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Came-Mini 2 Tool-less Brushless Gimbal Review from Johnny Wu

From Johnny Wu… Came-Mini 2 tool-less brushless gimbal Review from Johnny Wu on Vimeo. The new Mini Gimbal from Came-TV.Com, this only for GH4 or A7s …


Sony a7RII: Is it the Best Camera in the World?

Jason Lanier posted a video review named “Sony A7Rii- is it the best camera in the world?”. In this video, he shared his thoughts about the new …


Crossovers: NPR Is Taking Video by Storm

Multimedia, a buzzword about a decade ago, is now the norm. Once a pleasant surprise to see video on the same page as text or a comment forum after a …


Sony: An eye on focus

Sony recently shook things up with the announcement of the 4K-capable 42.4MP, backside-illuminated full-frame a7R II mirrorless camera, alongside …


New Sony a7S professional battery solutions from Hawkwoods

By site editor Dan Chung: The Sony a7S is a great camera in many ways, but battery life isn’t one of them. The tiny NP-FW50 batteries it runs on …


Koji Advance Color Grading Plug-in and LUT

Koji, the joint venture between Final Cut Pro X plug-in maker CrumplePop and veteran Hollywood color grader Dale Grahn, has released the Koji …


The FCP X – RED – Resolve Dance II

Last October I wrote about the roundtrip workflow surrounding Final Cut Pro X and Resolve, particularly as it relates to working with RED camera …

Final Cut Pro

Why you’re better shooting video in stills mode on the Sony A7S

After a while now shooting with the Sony A7S (final part of my review coming soon, review part 1 here) I have found it’s better to shoot video …


Video Shows Impressive AF Performance With Canon Lenses On New Sony A7R II

We have talked about Sony’s claims in the past. Specifically, their claims regarding AF performance on their upcoming A7R II with adapted Canon …


How to Get Correct Exposure

Getting correct exposure is a tricky business. Many times we are rushed and have to set our exposure by eye. This is hardly ideal as camera monitors …


Preview: SLR Magic ANAMORPHOT 2.0x 50 anamorphic adapter

The SLR Magic ANAMORPHOT 2.0x 50 is an anamorphic adapter with the classic Cinemascope 2:1 squeeze ratio, designed to mount in front of a lens with a …


Color Correction: Make People Look Normal

Posted on March 9, 2014 by

[ I am deeply indebted to long conversations with Alexis Van Hurkman for many of the ideas expressed here, as well as his

Color Management

Lens technology from Harvard research removes need for color correction

Every photographer knows how important a quality lens is to a shot. With our current technology of curved lenses, however, problems like chromatic …


ShotPro, the Powerful & Affordable Pre-Visualization App, Is Now Available for OSX

ShotPro made quite a splash when it was released for iOS earlier this year. Now the powerful pre-vis software is back, this time with a …


The GimbalGunner 2.0- A Hybrid gimbal and shoulder rig

By technical editor Matt Allard:

The GimbalGunner is a unique crossover gimbal and shoulder rig in one package. We have featured the GimbalGunner on …


Frame.io FCPX companion app

By technical editor Matt Allard:

Frame.io is designed to replace the hassle of using programs like Dropbox for file sharing, Vimeo for video review, …

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New MultiTrack Field Recorder

Zoom launches the F8 portable 8-channel/10-track audio recorder and digital mixer 24/06/15

Zoom North America has announced the introduction of the …


Our Week in Video

Our Week in Video

Yesterday at 6:40am ·

Just got this beauty in for testing Steadicam HD 4000... Fingers crossed i can use my 'A' camera most of the …


Working with the Sony A7s for Broadcast – Part II

It’s the middle of 2015. Europe is being flooded with migrants coming from Africa and the middle east. Together with my BBC corespondent Bethany …


The Venus Laowa 15mm f/4 is the World’s Widest 1:1 Macro Lens

The Chinese lens manufacturer Venus Optics made quite a splash back in January by announcing the new Venus 60mm f/2.8, the world’s first 2:1 macro …

Macro Photography

The Assistant Editor Song

Interesting insights into the new Sony A7R II and RX sensor technology

This is a fantastic Sony interview at Imaging Resource, where Dave Etchells was able to extract a huge amount of technical info about how the new …


Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.2 Is 'Difficult to Dismiss'

Definition Magazine examines and reviews Apple's latest iteration of Final Cut Pro X: 10.2.

They write, "It is now difficult to dismiss FCP X. It’s …

Final Cut Pro

Nikon D5500 Vs Canon T6s/T6i (750D/760D)

Strengths of the Nikon D5500

Better sensor

Improved low light performance
• Better dynamic range
• Capable of sharper images without the anti-aliasing …


If you’re a DSLR Addict, Stop by This Collection of Interesting DSLR Accessories

This article was originally published on SmokingDesigners Website - If you’re a DSLR Addict, Stop by This Collection of Interesting DSLR Accessories …


How to Use a Quick Release Plate Without Tools

In today’s video we will look at using a quick release plate without tools. Sometimes we don’t have access to a screw driver or don’t have time to go …


Color Correction Workflow

In this video we will learn a simple and effective way to go about color correcting and grading. The method I use is applicable to any shot using any …

Color Management

Rule Of Thirds: Context and Balance | Cinematography Compositions

The Basics of Filmmaking

When you’re shooting a film, you want to make sure every frame and composition you choose is intentional. There’s a saying …