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Rough it like a Gilded Age millionaire in the Adirondacks

<b>(CNN) —</b> Inhale the pine-scented air, plunge into the glassy surface of pristine Lake Placid and gaze at the old-growth forest with Whiteface Mountain in the distance.<p>Inside, linger in front of a crackling fire, perhaps with a glass of port recommended by the sommelier. At the Lake Placid Lodge, …


Gin Wong, Who Designed Futuristic Buildings in Los Angeles, Dies at 94

Gin Wong, a Chinese-born architect whose modernist designs helped define the postwar landscape of Los Angeles in structures as diverse as a gas station, CBS Television City and Los Angeles International Airport, died on Sept. 1 in Beverly Hills. He was 94.<p>His death was confirmed by his daughter …

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Archaeologists Search Ancient Pyramid for Clues to Maya Underworld

Chichén Itzá, Mexico<p>Archaeologists deploy innovative technology to discover what lies within and below ancient Maya ruins.<p>At the spring and fall equinoxes, the setting sun casts serpent-like shadows along the northern stairs of El Castillo, or “the castle.” Built more than a thousand years ago by …


An 88-Foot-High Keith Haring Mural Is Restored in Paris

“I made this painting to amuse the sick children in this hospital, now and in the future,” the American artist Keith Haring wrote in his diary in 1987. He had just spent several days leaning off a crane, as he and his boyfriend Juan Rivera painted the exterior of a stairwell at the Necker-Enfants …

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A Missing Lesson from Charlottesville: Heritage as a Driver of Inclusion - Preservation Leadership Forum - A Program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation

In the last few weeks, “heritage” has trended on social media and in popular discourse more than at any other time in recent history. It started when …


A ‘Futurist Woman,’ a Defunct Casino, and a Fight for Macau’s Soul

MACAU — What will become of Lady Luck?<p>In 2015, officials in Macau announced that they planned to redevelop the 1962 Hotel Estoril, the former Portuguese colony’s first modern-style casino resort, which features a mosaic on its concrete facade depicting Fortuna, the Roman goddess of chance.<p>But the …


Newly unearthed ancient tomb with mummies unveiled in Egypt

<b>Luxor, Egypt (CNN) —</b> Egyptian authorities unveiled a previously undiscovered ancient tomb belonging to a goldsmith and his wife near Luxor in southern Egypt on Saturday.<p>The tomb, at the Draa Abul Nagaa necropolis, contains "mummies, sarcophagi, statuettes, pots and other artifacts," according to …


Can modern makeover save smallest Swiss village?

<b>Switzerland's smallest village is facing a battle to stay alive.</b><p>Like many Alpine communities, Corippo, in the southern canton of Ticino, has experienced decades of depopulation as younger generations moved down to the towns and cities for schooling, work and, understandably, a social life.<p>Today, …


Russian couple find road built through their home

<b>The owners of a house in Russia have returned home from work in a nearby city to find their house partially bulldozed and a new road running through where it had once stood.</b><p>Pictures broadcast on REN TV show what's left of the house sitting next to a rain-glistening new highway in the Zavod …


On the Hill: August Historic Tax Credit Update - Preservation Leadership Forum - A Program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation

As Washington wraps up its August legislative recess, the president and congressional leaders look to build momentum to advance a comprehensive tax …

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In praise of the conversation pit

In 1959, the design world became briefly obsessed with a living room in a tiny town in Columbus, Indiana. A lavish 20-page feature in the February issue of <i>House & Garden</i> magazine showcased the impeccable home of Xenia and J. Irwin Miller, designed by the great architects Eero Saarinen and Alexander …


Hong Kong's vanishing archives and the battle to preserve history

HONG KONG (Reuters) - For anyone digging into Hong Kong's history, the official archives might not be the place to look.<p>The office of the chief executive, Hong Kong's leader, failed to hand over any official records at all for eight of the 20 years since it came under Chinese rule in 1997, …

