The True Believers of the Far Right

Eric Hoffer first popularized the concept in his book The True Believer in the 1950s. Today, political fanaticism has become more dangerous than ever, and adherents to the fever dream of the Far Right have "slipped the surly bonds of earth" to touch the face of insanity.

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The True Believers of the Far Right
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    True Believers

    True Believers

    “Hatred is the most accessible and comprehensive of all the unifying agents.” Fanatics are defined by viciousness, the urge to destroy, and the perpetual struggle for power.

    Mass Psychosis

    Mass Psychosis

    This is more than just the revival of conspiracy theories, which always lurk just beneath the surface of every society. This is far worse. Too many of our fellow citizens are adrift, lost, freaked-out, and willing to believe almost anything, especially if it helps to support their preexisting political narratives and tribal loyalties.

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