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Episode 95: A Curious Collection of Dates

by Scott Monty April 30, 2016<p>"It is a curious collection." [MUSG]<p>You've probably heard us extolling the virtues of <i>A Curious Collection of Dates:</i> …

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WILD ABOUT HARRY: The real story of Houdini & Doyle

<b>This Monday, May 2, FOX premieres Houdini & Doyle, a new TV series in which the two famous men investigate paranormal mysteries in England in 1901.</b> …

Arthur Conan Doyle

John Llewellyn Probert's House of Mortal Cinema: The Hound of the Baskervilles (1983)

The Hound of the Baskervilles (1983)<p>Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle’s oft-filmed novel gets the Douglas (THEATRE OF BLOOD, SITTING TARGET) Hickox treatment in …

John Llewellyn Probert's House of Mortal Cinema: The Sign of Four (1983)

The Sign of Four (1983)<p>Sy Weintraub’s other Sherlock Holmes production isn’t quite as good as his version of THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES, but it’s …

Date set for school opening at Sherlock Holmes creator's former Hindhead home

The Victorian Grade II listed Undershaw is just months away from becoming ‘its valuable new role’ as Stepping Stones School

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St. George and his Sherlock Holmes Connections

"Saints have never flourished in those parts" [HOUN]<br>Everybody knows of St. Patrick's Day on March 17, honoring the patron saint of Ireland, but …

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Can You Decode This Puzzle Like Sherlock Holmes?

by Scott Monty April 21, 2016<p>"the code which I have explained" [DANC]<p>It's not easy to think like Sherlock Holmes.<p>You may recall that we interviewed …

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Downey Jr. confirms Sherlock Holmes 3 shooting this year

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Legitimate Sherlockians — A Never-Ending Controversy

Name-calling about who's a legitimate Sherlockian, and disagreement about the things the young people enjoy doing — it sounds like the culture …

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Finding Sherlock Holmes in Toronto

The Toronto Reference Public Library, like Rem Koolhaas’ Seattle Public Library, is architecture that makes library use a community activity, yet affords privacy, while showcasing the tremendous archives and resources available to all who visit the library. The library’s open yet futuristic …


Conan Doyle Manuscripts at Auction Today

by Scott Monty April 11, 2016<p>"now as excited as myself, took out his manuscript" [MUSG]<p>It's always a rare treat when an original manuscript by Sir …


Film's lost Nessie monster prop found in Loch Ness

<b>A 30ft (9m) model of the Loch Ness Monster built for a Sherlock Holmes movie has been found almost 50 years after it sank in the loch.</b><p>The beast was …


Is The End In Sight For Cumberbatch's Sherlock?

BBC<p>The <i>BBC</i> have confirmed that filming has begun on a new series of <i>Sherlock</i>, with Benedict Cumberbatch and Matin Freeman returning as the eponymous …

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Bors from Doctor Who joins Sherlock

Daniel Hoffman-Gil who as a Radio Times reader you will remember as Bors from The Magician's Apprentice in Doctor Who has joined Sherlock.<p>His online …

Television (UK)

Robert Downey Jr.'s Sherlock Holmes Team Working On The Third Movie

While fans of the BBC series <i>Sherlock</i> have an upcoming special to look forward to, things have been fairly quiet in regards to the other current …

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Sherlock series four begins filming and fans are preparing for #Setlock

Sound the Sherlock alarm. Series four has officially begun filming, and that means one thing: #setlock is back.<p>Rise & Shine #sherlockians #setlock is …

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The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes: Ronald Howard Dons the Deerstalker

Arthur Wontner was the first great screen Holmes of the sound era, followed by Basil Rathbone. Wontner was 56 when he first donned the deerstalker …


Remembering Douglas Wilmer, BSI

by Scott Monty March 31, 2016<p>"At the Lyceum Theatre, the crowds were already thick" [SIGN]<p>Douglas Wilmer, BSI ("The Lyceum Theatre"), who portrayed …

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Holmes in another Conan Doyle book?

I am presently reading a book for review on Arthur Conan Doyle's relationship with <i>The Strand Magazine</i>.<br>Read more »

Great Books

Fat Mycroft's Breakfast - Sherlock: The Abominable Bride

Elementary and the Hound

by James C. O'Leary March 25, 2016<p><b>"Not content with a mere fiend-dog" [HOUN]</b><p>From the beginning, <i>Elementary</i> was not about retelling the Arthur Conan …

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The New Sherlock Holmes Pub

by LadyRedCrest March 16, 2016<p>"comparing notes with publicans" [MISS]<p>After weeks of being closed for renovations, the relaunch of our beloved …

On Friendship and Possibilities

by Leah Guinn March 22, 2016<p>"I am much obliged to you for bringing us together." [STUD]<p>One of the downsides of living in the Midwest is the dearth of …

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Sherlock Holmes: celebrating Rathbone & Bruce's top 5 films

Sherlock Holmes has been around for a long time. He made his first literary appearance in 1887 and his first leading role in a cinematic medium took …

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Sherlock Holmes walks this Literary Map of London https://t.co/ENqAAFuLYt

Unsavory Underground #tbt

Unsavory Underground #tbt

Basil Rathbone: The Reluctant Sherlock Holmes

by Jessica Levine June 02, 2014<p>"Good-day, sir; good-day" [SIGN]<p>After seven years playing Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's infallible detective, actor Basil …

The Sherlock Manga Is Coming to America, and Here's Your First Look

Last month, Titan Comics announced it would be bringing the delightfully weird manga adaptation of the BBC’s smash hit <i>Sherlock</i> to the west for the …


Tom Hiddleston To Join ‘Sherclock’ Season 4 As Third Holmes Brother?

Fans of Tom Hiddleston and <i>Sherlock</i> are sure to be excited with the latest news regarding the 35-year-old English actor.<p>Reports say that <i>Sherlock</i> …