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Traveling with IBD and an Ostomy

Almost a year ago, Marisa Lauren Troy and I started a new series on The Crohn’s Colitis Effect YouTube channel called <i>The Realities of IBD</i>. One of the …

Preparing for Procedures and Surgeries

In May of 2015, during Digestive Disease Week ( DDW ), I had the honor of hosting the webcast <i>Preparing for Procedures and Surgeries</i> for the IBD …

Cleveland Clinic

Dear Little Brother

Asking For Help

Asking for help is something that can appear so much harder to do when you have Crohn’s Disease or any other form of Inflammatory Bowel Disease …

Crohn's Disease

PICC Lines for IBD - The Crohn's Colitis Effect

They say <b>IBD</b> is just a <i>bathroom</i> disease….. Well, you and I know different! It’s not a bathroom disease. In fact, I’d argue that the bathroom was only a …


Attiva Seal-N-Toss Ostomy Disposal System: REVIEW

Blockages during pregnancy with an ostomy | The Stolen Colon | IBD Crohn's ileostomy

I have known all along with this pregnancy that I could have some complications because of my ostomy. I even mentioned in my post on the second …

It Isn't Always a Mental Health Issue

<i>“No one goes from eating three meals a day to starving themselves all day and only allowing food to be consumed at nighttime…overnight. It just can’t</i> …

Mental Health

Blue Crown Club Ostomy Shower Guard: REVIEW

Intestinal Complications of IBD

Many people believe that inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) only causes diarrhea, but it also affects the large and small intestines in many different …

Colon Cancer

Weight Problems with IBD

I am probably going to get all kinds of grief for writing this post, but what the hell. One of the symptoms that is normally associated with …

Weight Loss

World IBD Day 2015 - The Crohn's Colitis Effect

Today is Tuesday, May 19th 2015 and it’s World IBD Day! What exactly does that mean? No, it’s not a day to celebrate Inflammatory Bowel Disease. …

Immune System

World IBD Day 2015

Today (May 19th, 2015) marks another World IBD Day. I know that some people see today as a special day for advocacy and as a reason to celebrate, but …

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Old SenSura v New SenSura Mio | Ostomonday

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Types, Symptoms, Treatment, and Tips

Crohn’s and UC can break down your body, and it can take years to build your health back up. Here’s how one man did it through fitness.<p>Jackie, who …

Social Security

Having children when you have a chronic illness | The Stolen Colon | IBD Crohn's disease ostomy

On three separate occasions in the past few weeks, I’ve been confronted with the discussion of individuals who have been diagnosed with a chronic …

Crohn's Disease

IBD School 501: C-Reactive Protein

IBD School 502 : ESR

IBD School 503: Fecal Calprotectin

The Summer Ostomate: Ostomy Tips

StomaCloak Ostomy Pouch Cover: OVERVIEW

Flare Comfort | Take Charge, Make Change: Episode 5

Stoma Aid: Helping Those in Underdeveloped Countries

When I was having home care after my ostomy surgery, I remember telling one of the nurses how lucky I feel to have all the support and supplies …

Traveling with IBD and an Ostomy

Guest Post: Being a Chronic Illness Patient in the Medical Field

Sometimes I feel like a fraud. I stand on both sides: a patient and a medical professional. I am sick and need care while I try to heal others and …


Ostomy Challenge - Q&A Tag

Novel mechanism for Crohn's disease uncovered

Crohn's disease is one of a family of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases. Scientists have now shown that the presence of certain intestinal bacteria …

Medical Research

Thoughts About Newly Diagnosed IBD Patients

Doctor Visits and Weight Fluctuations with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Do you ever feel like doctors don’t take you as seriously if you’re at a “healthy” weight? From my experiences, doctors have always listened and …