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By Sérgio Figueiredo Jr | "The best way to predict the future is to invent it" (Alan Kay)

Banks should be afraid, the disruption of financial services has only just begun

Banking will undergo a revolution such as that seen on high street travel, betting and book-selling

We are becoming used to doing more of our banking online or on mobiles – in fact it has probably been some time since many of us actually set foot in a high street bank branch. This might lead you to …


The Apple Watch Points To The Future Of The Mobile Phone

Do you remember the concepts mooted when the original iPhone rumor first surfaced way back in 2006 ? And do you remember seeing the iPhone for the first time and laughing at the pictures splashed all over the magazines a week before launch of a white phone with a jog-wheel ?

The mobile phone form …

Mobile Technology

These Uncanny Valley robots will really creep you out

Japanese robotics professor Masahiro Mori devised the concept of the 'uncanny valley' in 1970. It's the point at which a robot is made to appear so human-like -- if not quite human enough -- that it inspires feelings of uneasiness and revulsion in we mere mortals. In other words, humanoid robots …


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Cumberbatch has a gift for suggesting Hamlet’s essential decency, but visual conceits take the place of textual investigation in this frustrating staging

I assumed that because of my skin color and kinky hair, I would fuse right into the Harlem community. I could not have been more …

Donald Trump

Watch how Swiss Post is delivering with drones

Switzerland's postal service is testing delivery drones, which could eventually be used to deliver urgent parcels directly to people's doors.

Swiss Post has teamed up with SwissWorld Cargo, the air freight division of Swiss International Air Lines, and Californian drone manufacturer Matternet, to …


Household Robots Are Here, but Where Are They Going?

Social robots like Amazon’s Echo can play music and tell you the weather today, but their real promise is potentially decades away. JiboSocial robots …


The car of the future is 'the most powerful computer you will ever own'

The chips inside driverless cars will be as powerful as those used in some supercomputers, according to Danny Shapiro, senior director of automotive at Nvidia

The car of the future will be the most powerful computer you will ever own, packing the processing power of a supercomputer into a box the …

Concept Cars

Google to Test Bubble-Shaped Self-Driving Cars in Silicon Valley

SAN FRANCISCO — The world is one step closer to the day when people can, in good conscience, drive to work while sipping coffee, texting with a friend and working on a laptop computer.

On Friday, Google announced that sometime this summer several prototype versions of its self-driving cars are set …


Baidu’s Artificial-Intelligence Supercomputer Beats Google at Image Recognition

A supercomputer specialized for the machine-learning technique known as deep learning could help software understand us better. Chinese search …


This $9 computer could change the economics of building hardware

Cheaper chips push the internet of things closer to reality.

Today in a garage in Oakland, California, a company that could pave the way for a new generation of hardware startups is being built. Much like William Hewlett and David Packard started Hewlett-Packard out of their garage in Palo Alto, a …


Tesla unveils revolutionary home battery pack

Tesla has unveiled a domestic battery which has the potential to revolutionise how power is generated, stored and used in the future

The Tesla Powerwall is essentially a giant lithium-ion battery pack, designed to store solar energy, and provide a back-up power system for blackouts or during times …


Why Tesla Wants to Sell a Battery for Your Home

Tesla launches a stationary battery aimed at companies with variable electricity rates and homes with solar panels. Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the …


Microsoft Making Fast Progress with HoloLens

In just a few months, the Microsoft wearable device that blends virtual reality with the real world seems to have gotten closer to becoming a …


Robot Mimics Chefs to Prepare Five-Star Dishes at Home

By equipping chefs with sensor-fitted gloves, robots can easily learn the specific ways they prepare meals, opening the door to professionally …


What Microsoft Was for PCs, This Company Hopes to Be for Drones

Startup unveils a control system it hopes will become the industry standard for commercial unmanned aerial vehicles. An illustration shows Airware’s …


World's first robot chef wants to make you crab bisque

Like John Torode and Gregg Wallace at the end of an invention test, Moley Robotics wants you to stop cooking. The UK company has unveiled what it claims is the world’s first robot chef at the Hanover Messe robotics fair in Germany.

The chef – more of an automated kitchen side – comprises two robotic …


This project in Google’s secret research lab could change the future of batteries

Google’s top secret Google X research lab is working on a handful of projects to build better batteries for mobile devices, reports the Wall Street Journal.

It’s not just about making sure our cell phones last a little longer, though that’s a nice side-effect too. Really, what’s going on is that the …

Inexpensive Electric Cars May Arrive Sooner Than You Think

A new study suggests that battery-powered vehicles are close to being cost-effective for most people.Electric cars may seem like a niche product that …

Electric Vehicles

Inside the meat lab: the future of food

The future feast is laid out around a cool white room at Eindhoven's University of Technology . There is a steak tartare of in-vitro beef fibre, wittily knitted into the word "meat". There are "fruit-meat" amuse-gueules. The green- and pink-striped sushi comes from a genetically modified vegetarian …

Food (UK)

Waiting on the Elio, a Three-Wheeled Dream Car of the Future

Last year, Sean Donahue, a 37-year-old marketing director at a branding firm near San Diego, attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where, amid virtual reality goggles and 4K televisions, he saw a design that struck him as truly futuristic. “It looked like something out of the movie …

One step ahead

Engineers show off a simple way to make walking more efficient

"THE human body is a machine that winds its own springs," wrote Julien Offray de La …


These giant robotic ants could one day replace factory workers

The future is now.

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By: Kim Lachance Shandrow,

Someday, just maybe, the modern factory worker could be replaced completely by technology. It’s a scary thought for some. What’s …


The World's First Hydrogen-Powered Tram Is Now Running In China

Finally, hydrogen is no longer just "the fuel of the future."

The world's first hydrogen-powered tram is red. It would have to be. It was built in China.

The Chinese seem to have a head start on a promising area for hydrogen: short-distance transit. Large-scale hydrogen car travel may be a few years …


Amazon is completely redefining one click buying

Digital shopping, meet physical buttons

Amazon is completely redefining “one click buying,” making it possible for customers to buy more of an item by clicking a physical button in their house.

The new “Dash Buttons” will target customers who generally use Amazon to buy certain products — like paper …

Amazon Dash

Project Loon

Billions of people could get online for the first time thanks to helium balloons that Google will soon send over many places cell towers don’t …

Project Loon

Google: Here's what we did wrong with Google Glass

AUSTIN, Texas — As everybody knows, Google made some mistakes with Google Glass. Now the man who led the project has come out and said exactly where he believes the company went wrong.

"We made one really great decision, and one not so great," explained Astro Teller, the head of Google X division …


Artificial Intelligence Is Almost Ready for Business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an idea that has oscillated through many hype cycles over many years, as scientists and sci-fi visionaries have declared the imminent arrival of thinking machines. But it seems we’re now at an actual tipping point. AI, expert systems, and business intelligence have …

Artificial Intelligence

What comes after the flying car? A self-flying car

AeroMobil is already wowing people with a prototype of a flying car. But over the next decade, it wants to give new meaning to the term …

Flying Car