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3 Magazines | 2,567 Articles | 8,045 Followers | 5 Likes | @scrow9 | Steve is the founder and executive producer of Crow Digital Media ( and is a highly respected social media content contributor in the areas of digital video, photography and related topics.  He is also the editor of three popular Flipboard magazines covering HD DSLR video, mobile journalism and filmmaking and editing video using Final Cut Pro X (

Redrock Micro introduces Super 8 inspired video rig for Sony A5000-series cameras

If you’re a fan of Sony cameras and have a love for retro gear, Redrock Micro has introduced a new product that might just pique your interest.

It’s …


Final Cut Library Manger updated to version 3

Timothy Armes from Arctic Whiteness has been in contact to tell us about the new version of Final Cut Library Manager. Now at version 3, the app is a …

Final Cut Pro

First Look: Red Giant PluralEyes 4

How PluralEyes 4 Works

Basically, PluralEyes 4 will automatically ingest, organize and sync your media files and export them to your NLE project …

Final Cut Pro

Draw Mask Feature in Final Cut Pro X

Learn how to use the new 'Draw Mask' feature within Final Cut Pro X. Key fundamentals in this lesson include:• Drawing a Mask
• Utlizing the Clip Segment …

Final Cut Pro

Emotional Justification of Shot Choices

Narrative filmmaking is one of the greatest and most powerful forms of art ever invented, and it's still relatively new. And while it grew up …


Cinematic Video Lighting

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How Final Cut Pro X helped five teams of filmmakers complete their mobile film challenge

Take five teams of filmmakers, give them iPhones to shoot on, Final Cut Pro X running on shared storage to edit with and 36 hours to complete a three …


How do you Make a Living as an Independent Filmmaker?

Making your first feature documentary is hard, and it's a process that you rarely get a close look at. This is why I decided to start documenting my own struggle as a filmmaker.

About three years ago I started working on my debut feature documentary called The Pearl Of Africa. Making it seems to be …


New Saramonic UwMic10 Wireless Microphone Range

by (website) | 9th February 2016

The new Saramonic UwMic10 wireless line is the company’s latest addition to their wide catalogue of affordable audio …


DIY Filmmaking Like A Boss - DIY 4X4 Frames With Shane Hurlbut

DIY Filmmaking Like A Boss – DIY 4X4 Frames With Shane Hurlbut

by (website) | 9th February 2016

Shane Hurlbut, ASC has put together a nifty little


5 Filters Go Head to Head in This Neutral Density Shootout

Not all ND filters are created equal.Even though they're all designed to reduce the amount of light that hits your sensor, neutral density filters …

Sony a6300 videos show off tech that may challenge last remaining DSLR strongholds

Sony has just announced the APS-C a6300, an update to the immensely popular a6000. Its technological advances seem poised to break down some of the …

DSLR Cameras

Quick Tip: Add A Voice Channel To Your DSLR Using A Mini Mixer For $50

If you are doing a lot of run and gun, you may be recording sound directly to your camera. Now, without going into the question if this is a good …

Photography Blogs

ProView S3 Stabilizer Gimbal for Smartphones

Navin have launched an Indiegogo campaign to get the cost effective ProView S3 handheld stabilizer gimbal into the hands of filmmakers worldwide. …

Blackmagic Video Assist Gets Firmware Update

by (website) | 5th February 2016

Blackmagic Design has announced an update to the Blackmagic Video Assist. Firmware 1.2 brings a few new features,


Sony Announces ‘G Master’ Lineup of Lenses: Fast Aperture Zooms Have Officially Arrived to Mirrorless

One of the primary reasons many have given for stalling in making the switch to mirrorless is the lack of solid fast aperture zooms. With the newly …


Sony A6300 and G Master Lens Hands-On First Impressions

The Azden SMX-30 and SMX-15 Microphones Features Overview

Matt from the Japanese audio manufacturer Azden goes over the features on their new SMX-30 and SMX-15 video microphones. Learn more about these …

Blackmagic Video Assist Review

Comment on this article at the EOSHD ForumComment on the forumOut of the blue Blackmagic sent me the new Video Assist, which isn’t quite yet shipping …

SD Card

iPhone & iPad Filmmaking

In this quick review we test the GORA lav mic. This mic is new to the smartphone scene as of late 2015 and offers good quality at a very affordable …


What video camera should you buy? A7S2, 5D4, GH4, GH4, BMC...

Which Camera Should You Buy?

Clovis Libert is back and asks the question: Which camera is right for you? What video camera should you buy? A7S2, 5D4, GH4, GH4, BMC… Clovis …

HDR Photography

dedolight Demo ‘Portable Studio’ LED Lighting Kits

dedolight demo some portable lighting setups. Today we will talk about the concept of the Portable Studio in LED lighting. Here for example we will …

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Translate YouTube Titles and Descriptions to Reach A Global Audience - Basic Filmmaker Ep 175

YouTube spends loads of time and money constantly developing and adding new features.
Being a YouTube creator myself (among other things), I applaud …


Two New Xeen Cinema Lenses from Samyang

by (website) | 5th February 2016

The Xeen cinema lenses released last year constitute the apex of Samyangs catering towards filmmakers. Now, two new


Sony a7Rii Video Tutorials - Training Course for Shooting Video

Sony a7Rii Getting Started in Video

Are you interested in shooting video with your Sony a7Rii, but not sure where to start? This course will get you …


Updates to Blackmagic Video Assist and DaVinci Resolve

Blackmagic announces updates to their Video Assist and to DaVinci Resolve. Some of the updates include h265 encoding and DNxHD recoding.


6K oversampled 4K Super 35mm for $1000! Impressive Sony A6300 to ship in March

Sony have announced a huge step up in specs for their A6000 series with the latest model, the A6300. With a completely new sensor, the camera now …