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3,971 Added | 3 Magazines | 10 Likes | 1 Following | 10,263 Followers | @scrow9 | Steve is the founder and executive producer of Crow Digital Media ( and is a highly respected social media content contributor in the areas of digital video, photography and related topics.  He is also the editor of three popular Flipboard magazines covering HD DSLR video, mobile journalism and filmmaking and editing video using Final Cut Pro X (

Video Collaboration Tools: Review!


Apple iPhone 8 Plus Portrait Lighting: the verdict

Apple's iPhone 8 Plus, which is available from Friday, includes a new Portrait Lighting mode to simulate a range of lighting effects on your …

Portrait Photography

Five low budget lighting tips for filmmakers

We’ve rounded up some of the best budget lighting tips around for aspiring filmmakers. You might have great DSLR skills but unless you can light …


Review: ShoulderPod brings Lego-like modularity to iPhone camera accessories

Smartphone grips and mounts are a dime a dozen nowadays. Making a product that stands apart from the crowd is difficult, but ShoulderPod may be the first company to do that in a long time. The company has built out a modular smartphone camera system allowing photographers and videographers to …


5 Tips for Recording Great Voiceover | podcast ep34

Noob Mistakes You'll Want to Avoid as an Editor

Being a noob doesn't mean you have to make noob mistakes.<p>Learning the craft of editing is a real challenge with so many opportunities to look like a …


$25 Sony a6500 Vlogging Mirror? Yes Please!

9/21/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments<p>Vlogging without a flip out screen is tough but with this vlogging mirror/monitor, you can see the screen of …

Sony Alpha

How to LIGHT a TABLE TOP setup 💡


VLOG like Lok - Tips on Cameras, Accessories, Technique


This video shows that Nikon D850 autofocus tracking is as bad as everybody feared

For shooting stills, Nikon’s autofocus system is pretty solid. I’ve thought so for a long time. Even my ageing Nikon N90s could keep up just fine …


How to SETUP and shoot a TABLE TOP


6 Ways to Use a 5 in 1 Reflector!

New DSLR Series Coming in 2018? [CR1]

• <i>A high megapixel pro series body. Since the amalgamation of the 1D line back in 2009, we’ve always wondered if we’d get a camera like this to truly</i> …


Lens Rentals test shows all circular polarizing filters work great, price doesn't matter

Our friend Roger Cicala over at Lens Rentals is at it again: buying up super expensive optical testing equipment because someone asked him why LR …


GoPro Hero6 leaked again: Shoots 4K at 60fps, 1080p at 240fps, and costs $500

Days after the first photo of the upcoming GoPro Hero6 action camera leaked online, showing that the little cam will finally be able to shoot 4K at …


Four things you need to know about external monitors and recorders

In the video above we run through how camera external monitors can prove very useful when capturing the finer details of your video footage.<p>When you …


Why Focus by Wire Systems in Camera Lenses Suck

“Focus by wire” is a system found in many camera lenses these days. Here’s a 9-minute video by TheCameraStoreTV that takes a look at what “focus by …


7 ways to achieve massive bokeh in your photos

To achieve massive and creamy bokeh, one of the first things we learn is to use a wide aperture. But there are several other ways that might just as …

Digital Photography





Photography HACK: How To Use The Light Meter In Your Camera To Get The Right Exposure


Basic Camera Shots For Filmmaking

The line between the two can be very thin, often they are considered to be the same thing. We take a look at five films that could be …


How to Make Money as a Filmmaker - Episode 3

Canon filmmaking tips: How to create a flat picture style

In our latest round up of Canon filmmaking tips, we take you through how to set up your Canon DSLR for a flat picture style.<p>If you don’t know what it …

Take Your Filmmaking to the Next Level

9/15/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments<p>In this video, Mango Street sit down with filmmaker Seth Dunlap to discuss a few tips and techniques you can …

Portrait Photography

3 Things to Do to Nail Your Video Production Like a Hollywood Pro

The most critical do-it-yourself video hacks from an expert for low budget-high impact marketing.<p>Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users according to Hubspot, and 4 out of 10 people listening to podcasts monthly in 2017. If these stats don't have you seriously thinking …


This is the Kit This Pro Uses for Travel Photography And Why He Chose It

The dilemma for the travelling photographer is a tough one. What to take, what not to take. Can this lens cover all these situations? Will I need …

Travel Photography

Why Your Phone Shoots 4K But Your Camera Still Doesn’t

The new iPhone will shoot 4K at 60 fps and 1080p at 240 fps. But why is it that smartphones seem to be shooting “better” video resolution than most …


My Favorite Sony Lenses for Video


Wireless Lavalier Microphones - Rode, Sony, Sennheiser