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Do People Still Care About Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

According to several studies, many people no longer feel relegated to shopping these arbitrary shopping "holidays."A very civilized-looking Black …


Building Bulletproof Brands — how the internet destroyed moats for physical goods brands

Why invest in Supreme when its secondary market is more valuable?


Why Gen Z might signal the end of demographic targeting as we know it

Walking around Times Square at Advertising Week last month, one topic that surfaced on several panels was Gen Z — specifically, how to engage the …


Brands Want Students to Sell to Each Other

Victoria's Secret, Aerie, and others are deputizing campus brand reps across the country.<p>At Indiana University, a pair of tanned, blond twins in matching T-shirts hold up a banner for, the Instagram shopping app; at San Jose State, a group carrying polka-dotted shopping bags and giant …

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The fashion world speaks out: ‘Without immigration, we’d be selling potato sacks’

Retailer Jigsaw, whose staff come from 45 countries, is latest to call for tolerance after the Brexit vote and US presidential election<p>There is a new trend greeting shoppers this season but it’s not billowing cords or ruffle blouses: it’s the fashion industry’s attempt to counter hostility towards …

Diane von Furstenberg

Teens are turning their backs on Nike

Street styles are capturing the young generation's attention, although they're still more likely to spend money on food, according to a recent report.


Fashion Needs an Open-Source Sustainability Solution

Fashion brands are treating sustainability with new seriousness, but only an open source approach will move the entire industry forward.<p><i>Hello BoF</i> …

Giorgio Armani

Amazon Is Too Basic for Its Fashion Ambitions - Bloomberg Gadfly

It's no secret that Inc. has been bitten by the fashion bug.<p>The e-commerce juggernaut has shown it's serious about becoming an apparel …


How M.Gemi turned its physical stores into data troves

For e-commerce brands, brick-and-mortar stores are an investment in customer insight.M.Gemi, the online, direct-to-consumer brand for Italian-made …


Retail shouldn't ditch the store because millennials love it, survey finds

Millennials could be playing a bigger role in keeping physical retail alive than one might think.<p>And though it may seem counterintuitive, baby …


Tapping Generation Next

Millennials and Generation Z are highly connected and prefer experiences to stuff. Can the fashion industry win them over?<p><b>NEW YORK, United States</b> — …


In Fashion, the Beauty (and Challenge) of Looking Back

<i>In the age of the heritage brand, does looking forward necessarily mean looking back?</i><p>THE ARCHIVES OF BALENCIAGA, the 100-year-old fashion house, are held in a raw concrete warehouse space in Paris. There are 6,000 items in total — sculptural silk ball gowns and cocoon-shaped coats and a …

Demna Gvasalia

To Save Retail, Let It Die

The store of the future will become the most powerful media channel available to a brand, offering customer experiences that are the most profitable …


How Fashion’s Most Talked-About Start-Ups Are Actually Performing

From Rent the Runway to Refinery 29, BoF separates the break-outs from the flameouts.<p><b>NEW YORK, United States</b> — Rent the Runway. Birchbox. Warby …


The Case for Investing More in People

“Productivity isn’t everything, but in the long run it is almost everything,” wrote Paul Krugman more than 20 years ago. “A country’s ability to improve its standard of living over time depends almost entirely on its ability to raise output per worker.”<p>There is a virtuous cycle between productivity …

Harvard Business Review

‘It’s fashion without a capital F’ – Swedish stores step up high street invasion

With H&M launching two new brands in central London – Weekday and Arket – what is it that has made British shoppers fall for Scandi style?<p>It gave us woolly jumpers, cosy socks and bobble hats – now Scandinavia is tightening its grip on the high street with what some in the fashion world are …


Chinese luxury consumers: More global, more demanding, still spending

Even as growth slows, there’s a sizable, and sophisticated, pool of luxury shoppers in China. But brands need to take a new approach to keep them …

Foot Locker has a Nike problem

Foot Locker sells sneakers and clothes from many of the top brands in the sportswear industry, and Nike, including its Jordan brand, is by far the label that dominates its stores. Last year, about 68% (pdf, p. 26) of the products Foot Locker purchased came from Nike, according to the company’s …


One of Starbucks' former biggest advantages may be turning into a huge problem for the chain

• <b>An analyst downgraded Starbucks shares, saying the chain's large number of US locations is cannibalizing sales.</b>• <b><br>A Starbucks location has on average more than three others within a mile, according to the analyst.</b>• <b><br>Starbucks has struggled to increase traffic in recent months — and oversaturation may be</b> …


Multilevel-marketing companies like LuLaRoe are forcing people into debt and psychological crisis

“I was urged to stop paying my bills to invest in more inventory. I was urged to get rid of television. I was urged to pawn my vehicle. I just had to get on anxiety meds over all of it because I’ve started having panic attacks.”<p>In June 2016, Sophie (name changed) quit her job in the suburbs of Fort …


Amazon owns a whole collection of secret brands

When you go to, what are you looking for? Products from the brands you recognize, or perhaps just the cheapest ones—assuming the ratings aren’t terrible?<p>After decades of selling products—and knowing exactly what people are buying, and when they are buying it—Amazon has started cutting …


Now at Saks: Salt Rooms, a Bootcamp and a Peek at Retail’s Future

I entered a neon-lit chamber the size of a phone booth and sat on the bench as instructed. Pink Himalayan salt bricks formed the walls, and pink salt crystals crunched beneath my shoes.<p>As the mood lighting changed from fuchsia to gold, hidden speakers piped in birdsong and gentle piano music. Soon, …

Saks Fifth Avenue

Adidas has found that models and bloggers, not athletes, are the key to selling sportswear to women

When the major sporting apparel brands look ahead to the next few years, women are consistently one of the key groups they want to reach to improve sales. Historically, many activewear manufacturers have paid more attention to men. Now, however, they’re realizing there’s a large—and active—part of …

Karlie Kloss

For Outdoor Voices, Opening Stores Is All About Building Community

Is the "retail-pocalypse" even real? For venture capital-backed, digital-first, direct-to-consumer fashion brands, it doesn't seem to apply. And …


Private equity and retail — a match made for striking

Time after time, private equity firms swoop in to rescue faltering retailers. But are they doing more harm than good?


AI and the retail store of the future

When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), both reporters and consumers tend to focus on big, bold, and very sexy stories, like autonomous self-driving cars or machines beating human world champions at games like chess, Go, and even <i>Jeopardy</i>. And I’ll admit, those stories are very cool, and they …

Artificial Intelligence

Retailers Are Dying To Be Colette, So Why Did The Store Close?