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A First Glimpse of Canon’s Small 4K Camera

Canon has long been rumored to have a small 4K camera up its sleeve, and now the world is getting its first glimpse of the new product. The company …


Is this the new 4k Canon video camera?

A reader sent me this picture of what appears to be a new 4k Canon video camera concept that will most likely be announced at the 2015 NAB show …


Audio Hiss Reduction

Edelkrone FocusOne Pro - A Unique New Follow Focus System

Edelkrone FocusOne Pro – A Unique New Follow Focus System

by | 25th March 2015

Edelkrone’s FocusOne Pro is a unique take on the traditional follow …


Understanding Exposure – ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed Explained

When you think of the craft or art of photography, you must immediately think of exposure. Exposure is a critical element that determines what is …


Essential Editing Apps Every Film Editor Should Own | Jonny Elwyn - Film Editor

Essential Apps Every Film Editor Should Own

Every now and then it’s helpful to reconsider your workflow and see if there’s a better way of doing …

Video Editing

Tips On Setting Up And Operating A Gimbal Quickly & Easily

Equipment set up. Who doesn’t love it? Well, I don’t. Actually, I loathe it quite a bit. But in our profession, set up is necessary. Be it lighting, …

Time-lapse Photography

eMotimo Precision Cart Overview

From eMotimo…

The eMotimo precision cart is ready for sale emotimo.com/cart/.

Coupled with the TB3, you can now easily capture 3 axis, panning, …


Best Video Monopod Sirui vs Benro vs Manfrotto » CheesyCam

When you have to shoot video and move fast, the last thing you’re thinking about is a Tripod. If you have to move fast with some type of stability, maybe you’re thinking more along the lines of a good Video Monopod. In this video i’m showing you why I personally think the latest version of Sirui Video Monopods are at the top of my list, and how it offers more than other Top Brands.

Shogun Update

For a video recorder, the Atomos Shogun is one sexy beast. And with the popularity of the Sony A7S amongst indie filmmakers, the Shogun has become a …


What Filmmakers Should Know About Featuring Logos & Trademarks In An Independent Movie

Michael C. Donaldson and Lisa A. Callif discuss what you need to know about logos and trademarks in regards to independent movies. Via NoFilmSchool


Important terms you need to know in the film industry. Print this & keep it on your fridge for easy access: http://t.co/5bNdiF0epm

7 inch Camera Monitor Shootout

DSLR Tips: How to use a Zoom H6 field recorder on location (Video Example)

Napa Rocker. We needed to record a guitar smashing scene for Stark Insider. But the noise from Highway 29 made audio a challenge. Fortunately the …

Video Editing

Atomos AtomOS 6.2 firmware is Ready to Download: 3D LUT's & Downscale 4K to 1080p

From Atomos…

AtomOS 6.2 firmware is ready to download.

This update gives Shogun users much anticipated new functionality (3D LUTs, DNxHR recording, …


Clint's Top 5: Best DSLR Cameras for Shooting Video

Canon EOS 70D – my top pick for best overall DSLR camera for shooting video. Workhorse. Easy to use. Nice footage.

If you’re interested in shooting …


Exclusive – Samsung NX500 Footage & First Impressions

++++Update+++ The NX500 is currently shipping in Korea. According to users and the written user manual, when recording 4K or UHD video, the angle of …

Video Cameras

A Hands On Comparison of the 50mm f/1.8 Lenses by Canon and Yongnuo

Photographers Tony and Chelsea Northrup shot a hands on test video that pits the new Yongnuo 50mm f/1.8 against the pricier version by Canon. …


Mark Duplass: 'There's no excuse not to make films on weekends with friends'

The key to becoming a successful and fulfilled independent filmmaker is shooting films on your mobile phone for $3 and never giving in to the temptation of studio schmaltz, according to Mark Duplass, the co-creator of Togetherness.

In his keynote speech at SXSW in Austin, the filmmaker outlined his …

Film (UK)

Quick Look: Rokinon 135mm Lenses

Will the New Canon 5D Mark IV Get 4K Video?

With price cuts and the fact that the Canon 5D Mark III is three years old, there's no question another model is on the horizon.

The Mark III's video …


Don’t Be Afraid of Manual Focus

If you’re a beginner in the wonderful world of photography, if you’ve never used an older film camera, or a combination of both, you might be …


Camera Focus

Focus is, in itself, is a fundamental element to photography and while focusing for still photography is one of the first steps you learned as a new …


7 times you should ignore your camera's light meter

Your camera’s light meter usually does a good job of assessing brightness and recommending sensible exposure settings, but there are some times when …


Documentary about film scores seeks final crescendo of Kickstarter funds

LOS ANGELES — To the right of Kenny Holmes' half-eaten bagel, his phone flashes with notifications from a Kickstarter app, each pop-up message signifying a new donation to his already fully funded crowdfunding campaign to create a documentary about film scores.

Score: A Film Music Documentary, which …


Placing Lav Mics on Talent Can Be Super Awkward: Here's How the Pros Do It

Sweating profusely, you walk up an unsuspecting young lady that is about to be interviewed on camera. "Can I, uh, run this microphone up your shirt, …

Film School

Say it Again: How to Do No-Budget ADR for Independent Films

by Patrick Barry
in Filmmaking, Post-Production
on Mar 6, 2015

My first feature, Veer!, was shot primarily on Super 16mm, on an old Eclair ACL I got off …


DIY Bounce Board & Interview Lighting!