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By Steve Crow | Cinematic style videos created with HD DSLR cameras

How to Leverage Video Marketing on a Budget

kirstyfields / Pixabay<p>For the past few years digital marketers have shouted from the mountaintop that video is the platform of the future. Well, the …


Video Tripod Manager 44: a rolling case for cinema tripods by Jose Antunes

The convenience of a soft case with the protection a hard case offers is how Think Tank Photo presents it’s new largest solution for carrying big …


Best DSLRs for Video Shooting (7 Amazing Picks for 2018)

Which are the best DSLRs for video shooting in 2018?<p>With DSLRs, the question of whether they are good enough to make amazing videos is no longer …


Filmmaker Matt Mangham's 'Analog' Series Is Back With Episode 4

Filmmaker Matt Mangham has been working on an ongoing series entitled “Analog: Stories of Film Photography,” and I’m very excited to share episode …


Four Essential Smartphone Apps Every Filmmaker Should Be Using

Not only has the use of smartphones changed the way we communicate and disseminate information but also has opened filmmakers to an array of tools …


Watch: These Are the Ten Tools Every Filmmaker Should Buy

"These items are pretty much mandatory if you want to make a film.<p>If we had a dollar for every time someone asked us “What camera should I buy?,” we …


Edelkrone announces second generation Wing, Wing Pro SliderONE Pro with time bending motion control

Edelkrone’s SliderONE, whilst small, is still quite mighty. The SliderONE was introduced back in 2015, and it’s proven to be popular with those who …


'Realize What You Want to Accomplish': Tommy Wiseau Has (Some) Incredibly Sane Advice

If nothing else, 'The Room' and the man behind the movie should inspire you to make your own film.<p><b>[Editor's note: With the release of The Disaster</b> …

Tommy Wiseau

How Peter McKinnon makes a video - START TO FINISH!

Every Tuesday, Peter McKinnon makes a two minutes video with tips and tricks about photography and cinematography, but today he wants to do something …

Portrait Photography

How I lost faith in micro four thirds and switched to Sony mirrorless

If you’re thinking about moving to micro four thirds or buying the E-M1 Mark II… maybe read this first, it may actually save you money down the …


5 Keys to High-Quality Filmmaking (Regardless of What Camera You Use)

Cameras don't create pro-level, high-quality films and videos, but here's what does.<p>What's one of the first things beginners do when they decide to …


Why I Switched from Sony to Canon for Video

Choosing the right camera can be one of the hardest decisions you will make and possibly one of the most expensive one too. In the last 3 years, I’ve …

Sony Alpha

Great $40 Camera Microphone for Vlogging/Youtube - Movo VXR10 Review


Product Review: Polaroid small portable LED production light panels by Jeff Foster

I’ve been testing these small portable LED light panels from Polaroid throughout the year in various types of productions and found that we rarely …

Gear & Gadgets

MOST underrated camera of 2017

Sony A9 Review

Yes, it takes pictures fast. Blackout-free, continuous shooting at 20 photos per second fast. All with that silky silent mirrorless operation so that …


New Manfrotto Nitrotech N12 Fluid Video Head

Some of you may recall earlier in the year when Manfrotto a new fluid head featuring an innovative, continuous counterbalance system based on a …


Zacuto GH5 'No Cage" Cage hands on review

Shares 0<p>For me, a camera cage is a must when it comes to a hybrid camera. We need as many mounting options we can get to make a camera designed for …


CAMS unveils new plate systems for smaller DSLRs and mirrorless cameras

Following in the footsteps of its successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the Pro Camera plate system, accessory manufacturer CAMS is looking to the …


Free Film Production Documents and Film Budget Templates

About These Documents<p>Helpful documents that any filmmaker will need at some point during the production process. I always use these documents during …


Interview: Reality T.V. Sound Mixer Matthew Hughes

Interested in working in sound on outdoor or reality projects? There are a few things you need to know before you dive in.<p><i>All Images via Matthew</i> …


A Simple Trick to Revive a Dead Rechargeable Battery

Like many other photographers and filmmakers today, we need batteries for many of our gear and accessories. Many devices today come with their own …

Gear & Gadgets

GripUp Helps You Pick the Right Gimbal for Your Camera

With so many gimbal options, finding the right one for your camera package can be a challenge. GripUp just made it much easier.<p>The motorized gimbal …


Bright, Affordable with Pro Features - Can this ikan Monitor deliver it all?


Record 2 Microphones to Your Camera Separately for $5


Sony a7R III sensor awarded 100 score by DxOMark

“The Nikon D850 meets its mirrorless match.”<p>So says DxOMark. Today, it was revealed that the sensor on the new Sony a7R III 42MP full-frame …


Why knowing the difference between silence and ambience is so important for audio

With the technology available to us in this modern age, the concept of shooting any form of video in a linear fashion just seems outdated. It’s all …


Five $59-299 on-camera microphones compete in this Rode shotgun mic shootout

The need for on-camera microphones has grown exponentially the last few years. The explosion of video shooters since the feature was first added to …


Recommended Lenses for Video DSLRs - Holiday Gift Giving