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Cyber Security Is a Top Priority for Marketers

Cyber security is a top concern for executives in the US and Europe. Executives in Asia, however, stack up their priorities differently, according to …


Yep, more parents are naming their kids after Instagram filters

BabyCenter just released the results of its annual Baby Names Survey… but we don’t care about any of that. What is interesting, however, is just how much growth we’re seeing in names that just so happen to be Instagram filters.

Pop culture has always been a big influencer in baby naming.

We saw Elsa …


Samsung is releasing a virtual reality Web browser for the Gear VR

A new platform without any relevant content isn’t very exciting, so Samsung wants to bring all of the Web to its new Gear VR headset with a new virtual reality browser.

The rather dryly named ‘Samsung Internet for Gear VR’ allows you you to browse through Web pages without having to remove your …


Airbnbs in NYC are overwhelmingly single apartments, not giant hotel-like networks

Airbnb has often claimed that its home-sharing hosts are mostly apartment dwellers who rent out their homes to make ends meet.

Now, for the first time, the startup is releasing the stats to prove it.

In a new data release, Airbnb claims that 95 percent of entire-home hosts only have one listing on …

New York City

Lessons from Radiotopia Fundraising Campaign

Last week, PRX wrapped up its second major fundraiser for Radiotopia, our podcast network, and the results were astonishing. While last year’s …


Marissa Mayer May Be Running Out of Options at Yahoo

A consensus seems to be forming that Mayer’s rescue plan for Yahoo isn’t working.

The Marissa Mayer leadership saga continues, and the latest developments again look dire for our protagonist. SunTrust Robinson Humphreys analyst Robert Peck yesterday issued a report listing 10 possible successors for …


Google Turns Image Search Into Pinterest With New “Collections” Feature

Watch out, Pinterest, you’ve got new competition. Google has now rolled out a new feature on its search engine that offers users an easy way to save to save images they find to collections they can reference at a later time. The search giant suggests you could use the feature for saving things like …


Man sues Apple after retail employee deletes years worth of photos

Deric White, a 68 year-old man from the UK, is suing Apple for approximately $7,500 after an Apple employee at the company’s Regent Street store in …


Identifying the Micro-Moments Within the Customer Journey

Mobile is changing how brands communicate with customers—from the way they identify key moments of opportunity to how they create a great user …


7 Ways to Make Killer Facebook Ads

With over 1.5 billion monthly active users, Facebook can be a goldmine for advertisers—as long as you play by the rules.

But what, exactly, are the …


Facebook Conversion Pixel Changes: What Marketers Need to Know

Are you using the Facebook conversion pixel? Wondering how to transition from your old conversion pixel to the new pixel? Facebook’s new “one-pixel …


Social Isn’t Solely Responsible For Social Media Performance — Medium

When most look at social media performance, they measure success by a combination of factors. These include stuff like engagements, CTR, impressions, …


Uber driver explains exactly what you need to do for a 5-star rating

Politeness is always five stars.

Since both drivers and passengers can rate each other on their Uber and Lyft ride experiences, it's especially important to mind your manners (plus, that's just a good life tip).

If you're not really sure what "good manners" means, this helpful Uber driver hung up a …


Should Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer be fired?

New York (CNN) — Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has repeatedly preached that it will take time for her to turn the company around.

But analysts and investors are increasingly reluctant to give her more time and are even speculating about whether she should (or will) be fired sometime soon.

Shares of Yahoo …

Marissa Mayer

How Technology Will Transform Retirement

Get ready for a new array of devices and services that will make it easier to work, stay healthy, live at home and remain connected to friends and family

For the next generation of retirees, the question that will trump all others will be a simple one: How do you add life to longer lives?

As people …


The Case of the Immortal Detective: Sherlock Holmes and His Enduring Appeal

The great detective’s purchase on popular culture was not always so assured. Benedict Cumberbactch and Martin Freeman in Sherlock, courtesy of …

Sexually segregated Sherlock books.

When one is up at four in the morning with a stuffy head, sitting in front of a Sherlockian bookshelf, wondering what to do with one's self, one …

Sherlock Holmes

Live RIGHT by believing RIGHT: Sherlock Holmes Poster by Olly Moss

Sherlock Holmes Poster by Olly Moss

It's NOT just any pipe. The answer lies in the plume of pipe smoke :)

Posted by

@lex Gen X 1:6 Hardcore at

9:57 …

David Arquette as 'Sherlock Holmes': Elementary and much, much worse

At the end of the new touring production of "Sherlock Holmes," at the Oriental Theatre for Thanksgiving week, that great breathy saxophone solo from the late Gerry Rafferty's 1978 hit "Baker Street" emerges from the loudspeakers — ra da da da d-a-a-arrr! This is, by far, the highlight of the …

David Arquette

Episode 85: Nicholas Meyer

"its neat morroco case" [SIGN]

Those Sherlockians who came to the hobby from the 1970s onward will be familiar with the name Nicholas Meyer, BSI ("A …

Smart Driving App Dash Expands Into The Trucking And Analytics Business

Dash, a driving app we’ve previously described as a “Fitbit for cars”, has announced it is expanding beyond consumer-facing products with Dash XL and Dash IQ, two new products designed for enterprise customers.

As a refresher, the company is a combination of a hardware dongle and software app that …


You'll Never Guess What The First Thing Ever Sold On The Internet Was

Did secure online transactions begin with weed? Groceries? Pizza? Nope.

’Tis the time of year when the primary function of the Internet switches from being a communication or information gathering tool to being a shopping tool. And this year we’ll be shopping online–and spending more than ever …


The Week in Digital — November 30, 2015

Live video preview of The Week in Digital #SundaysWithScott
Posted by Scott Monty on Sunday, November 29, 2015

"You made SEO and lead gen …


Radical Candor — The Surprising Secret to Being a Good Boss

Kim Scott (@kimballscott) has built her career around a simple goal: Creating bullshit-free zones where people love their work and working together. …

Sheryl Sandberg

Why the best hire might not have the perfect resume | Regina Hartley

Given the choice between a job candidate with a perfect resume and one who has fought through difficulty, human resources executive Regina Hartley …


5 Digital Trends Influencing the Future of Retail (Infographic)

Retail marketing has been heavily impacted by the presence of social media, and other advances in the digital space. An infographic from MediaMath …


It Wasn’t Amazon’s Idea to Remove Nazi Symbols From NY Trains (Updated)

Amazon’s ads for its new TV show, “The Man in the High Castle,” have been yanked from New York City subways, after people took offense at riding in train cars that were covered in Nazi and imperial Japanese symbolism.

An Amazon spokesperson said on Wednesday that the company did not ask the MTA to …


Li-Fi Probably Won’t Be The New Wi-Fi For Most People

Long restricted to the academic domain, Li-Fi, a light-based data delivery method is suddenly getting all sorts of attention. An Estonian startup Velmenni recently tested an commercial implementation and found it to be superior to Wi-Fi in almost every way – except as something you and I will …


Thanks to the music industry, it is illegal to make private copies of music—again

From now on, it's not just in Penzance that there are pirates. (credit: Adcro )The UK's 2014 private copying exception, which allowed you to make …

Music Industry

Thanksgiving/Black Friday Online Sales Hit $4.5B, 34% Of Purchases Made On Mobile

The first two days of the holiday sales period have netted $4.45 billion in U.S. online purchases, with mobile devices — led by smartphones — accounting for a record $1.5 billion of that amount, with $2.72 billion spent on BlackFriday and $1.73 billion on Thanksgiving. The figures come from Adobe, …