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Canon 6DmkII (Review) - 60 Second Sunday

RODE VideoMic Pro+ Overview


AUDIO TEST: Røde VideoMic Pro+ - with audio comparisons samples!


Canon EOS 6D Mark I vs Mark II: Is It Worth the Upgrade?

Whenever there’s an update to a product that you own – or would like to own – it’s sensible to ask whether the new kid on the block is doing anything …


Best Budget Lighting Kit for YouTube


Canon Picture Profiles, Get The Most Out of Your Video Features

Dynamic range tends to be an important feature for any camera and something many photographers either boast or complain about. Canon cameras aren't …


Ultra Budget Bokeh: 10 Creamy Lenses That Won't Break Your Bank

We all love bokeh, after all, what’s not to like?! Actually, there is quite a bit not to like in the form of digits on the price tag. The best bokeh …


Thinking About Shooting Anamorphic? Here's What You Need to Know

If you’re making a film, obviously the focus needs to be on the story. It seems that’s become the popular counter to a lot of debates about the …


Sound Design: How Sound Helps Tell Your Visual Stories

Though sound plays a very important role in film, it can work in very subtle ways. Though it sometimes goes unnoticed, sound design is crucial to the …

Sound Design

What Are the First Pieces of Gear You Should Buy as a New Filmmaker?

You've got a little money, a lot of passion, and a crazy desire to make a film—but no idea of what gear you should purchase first.<p>If you're new to …


You Can Now See Unlimited Movies in Theaters for $10 a Month, Thanks to an Ex-Netflix Exec

Yes, it's true: You can now go to the movies every single day for less than the cost of a Netflix subscription.In a move sure to please everyone who …


Super fast Samsung T5 portable SSD hits 540MB/s, can handle raw 4K video

Samsung has introduced a new ultra-fast solid-state-drive called the Samsung Portable SSD T5. This model boasts up to a 2TB capacity alongside …


4 Important Things Camera Movement Can Add to Your Films and Videos

Moving your camera can do so much for not only your film's aesthetic, but for its quality of storytelling as well.<p>Even if you're a beginner, chances …


Sony Trade Up Event. Trade up any DSLR towards a Sony A9 or A7 Series Camera!

<b>Hey guys! If you have been wanting to trade up or into Sony, they are making it easier than ever..see press release below from Sony…</b><p><b>PRESS</b> …


Hacking Film: Why 24 Frames Per Second?

Why 24 frames per second, why not 23 or 25?<p>Or for that matter, why not 10 or 100?<p>What’s so special about seeing images 24 times per second?<p>The short …

Independent Film

Canon EOS 80D to EOS 6D Mark II: in the light of the review, should I upgrade?

Is it worth upgrading my EOS 80D to the EOS 6D Mark II?<p>We already had a simple look at how good an upgrade the EOS 6D II makes for 80D owners, based …


11 things filmmakers need to consider about audio

Page 1 of 2<p><b>RedShark Replay: Roland Denning, a cameraman by trade, lists 11 things that those that live behind the lens should consider when it comes</b> …


Hands On with The Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 G2 VC

In the ever heated debate of Tamron vs. Sigma vs. Nikon/Canon, a new competitor has arrived. Tamron has released an update of their popular 24-70mm …


Edelkrone launches SurfaceONE, smart motion control system for perfect panning and timelapse shots

Edelkrone has launched SurfaceONE, their new 2-axis motion control system. It allows you to easily get straight, curved (targeted) and panning shots, …


Still Not Shooting in 4K? Here's Why You Might Want To

Should you shoot in 4K? (Yes, we're still talking about this.)Even though it seems like every filmmaker has a camera that shoots 4K, there are still …


How to Maintain Focus on a Moving Subject When You're Shooting Solo

If hiring a focus puller is out of the question, here are some techniques you can use to keep focus on a moving subject all by yourself.What is one …


6 Dirty Secrets: How to Make Money as a Filmmaker

A new video series from Zacuto spills the secrets to making a living as an emerging filmmaker."The single least talked-about thing in our industry is …


DSLR Video Tips | Tricks For Travel Filmmaking With Minimal Gear

Traveling for leisure or for work provides unique challenges and opportunities for filmmakers. On the one hand, you are presented new settings in …


Timecode Demo with NanoLockit from Ambient Recording


Traveling Filmmaker Kit

In this episode NextWaveDV show you their portable kit for capturing great video.This kit includes a Sony Alpha a7S, 3 prime lenses, a drone, a GoPro …

Portrait Photography

How to use False Color: Applying on Set - Part 3


The Camera Preamp That Covers All the Bases


How To Build A Successful Youtube Channel | ft Mumbo Part 4

Lake District

Atomos Sumo Monitor Recorder - With Kai W, Dan Chung and Rodney Charters