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Sherlock co-creator: For the last time, Holmes is not gay!

A few months ago, the rumors started again: Did Benedict Cumberbatch just out Sherlock as gay?! At issue was a comment the Sherlock star made on Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist podcast when comparing the great detective and another iconic British character, Doctor Who. “They’ve got different dress senses, …

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Sherlock season 4: 'Frightening, tough, emotional upheaval'

Interviewing ultra-secretive Steven Moffat about Sherlock is a tricky endeavor, given that the writer-producer would prefer to say nothing at all about what will happen in the show’s hugely anticipated fourth season. But during our wide-ranging recent interview, the Sherlock co-creator gave us a few …


Students learn about Sherlock Holmes

RUSHFORD, Minn. – The tales of Sherlock Holmes have been around for 128 years, entertaining generation after generation.

Kerry Klungtvedt has been a …

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Sherlock Holmes Is Afoot In London Cinemas

Statue outside Baker Street. Photo by Jay from the Londonist Flickr pool.Sherlock Holmes seems to regenerate almost as much as Doctor Who. Recently …

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Try This Catalog Card Generator with Your Collection

"adequate cataloguing" [3GAR]

Remember when looking up a book in the library meant a stop at the reference librarian's desk or a trip to the massive …

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Sherlock Holmes & Mr. Spock

The death of Leonard Nimoy, best known as Star Trek's Mr. Spock, resonated with Sherlockians for obvious reasons: Spock was Holmes-like in his …

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The Adventure of the Shrinking Public Domain by Elizabeth Rosenblatt

Several scholars have explored the boundaries of intellectual property protection for literary characters. Using a case study of the history of …

The Arthur Conan Doyle Collection Lancelyn Green Bequest

Find out a about Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes and Richard Lancelyn Green’s wonderful Collection of papers, books and memorabilia.

Sherlock Holmes and …

Arthur Conan Doyle

The Gentleman’s Guide to the Calling Card

To the unrefined or unbred, the visiting card is but a trifling and insignificant bit of paper; but to the cultured disciple of social law, it …


Qualify for the Next Mental Exaltation Quiz

"a qualified person" [BLAN]

If you had a chance to listen to the latest audio episode of I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere, you will have heard our guest …


New Audio Web Series Tackles the Canon

"Stay where you are. I am lost without my Boswell." [SCAN]

How many of us grew up listening to Sherlock Holmes on the radio? Basil Rathbone, Clive …

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Goodbye Morans: When a Neighborhood Joint Closes

A family-owned restaurant closes in New York’s West Chelsea. Are our cities in danger of becoming franchise-filled shopping malls?

In a city like New York it can be hard to find a place that you never want to leave. There is too much to offer as storefronts rotate another “it” restaurant or “place …


15 Witty Sherlock Holmes Tattoos

He is one of the most legendary fictional character in arts and in the world… Who? It’s elementary: it is Sherlock Holmes! The clever and witty heroe …

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Should Elementary’s sexy stars hook up?

THREE seasons in and Dr Watson’s gender swap in Sherlock Holmes reboot Elementary is looking less like stunt casting and more like an inspired way to

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Review: In the Comic ‘Baskerville’ at the McCarter Theater Center, Sherlock Holmes Investigates a Curse

The mystery inside the mystery of “Baskerville” is why this fairly amusing play isn’t funnier. Indeed, so many of the elements are first-rate — skilled actors and a clever staging at the McCarter Theater Center in Princeton among them — that it can feel downright puzzling when jokes miss their …


Young Sherlock Holmes Revisited

When Young Sherlock Holmes became available via Netflix streaming (it’s gone now; but you can find it on Amazon Instant, or iTunes), I was both …

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Another Pointed Look at the Needle Reference

"they are as sharp as needles, too" (STUD)

Even Sherlock Holmes was wrong once in a while, and clearly I was following in his erring footsteps when I …

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Mattias Boström, BSI on Twitter

I can't live without this. @BakerStJournal pic.twitter.com/EpEKmzZ1xU

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Victorian Sherlock!

john murray 1971

Sherlock’s swansong: the ideal Holmes expedition

I am lately returned from a pilgrimage, bearing bloodied knees and a holy relic; my destination was a place of love and sacrifice that’s lived long in my heart. No Lourdes for me, though: I went to the Reichenbach Falls.

Lifelong Holmes devotees view the current Sherlockian fad with exasperated …

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The Earliest Sherlock Holmes - Star Trek Crossovers

“some uneasiness at the strange enterprise upon which we were embarking” [SIGN]

Two of the earliest Sherlock Holmes-Star Trek Crossovers were created …

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Fox ordering TV series about Sherlock Holmes author

First BBC’s Sherlock, then CBS’ Elementary and now Fox is getting into the Sherlock Holmes game too—sort of.

The network is near a deal to order a new series called Houdini & Doyle, a supernatural procedural (think The X-Files or Sleepy Hollow) that teams characters based on two historical figures—Harry …


Indexes to Classic Sherlockian Works

Having publically bemoaned the fact that so many Sherlockian reference works come sans index, I thought it might make sense to do something to remedy

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Episode 75: Prince of the Sherlockian Realm

Episode 75: Prince of the Sherlockian Realm

"she loved the Prince" [SHOS]

For our diamond jubilee episode - our 75th - we're pleased to welcome Sonia Fetherston, BSI ("The Solitary Cyclist"), …

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Sherlock Holmes - The Origins of a Legend

Indeed, Holmes’s almost superhuman abilities, coupled with his almost uncanny ability to solve even the most complex of cases by observing, deducing …

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Sharp Observations About That Needle

"And, no doubt, to free the country from a pest?" [MAZA]

What four-word sentence is every bit as spurious as "Elementary, my dear Watson" and twenty …

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