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How to Help Students Overcome Social Anxiety in the Classroom

Sure, we all get nervous, but what happens when that nervousness becomes serious, even debilitating? This is the case for people with social anxiety, …

Social Anxiety Disorder

8 Reasons Why Students Should Still Write Research Papers

8 Reasons Why Students Should Still Write Research Papersby Dorothy Mikuska There are plenty of reasons why the research paper is not assigned. They …


How Technology Changed My Social Studies Classroom

How Technology Changed My Social Studies Classroomby Thomas StanleyOne of the greatest experiences I have had in teaching World History is to create a …

Social Studies

How To Make Learning Visible: A Spectrum

How To Make Learning Visible: A Spectrumby Terry Heick What students say and do and create are products of thought processes that, more or less, are …

Free Lesson Plans and Games for Learning Civics

Drafting Board

Ever wish you had help teaching students to write a solid argumentative essay? Drafting Board is your answer! This online tool walks …


25 Critical Thinking Strategies For The Modern Learner

Critical thinking is the engine of learning.

Within this complex process or so many other relevant themes that contribute to learning: creativity, …

Critical Thinking



Edu-Visions - Educational Leadership - Envisioning the matrices where leadership and learning converge to inspire, inform, and

Kids in Hong Kong can solve this logic puzzle in 20 seconds, but it completely stumps adults

First-grade students in Hong Kong breezed through this puzzle in 20 seconds, but it has us stumped. Or at least it did before we looked up the answer!

Although the puzzle was invented two decades ago, it recently appeared on an elementary-school entrance exam in Hong Kong and has since gone …

Hong Kong

Brain-Based Learning: Resource Roundup

Understanding How Brains Learn

Five-Minute Film Festival: Learning and the Brain, by Amy Erin Borovoy (2014)

As new findings in neuroscience imply …


A Step-by-step Guide on How to Create Custom Courses for Your Class Using iTunes U

June, 2015 Today we want to draw your attention to one of the features of iTunes U that is often overlooked by many teachers. It is the ability to …


Updated Personalization vs. Differentiation vs. Individualization Chart Version 3

Personalization v Differentiation v Individualization (PDI) Chart (Version 3) The PDI chart was created for a reason: to clarify the differences in …

Differentiated Instruction

EdSurge on Twitter

What #edtech conferences will you go to in 2015? Keep track here! pic.twitter.com/qXzKEZDZqZ


I am a Teacher, Not a Hero

Learning to Work and Think Like an Artist

Carol MorganArts IntegrationThe Creative Learning Loop teaches artistic thinking by fostering student inquiry and providing experience through clear …


What Does a 21st Century Classroom Look Like: Inquiry

Continuing to follow up the post 10 Signs of a 21st Century Classroom…

Incorporating inquiry into courses is one of the areas that I personally …

21st Century


By Matthew Farber

Thanks in part to STEM education initiatives and the tech boom, coding in the classroom has become more ubiquitous. Computer …

Game Based Learning



This fall the NPR Ed team is celebrating great teachers and examining what makes great teaching.

When Amanda Siepiola steps …

Why Technology Alone Won't Fix Schools

To wonder what ails American education is to open a Pandora’s box of wicked problems … but the problem is definitely not a lack of computers.

For about a month in the spring of 2013, I spent my mornings at Lakeside School, a private school in Seattle whose students are the scions of the Pacific …



Competency-based education is in vogue — even though most people have never heard of it, and those who have can’t always agree on what it is.

A report …

Want to Get More Girls Into STEM? Give Them Real-World Work

A screen grab from Burlington High School’s Help Desk video, “All the Techie Ladies,” produced by the female members of the team. From the left: …



Imagine you’re playing a computer game that asks you to design a poster for the school fair. You’re fiddling with fonts, changing background colors …

Game Based Learning

The Global Search for Education: Our Top 12 Global Teacher Blogs - What are the quick ways to combat teacher stress in a classroom?

Teachers report high levels of stress and low levels of autonomy according to a new survey of over 30,000 teachers in the United States: Quality of Worklife Survey.

Each month we ask our Top 12 Global Teacher Bloggers to share their perspectives on the issues that teachers around the world believe …


Avoiding "Learned Helplessness"

Andrew MillerTeaching StrategiesTake responsibility for empowering students, and avoid the schooling habits that train them to seek a single right …


11 Ways to Help Students Overcome Creative Blocks

While creative writing, art, and maker classes are great for relieving some of the stress of life and school, perhaps the most unreasonable burden we …


25 Attention-Grabbing Tips for the Classroom

Samer Rabadi , Online Community Manager

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Whether you're a new or …


30 Techniques to Quiet a Noisy Class

Todd FinleyClassroom ManagementWhether you use musical instruments, game pieces, call-and-response, or electronic devices, there are many successful …


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