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5 Big Ways Education Will Change By 2020

In the next five years, we'll start to rethink a lot about education, from what's in school lunches to what a college degree really means.

We asked the world’s most innovative companies in education to school us on the future of the classroom, with predictions for the next five years.

Here's what we …


For many US teachers, the classroom is a lonely place

One of the best ways to find out how teachers can improve their teaching is to ask them. The massive Teaching and Learning International Survey


7 Learning Zones Every Classroom Must Have!

This printable graphic includes information about creating seven different learning zones in your classroom. Read more about the benefits of creating …


10 Ways to Stay Motivated at School

I’ll admit something, I dread April and May. With every fiber of my being. Can I admit this to you? Will you judge me?Why can’t we all just skip the …


4 Paths to Engaging Authentic Purpose and Audience

Photo Credit: EdutopiaJohn McCarthyDifferentiated InstructionGive students a face for their audience and let them find the passion in their message …


Metacognition: Nurturing Self-Awareness in the Classroom

How do children gain a deeper understanding of how they think, feel, and act so that they can improve their learning and develop meaningful …


Students Share What They Wish Their Teacher Knew

Third grade teacher Kyle Schwartz wanted to better understand her students' lives, so she asked them directly. In her Doull Elementary class in Denver, CO, she had students write down what they wish Schwartz knew, and they openly shared pieces of their home and school life.

"As a new teacher, I …


Helping Students Find Purpose and Appreciation for School

Maurice EliasSocial and Emotional LearningThere are four areas that matter most to job satisfaction and productivity teachers can apply to their own …


How this Seattle-area school district became a model for using technology in schools

Thanks to an internationally-recognized one-to-one program, the Kent School District provides laptops to more than 13,000 students every school year. …

School Districts

Time to Breathe: Awareness of the Present Moment

image courtesy Mindfulness Without Borders

"Time to Breathe" is a mindfulness practice that was developed by Mindfulness Without Borders and is …


5 Ways to Make STEM More Exciting For Students

For many students, the list of subjects included in STEM – science, technology, engineering and math ­– doesn’t inspire the same level of passion and …

Neil deGrasse Tyson

The Next Experiment in Education

New digital credentials are revolutionizing teacher training

Correction appended, April 14

“Sit and Get.” “Drive By.” “Spray and Pray.”

If you’re a teacher, or know one, it’s likely you’ve heard one of these expressions uttered in complete exasperation. Unrelated to their teaching, these phrases are …


Educational Leadership:Health and Learning:When Students Track Their Progress

In the studies, students recorded their scores on a chart after taking each assessment. Figure 1 shows how a student tracked her progress on the …


A Taxonomy of Reflection: A Model for Critical Thinking

My approach to staff development (and teaching) borrows from the thinking of Donald Finkel who believed that teaching should be thought of as …

Critical Thinking

Creating a Culture of Student Reflection: Self-Assessment Yields Positive Results

Credit: Clyde Yoshida

The seventh and eighth graders in my math class at O'Farrell Community School in San Diego work in groups of five or six. One …


Squished like a grape: Does teacher leadership hurt your teaching?

Of all humanity’s wisdom, most has been spoken in some form by Mr. Miyagi of The Karate Kid. Take the following:“Walk on left side of road, safe. Walk …


Why Is Teacher Development Important?: Because Students Deserve the Best

As a third-year teacher, graduate student, and mentor to an undergraduate student, staff development is certainly in the forefront of my thinking …


Response: Ways to 'Shrink the Change' of Tech CCSS in Your Classroom

(This is the first post in a two-part series)

Theresa asked:

What is the best way to scaffold lessons for teachers adapting to technology and common


Learning and Leading in the 21st Century: Twitter Is For Real: The Learning Paradigm has Shifted

Source: http://bit.ly/1ylhCLa

Here's a question: Would you decline an opportunity to attend an all-expenses paid education conference that promised …


Educators Innovating Learning From the Inside Out

Matt KarlsenTeacher LeadershipTeacher-researchers, design thinkers, and teacherpreneurs have the abilities and opportunities to improve education …


A math problem for 14-year-olds is stumping the world

Just when you thought math couldn't get any harder.

A TV presenter in Singapore recently brought up a math problem that has been driving the Internet crazy.

At first, the problem seems impossible to solve. But once you use some logic, the solution is actually rather simple. Rattle your brain — or …


Using the Power of Twitter to Learn and Lead | CTQ

Posted by Samantha Hulsman on Monday, 03/23/2015

Time. That ever-elusive entity of which we think we never have enough. As a teacher, it seems like …


"Fitting In" PBL

Regularly, teachers tell me that they don't feel as though they have time for project-based learning (PBL). While they like the idea in theory, they …


Alex Corbitt on Twitter

Projects vs. Project Based Learning (via @friEdTechnology ) #edchat #engchat #pblchat pic.twitter.com/tYj22qo1Sd


Based on a recent spate of articles on homework, it’s clear that the homework wars — how much? how often? — are still topic of big interest to both …


Take a Risk and Find Your Voice as a Teacher

Last year, I boldly introduced Twitter to my class of Pre-Service Teachers.

Twitter Chats have been transformative to me, giving me access to …


Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 4 Great YouTube Channels That Provide Intelligent Content for Students

April 5, 2015
For today’s post, we have curated for you 4 interesting YouTube channels to recommend to your students.These popular educational …