding on this thing.

Sitting on a bench at a bus stop or in the park, most people tend to focus on their smartphones or a book rather than whoever's sitting next to them. But a new bench is designed to instantly connect strangers in a …

Market Street

Toronto Drivers Got To Mad Max Their Ride With A "Fury Road" Dusty Car Wash

That's some post-apocalyptic dystopian detailing.

If you ever wanted to add a little Mad Max, post-apocalyptic dystopian vibe to your Corolla, but without all the fuel shortage, kidnapping and murder, you're going to wish you lived in Toronto this week.

On May 11th, Warner Bros. Pictures Canada and …

Autos (Canada)

These Are The New Rules of Work

Forget everything you've always known about work. The rules have changed.

Work is increasingly both everywhere and nowhere—more deeply embedded in our lives than ever before, but disappearing as a discrete activity.

The old rules of work applied to an economy of factories and offices, a world of …

Keynesian Economics

This Clever New Design Solves San Francisco's Housing Crisis By Taking Space Away From Cars

A novel, but simple idea: With smaller streets, the city has more room for homes and people.

In cities with out-of-control rental markets like San Francisco—where a 1-bedroom apartment now goes for $3,500—part of the problem is that there's limited space on the ground for new buildings that can …

San Francisco Bay Area

US Navy fighter jets will carry an autonomous anti-ship missile

The US Navy may have a robotic ace in the hole when it fights enemy warships in the future. It's planning to put Lockheed Martin's autonomous LRASM (Long Range Anti-Ship Missile) on the F/A-18 Super Hornet by 2019, giving jet fighters a weapon that tracks and wipes out targets mostly or entirely on …

U.S. Navy

Google researchers create amazing timelapses from public photos

There are a zillion digital photos in the public domain and scientists have just figured out something very cool to do with them. A team from Google and the University of Washington have developed a fully automated way to create time-lapse videos of popular tourists landmarks using images from …


The US wants cars to 'talk' to each other, sooner rather than later

The Department of Transportation wants America's cars to talk to each other, and it wants that to happen pretty soon. That's why Secretary Anthony Foxx has announced that legislation to make vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication a mandatory feature of new cars will be brought forward. At a speech …

Silicon Valley

Add Graphene To Spider Silk To Create The Strongest Fiber Yet

Web slingers get a high-tech upgrade

Your move, limpets. Earlier this year, the long-reigning champion of the Strongest Biological Material Competition, spider silk, was usurped by the upstart limpet teeth. But we all knew that the arachnids would not go quietly into the night.

In an unorthodox move, …

Spider Silk

How Smartphone Startup Light Plans to Replace High-End Cameras

From a small space in Palo Alto, Calif., startup Light is looking to turn the camera industry on its head.

Smartphones have already decimated the market for compact, point-and-shoot cameras. Now, Light says it has a plan for the smartphone to replace high-end cameras too.

The company has been working …


A Medical Lab In A Music Box

One of ten brilliant innovations from our 2015 Invention Awards

2015 Invention Award Winner

Category: Health


Manu Prakash and George Korir


Stanford University


Punchcard Programmable Microfluidics

Development Cost To Date:




One night in 2011, as Manu Prakash …

Music Box

Science's Path From Myth to Multiverse

From Quanta Magazine (find original story here).

We can think of the history of physics as an attempt to unify the world around us: Gradually, over …


Wolfram’s Image Rec Site Reflects Enormous Shift In AI

Earlier this week, Stephen Wolfram unveiled a website that automatically identifies digital images. Drop in a photo of, say, a Tesla coil, and the …


The Business Economics And Opportunity Of Open-Source Data Science

Editor’s note: David Smith leads the open source solutions group at Revolution Analytics (a subsidiary of Microsoft). He writes daily about applications of R and predictive analytics on the Revolutions blog and is the co-author of An Introduction to R.

Mythology can be a useful tool for uniting …

Open Source

Fall of the Designer Part III: Conformist Responsive Design

Wearable uses biometric sensors to ease your pain

Pain relief without the help of medication may sound too good to be true, but a new startup says it has created a wearable that does just that.

A new device called Cur — created by a San Francisco-based startup of the same name — aims to provide an alternative to pain medication for people with …


Colorblind dad tears up after seeing true colors for the first time

Although Opie Hughes could see well, he suffers from protanopia, which affects his ability to see red and green colors properly.

Using a pair of EnChroma glasses, Hughes was finally able to see colors accurately for the first time. According to the company's website, the glasses allow users see more …

Color Management

Samsung announces tiny chips to power future wearables, drones, and set-top boxes

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a big deal. Samsung knows this. It purchased smart-home startup SmartThings for $200 million last year, unveiled a …

Computer Hardware

Oregon Mystery: Why a Lake Disappears Every Year

{{ " "}}

Every year at Oregon's Lost Lake, something unusual happens. At the end of a long winter, snow melts …


Customer Journey Map or Service Blueprint?

If you have a hammer, everything is a nail. If you have a service blueprint, everything is a detail to be nailed down, even if those details don’t …


Carl Sagan's solar-powered spacecraft is getting its first test flight

Legendary astronomer Carl Sagan once envisioned a solar sailer, a spaceship that uses sunlight radiation to push itself through the solar system much like a boat relies on the wind. Decades later, his project is about to become a practical reality. The Planetary Society (which was co-founded by …

Carl Sagan

Los Angeles is hiring an advisor for ridesharing and robotic cars

Los Angeles might be opening up to next-generation transportation between its loosening stance on ridesharing and its deal with Waze, but it's still looking for someone who can shed more light on the subject. Mayor Eric Garcetti has revealed that the city is hiring an advisor who'll create a …

Los Angeles

MIT Tests Thinking SeaBots

An age of automated exploration

In the ocean depths, off the western coast of Australia, a robot captain was listening to its subordinates. This isn't the plot of a science fiction. Instead it's part of a research project that will explore our seas better. For three weeks, MIT engineers tested …


After Nearly Claiming His Life, Ebola Lurked in a Doctor’s Eye

ATLANTA — When Dr. Ian Crozier was released from Emory University Hospital in October after a long, brutal fight with Ebola that nearly ended his life, his medical team thought he was cured. But less than two months later, he was back at the hospital with fading sight, intense pain and soaring …


How Autonomous Cars Will Change Traffic

TaxiBots and AutoVots: Coming to a Simulation Near You

TaxiBots and AutoVots may sound like toys that you played with in the 1980s that have been turned into a blockbuster movie franchise. They’re actually autonomous vehicle concepts used in a study released in April by the Organization for Economic …


Designing A Less Deadly Gas Can

Gas cans explode all the time. The Gas Cube concept by Altitude figures that's a design problem that can be fixed for as little as a nickel.

In the past 15 years, gas cans have been responsible for nearly a dozen deaths and 1,200 injuries. A small spark or flame shoots up the nozzle, and boom. Game …


Will Automated Driving Kill The Auto Insurance Industry?

When there are no more accidents, will there be no more Geico ads?

One day, robots and artificial intelligence could eliminate millions of jobs in America, even in industries that aren’t immediately obvious. A study not long ago from two Oxford University academics found that 47% of positions are at …


Meet Loki, your closest-known prokaryote relative

Deep in hydrothermal vents beneath the Arctic Ocean, scientists have discovered an organism that sheds fresh light on the evolutionary link between simple and complex cellular life.

The microbe and its relatives known as Lokiarchaeota, described in the journal Nature, are single-celled critters with …