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Good news folks. A second trusted source (Thanks!) confirmed the validity of the rumor we posted two days ago. The A7III is coming this fall and he …

Canon 6D Mark II - Will NO 4K Video Start a MASS EXODUS from Canon to Sony & Panasonic?

DSLR Cameras

BEST Cheap DSLR Lenses 2017!


CAME-TV Optimus - the successor to my favorite gimbal for DSLR / DSLM cameras


Filming in bright sunlight [How to achieve the Film Look]


Crazy STRONG Variable ND Filter! (11 Stops) PowerXND 2000 from Aurora-Aperture

One-Minute Tip: Visually Set Optimum White Balance with Your Camera’s Live View Mode

One way to avoid unnecessary processing time is to set the optimum white balance for your scene before shooting a photograph. That typically involves …


The $49 Platypod Ultra is a Mini Tripod That You Can Mount Virtually Anywhere

This small but mighty accessory will let you mount and stabilize your mirrorless and smaller DSLR cameras pretty much anywhere.There are a lot of …


Watch: How to Maximize the Usable Distance of Your C-Stand

Would you set up a C-stand in this "controversial" way?C-stands are magnets for disaster if they're not properly handled and secured. When the …

7 Camera Tips for the Sony a6500

Battery Charging

A Beautiful Film Made on a Dirt Cheap Lens

We know, we know: gear doesn't matter, except when it matters. I'm not here to rehash that debate. Rather, this is just a great film that shows off …


Apertus AXIOM, The Open Source Cinema Camera

The AXIOM Beta is an open source camera developed by Apertus, which was successfully funded on Indiegogo in 2014. Progress went a little quiet, but …


This is the Canon 6D Mark II

We’re about a week away from when Canon will reportedly announce the new 6D Mark II DSLR (June 29), but today we’re finally getting a first look at …


Saramonic unveils VMic series of high-end shotgun microphones for DSLRs

Microphone maker Saramonic has launched the VMic series of high-end shotgun microphones for DSLRs. The top-of-the-range Saramonic VMic Pro is a super …


A Guide to the Cheapest Full-Frame Cameras Available

Click the title of the article to read this post on Improve Photography, which includes all media files mentioned.The first thing to get out of the …


Comment on Bluebird – the crowdfunded slider with a 90° twist by sfcameraman

For that price, no way. Shipping that thing, it will get bent in a cargo hold, if it is in a soft bag. So, add in the cost of oversize luggage and …


$15 Follow Focus Camera Adapter (video)

Photographers searching for an affordable solution to smooth focusing may be interested in the new $15 adapter called the Follow Focus, created by a …


Blind Spot Gear Tile Light: a good run-and-gun lighting solution?

The Blind Spot Gear Tile Light is a small, compact fixture that has been designed as a multi purpose lighting solution. Interestingly enough funding …


How to use X-Rite ColorChecker charts

X-Rite ColorChecker charts have been around for some time now, but I thought our audience would like to see just how useful they are for making sure …


Shape Revolt push button magic arm

One of the nice things about smaller trade shows is that you get the chance to see things you might have overlooked at one of the bigger events. …


Boost your color grading with Blackmagic Micro Panel


Should You Go Into Debt to Purchase Photo and Video Equipment?

It's not exactly a secret that photography and videography equipment can be expensive — like "you can live with only one kidney, right?" expensive. …


Techniques and Hacks: How To Shoot B-Roll

Let's talk filmmaking tips and tricks. B-Roll makes your videos more visually interesting. Record a lot of extra footage of people doing cool that …

Portrait Photography

13 Gimbal Moves That Will Make Your Cinematography More Dynamic

Here's your chance to add a bunch of new gimbal camera moves to your repertoire.Whether you're a seasoned vet or a bright-eyed newcomer, learning new …


Custom Monitor Mount Using GoPro Parts!

Manfrotto Launches New Bumblebee Pro Light Camera Bags

Manfrotto has updated its line of Pro Light Bumblebee camera bags with two backpacks and two messenger bags, which the company says are designed for …


Sony A7 III Rumours On The Rise

Sony has spent the last few years spanking DSLR stalwarts Canon and Nikon with its A7 line, and the most recent A9 expansion to its mirrorless series …


Canon EOS 800D vs Fujifilm X-T20: Which One Should You Get

These two models may not differ too much in price but they each belong to a very different system. So where does each excel? And where might one come …


Updated Canon EOS 6D Mark II Specifications [CR2]

Below is updated specifications from various sources, so we’re not rating this [CR3] at this time. Some of this information does come from very solid …