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By Robert Scoble | The future of on-the-face computers as collected by Rackspace's Futurist, Robert Scoble. Updated in 2015.

How Facebook's Chief Geek Will Meld Reality With the Oculus

Facebook chief technology officer Mike Schroepfer turned 40 last month. He (just barely) blew out a row of 40 candles during a mini-celebration at …


The immersive future: Intel and Kolor create YouTube’s first interactive, 360-degree video

If you want to see what the future of filmmaking looks like, and don’t want to wait for Oculus Rift, then place your cursor on the video above and drag it across the video.

If you’re viewing this on a Chrome browser or on an Android device, then the video will swivel and rotate as you move, …


Facebook: Games for Oculus Rift will arrive in 2015

Update: A Facebook spokesperson has clarified that statements made during the keynote at F8 were not intended to be an announcement of availability for the consumer version of Oculus Rift.

Virtual reality gaming is coming "this year," Facebook's chief technology officer Mike Schroepfer said on stage …


Razer's handing open-source VR kits to more than 20 education labs

Razer's entry into virtual reality may not be as ballsy as HTC's or Samsung's, but it could be just as important. Back in January the gaming manufacturer revealed Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR), a project that offers a hardware design and software framework that anyone can build VR devices and …

Virtual Reality

Samsung's Gear VR makes its retail debut on Friday

Starting on Friday (or March 27, if you prefer) you'll be able to stroll into one of about a hundred Best Buys and walk out with a Gear VR Innovator Edition to combine with your Galaxy Note 4. This isn't the first time Samsung and Best Buy have tied up to promote one particular vision of VR; after …

Virtual Reality

NASCAR is NextVR's Latest Pit Stop for Live VR Video

From the beginning, NextVR has been positioning its VR video technology toward live broadcasting, especially for sports. We’ve already seen NextVR …

Virtual Reality

Facebook Unveils Immersive 360-Degree Video for News Feeds

Facebook is testing what it calls spherical videos, part of a new breed of online video you can “move through,” much like a 3-D game.

Company founder …


Facebook Announces Support for 360* Virtual Reality Videos in the News Feed

Virtual reality is the natural evolution of sharing experiences.

In the beginning of Facebook you just shared text, then you shared photos, then …


Leap Motion is building its hand-tracking tech into a lo-fi VR headset

A high-profile VR headset is about to get its own motion control setup — and no, it's not the Oculus Rift. Today, Leap Motion announced that it would be adding its hand-tracking technology to the OSVR Hacker Development Kit, a piece of open source hardware that will be released this summer. The …

Virtual Reality

I shot guns with my eyes in virtual reality

At the Game Developers Conference, most meetings are held in utilitarian conference rooms or makeshift booths on the show floor, all inside the sprawling, maze-like Moscone Center. The VR startup Fove, though, is treating its demos more like an art show — in fact, it’s set up shop in a small San …

Virtual Reality

Birdly, A Full-Body Simulator That Uses the Oculus Rift to Recreate the Flight of a Large Bird

Birdly is a full-body simulator developed by the Institute for Design Research at the Zürich University of the Arts that attempts to recreate the …


New Headset Could Seamlessly Mash Up VR and Hand-Tracking

The world of virtual-reality enthusiasts is one of early adoption, but also of adaptation. In the absence of polished consumer units, the only real …

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality without the geeky headsets: Lightweight VR for smartphones


This post is produced in association with Adtile Technologies.

When most people hear the words “virtual reality,” they think of a headset like Oculus VR or Samsung Gear VR. But while headsets or goggles offer a great immersive experience, they do not scale well beyond gaming or watching …

Virtual Reality

Vrideo Wants to Be the YouTube for Virtual Reality

Virtual reality isn’t mainstream quite yet, but lots of smart people are sure it’s coming. So if it does, where will you find it?

Vrideo would like to help. The L.A.-based startup is calling itself “the home of immersive video,” which is another way of saying it would like to be the YouTube for …


Impression Pi is everything a VR headset should be — it just can't pull it off

“Everybody agrees that at some point, you want the lightest, smallest pair of glasses or goggles, and you want to see your hands naturally, and you want to see your body naturally, and you want to feel like you're 100 percent totally there.”

Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe said this a few months after his …

Virtual Reality

Google Glass isn't dead, it's being 'made ready for users,' says Eric Schmidt

After Google stopped selling its wearable Glass device in January this year, many people speculated that the controversial gadget was on its way out for good. However, Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt has said that the technology behind Glass is too important to throw away, and that the …


Magic Leap and HoloLens Demos Show Augmented Reality Challenges

A mockup shows HoloLens being used to provide remote help with home repairs.

I’ve seen two competing visions for a future in which virtual objects are …

Augmented Reality

48 Crazy Ideas Coming From The $2 Billion Stealth Startup Magic Leap

Want a peek at what Magic Leap is working on? We pulled the best shots from their latest patent application.

Last October, Fast Company broke news about a stealth startup named Magic Leap that had raised $542 million in a round of financing led by Google. Names attached ranged from the mobile …


Notes on Crescent Bay – Fresnel Lenses, Fixed Black Smear, Light Ray Artifact, and More

It’s difficult to get a real sense of Crescent Bay, Oculus’ latest Rift prototype, because outsiders are only ever in the headset for a few minutes …


Björk is about to launch a virtual reality music video

“We found ourselves in Iceland one day with nothing to do and a 360 camera lying about”

Björk is about to launch her next video – and she's using virtual reality headsets to do it. The iconic Icelandic singer and longtime Dazed collaborator worked with director Andrew Huang, audio specialist Chris …

Music Videos

Widerun brings virtual reality to indoor cycling

Virtual reality (VR) is creeping into just about every orifice of our lives, across music, gaming, sports broadcasting, and more. There’s even a dedicated accelerator for VR startups. Now, an Italian company is making moves to embed virtual reality firmly in the fitness realm, with a device …

Virtual Reality

Microsoft Thinks Virtual Reality Is Not Yet Ready, Reveals Xbox Chief

With Microsoft revealing HoloLens to the world at its January Windows 10 event, it does not mean the company has turned its back on virtual reality …

Virtual Reality

The First Video of Magic Leap’s Technology Looks Fake

Magic Leap, the secretive “cinematic reality” startup that raised $542 million last year, is on a roll with weird PR decisions.

In a Q&A on Reddit last month, CEO Rony Abovitz claimed the company’s 3-D augmented reality technology could one day replace not just smartphones, but all screens in our …

Wearable Tech

Just another day in the office at Magic Leap

Samsung Gear VR review: Virtual reality is game-changing and here to stay

Samsung Gear VR Review

Virtual reality is poised to be the next big game-changer in consumer tech. Using technology developed for the Oculus Rift, the …

Virtual Reality

Are Smart Glasses Dead? Not on the Factory Floor

The hard hat and safety goggles are getting a makeover. Across the country, workers are using high-tech alternatives to give themselves heat vision, virtual instructions and even measure their own brain waves.

It's called augmented reality. Think of Google Glass and how it displayed information — …

Virtual Reality

Oculus Rift Could Be Delayed for Improvements, But It's Unlikely

Ever since Valve and HTC announced their virtual reality device, gamers have been scratching their heads about the Oculus Rift. The Vive was just a …

Virtual Reality

Which Gear VR Controller Should You Buy?

Many of us didn’t receive or buy a Gear VR controller when we’ve got our mobile virtual reality headset. With the official Samsung controller being …

Virtual Reality

The Neuroscience of Why Virtual Reality Still Sucks

The faceputer ads say virtual reality is coming and it's gonna work this time. But here's some real talk: There are still many ways virtual reality …

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