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Sherlock Series 4 — First Trailer and News From Comic-Con

by Scott Monty July 24, 2016<p>"we had this comic interlude" [3GAB]<p>Sherlock is always a draw at Comic-Con. Especially when there's a new series on the …


Sherlock season 4 first trailer revealed

Dark trailer has fights, explosions, chases and a traumatized Holmes<p><i>Sherlock</i> season 4 looks dark and action packed based on the first trailer from PBS Masterpiece. We see glimpses of car chases, hints of Moriarty, and a tearful, traumatized-looking Holmes. “Everyone they know is under threat,” …

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There's a new immersive Sherlock Holmes experience in London

For more than two centuries, tourists visiting London have gawped at wax likenesses of killers and criminals in the basement of Madame Tussauds. …


A Giant “Sherlock” & “Doctor Who” Theme Park Is Coming

A game is afoot and we’re hot on the trail of this upcoming London attraction<p><i>By Pamela Chow</i><p><i>Photo: London Paramount</i><p>A new theme park is set to be …

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Sherlock Holmes - Murder By Proxy (The Final Problem) [1933] - Old-Time Radio Show

Thousands gather to watch 1916 Sherlock Holmes movie in Odesa (photos)

Photo source: oiff.com.ua<p>Until recently, the first ever film about the famous detective has been considered lost<p>Thousands of people have gathered on …

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100 Episodes of Sherlockian Splendor!

A couple of years ago I was a guest on a terrific podcast series called “I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere”, having been asked on the show because of my …


Episode 100: A Sherlockian Centennial

by Scott Monty July 15, 2016<p>"I am one of a hundred" [ILLU]<p>Well, we managed to do it. And it only took us nine years, an 18-month hiatus, one lost …

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Gorgeous Concept Art Brings SHERLOCK HOLMES Game to Life

It’s no secret that fans often take concept art for granted. While that isn’t necessarily a bad thing (sometimes we never get a chance to see it in …

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Episode 99: Chris Redmond

by Scott Monty June 30, 2016<p>"Billy had appeared in answer to a ring." [MAZA]<p>It's a rare thing to find a Sherlockian legend these days, but Chris …

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Mysterious Circumstances

Richard Lancelyn Green, the world’s foremost expert on Sherlock Holmes, believed that he had finally solved the case of the missing papers. Over the past two decades, he had been looking for a trove of letters, diary entries, and manuscripts written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Holmes. …


CLIVE MERRISON Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet (1989)