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Elaborate Paper Design Forms Gorgeous Garden Fence

Fences are often used to protect our gardening areas, however, it's not often that one of these enclosures is more delicate than the actual flowers. Shanghai based multi-discipline design company Super Nature Design recently developed this elaborate design, entitled The Garden, as part of the Paper …


A Brick Facade Appears to Melt Off of an Apartment Building in Margate

Photo by Stephen O’Flaherty

Photos by Stephen O’Flaherty

Photo by Stephen O’Flaherty

Photos by Stephen O’Flaherty

Photo by Stephen O’Flaherty

Created by …

Scott Oppenheim / Digital Painting / Abstraction

Wind Portal made with 5000 Paper Origamis









iNecklace [fu-bi]

QuietYell Products: Zombies Undie Hard

Burn it down! Burn it down! A city burning just gives more roasted brains to eat. Guido’s live hard and as zombies they undie hard! You may have your …

QuietYell Products: Bedtime Travels

When night falls and bedtime calls, excitement builds for the dreams and the travels to come! With a woosh of wind followed by a little rustling of …

Need a New Boat? Just Break Out the Parts and Build it with a Life-Sized Assemble Kit

When Michael Johansson isn’t treating his art like real-life Tetris, he’s making life-size injection molded “assembly kits” of everyday objects. Need …

Lawn Mowing

Tuta Coat Hanger

Tuta, ivy in Japanese, is a stunning coat stand featuring a light fixture inside, which gives the illusion that the vines are growing up around the … Posted by Mahshar Ghasemiyeh

L'ultima enorme creazione di Agostino Iacurci a Taipei. Guardate e godete |

Designer cria sapato com salto alto inovador

É um salto alto único: em uma clara alusão à natureza, a designer finlandesa Marita Huurinainen criou um sapato que não só é feito em madeira como …

Olha só que ideia ótima para reutilizar aquela mala velha de viagem que está lá juntando poeira: mesinha criativa!

Human Movement Accentuated by Colorful Digital Trails

Recently, Taiwan-based firm JL Design produced this intriguing series that translates human movement into visually expressive displays. The project was created to promote the launch of the new Chinese documentary channel, CCTV9. Angela Moo, executive producer of JL Design, says, “As a young …


Drawing with Paper: Amazing Papercraft from Lobulo Design

London-based Lobulo Design (who is actually just a single designer who goes by Lobulo) creates wonderful, vibrant designs using paper. From pop …

Kulturbau / Benthem Crouwel Architects O projeto teve início como vencedor de um concurso para requalificação de “Zentralplatz” (praça central). O programa incluía aproximadamente 20.000 m² de espaços comerciais e infraestrutura urbana e uma praça de 6.000 m².Saiba mais em:

Playful Animal Sculptures Made of Salvaged Materials

The Small Forest is an exhibition featuring a series of animal sculptures by Japanese artist Natsumi Tomita created with found objects and salvaged scraps. Using anything from a broken umbrella and bike parts to discarded cans and kitchen utensils, the gifted sculptor manages to reproduce the …


Swisspor Exhibition by Cadosch & Zimmermann Architekten Small Eternit fiber cement slates of autumn tones line the wall. Posted by Hillary Hila Hamidi

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Palace of the Winds in Jaipur, India (x) Posted by Hillary Hila Hamidi



イスラエルのデザイン学校を卒業して半年でスタジオを構えたというOrli TeslerさんとItamar Mendelovitchさん。二人は、固い素材から柔らかい作品を、柔らかい素材から固い作品を産み出すという挑戦をしていて、木に柔らかさを与える方法を発見してから、木をテキスタイルと考えるようになったんだそう。


Interview with Tesler+Mendelovitch from …

只有 180˚、90˚和 45˚的膠帶肖像藝術

一般來說用筆創作的藝術作品寬度廣度會是最大的,但當代藝術中不乏許多創作者還是喜歡有別於傳統藝術的創作方式,於是產生了大量多媒材創作品,尤其以膠帶當做媒介的作品更是多不勝數,只不過這樣容易取得的材料,能創作出的作品也一定要夠創新才能震撼觀眾,藝術家 No Curves(很特別的名字)的膠帶藝術,不除去 …


巴西設計師Humberto Damata圍繞緯紗技術設計製作了「Cloud Collection」,一系列彩色線條相互交織,創造了新的視覺印象和触覺體驗。設計師的靈感來源於織物的圖案——如何用三維的方式創造一種全新的條紋織物?這種編織技術曾用於多種物件上,例如籃子和天然纖維,但都依照正交的網格排列方 …

Artist Collaborates with her 4-Year-Old Daughter to Create Amazing Illustrations

In one of the best collaborations this blog has seen in ages, professional illustrator Mica Angela Hendricks has been collaborating with her …


A King Cobra Folded from a Single Sheet of Tissue Paper

This accomplished king cobra designed by Ronald Koh was recently folded by origami artist Matthieu Georger from a single piece of specially treated …