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4,157 Added | 3 Magazines | 10 Likes | 1 Following | 10,302 Followers | @scrow9 | Steve is the founder and executive producer of Crow Digital Media ( and is a highly respected social media content contributor in the areas of digital video, photography and related topics.  He is also the editor of three popular Flipboard magazines covering HD DSLR video, mobile journalism and filmmaking and editing video using Final Cut Pro X (

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{{header.description || 'DigitalRev is all about photography, covering photo news, camera and lens gear reviews, photography and videography how-tos …


Everything You Need to Know About How the 600 MHz Wireless Auction Will Impact Filmmaking

A guide to understanding the latest FCC spectrum auction.<p>If you're a production sound mixer or sound recordist you might have heard that the Federal …


Canon SL2 (200D) vs Canon T7i (800D) - Head to head shootout!


What You NEED To Know For Your SOUND DESIGN

Sound Design

Top Three Tripod Tips: Two Minute Tips with David Bergman


Our favorite small camera setup!


Imagejunkies: Editing news using FCPX

Audio Recording

How to use the draw mask and graduated mask effects in FCPX


5 Must-Have Filmmaking Gadgets I Use Everyday


Why I'm Switching BACK To Canon + 200k GIVEAWAY


Watch: Simple Techniques for Modifying Light That You Should Know About

Learn how to use light modifiers to achieve dynamic, professional images.As an indie filmmaker, you may not be able to get your hands on a spendy …


Here's an Easy Way to Upgrade Your Camera's Battery Life

Batteries don't last forever, but this workaround should help buy you significantly more shooting time.<p>When you've got a long day of shooting ahead …

Sony Alpha

4 Cinematography Tips for Filming During Magic Hour

While filming at dusk may look beautiful, it can quickly become problematic. Follow these tips to get the most out of “magic hour.”<p><i>Cover image via</i> …


Production Tip: 5 Tricks for Filming in Small Spaces

Need to shoot in a tight spot? Here are 5 helpful tips for getting the shot when your gear won’t fit.<p><i>Cover image via Avid Blogs.</i><p>Some of the biggest …


5 Epic LED Fresnel Lights From CAME-TV - Boltzen Review


My last TVVJ blog

I’ve been in the broadcast news/technology game since April 1st 1998. Yes, that’s right. I started my career in TV on April fools day! An omen (+/-) …

Samuel Beckett

Back to Basics: The Rule of Thirds and Filmmaking

Using the Rule of Thirds can dramatically increase the look of your composition. Here’s a few tips on how to integrate this technique into your next …


Grip Tricks: How to Create Do-It-Yourself Camera Rigs

Tired of renting or buying pre-built rigs? Start creating your own custom camera rigs just like the pros.<p>One of the biggest drains on a shooting …


Almost Everything You Need to Know about Lighting in Under 30 Minutes

This beginner's technical breakdown of lighting is perfect for those just starting out.If you've just started your filmmaking journey, lighting may …

Color Management

How to shoot an interview | Episode 4: Video Production Guide | The Film Look


Five Color Grading Mistakes to Avoid in Your Video Work

The color grade is one of the most essential aspects of any bit of video work. Not only does it help provide the finishing touch that makes your work …

Color Management

Using Coverage: The Trick To Making Videos That Won’t Annoy People

At a time when everyone is clamouring to create short video content for YouTube, Facebook and other social media, it’s great to know a few simple …


New feature length drama to be shot entirely on smartphones

New smartphone filmmaking project <i>Body & Soul</i> will be shot entirely on mobile phones, <i>Credit: Simon Horrocks</i><p>A new British feature-length drama thriller …


These Are the 61 Best Documentaries of All Time

What makes a documentary “important”? What makes it worth referencing, or remembering, or even watching in the first place? Why, in this time of seemingly perpetual sociopolitical strife, would we veer away from the vaunted, glorious escapism of big feature films and go see something small and …


The Dutti Dolly: built to last

<b> RedShark Review: Rakesh Malik gives his view on the tough, but very portable Dutti Dolly from Matthews.</b>• Dolly<br>• Matthews Studio Equipment<br>• cstand


Best Entry-Level DSLRs You Can Buy In 2017

So you wanna step up your photography game and move beyond the point and shoot or smartphone camera and have thought through about investing in a …


Which Stabilizers DRASTICALLY Improve Your Videos Why....!

11/12/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments<p>Reasons why you'd want to use a should rig, slider, or shoulder rig in your video production! All used to …

Portrait Photography

White balance any camera with Waveform Monitor in RGB mode

Erik Naso • November 11, 2017 • 0 Comments<p>It’s all in the video!<p>For this tutorial, I used the SmallHD 502 and a GH5 The new OS3 is really great on …


Watch: 5 Cinematic Slider Moves (and How to Do Them Right)

Here are some ways to use camera sliders to make your footage look more professional and cinematic.When it comes to camera movement, sliders offer so …


5 Creative Tripod Tricks for video |