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5 Super-Useful Things You Can Do With Your Old iPhone

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Zuckerberg is on shaky ground criticizing Apple’s business model

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has gone on the attack against Apple, calling its products overpriced, and its views on Internet privacy “ridiculous.”<p>Back in September as the furor over the leaked celebrity photographs raged, Tim Cook took a little shot at the Internet advertising business when he …

The Whole Body Fix

Chronically injured and disheartened, a Runner's World editor sought holistic help from a team of therapists. Her diagnosis (sleeping glutes?) and hard-won lessons (master the clamshell!) can help you, too, stay healthy, happy, and on the road.<p>I'm lying facedown on an exam table at a …


Save Your Skin

Running can be rough on your epidermis. Here’s how to minimize the damage.<p>Running is both your skin’s best friend (that rosy sheen) and its worst enemy (sun damage, sweat-induced acne). And need we even mention a runner’s camera-unready feet, with unsightly calluses and lurking fungi? Since you’re …

Skin Care

Knee Strength Workout

Use these seven exercises to strengthen your hips and bring relief to your knees.


Runpedia: What is "Recovery"? - Runner's World Australia and New Zealand

Article addedJune 12, 2014 Categories Featured Training, Training, Training Essentials<p>Recovery refers to resting after a workout or tough run, or …

8 Ways to Extend Your Long Run

How to build endurance gradually and avoid injury when running long.

New York City

3 Simple Ways to Improve Running Efficiency - Runner's World Australia and New Zealand

Article addedMay 29, 2014 Categories Featured Training, Training, Training Essentials<p>Written By: <b>Jenny Hadfield</b><p>Q I’ve been running for about two years …


5 Things Runners Should Know About Knees - Runner's World Australia and New Zealand

Article addedApril 13, 2014 Categories Featured News, Injury Prevention, Training<p>If we had a fast-twitch muscle fibre for every time we’ve heard …


5 Ways to Get Over Your Biggest Mental Barriers

Even if you love working out, it’s completely normal to battle negative thinking. Here's how to get over it.<p>Often the biggest obstacle to running has nothing to do with the legs and lungs; it’s about what’s on your mind. Here’s how to clear some common mental hurdles that can keep you from getting …


3 Ways to Improve Your Marathon Finish Time - Runner's World Australia and New Zealand

Article addedMarch 13, 2014 Categories Featured Training, Race Training, Training<p>Written By: <b>Jenny Hadfield</b><p>Q I’m training for my third marathon this …


Three Ways to Make Iced Coffee at Home

Not even the laziest coffee-drinker needs to suffer through a watery, lukewarm cup of regular coffee on ice. Try one of these methods.<p>It's tough to choke down a steaming cup of coffee in the heat of the summer, but you may still want — or need — to enjoy your morning brew.<p>You could just throw some …


The Benefits of Running Less - Runner's World Australia and New Zealand

Article addedMay 19, 2014 Categories Motivation, Your stories<p>Written By: <b>Jenny Hadfield</b><p>There’s nothing that makes me smile bigger than receiving …


Six Brain Foods for Better Running

Enhance your diet for a healthier brain – and a better run.<p>Your noggin is not only responsible for memory and cognition—it also plays a critical role in dictating fatigue levels during a run. And just as fueling the muscles is critical to performance, nourishing the brain with key nutrients boosts …


Best Postrun Juice Blends for Runners

Healthy Eating

Proper Running Form

Running mechanics are determined by strength and flexibility.<p>Between the popularity of movements like minimalism and Chi Running, more people than ever are trying to fix their running form in the hope of eliminating injuries and getting faster. Each school of running form has its converts who swear …


How to Avoid Marathon-Training Weight Gain

Here's how to stay healthy and fueled without overcompensating for calories burned during high-mileage weeks and long runs.<p>Here at Fuel School, I love fielding questions from runners. The questions are as varied and unique as the runners themselves. Many questions surround the topic of fueling up …


7 Ways to Make Your Running Shoes Last Longer - Runner's World Australia and New Zealand

Article addedMay 12, 2014 Categories Featured Shoes and Gear, Shoes, Shoes and Gear<p>Written By: <b>Jenny Hadfield</b><p>Q How often do I need to change my shoes? …

Wake Up to Blueberry Breakfast Bars

These taste like pie, but are chock full of whole grains.<p>Raise your hand if you've ever had a slice of pie for breakfast.<p>*raises hand*<p>It's certainly not appropriate for everyday consumption—remember, just because we run doesn't mean we ought to eat whatever we want whenever we want—but man, it just …


Super-Simple Black Bean Brownies

Make one of the postrace offerings from a half-marathon near Runner's World headquarters.<p>If a recipe has only two ingredients, and one of those ingredients is a boxed mix, is it even a recipe at all?<p>Probably not, but since this is the simplest (read: laziest) way to make brownies, it seemed …

Food & Dining

The Importance of Breaking In New Shoes

Even if they are the shoes you always run in, give them time to break in.<p><i>Susan-</i><p><i>I did a long run this past Friday in a new pair of shoes. I have been running in this same shoe but just got a new pair. I felt fine during and after the run but was late to get home so I didn't stretch and just jumped</i> …


Runner's World Magazine

Get ready to strengthen your core! This Pilates exercise teaches you to engage your core and move your legs when tired.<p>LEG PULL: From the top of a …

5 Post-Race Standing Stretches Every Runner Should Do

Do these 5 moves right after your race to jumpstart recovery and reduce soreness.<p>After an exhausting run or race, you might be tempted to sit or lie down.<p>But getting off your feet too soon could cause muscles and tendons to tighten up, says Chris Ramsey, D.P.T., O.C.S., a physical therapist and …


Stack Your Hand

The right ingredients turn a humble sandwich into a nutrient-packed meal.<p>What's for lunch? For many time-strapped runners, the answer—at least a few days a week—is a sandwich. "If built correctly, they provide energizing carbs, protein to repair muscles, healthy fats for hormone production, and …


7 Tips for Fueling Your First Marathon

Practice your nutrition during training and get to the starting line prepared.<p>As you log your miles, you also need to practice your nutrition, a crucial part of getting you through 26.2 miles. Even if this isn’t your first marathon, these tips can help power your training runs and race.


Best Gear for Storage

iPhone 5

Need a Refill?

A refresher course on how much—and what—to drink on hot summer runs.<p>During the blazing days of summer, you need more than sunscreen to protect your body from the sun. "Hydration becomes most important during intense exercise in the heat," says Douglas Casa, Ph.D., who heads the University of …


5 Strange Ways to Get Better at Chess

You probably heard many times, from different chess players and coaches that if you want to improve your chess you need to do this, this and that.</b> …