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For many US teachers, the classroom is a lonely place

One of the best ways to find out how teachers can improve their teaching is to ask them. The massive Teaching and Learning International Survey


7 Learning Zones Every Classroom Must Have!

This printable graphic includes information about creating seven different learning zones in your classroom. Read more about the benefits of creating …


The New Overview Feature in Chrome OS - OMG! Chrome!

Chrome OS recently added a Mac OS X-style ‘Exposé’ feature behind a flag on the developer channel – but what does it do?

‘What it needs to’, is the …

Google Chrome OS

Chromebooks get “immersive mode” and smarter launcher

Chromebooks are now making it a little easier to tune out distractions and get right to the Web apps you’re looking for.

A new “immersive mode,” added to the latest stable version of Chrome OS, replaces the old “full screen” view, and it’s a major improvement. Now, going full screen hides the …

Google Chrome

10 Ways to Stay Motivated at School

I’ll admit something, I dread April and May. With every fiber of my being. Can I admit this to you? Will you judge me?

Why can’t we all just skip the …


4 Paths to Engaging Authentic Purpose and Audience

Photo Credit: EdutopiaJohn McCarthyDifferentiated InstructionGive students a face for their audience and let them find the passion in their message …


Metacognition: Nurturing Self-Awareness in the Classroom

How do children gain a deeper understanding of how they think, feel, and act so that they can improve their learning and develop meaningful …


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How to Disable Chrome’s New Bookmark Manager

The latest Chrome beta channel release is enrolling more users in Google's new 'enhanced bookmarking' feature, no extension required. But it's not …


Install Google’s New ‘Data Saver’ Extension for Chrome

Google's latest Chrome Extension is able to compress websites users visit before they're loaded in Chrome, helping speed things up and save on …

Google Chrome

Google Chrome's New App Launcher Folder Feature See Improvements

It’s been almost four months since support for Folders in the Chrome App Launcher was formally confirmed by Google developers in a bug report.

With …

Google Chrome

RedCritter for Teachers

RedCritter Teacher

Watch the video

RedCritter Teacher encourages learning success in the classroom. Use digital recognition and rewards to engage your …


Students Share What They Wish Their Teacher Knew

Third grade teacher Kyle Schwartz wanted to better understand her students' lives, so she asked them directly. In her Doull Elementary class in Denver, CO, she had students write down what they wish Schwartz knew, and they openly shared pieces of their home and school life.

"As a new teacher, I …


16 Ways to Create Your Own Happiness at Work


Happy people are 36 percent more motivated, six times more energized, and twice as productive as their unhappy counterparts.

Let's face it, happiness and work do not tend to go hand in hand. A 2013 Gallup study, which reported data from more than 180 million people, found that just 13 …


Truly confident people do these twelve things differently

This post originally appeared at LinkedIn. Follow the author here.

Confidence takes many forms, from the arrogance of Floyd Mayweather to the quiet self-assurance of Jane Goodall. True confidence—as opposed to the false confidence people project to mask their insecurities—has a look all its own.

When …

University of Melbourne

Chrome OS stable channel update brings Chrome Launcher 2.0 and more

Late last month Google introduced a new update for Chrome OS to the beta channel which brought several changes to the table, including Google Now …

Google Chrome

With RAW Support, Chromebooks Could Become Ultimate Photography Companion - OMG! Chrome!

The Chrome OS File Manager (Files.App) is finally able to display and edit RAW files as of the latest Chrome OS Dev Update.

It might sound like a …

Google Chrome OS

The best Chrome extensions and Chromebook apps 2014

Updated: Pimp out your Google browser or Chromebook with these nifty add-ons


1. Turn Off The Lights

From adding articles to Pocket to …

Google Chrome

Hands-On With The $149 Hisense Chromebook

When Google announced that Haier and Hisense were about to launch $149 Chromebooks — the most affordable Google-powered laptops yet — I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. How much computer, after all, can you expect to get for $149? I’ve now had a chance to spend a few days with the Hisense …


Google's new 'Material Design' UI coming to Android, Chrome OS and the web

Google's annual I/O developer keynote has only just begun, but already we're being treated to some of its announcements. In a bid to create a new "visual language" for users, Google is taking the design of its Android, Chrome OS and web properties back to basics with its new "Material Design." …


The Best Chromebook For Every Need

I basically live in Google's Chrome web browser. It's a decision I made to save my sanity when it became part of my job to change laptops every few …


Chrome OS update brings full Google Now info to the app launcher

A few weeks ago, Google showed us a host of new Chrome hardware as well as a few upcoming tweaks to the underlying Chrome OS software, including a new app launcher that brings Google Now information to the forefront. Now, that latest software update is beginning to roll out to all Chromebooks …

Google Chrome OS

Helping Students Find Purpose and Appreciation for School

Maurice EliasSocial and Emotional LearningThere are four areas that matter most to job satisfaction and productivity teachers can apply to their own …


Why Google Classroom won’t affect institutional LMS market … yet

Yesterday I shared a post about the new Google Classroom details that are coming out via YouTube videos, and as part of that post I made the …


Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: New- Google Released A New Feature for Downloading Search History

April 20, 2015
Google has recently added a new feature which allows users to download their search history into a file that is automatically saved on …


Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Drawp for School Is Now Available As A Chrome App

April, 2015
Today the folks in Drawp announced that their app, Drawp for School, is now available on Chromebooks. With this new release Drawp for …

Google Chrome


The chromebookInventory Add-on is for super-admins only, to be used on Google Apps domains with Chrome Device Management Console licenses -- used to …


Introduction to CloudLab Spreadsheet Fundamentals - CloudLab Spreadsheet Fundamentals

How this Seattle-area school district became a model for using technology in schools

Thanks to an internationally-recognized one-to-one program, the Kent School District provides laptops to more than 13,000 students every school year. …

School Districts