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ELA Workshop Model

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• English Language Arts

In the simplest sense, a workshop consists of three sequential segments: the mini-lesson, independent work, and share. The …


The 25 Must Have Resources for Science Teachers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Discovery Education offers a broad range of free classroom resources that complement and extend learning beyond the bell. This page features a number …

Science Education


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Since its conception more and more teachers from across the globe have used Quadblogging to gain a genuine audience for their learners. Whether you …

A Guide to Creating a Collaborative Learning Environment

Over the past several years, I've posted many examples of collaborative learning in my history classrooms grades 8-10. The part that gets most …


Learning in the Modern Classroom

I can die happy now I have seen learning in the

21st Centurymodern classroom!

The learning just oozes through the cracks of the physical classroom …


Study of Teacher Diversity: Number of Black Teachers Declining in Nine Major Cities

The Albert Shanker Institute studied teacher diversity in nine important cities: Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, …


5 After School Tech Club Activities

With the growing interest in coding comes a call for after school tech camps that supersize student enthusiasm for learning technology. If you’ve …

Emerging Technology

Wildwood Inquiry-Based Learning: Developing Student-Driven Questions

Video & TranscriptWildwood Inquiry-Based Learning: Developing Student-Driven Questions (Transcript)Georgia: I realize how much more they learn, so …


How Educators Can Manage Stress and Build Resilience

I want to introduce a strategy to cultivate emotional resilience by asking you to recall the movie, The Wizard of Oz. Remember the scene where Dorothy …


File under: TGIF.

Tech Tuesday: Woohoo, Kahoot - Ten Fun Ways to Use Kahoot In Your Classroom!

Looking for a simple web tool to brighten and engage your classroom this year? Kahoot is the answer for you! Kahoot turns your classroom into a game …


The Key to Effective Teams in Schools: Emotional Intelligence

I'm going to share one of my greatest discoveries about developing teams. This understanding has led me to take actions that otherwise would never …



The promise of using technology in school technology has been to give students more control over their learning, while helping teachers provide …


Google Keep - Rid yourself of scrawled notes and reminders!

In addition to simple notes, if you click the New List icon, you can create lists that you can check off as you complete tasks.

Any of your notes can …


Learning spaces: The subconscious teacher

This month, SmartBlog on Education is exploring classroom design and management — just in time for the new school year. In the first of a three-part


Five Powerful Google Keep Features You're Not Using

Google Keep is a great app with cross-platform sync, apps for Android, Chrome and the web and neat collaborative features. But are you getting the


Chromebooks for Kids: A Parent's Guide to Setting Up Supervised Users - OMG! Chrome!

The world wide web can be a wild place, but with the Chromebook’s new Supervised Users feature parents can begin to fence in the playground.

Debates …


How much surveillance should parents have over their teenagers’ social media lives? Why are kids’ online roles so different from their realities? How …


Class contract time! #webbelem

Got rid of firstdayjitters with jitter juice! What a great day!!! #webbelem #firstdayjitters #firstgraderocks

6 Updates to Google Classroom for Fall 2015

Note: These features are rolling out over the next several weeks. You may not see all of them right away.

For Fall 2015, Google Classroom has 6 new …


Will This Be the Year?

Will This Be the Year?

So far, I’ve experienced “Back to School” 60 times - 20 as a student, 10 as a teacher, 28 as a principal and 2 as an author and …

Q4 How can @TED_ED continue to help you make your journey better? #TEDEdChat

Teach your students grit.

Edmettle is a social network and feedback management tool for teachers and students. Give your students feedback that matters!


How To Make Learning Visible: A Spectrum

How To Make Learning Visible: A Spectrumby Terry Heick What students say and do and create are products of thought processes that, more or less, are …

Building Relationships Through the Use of Technology

This graphic above that I created with Bill Ferriter is something that I hope sparks conversations, but also stories of how these things are already



Make any video your lesson. Edit a video by cropping it, adding your voice or embedding questions. Then, track your students with powerful …