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The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes: All You Want to Know

The Last Original Sherlock Holmes Book!

The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes is the 'youngest' Sherlock Holmes story collection.

Published in 1927, it's been …

Sherlock Holmes

Behind the Latest Volume of the World's Largest Sherlock Holmes Collection

by Derrick Belanger February 07, 2016

"when, for the fourth time" [BRUC]

Philip K. Jones said it was "... the best Sherlockian fiction anthology ever …

Sherlock Holmes

The Great Detective Pikachu — The Evolution of Holmes in Japan

February 3 marked the Japanese release of Nintendo’s newest 3DS video game, Great Detective Pikachu: The Birth of a New Duo. No plans for an …


'The Man Who Murdered Sherlock Holmes' is hot on the trail of a great musical

The Mercury Theater, in Chicago's booming Southport corridor, is a jewel-box of a theater. But it rarely has contained a jewel box of a show, mostly because producers and directors have thoroughly enjoyed stuffing full-blown Broadway musicals into its challenging dimensions. But "The Man Who …

Musical Theatre

Sherlock Holmes exhibition headed to Edmonton for only stop in Canada

EDMONTON — The game will be afoot for mystery buffs and literature lovers when a world-class exhibition on the fictional super sleuth Sherlock Holmes …

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The Martian, Sherlock Holmes, and why we love competence porn

Mark Watney knows how to do everything, including turn his rover into a super-car powered by nukes. (credit: Fox Movies)The best part of The Martian

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Episode 89: The Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes

by Scott Monty January 30, 2016

"the cleverness of women" [SCAN]

When the Baker Street Irregulars finally made the watershed decision to admit women to …

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock: A Guide to Sherlock Filming Locations Across the UK

While the programme Sherlock is mostly confined to London, not all of the filming takes place there. For episodes such as “The Hounds of Bakerville” …

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes vs. Tarzan — by the Numbers

by Cory Howell January 27, 2016

"aided by this chart" [SIGN]

Throughout the Canon, we encounter a variety of "grams": telegrams, programmes, …

Sherlock Holmes

Victorian London in Incredible Detail

Posted by Ollie on 4 October 2013 in Historic | 9 comments

Here’s a real treat. The National Library of Scotland’s Map Department, supported by David …


“Report from Baker Street” (by Steve Steinbock)

Steve Steinbock is well known to EQMM readers. He has been the magazine’s regular book reviewer since 2011 (relieved twice a year by longtime EQMM

Sherlock Holmes

"An Open Letter to Pan-Holmesian Fandom: Elementary is Not Your Punch Line," by language-escapes

“An Open Letter to Pan-Holmesian Fandom: Elementary is Not Your Punch Line,” by language-escapes

I listen to a lot of podcasts these days. When I …

Sherlock Holmes

From The Serpentine Muse Current Issue

The Serpentine Muse, Vol. 32, No. 1, 2015

Bringing a New Generation of Sherlockians into the Fold

Heather …

Sherlock Holmes

The 2016 BSI Weekend — Wrap Up and How You Can Help

by Scott Monty January 17, 2016

"Ha! our party is complete." [REDH]

The 2016 BSI Weekend is over. Once again, the Yale Club was the central location of …

Sherlock Holmes

On Finding One's Home: A Word of Affection for Sherlockians

In the midst of the post-festivity flush of BSI Weekend, I have some words of deep affection for my fellow Sherlockians.

If anyone has spent much time …

Sherlock Holmes

Episode 88: The Abominable Show

by Scott Monty January 15, 2016

"a malicious and abominable smile" [DYIN]

You've likely seen the online chatter and either managed to see the episode …

Sherlock Holmes

Remembering Alan Rickman

by Scott Monty January 14, 2016

"in his languid fashion" [NORW]

Actor Alan Rickman has passed away in London at the age of 69.

The Shakespearean-trained …

Alan Rickman

“Turn to Page 394, Watson”: Did You Know Alan Rickman Once Played Sherlock Holmes?

We found this gem via Rainbow Rowell’s Tumblr: A photo from a 1976 production of Sherlock Holmes at the Birminghan Repertory Theatre in Birmingham, …

Alan Rickman

'It's a glorious place' - Conan Doyle and Portsmouth

The Arthur Conan Doyle Collection, Richard Lancelyn Green Bequest is a fantastic source of material for all Sherlockians and Doyleans (fans of …

Six Sherlock stories that are better than the Christmas special

The Abominable Bride left many viewers baffled. Forget Cumberbatch and revisit the original short stories. Start with these six classics

Sherlock Holmes

The Roylott Files — Don't Try This At Home

"He had trained it, probably by the use of the milk" [SPEC]
While many of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original Sherlock Holmes stories get picked apart …


Sherlock: 7 burning questions from The Abominable Bride

© BBC Hartswood/Robert Viglasky

Must Read

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is coming to UK screens. Yay! The Ellen DeGeneres Show is coming to UK screens. …

How Sherlock Holmes changed the world

Modern fandom wouldn't exist without Conan Doyle’s famous creation, writes Jennifer Keishin Armstrong.

In 1893, author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle shoved detective Sherlock Holmes off a cliff. The cliff was fictionally located in Switzerland, over the Reichenbach Falls. But Conan Doyle did the dirty work …

Sherlock Holmes

Help Sherlock Holmes Celebrate His 162nd Birthday

"your celebrated friend, Mr. Sherlock Holmes" [NAVA]

January 6th is here and that marks the date on which we traditionally celebrate Sherlock Holmes's …

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes' Birthday: Cartloads of Info!

Sherlock Holmes' Birthday...

...How the Date Was Fixed, How Fans Celebrate It Today and More Trivia!

First things first: Sherlock Holmes' birthday is

Sherlock Holmes

Everything You Need to Know — A Roundup of Abominable Bride Reviews

"I am now about to summarize" [ENGR]
Just as Friday, January 1 was a day like no other for Sherlock fans, today was a day like no other for I Hear of …

Sherlock Holmes

Meta, Meta, Meta — An Abominable Bride Review

"'Data! data! data!' he cried impatiently. I can't make bricks without clay." [COPP]
Perhaps that quote should be updated to read: "I can't make …

Sherlock Holmes

The Abominable Bride — We're Not in Baker Street Any More

"the actor in some strange drama" [YELL]
We had been promised a period piece, with Holmes and Watson in the time and place of the Canon. When I saw …

Sherlock Holmes

The Abominable Bride — A Review of Two Minds

"the dual nature alternatively asserted itself" [REDH]
The episode has aired but the dust has far from settled. The Sherlock special titled The

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