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Dublin City Council vote to take over iconic Iveagh Markets

The Iveagh Markets on Francis Street, Dublin.<p>Image: Sam Boal via<p>The Iveagh Markets on Francis Street, Dublin.<p>Image: Sam Boal via …

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Worst on the Block: Historic District & Dilapidated Structure 101


Cruise ship industry “disappointed” with Mayor of Dubrovnik

Cutting the number of cruise ships and passengers that visit Dubrovnik is quite clearly one of the new Dubrovnik Mayor's major priorities. This year …


5 Abandoned Chicago Buildings That Are Reopening Soon

You could create an entire city out of the beautiful buildings Chicago has destroyed over the past 150 years: the old Federal Building, the original …


Mount Zion Cemetery Wins Funding


A Controversial Restoration That Wipes Away the Past

CHARTRES, France — The pilgrim did not find what he was searching for. As a child, Patrice Bertrand heard his mother recount details of her visit to the shrine of the famous Black Madonna of Chartres Cathedral, 60 miles southwest of Paris. Now Mr. Bertrand, 41, of Nantes, was following in her …


Paris: French appeal to Americans to help patch-up Notre-Dame cathedral

As Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris turns 854-years-old, the French are turning to Americans to seek financial help to save its crumbling features.


Schools for Beijing's poorest reduced to ruins

On the outskirts of Beijing we found large swathes of housing reduced to rubble, in what looked like the aftermath of an earthquake.<p>But this …


Kulangsu: Scaling China's 'Piano Island'

<b>(CNN) —</b> Off the coast of Xiamen, in southeast China's Fujian province, Kulangsu (also known as Gulangyu) is not exactly your average Chinese village.<p>First of all, the tiny island, with just 4,000 households, is completely free of cars and bikes, aside from the occasional tourist trolley.<p>Then …


China Focus: Gulangyu island joins UNESCO world heritage list - Xinhua

XIAMEN, July 8 (Xinhua) -- Gulangyu island in east China's Fujian Province, famous for its varied architecture and multicultural history, was …

Discovering 'Columbus': New movie puts Midcentury architecture in the spotlight

Architecture geeks rejoice. Indie director Kogonada’s new movie, “Columbus,” is a celebration of Midcentury modernist design with a gently unfolding story of family and themes of responsibility thrown in for good measure.<p>A master class in architectural style with an emphasis on brutalism and …


Restoring a Landmark for African-American Tennis Stars

LYNCHBURG, Va. — A historical signpost here at 1422 Pierce Street tells the story of Dr. Robert Walter Johnson, who fostered generations of African-American tennis stars on a court next to his home there.<p>From 1951 to 1971, hundreds of players learned tennis and discipline under the watchful eye of …

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Massive bridge pillars felled in Limburg, Germany

Workers checked the last two remaining pillars before triggering a second round of demolition blasts.


Europe's abandoned factories star in haunting photographs

<b>(CNN) —</b> "My photos give life to dead places," says photographer and urban explorer Ilan Benattar. The Frenchman has traveled across Europe shooting its abandoned industrial spaces for his series, "Lost Factories."<p>Once powerhouses for the production of clothing, electrical goods and wine, these …


2018 Conference - Saint Paul

The Society of Architectural Historians will host its 71st Annual International Conference in Saint Paul, Minnesota, from April 18–22, 2018. The …


The Westward-Moving House: A classic revisited

Frances Flora Bond Palmer, <i>Across the Continent, Westward the Course of Empire takes its way</i>, 1868.<p>I. NEHEMIAH’S ARK<p>Three hundred years ago one …

Moscow's big move: is this the biggest urban demolition project ever?

In the most extensive Russian resettlement project in half a century, a full 10% of Moscow’s housing is set to be torn down and 1.6 million people moved as the city’s ‘Khrushchevka’ flats are destroyed. But residents won’t go easily<p>In the 1970s, machinist Yevgeny Rudakov was living in a communal …