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Self-Charging Phones Are on the Way, Finally

A handful of companies are coming up with ways to extend your phone’s battery life when you’re far from a power outlet. The case that Will Zell …

Mobile Technology

Meet the robot looking to hitchhike across the United States

This is HitchBot, a hitchhiking robot developed in Port Credit, Ontario, Canada. Having spent the last year traveling around Canada and Germany, the …


The Henn-Na (Weird) Hotel is run by robots, and you can now book a night for around $100

For those of you whose ideal vacation involves as little human contact as possible, there is a new hotel that may be absolutely perfect. On Friday, …


Drones to deliver medicine to rural Virginia field hospital - The Washington Post

RICHMOND — The sprawling field hospital that springs up in rural southwest Virginia every summer has been called the largest health-care outreach operation of its kind.

This year, the event may have another first.

Unmanned aerial vehicles — drones — are supposed to deliver medicine to the Wise County …


Robot Swans Patrol Singapore’s Reservoirs, Hunting Pollution

If you're going to fill your water with robot sensors, why not make them fit in?

The NUSwan might sound like a bio-engineered creature from Blade Runner, but it has more in common with the Roomba that sweeps your home. The robot swans have been deployed by the National University of Singapore to …


Ford's New Headlights Spot and Turn to Illuminate Hazards at Night

Self-driving smart cars might still be years away, but the technology that makes them so smart is already benefitting drivers. Ford is currently …

Company plans to turn NYC's trash cans into WiFi hotspots

NYC agreed to convert old payphones into hotspots back in 2014, and now a Massachusetts company called BigBelly wants to add connectivity to its smart trash cans, as well. BigBelly has applied for a grant from the Mayor's Office to be able to turn hundreds of its products into hotspots specifically …

New York City

Crawling robot patrols Alaska pipeline's formerly 'unpiggable' pipes

In the trans-Alaska pipeline's early days there was just a pig, a large projectile sliding through pipe with the flow of crude oil, scraping away …


Drones For Good

Where's government-as-a-platform in your Spending Review, Chancellor?

SUMMARY – Chancellor George Osborne has just launched his latest Spending Review. He has failed to mention government-as-a-platform. Why?

The UK’s …


3 ways wearables in manufacturing will transform shop floors

SUMMARY: Wearables in manufacturing will transform shop floor activities such as training, safety and transparency, writes Plex Systems’ Jason Prater.


Night Vision Contact Lenses May Soon be Possible

Night Vision

Military's Self-Steering Bullets Can Hit Moving Targets

Using DARPA's self-guided bullet system, even a novice sniper was able to hit a moving target.


Intro There is no doubt that firearms have shaped …


This Is What Happens When You Link Up Four Rat Brains

The many connections of a rat Brainet. (Image: Katie Zhuang/Nicolelis Lab, Duke) You may remember Pinky and the Brain, the classic 1990s Steven …

Life Sciences

The Freakiest TV Hack of the 1980s: Max Headroom

Mountain View, California

10 Jul 2015

Antonito, Colorado

10 Jul 2015

Austin, Texas

10 Jul 2015

Oulu, Finland

09 Jul 2015

Close your eyes and spin the globe.


Myth #3: People don’t scroll

Although people weren’t used to scrolling in the mid-nineties, nowadays it’s absolutely natural to scroll. For a continuous and lengthy content, like …

Information Architecture

Everything you need to know about the long-scrolling trend

Long-scrolling pages are at the heart of the above the fold vs. there is no fold debate. For a while, designers and marketers thought that your most …


How to help your customers help themselves

This post was brought to you by the fast, awesome customer service app for small business.

When something breaks, the first thought is usually some inappropriate words and then an encroaching anxiety of making time to call or Web chat with customer service. That is, unless there is a viable …

Customer Service

Stop Sprinkling Emotion, Start Creating Magic and Meaning

June 9, 2015I love Zappos. My UPS driver and I are friends and I feel no shame in ordering several shoe options—often in multiple sizes. When I think …


The 3 Most Powerful Heuristics Designers Can Use

We’ve only got so much mental bandwidth, and it seems like we’re always pushing that bandwidth to its limit: multitasking, moving at a breakneck …


17 Things You Didn't Know About The F-14 Tomcat

The F-14 Tomcat may have earned its following after being the plane that participated in the most famous 4G inverted dive with a fictitious MiG in …

Paul Newman

“Mr. Trash Wheel” Removes 4,000,000 Cigarettes from Baltimore Harbor

A water wheel in Baltimore's Inner Harbor has removed 160 tons of garbage from the waterway in just under a year. That's 97,000 bottles, 80,000 …


Divers Find 1468 Wreck That May Hold Millions in Coins

(Newser) – An international team of divers has discovered a long-sought 15th-century shipwreck just south of the island of Jussarö in Finland. When …


Strange sounds recorded at edge of space

Ever wonder what near space sounds like? The mystery is solved thanks to a NASA balloon experiment that captured atmospheric infrasound 22 miles above Earth. Infrasound, at frequencies below 20 hertz, is undetected to the human ear, but becomes audible when sound waves are sped up.

Sensors on a …

Biohackers Inject Night Vision Into Human Eyeballs

Science for the Masses, a California-based group of biohackers, successfully induced night vision on one of their own by injecting Chlorin e6 into a …

Night Vision

Ooho Water 'Blob' Could Change How We Carry Water

How Many Customers Are You Losing Due to Responsive Web Design?

The increasing popularity of a variety of devices to access the internet—ranging from small handheld phones to tablets and laptops—have led web …

World Wide Web

Police Will Throw This Camera Ball Into Rooms

“Tactical spheres”

“Camera in the hole!" police officers soon shout, as they toss the new Explorer camera orb into a dangerous room before entering. Made by MIT alumnus at Bounce Imaging, the Explorer is a small, grenade-sized sphere full of cameras that first responders can throw into a space ahead …

Changing Minds: The Science of Influence

Force works if you are in a position of authority over someone and you are in a situation where flash decisions need to be made immediately. …