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The Pedagogy Of John Dewey: A Summary

The Pedagogy Of John Dewey: A Summaryby Steve Wheeler, Associate Professor, Plymouth Institute of EducationThis is number 7 in my blog series on major …


How Neighbors Can Grow a Community-Centered School to Teach Kids and Adults

Students working in the community garden alongside David Whitwam of Whitwam Organics. Courtesy of Bible Truth Ministries Academy.Suzette Dean’s …


Why Principals Matter

Earlier this year, Nadia Lopez was ready to quit her job at Mott Hall Bridges Academy. Lopez founded the public middle school in 2010, hoping to provide educational stability to students in Brownsville, Brooklyn—the poorest neighborhood in New York City. Four years later, though, she worried her …

New York

Failing Forward: 21 Ideas To Help Students Keep Their Momentum

Failing Forward: 21 Ideas To Help Students Keep Their Momentumby Terry Heick“Failing Forward” is a relatively recent entry into our cultural …

Nikola Tesla

Inquiry Learning Ideas for Math and Science With iPads

By Sam Gliksman

The following is the second of a series of excerpts from Gliksman’s book iPad in Education for Dummies.

We tend to split science and …


Steps to Create the Conditions for Deep, Rigorous, Applied Learning

Many school administrators, teachers and parents want the education provided to children to be high quality, rigorous and connected to the world …


Social Media for Teachers: Guides, Resources and Ideas

Social media can be great tools in education. Yet, many teachers remain reluctant to use them. Blogger Matt Davis has gathered some of the best …

Social Media

Canonical Achieves Broad Industry Buy-In For Snappy Ubuntu

Canonical, creator of the Ubuntu operating system, has been aggressively pitching itself as the enabler for a world of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This enablement has occurred via its “Snappy” Ubuntu core, the most recent rendition of Ubuntu which is a cut down operating system. Snappy shares …


Learning from Failure: Inspirational Stories for Teachers

Photo Credit: https://flic.kr/p/6N4oqa

It’s easy to become deluded.

When I think back on the time that I spent in the classroom, I can see that now. …


Part 1: Forty Educational Websites To Put In Your Toolkit

Welcome to a post and the summer of 2014… at least in the USA. I have a real treat for you in the next two weeks. I will be sharing some of those


Modifying the Flipped Classroom: The "In-Class" Version

Guest blogger Jennifer Gonzalez proposes the In-Class Flip, a modified version of the flipped-learning model that incorporates the video lecture …

Google Docs CHEAT SHEET!

FREE DOWNLOAD: Google DOCS Cheat Sheet! This Google Docs Cheat Sheet will give teachers and students an overview of the NEW Docs Home Screen, as well …

We've Gone Google!

This week, teachers in our district received their Teacher Login for Google Apps for Education. When I teach classes on Google Drive and Google Apps, …

5 Tips for Teaching the Tough Kids

Guest blogger Josh Work shares five techniques for dealing with middle school students who present ongoing discipline issues. His underlying theme is …


8 Tips to Create a Twitter-Driven School Culture

Administrators can create a more connected school culture by modeling Twitter use and encouraging staff to work, play, and learn through the medium.


Helping Students Find Purpose and Appreciation for School

Maurice EliasSocial and Emotional LearningThere are four areas that matter most to job satisfaction and productivity teachers can apply to their own …


Why Google Classroom won’t affect institutional LMS market … yet

Yesterday I shared a post about the new Google Classroom details that are coming out via YouTube videos, and as part of that post I made the …


How to Build Trust in Schools

Sometimes I scratch my head when I read about the government's efforts to improve schools: new standards and tests that have to be implemented immediately, punitive teacher evaluations, and threats of school closures and job losses. All methods that I'm sure have the school employees' amygdalae …


Professional Learning: Making it Personal

Every profession requires training in order to learn how to be effective in the position. In our profession of education, our training began with …


Love Your Introverts (It's The Quiet Ones You Should Watch)

Steve Wozniak arguably has one of the most creative and innovative brains in the history of technology.

“Woz” played a huge part in the way we view the place of technology in our lives. In his book iWoz, the Apple co-founder talks about his inventions and his creative process.

On creativity, he …


Developing a Growth Mindset in Teachers and Staff

An idea that is beginning to gain a lot of favour in educational circles at the moment is the notion of fixed versus growth mindsets, and how they …


How to Make Micro-Credentials Matter

Harvard Medical School

Technology takes hold in the early grades

Whether solving math puzzles to help a penguin waddle across a computer screen or sounding out words in Mr. Sounders’ virtual classroom, K-2 students …


The New Math Strikes Back

Putting the politics back in Pythagoras

But much can be learned about current debates from another iteration of math reform: the new math.

These similarities are not coincidental: they point to perennial debates surrounding the math curriculum. What should the balance be between computational skills …


Should we stop making kids memorize times tables?

Stanford University’s Jo Boaler says teachers and parents should stop using math flash cards, stop drilling kids in addition and multiplication and …


Why Slowing Down Stimuli to Real Time Helps a Child’s Brain

Two girls play with blocks at Bing Nursery School at Stanford University. (Courtesy of Bing Nursery School)By Eric Westervelt, NPROur “Tools of the …


Techniques for Unleashing Student Work from Learning Management Systems

Ari Moore/FlickrBy Justin ReichHelping students become networked learners begins by thinking carefully about where we conduct our online learning. …


Strauss: What’s the purpose of education in the 21st century?

What is the purpose of education? The question came into stark relief when Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker recently tried to quietly change the …