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Five Powerful Google Keep Features You Should Start Using

Google Keep is a great app with near-instant sync, collaborative features, and apps for Android, Chrome and the web — but are you getting the most …


Chromebooks for Kids: A Parent's Guide to Setting Up Supervised Users - OMG! Chrome!

The world wide web can be a wild place, but with the Chromebook’s new Supervised Users feature parents can begin to fence in the playground.

Debates …


Texts, Snapchats, Instagram: Translating Teens’ Online Behavior

How much surveillance should parents have over their teenagers’ social media lives? Why are kids’ online roles so different from their realities? How …


Class contract time! #webbelem

Got rid of firstdayjitters with jitter juice! What a great day!!! #webbelem #firstdayjitters #firstgraderocks

6 Updates to Google Classroom for Fall 2015

Note: These features are rolling out over the next several weeks. You may not see all of them right away. For Fall 2015, Google Classroom has 6 new …


Will This Be the Year?

Will This Be the Year?

So far, I’ve experienced “Back to School” 60 times - 20 as a student, 10 as a teacher, 28 as a principal and 2 as an author and …


Q4 How can @TED_ED continue to help you make your journey better? #TEDEdChat

Teach your students grit.

Edmettle is a social network and feedback management tool for teachers and students. Give your students feedback that matters!


How To Make Learning Visible: A Spectrum

How To Make Learning Visible: A Spectrumby Terry Heick What students say and do and create are products of thought processes that, more or less, are …

Building Relationships Through the Use of Technology

This graphic above that I created with Bill Ferriter is something that I hope sparks conversations, but also stories of how these things are already


Make any video your lesson. Edit a video by cropping it, adding your voice or embedding questions. Then, track your students with powerful …

Starting Out With iPads: The First Week

Lately I’ve had several people ask me about how I get started with iPads in my classroom each year. Specifically, about the first week. So I thought …


How To Plan Better Professional Development

[Only 16 days until the release of our book, Building School 2.0! Pre-order it today!]So… after yesterday’s post, several folks asked me to talk …

Professional Development

10 Big Hurdles to Identifying and Educating the Nation’s Smartest Kids

Chester E. Finn Jr. has three very bright granddaughters. He thinks they “have considerable academic potential and are not always being challenged by …


Does Common Core Ask Too Much of Kindergarten Readers?

Sandwiched between preschool and first grade, kindergarteners often start school at very different stages of development depending on their exposure …


When Educators Make Space For Play and Passion, Students Develop Purpose

Harvard education specialist Tony Wagner has been advocating that we reinvent the education system to promote innovation for years. He’s clear that …


Small study shows high school music classes improve language skills

A tiny study of 40 high school students in Chicago perked up some ears recently. It found that a small amount of musical instrument instruction — …

Science Education

15 Ways to Know When Your Students Aren’t “Getting” It: A Guide to Formative Assessment

by Samantha CleaverPicture this: It’s your first big lesson of the new school year, and you’ve spent a ton of time planning the perfect activity to …


Growth Mindset: How to Normalize Mistake Making and Struggle in Class

Carol Dweck’s research on growth mindset has become essential knowledge in education circles. The Stanford psychologist found that children who …


7 Hobbies Science Says Will Make You Smarter

For a long time, it was believed that people are born with a given level of intelligence and the best we could do in life was to live up to our potential. Scientists have now proven that we can actually increase our potential and enjoy ourselves in the process. We now know that by learning new …

The Brain

Empowering Students and Teachers with Blended Learning

Becoming a Learning Facilitator
Although many educators are now familiar with the idea of blended learning, it is not always easy for them to …


a new way to introduce kids to computer programming

More about Bitsbox

works best with a subscription

Each month a surprise comes in the mail, filled with dozens of programs to type in. Like the computer …

Scoodle Jam

• By: Scoot & Doodle, Inc.

*Featured in Apple’s “Real World Learning” ebook collection for educators*
*Download free ebook: "Apps in the Classroom: …

7 Learning Zones Every Classroom Must Have

Veronica LopezLearning EnvironmentsAs you plan next year's curriculum and activities, consider how you'll use your classroom space. Here are seven …


Do you keep a “Good News” folder?

As an early-career teacher, the first time I received a positive message from a student I was so excited about it that I forwarded the message to my …


Science Proves Reading To Kids Really Does Change Their Brains

Thomas Northcut via Getty Images

Pediatricians often recommend parents routinely read aloud to their young children.

Now, for the first time, researchers have hard evidence that doing so activates the parts of preschoolers' brains that help with mental imagery and understanding narrative -- both of …


Tech Transformation: Friendships in the digital age

Friendships in the digital age

Some years ago at a previous school I had the misfortune to have to attend PD given by a presenter/consultant whose …


Open-ended exploration is key in a #makerspace...not just making something. #tlchat #aussieED #edchat #edtechchat