HD DSLR Filmmaking

By Steve Crow | Cinematic style videos created with HD DSLR cameras

5 tips how to sell your film to Netflix!


How to make people look their best on camera

A cinematographer has a lot of power over how people look through the lens. Where we choose to place our camera and lights and how we modify that …

Portrait Photography

Understanding Zoom Lenses and How to Use Them Properly

Before you go overboard with the zoom on your next shoot, learn how the lens works — and how to use it properly.<p><i>Cover image via Shutterstock.</i><p>Whether …


Use Film Grain Overlays to Add a Cinematic Look to Your Footage

Looking to add some character to your video footage with film grain overlays? Learn how to correctly apply them to your project in this video …

Canon Patents a Giant DSLR Flip Screen

Canon has filed a patent in Japan for a giant flip screen for the rear display of professional-form DSLR cameras.<p>First spotted by <i>Canon Rumors</i>, the …


5 Ways to Get the Cinematic Film Look Using Your DSLR

When it comes to film-making, a really popular look is the cinematic look. This is something that can be really difficult to perfect especially when …


Gear and Accessories You Need for Travel Video and Photography

Wondering what video gear you need to pack for a destination or travel shoot? Here are all the tools you will need to remember while you're far ...


4 Awesome Innovations in Lens Technology Every Filmmaker Needs

These four new lenses are changing video production. Find out what they can do for you on your next film or video project.


3 Filmmaking Tips to Land Your Editing


Masking Out More Mistakes | Hey.film podcast ep38

Beware Of The Memory Card Counterfeiters Targeting Photographers

Photographers. Counterfeit Memory Cards Are Still Very Much A Problem<p>As photographers, we spend thousands of dollars on our equipment. We spend <b>hours</b> …

Memory Card

On-camera mic that doubles as boom mic: Azden SGM 250CX


Introducing ROV by Rhino Camera Gear, a Motorized Camera Slider for iPhone

Creating video content is becoming more readily available as the quality of our smartphones are constantly getting better. The number of people …


Rhino’s new slider aims to bring motorized tracking shots to the masses

Tracking shots are a cinematic hallmark, but pulling them off generally requires — unsurprisingly — a track of some kind for smooth motion. And motorized tracks are pretty expensive, making them a tool that’s more limited to professional videographers than amateurs.<p>Rhino has been making camera …


Edelkrone Motion Module for SliderONE Review


How to Write Video Production Proposals that Sell

When a prospective client asks you for your pricing, you’ve got a golden opportunity to earn their business. How much you make of that opportunity …


Affordable-ish Pro Cine Prime Lenses

The Sigma Cine FF High Speed Prime on an Arri Alexa.Ten years ago if you were “indie”, you kludged together some fast still prime lenses for your …


Comment on RØDE VideoMic Pro+… Is it worth the upgrade? by Joshua Milligan

Hey Erik, thanks for the reply. To me, the whole point of the VideoMic Pro line of mics is to provide run and gun DSLR/mirrorless users a solid …


Top 4 Back Up Cameras: Better be Safe than Sorry

Rating:<p>4.00 based on 1 Rating<p>October 13, 2017 By Michael Moodie<p>Top 4 Back Up Cameras: Better be Safe than Sorry www.sleeklens.com<p>I’ve always …


What Magic Lantern reveals – 5D Mark III capable of 4K all along

<b>Comment on this article at the EOSHD Forum</b>Available now! The new EOSHD 5D Mark III 3.5K RAW Shooter’s Guide With the new Magic Lantern experimental …

Magic Lantern

50mm f/1.1 - Bokeh Beast for $160!


Quick Tip: Best Sony A6500 Picture Profile Settings for a More Cinematic Look

One of the most powerful features of advanced mirrorless cameras such as the Sony a6500 is the ability to change the camera’s picture profile on the …

Sony Alpha

Hiding a Mic in Plain Sight

How Well Does the Instamic Perform?

There are several different products out on the market for us to use aiming to help us with all of our different needs. Microphones are no exception …

Gear & Gadgets

This Guy Sliced Off the Viewfinder of His Sony Full Frame Camera

Here’s one of the more unusual camera modifications we’ve seen: a Chinese photographer over in the <i>Xitek</i> forums posted photos showing how he removed …


Save Big Bucks & Capture Awesome Photos by Using Vintage Lenses on Your Modern DSLR (VIDEO)

Serious photography can be seriously expensive, especially for those who update their cameras often and insist on carrying a bag loaded with premium …


Setting Kelvin (White Balance) | Hey.film podcast ep37

New full frame E-mount prime from Rokinon widens choice and keeps prices affordable

<b>If you are looking for a good full frame autofocus capable prime lens, Rokinon has now expanded its range with a new 35mm addition.</b>• Rokinon<br>• 35mm<br>• Full …


Here’s a Complete Timelapse Tutorial for Noobs

Everyone needs a <b>Complete Timelapse Tutorial</b> right?I find it interesting because frankly, many people said 5 years ago that timelapse was dead (or at …