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Amazon is completely redefining one click buying

Digital shopping, meet physical buttons

Amazon is completely redefining “one click buying,” making it possible for customers to buy more of an item by clicking a physical button in their house.

The new “Dash Buttons” will target customers who generally use Amazon to buy certain products — like paper …


Are You An Analog or Digital Leader?

Changing mindsets begins with you! The only mind you can be sure of changing is your own, and the only way that you can demonstrate this mindset change is through your behaviors. If you aspire for your organization to be faster, more innovative, less afraid of failure, it has to begin by you being …


How Google’s Crazy Stratospheric Internet Balloons Matured Into a Technology That Could Bring Billions More People Online

Project Loon

Billions of people could get online for the first time thanks to helium balloons that Google will soon send over many places cell towers …

Project Loon

Google: Here's what we did wrong with Google Glass

AUSTIN, Texas — As everybody knows, Google made some mistakes with Google Glass. Now the man who led the project has come out and said exactly where he believes the company went wrong.

"We made one really great decision, and one not so great," explained Astro Teller, the head of Google X division …


Artificial Intelligence Is Almost Ready for Business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an idea that has oscillated through many hype cycles over many years, as scientists and sci-fi visionaries have declared the imminent arrival of thinking machines. But it seems we’re now at an actual tipping point. AI, expert systems, and business intelligence have …

Artificial Intelligence

What comes after the flying car? A self-flying car

AeroMobil is already wowing people with a prototype of a flying car. But over the next decade, it wants to give new meaning to the term …

Flying Car

4 Innovation Lessons From The History Of Warfare

What do the Hydrogen bomb, the Minuteman missile and precision guided weapons all have in common? They all provided crucial financing for technology that we now carry around in our pockets. It is a curious fact of modern society that civilian life, in large part, is powered by the technology of war.


Culture: Why It's The Hottest Topic In Business Today

Last year Merriam Webster’s dictionary stated that ”culture” was the most popular word of the year. Well, it has now become one of the most important words in corporate board rooms, and for good reason.

We have a retention crisis. New Deloitte research shows that culture, engagement, and employee …


Google’s 10 things to transform your team and your workplace

What you can do, starting tomorrow.

In my years at Google GOOG I’ve noticed that some of the ideas about culture that we put into place were not that groundbreaking. But they still deserve attention.

You either believe people are fundamentally good or you don’t. If you do believe they’re good, then …


Retail could do to health care what Uber has done to taxis


Uber, the poster child of the sharing economy, came out of nowhere and managed to overhaul the traditional taxi business in just a few short years. It now has a valuation of approximately $41 billion.

Now Wall Street is searching for the next industry that can be Uber-fied. There are rooms …

Health Care

In the race between Google and Facebook over global connectivity, everyone is winning

BARCELONA, Spain – There are still 4 billion people in the world who are not online.

Figuring out how to address that problem and why it matters was one of the main themes this week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. But while the global telecom industry has embraced this as one its most …


Why Smart People Struggle with Strategy

Strategy is often seen as something really smart people do — those head-of-the-class folks with top-notch academic credentials. But just because these are the folks attracted to strategy doesn’t mean they will naturally excel at it.

The problem with smart people is that they are used to seeking and …

Big Data, Internet and the Technology that will Define the Future of Business - OpenMind

Our social environment, how we enjoy ourselves, how we buy, what we study, how we travel,… Everything we do has changed thanks to the Internet and a …

Business Technology

The cold fusion race just heated up

The E-Cat, or Energy Catalyser, is an alleged cold fusion reactor invented by Andrea Rossi. While many researchers claim to have produced small quantities of excess heat using nickel and hydrogen, Rossi claims he can produce kilowatts and his technology is ready for industry. Rossi's claims are …

Virtual Creatures in a Box, Controlled by You

A startup uses an old parlor trick and smartphone sensing to let you control virtual objects in a see-through box. H+ Technology is building Holus, a …


15 Emerging Agriculture Technologies That Will Change The World

Policy Horizons Canada worked with futurist and data visualizer Michell Zappa of Envisioning to produce a report called MetaScan 3: Emerging Technologies and accompanying infographics. We are reproducing the summary for emerging agriculture technologies.

Below are technologies related to …


Why Silicon Valley has a chance to dominate the auto industry

A 1985 article in the New York Times wondered what had happened to the fad of laptop computers, which had (the article claimed) been relatively …

Silicon Valley

How Dogfish Head strives for quality through science

Meet the Team

The people who combine their passions for science and beer

After three-and-a-half years working as a pharmaceutical chemist, April Fools …

How People Will Use the Apple Watch

Developers and designers debate whether the Apple Watch will find its purpose. When Apple unveiled the first iPad in 2010, many pundits scoffed. …


IndieBio Will Accelerate Synthetic Biology To Tech Startup Speed

Can biology move at “internet speed”? Is there a Moore’s Law for cells? What about the problems that cannot be solved by information technology alone? IndieBio, a new biotech accelerator based in both San Francisco and Cork, Ireland, is proposing to answer these questions and more.

“What a lot of …

The Reason Why Google Glass, Amazon Fire Phone and Segway All Failed

Despite huge fanfare at launch, after a few brief months Google Glass is no longer on the market. The Amazon FirePhone was also launched to great hype, yet sales flopped and the company recently took a $170M write off on inventory.

Do you blame the CEO?

Fortune mercilessly blamed Fire Phone’s failure …

Why our roboticists are working for the 99 percent

Robots are taking over the world -- well, the front pages -- and are being blamed for the pre-crime of creating a dystopian world that may see huge numbers of jobs destroyed and enormous amounts of wealth concentrated into the hands of ever fewer people. To prevent this nightmare scenario, …

Our Fear of Artificial Intelligence

A true AI might ruin the world—but that assumes it’s possible at all.Years ago I had coffee with a friend who ran a startup. He had just turned 40. …

Artificial Intelligence

Beacon-Influenced Sales: $4 Billion This Year, $44 Billion Next

While beacons are popping up in many different industries and locations, the most significant impact this year likely will be in retail.

While still a …

Hyperloop Is Real: Meet The Startups Selling Supersonic Travel

The majestic Senate majority leader suite in the U.S. Capitol was still Harry Reid’s in September when he eagerly scooched his leather chair across the Oriental rug to gaze at something that, he was told, would change transportation forever.

Former SpaceX engineer Brogan BamBrogan (yes, that’s his …

Alibaba begins drone delivery trials in China

China's biggest internet retailer says it has begun testing drone-based deliveries to hundreds of customers.

It says the trial will last three days and be limited to areas within a one-hour flight of its distribution centres in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

The company's blog adds that it believes …


Audi's self-driving car: Hands off the steering wheel!

A glimpse of our automated future in a sedan that’s ahead of the curve.

What’s it like to drive a car that drives itself? To give a computer full control of your destiny, on the highway, at 70 miles an hour?

It will happen to you, maybe not in five years, but definitely within 15. You’ll be on the …

Microsoft Headset Rewrites Reality with Holograms

Microsoft has developed a version of the game Minecraft for the Hololens headset. The device senses the environment around a person so that virtual …

Tapped In: 8 craft beers for your Super Bowl party

Last year, Americans spent just shy of $536 million on beer during the Big Game. And as we get more selective about what we drink, it’s critical to have the right choices on hand.

This Sunday’s match-up of the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots is more than the epic conclusion to the NFL …

New Brews: Fresh NYC Beers to Cure the Midwinter Blues

Time for another edition of New Brews, where we tell you about the new beers arriving on draft lines and beer store shelves around the city. In this …