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尋找「真藍」的煉金術士<p>在你的認知裡,藍色帶給你甚麼感受?是冷靜、憂鬱,還是理智?在星際爭霸戰(Star Trek)裡藍色制服代表的是科學組,像是史巴克和麥考伊醫官;在藝術家的眼裡,藍色可以創造出廣闊無邊界的深邃感,或是河流、海洋以及天空的流動感;不過在最近的新發現裡,藍色除了開啟我們對於視覺以及心理 …


2016.7.15 編輯部公告:<p>〈fMRI 分析軟體可能有瑕疵?相關研究該怎麼辦?〉原編譯自 A bug in fMRI software could invalidate 15 years of brain research,於 2016 年 7 月 13日發表後,接收到許多專家學者的專業建議。文 …


<b>■一夜好眠還是一夜難眠,往往左右隔天起床時的心情好壞。睡眠品質跟情緒之間的關係,是巧合、還是真有因果關聯?</b>睡美人。圖片來源:維基百科<b>撰文|</b>駱宛琳英文裡有句俗諺我一直很喜歡:「Sleep solves everything」。「一覺天下無難事」睡眠品質與情緒之間的關聯一直是很討喜的研究課題,不僅跟每個 …

15 Maldives Experiences You Must Try

With its dreamy overwater bungalows and impossibly soft sands fading into shallow, emerald waters, the Maldives is everyone’s image of tropical …

Austria’s Fieberbrunn resort has some of the Alps’ gnarliest backcountry terrain – all accessible from the lifts. But will a new link to the huge Circus ski area change its low-key feel?<p>It wasn’t hard to spot the freeriding fans in our group. We were the ones who greeted our guide’s early-morning …


鴻海好事近了!郭董秀文件、放閃;夏普打槍不認帳? - 新聞 - 財經知識庫

[台南]排隊名店 脆皮煎餃 京和野日式煎餃@皮老闆的美食地圖-iPeen 愛評網

當美國人說I'm confused,你真以為他困惑嗎?別傻了,他是在罵你●● (confused,i am confused,im confused,困惑 英文,confused 中文,im confused,i confused,...) - 職場力 - 英文學習 - 戒掉爛英文 - 商業周刊

商場的口吻處處玄機,《經濟學人》上有一篇文章,談怎麼解讀英國人的修辭。例如,<b>英國人說 "Very interesting",你以為是「真是有趣」,真正的意思是「我才不信!」</b> <b>英國人如果說 "I'm sure it's my fault",你以為他認錯了,而他真正的意思卻是「你錯了,趕快道歉!」</b><p>這篇文章 …


What You Need to Know About Wide Angle Lenses

Wide angle lenses are a key part of every landscape photographer’s kit; they can produce some amazing vistas and sweeping scenes, but learning to use …


兒子愛玩洋娃娃有什麼關係?》名設計師吳季剛的母親:我差點錯失了孩子的天賦! (吳季剛,吳季剛 媽媽,...) - 教育 - 暖心讀冊 - 商業周刊


10句超道地英文俚語》看到餐廳寫 " It’s on the house ",為什麼一定要進去吃? (英文俚語,道地 英文,its on the house,英文 俚語,俚語 英文,道地英文,俚語,...) - 職場力 - 英文學習 - 自己英文自己救 - 商業周刊

每次講英文總覺得自己在講中式英文嗎?每次聽到外國人的對話總是對某些句子霧煞煞嗎?想要開口能講出讓人驚豔的道地英文嗎?為大家準備了10句簡短卻道地的英文俚語,都是非常實用的句子,趕快把它們背起來吧!<p><b>1. My hands are tied.</b> (<b>我能做的有限</b>)<p>這句話字面上的意思是「我的手被綁住了」,聽起 …

Playful Celebrity Portraits Show Off the Goofy Sides of A-List Stars

When we think of Hollywood royalty, often the picture that comes to mind is gorgeous and airbrushed to the extreme. London- and New York-based photographer Andy Gotts, however, takes a different approach with his celebrity portraits, which are often bursting with spontaneity and humor. Both playful …

Tie Dye

The good, the bad, and the fugly trends rated by 1,000 men.<p><b>What the hell were men thinking</b> when they began wearing platform shoes and jumpsuits in the '70s? Or in the '80s, when neon and silk took a decade-long barf on the brotherhood of man? Not to mention the '90s, when somehow we saw fit to walk …

路邊停車費查詢變抓猴神器? 業者:小三照片超清楚

The Edge of the Sky: An Unusual and Poetic Primer on the Universe Written in the 1,000 Most Common Words in the English Language

<i>“If one cannot state a matter clearly enough so that even an intelligent twelve-year-old can understand it,”</i> pioneering anthropologist Margaret Mead wrote in the 1979 volume <i>Some Personal Views</i>, <i>“one should remain within the cloistered walls of the university and laboratory until one gets a better</i> …

遠見雜誌 - 前進的動力


【台南】Mascot Bar哥德教堂 在教堂裡也能享用超美甜點@Fifi Tseng-iPeen 愛評網

〖台中│美食〗 一中大雅蛋餅 ❤ 一中商圈必吃排隊美食!!傳統手工麵糊,外酥內厚,讓人一吃就愛上的大雅蛋餅!!@糖糖 ♥-iPeen 愛評網

清楚自己的料理習慣,就能打造心目中的完美廚房!! @ 漂亮家居雜誌 :: 痞客邦

想聰明買房?下次接到銀行推銷電話別立刻回絕 (買房,銀行,推銷,電話,...) - 財經 - 地產風雲 - 地產軍師紅色子房 - 商業周刊


天空部落 TIAN

《台式》新北市新莊 富鼎砂鍋粥 活海鮮 熱炒。天冷吃粥暖身,炎炎夏日去暑氣、促進食慾@S.TW-iPeen 愛評網