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Why and How Personalized Learning is Transforming Texas Education

Texas schools are shifting rapidly from print to digital content, and these blended environments are enabling a new level of personalized learning in …


Here comes the charter school sneak attack: This is how a bipartisan education reform bill turns into a disaster for our kids

The Every Student Succeeds Act had wide support, but its real effect will be determined by its interpretation<p>Everyone talks about the “do-nothing Congress” and how Republican obstruction has neutered the federal government. But recently there was one policy area where warring parties in Congress …

Why Teachers Participate in Twitter Chats (and What's Coming Next)

Teachers who want to expand their knowledge, share instructional resources, and interact with others who have complementary professional interests are discovering that class is always in session thanks to the hundreds of regularly scheduled Twitter chats that happen each week.<p>Collaborative …


L .E. A. D. E. R.

<i>"The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things." - Ronald</i> …


Secret Teacher: I refuse to be a Kardashian with a PGCE

I used to love going out on a course and learning stuff. The chance to meet new people, share resources, get ideas and a free lunch. The best continued professional development (CPD) these days is online, or so I’m told. From interactive conversations on Twitter to webinars, now it seems I have to …


How I Took Control Over My Own Professional Development

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Professional Development

10 great TED talks every educator should watch

In today’s blog we share 10 of our favourite TED talks for and by educators. They’re a great way to keep up with the latest teaching techniques, as …

TED Talks

5 "Be's" for Connected and Curious Educators

Photo credit: NWABR via flickr (CC BY 2.0)Nicol R. Howard, PhDTeacher DevelopmentTo keep your teaching fresh and effective, learn about colleagues, …


How To Plan Better Professional Development

[Only 16 days until the release of our book, Building School 2.0! Pre-order it today!]So… after yesterday’s post, several folks asked me to talk …

Professional Development

The Educator's Guide to Creating Connections

Supplements<p>Key features<p>Learn how Connected Education impacts every aspect of education from policy to professional learning to student voice<br>• Gain …


Getting Smart on Personalization and Privacy

<i>Authored by Aimee Rogstad Guidera, Paige Kowalski, Erin Lockett, Karla Phillips, Carri Schneider and Tom Vander Ark</i> <br>Download the Bundle<p>Getting Smart …

Ruta on Twitter

. @<b>quickmuse</b> We don't know what jobs we'll have in the future. Let's focus on critical thinkers who know how to learn/relearn. #<b>innochat</b>

The Globalized Classroom: 18 Resources for 2015

All humans are citizens of the world, and teaching that fact to children in school can make them more sensitive to global issues and inspire them to …


My Approach To Digital Content Curation

<b>My Approach To Digital Content Curation</b>by <b>Steven Anderson</b>, Presenter at spend a great deal of time looking up stuff. Whether that stuff …

Information Overload

EdSurge on Twitter

What #<b>edtech</b> conferences will you go to in 2015? Keep track here!

I am a Teacher, Not a Hero

Yes, I am a teacher. No, I am not a hero. I am not a martyr. Nor am I a saint, knight in shining armor or wizard. I am a teacher. I eat M&Ms, wear …

Education Policy

What Does a 21st Century Classroom Look Like: Inquiry

21st Century


<b>By GABRIELLE EMANUEL, NPR</b><p><i>This fall the NPR Ed team is celebrating great teachers and examining what makes great teaching.</i><p>When Amanda Siepiola steps …


Want to Get More Girls Into STEM? Give Them Real-World Work

A screen grab from Burlington High School’s Help Desk video, “All the Techie Ladies,” produced by the female members of the team. From the left: …


We love this advice Don learned from his dad.

The Path To Disruption: Entrepreneurs, Incumbents, And The Next (R)evolution In Online Education

, Contributor<p>The bloom is off the rose. Massively open online courses (MOOCs), heralded by Silicon Valley visionaries and higher education critics alike as the great disruptor of the university, are coming under increased criticism for their failure to provide the powerful learning outcomes that …


Connected Educator Program

10 Things Your Professional Learning Partners Should Want to Tell You

I have been thinking about the way things are in the world of professional development. Thinking about all those things I have learned to say. …


Collaborative Learning

What is collaborative learning?<p>Collaborative learning is based on the view that knowledge is a social construct. Collaborative activities are most …


Decoding Digital Pedagogy, pt. 2: (Un)Mapping the Terrain

Digital pedagogy is not a dancing monkey. It won’t do tricks on command. It won’t come obediently when called. Nobody can show us how to do it or …


Great Platforms to Find Open Educational Resources ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Go here for videos, sites, interactives, questions, slides, textbooks, handouts, lessons, and exams. Filter by CCSS, subject, and grade.<p>Go here for …