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Engineering Lightbulbs To Keep Insects Away

Could help limit insect-borne diseases like malaria

Spending long summer evenings outside comes with a big nuisance: bug bites. Mosquitos and other insects are drawn to the lights illuminating your dinner party, which helps them hone in on their human prey. While that might mean a few days of itchy …


Brand Worthy Software Products Start with Rock Solid Security

Building secure applications and sites is not simple. But it is simple to stay on top of standards and best practices that will help you to keep your …


Street Art That Only Appears When It Rains

Now this is a fun idea we can get behind! Instead of sulking because it's raining outside, why not discover some hidden street art? Seattle, a city that's known for its rain, is now the place where you can find this rain-activated art, or what creator Peregrine Church calls "rainworks." Using …

Street Art

BitWhisper: Stealing data from non-networked computers using heat

BitWhisper could snatch data from secure computer networks by monitoring heat output with a second, unassuming computer.


Personality test finds Britain's most extroverted, agreeable and emotionally stable regions

Online word-of-mouth communications are having a significant effect on product sales, yet research to date has failed to understand why that effect …


(Really) Taking On Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) has rapidly moved from an ideal to an operational mandate. As Forrester's CMO, customer experience is one of my four …


Why We Need A Haptic Design Language For Wearables

Better haptic design could turn smartwatches into silent universal communicators, says Immersion's VP of UX Chris Ullrich.

There's a disconnect between what wearables can be and what they currently are, says Chris Ullrich, who heads up user experience at Immersion, a firm known for its haptic …

Design Language

The Tricorder, An All-In-One Diagnostic Device, Draws Nigh

After pushing back deadlines by a few months, the 10 remaining teams in the Tricorder X Prize are nearing the day they will deliver a device that can diagnose 15 diseases and other basic health information through at-home tests. The teams are scheduled to deliver working prototypes in June to a …


4 Ways To Design Better Login Screens

Nothing's more frustrating than a badly designed login screen. Here are some lessons from a login screen done right.

The login form doesn't immediately come to mind as something that needs better design standards. Once you think about it, though, it's obvious: How many times has a login screen …

How to Delightfully Trick Users With Animation

You're reading How to Delightfully Trick Users With Animation, originally posted on Designmodo. If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to follow on …


Enterprise UX is communication – beyond UX clichés with Everett McKay

The importance of Enterprise UX is largely agreed upon, but that doesn't make it easier to do it right. UX expert Everett McKay has some fresh …

UI Design

Enterprise UX essentials – the virtues and perils of simplicity

UX designer/instructor Everett McKay has a way of cutting through the UX noise. In part two, we get into the elusive pursuit of design simplicity, …


Creativity Must Guide the Data-Driven Design Process

Collecting data about design is easy in the digital world. We no longer have to conduct in-person experiments to track pedestrians’ behavior in an …


Do-it-yourself healthcare is closer than you think

Thanks to smartphones, cloud computing, sensors, and other technology, today’s tech entrepreneurs see plenty of opportunities to upend health care …

Medical Technology

Will we ever… speak faster than light speed?

If we explore the outer reaches of space, keeping in touch with home will be a daunting task. But are there ways our words could travel faster than light? Peter Ray Allison investigates.

Light travels so fast it can make the transatlantic journey between London and New York more than 50 times each …


Why do we laugh inappropriately?

We often find ourselves laughing at the strangest of moments. As psychologists are discovering, those helpless giggles might be one of our most important and profound behaviours, says David Robson.

My conversation with Sophie Scott is nearly over when she spins round in her chair to show me a video …


Light-Up Fabric Could Make Glowing Clothing An Everyday Reality

Flashy threads? That's an understatement

The stylish glowing jumpsuits of the Tron-like future have just come a step closer, with the creation of a weavable fabric that lights up. Huisheng Peng and colleagues from Fundan University in Shanghai and UCLA created 1-millimeter thin fibers made from …


Boeing's 'plasma shields' would block explosion shockwaves

"Captain, magnetic seals in the anti-matter chamber are decaying!" "Shields up!" Now that we have that out of our systems, let's start by saying that unlike a Star Trek-style deflector, Boeing's plasma "shield" could never block shells or bullets, let alone anti-matter explosions. But if its patent …


Landmark study proves that magnets can control heat and sound

Researchers at The Ohio State University have discovered how to control heat with a magnetic field.


Space Invaders Is More Fun With A Real Laser And Flaming Aliens

Take one laser cutter, a few dozen paper aliens, and a dash of know-how

Sometimes when all you have is an industrial laser cutter, everything looks like an opportunity to create a real-life version of Space Invaders.

Martin Raynsford, co-founder of laser-cutter purveyor Just Add Sharks, combined one …

Space Invaders

The Design Sprint — Google Ventures

The sprint gives teams a shortcut to learning without building and launching.

The sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business …

7 skills every web designer must master

Web design is as much a science as it is an art form. While half of the job is based on sound coding and design know-how, the other half is based on …

Web Design

Phone numbers as unique user identity: Are you ready?

This post is part of a series titled, 'Future of Communications,' and is brought to you by Nexmo.

Using the Web to support the social process has significantly increased in the last decade with the explosion of social network services like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and online dating sites.

While …


Chemists claim to have solved riddle of how life began on Earth

(—A team of chemists working at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, at Cambridge in the UK believes they have solved the mystery of how …


Researchers find instance of parasites fueling cannibalism

(—A small team of researchers with members from institutions in the U.K. and South Africa, has found evidence that suggests parasites …


Interpersonal trust erodes over time in the online world, experts say

For their research, Parigi and Cook examined Couchsurfing, a website that supports international travel and cultural exchange. Its members both host …


Spiders found able to custom build webs to trap best food source

(—A small team of researchers with affiliations in China, Taiwan, Australia and Denmark has found that orb-web spiders are able to customize …


Some mushrooms glow, and here's why

Did you know that there are mushrooms that actually glow? Aristotle was aware of this intriguing fact more than 2,000 years ago. He also was the …

Life Sciences

Stem cells show promise for reversing type 2 diabetes

Scientists at the University of British Columbia and Janssen Research & Development LLC have shown for the first time that Type 2 diabetes can be …

Neanderthals shape up as globe's first jewellers

The widely-held vision of Neanderthals as brutes may need a stark rethink after research found they crafted the world's earliest jewellery from eagle …