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Krispy Kreme Could Have Avoided Embarrassment by Reading this Sherlock Holmes Story

Last week, the iconic "Hot Now" sign could have been referring to Krispy Kreme getting itself in hot water more than the availability of its …

Mr. Holmes Trailer is Here, and It's Marvelous

"You see, Mr. Holmes" [NOBL]

Today on his Facebook page, actor Ian McKellen shared the trailer for the upcoming film Mr. Holmes.

The film is based on …


The Downside to Having a Sherlock Holmes Fixation

"I hear of Sherlock everywhere since you became his chronicler." [GREE]

One of the curses of being a Sherlockian is that one is afflicted with …

Sherlock Holmes

Arsher Ali: I auditioned to play Moriarty on Sherlock - Sherlock News - Cult

Arsher Ali has revealed that he auditioned to play Moriarty on Sherlock.

The actor - who appears in ITV's new drama Arthur & George - told Digital Spy

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The Great Fall of Reichenbach, by JMW Turner (photo by Jean Upton)

Sidney Paget's chair, recognisable in his illustrations (photo by Roger Johnson)

'He hailed a cab' (photo by Roger Johnson)

Notes for 'A Study in Scarlet' (photo by Roger Johnson)

The first great Sherlock Holmes - William Gillette (photo by Roger Johnson)

The bust of Sherlock Holmes (photo by Jean Upton)

'From Sherlock Holmes' - Conan Doyle's wedding present to Sidney Paget (photo by Roger Johnson)

The best nonSherlock Sherlocks in TV and film

You might think you recognize a certain detective on ITV tonight – a somewhat arrogant, tenacious investigator with a faithful sidekick utilizing his …

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The Queen shows her age as portrait is updated on coins

Time has finally caught up with Queen Elizabeth II – on her money at least. Her profile is visibly aged in a new coin portrait by Jody Clark. The royal image on Britain’s coinage will, when this design goes into circulation, be unmistakably that of an 88-year-old, including prominent wrinkles.

The …

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Arthur & George: opening the casebook of Arthur Conan Doyle

The creator of Sherlock Holmes turns detective himself in a new TV adaptation starring Martin Clunes. Tim Martin reports

On the set of Arthur & George, it’s a freezing cold morning, and the gleaming steam locomotive pants and whistles on the platform at Sheffield Park station, East Sussex, while a …

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The Road to Reichenbach - Sherlock Holmes vs Professor Moriarty

Article by Sloane Jensen

’The world turns and the world changes, but one thing does not change. In all of my years, one thing does not change -

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Interview: Author Lyndsay Faye on the Art of Pastichery and the Lost Sherlock Holmes Story

IHOSE: What are some of the nuances an inexperienced author might miss?

LF: There are about a kajillion, but they fall into general …

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A Stylistic Analysis of the Lost Sherlock Holmes Story

"His effort to conceal his own writing" [HOUN]

Recently a discovery was made of a ‘lost’ or ‘new’ Sherlock Holmes story. Recovered from the attic of …

Sherlock Holmes

Teddy Roosevelt’s 10 Rules For Reading

Theodore Roosevelt was perhaps the most well-read president. On a normal day he’d read a book before breakfast with another two later in the day. …


I "amused myself by visiting Lhassa and spending some time with the head llama." [EMPT] #llamawatch http://t.co/bi8jR8bE6k

Come now. We all know #TheDress is “a particular shade of...

Come now. We all know #TheDress is “a particular shade of electric blue. [COPP]

Remembering Leonard Nimoy

"dignified and logical" [LADY]

Leonard Nimoy, best known for his role as Mr. Spock in Star Trek on television and film, has passed away at the age of …

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Regilding the Gilded Age in New York

It was the perfect night for a séance. Manhattan was buried in snow, and an eerie silence hung over the island. To join the occult ritual, a particular fascination of the Gilded Age, I had been told to journey to the remotest fringe of Washington Heights and ascend a staircase into Sylvan Terrace, …

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Benedict Cumberbatch Pens Letter for Funeral of 'Sherlock Holmes' Superfan

Benedict Cumberbatch might not have won the Oscar at the 87th Academy Awards for his nominated performance in The Imitation Game, but he deserves a …

Conan Doyle Didn’t Write the Lost Sherlock Holmes Story

"It was the first announcement in the 'Found' column." [STUD]

Walter Elliot, a local historian in Selkirk, Scotland, claims that he has found a long …

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes: Discovering the Border Burghs, and, by Deduction, the Brig Bazaar - The Conan Doyle Encyclopedia

The Book o' the Brig (1903)

Sherlock Holmes: Discovering the Border Burghs, and, by Deduction, the Brig Bazaar is a short story written anonymously in …


Call for Translators and Proof-Readers for “Always 1895″

The year 2015 marks the 120th anniversary of Sherlock Holmes’s most productive year. In 1895 he got into a bar fight during the case of “The Solidary …

Sherlock Sceneframes And Filming Locations

We’ve stumbled through the tiny gates of the church where John and Mary got married and the other church in St Hilary, where Sherlock implies John …

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I Am Lost Without My Boswell

Welcome to our official website and thank you for visiting!

I Am Lost Without My Boswell is an entirely volunteer driven effort to create audio …

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Lost Sherlock Holmes Story - Clearing Up Authorship (with images, tweets) · IHearofSherlock

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