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By Robert Scoble | The future of on-the-face computers as collected by Rackspace's Futurist, Robert Scoble. Updated in 2015.

HoloLens: Still magical, but with the ugly taint of reality

SAN FRANCISCO—When I first used prototypes of HoloLens, Microsoft's hologram-based augmented reality headset, I was blown away. The hardware …

Computer Hardware

Microsoft HoloLens dazzles at Build conference, but availability still a mystery

The holographic headgear stole the show, thanks to a number of head-turning demonstrations and the unveiling of the Windows Holographic …

Build Developer Conference

HoloLens Hands-On: How We Built An App For Microsoft’s Augmented Reality Headset

Microsoft’s HoloLens is no joke. We’ve now tried the company’s latest revision of its unreleased augmented reality headset and even built an app for it. The new hardware, which Microsoft also showcased during its Build developer conference keynote yesterday, feels very solid and the user experience …

Augmented Reality

Littlstar, pioneers in 360 video space

Amazing HoloLense Demo at Microsoft Build 2015

Microsoft's Latest HoloLens Demo Previews Future Of Augmented Reality

Trending News: Microsoft Just Gave A Demo Of HoloLens And It's Even Cooler Than We Imagined

Why Is This Important?

Watch out Apple — Microsoft is back on its game.

Long Story Short

Microsoft has been busy demoing its HoloLens augmented reality headset again, and it's looking even cooler than we …

Augmented Reality

Samsung wants to leverage smart wearables and VR tech for business customers

Samsung is still trying to find the perfect market for its wearable technology, including its array of smartwatches and virtual reality headsets. …

Virtual Reality

DORA offers a realistic telepresence experience through Oculus Rift

Many commercial telepresence robots are merely screens or iPads on moving platforms. DORA (Dexterous Observational Roving Automaton), however, promises to make users feel like they've been transported to another location when it does become available. The system was created by a team of University …


Microsoft announces Windows Holographic Platform, letting developers build Windows 10 apps for HoloLens

At its Build 2015 developer conference today, Microsoft announced the Windows Holographic Platform. In short, the company will let developers turn Windows 10 apps into holograms for HoloLens.

On stage, Microsoft showed a Windows video app that you can simply control with your voice: Just say “follow …

Microsoft Windows

Half Moon Bay in 360 degrees

Google Glass Lives! Version Two Coming Soon

It appears that Google Glass, the company’s controversial augmented reality headset that was put in the Silicon Valley equivalent of warm storage earlier this year, will be returning in a new and improved form soon.

That’s according to Italian eyewear behemoth Luxottica and its CEO Massimo Vian, who …


Etherion Developer’s Hands on with the Vive Reveals New Details and Demos

This weekend I drove 420 miles to demo the Vive at Valve on 4/20… and it was absolutely worth every mile!Before getting into the details I should …


Here are the best smartphone virtual reality headsets money can buy

Those old sci-fi books were right! It's 2015, and virtual reality is upon us - courtesy of Google and the miracle of smartphones! By launching Google …

Virtual reality plugins for programs like Final Cut Pro enable you to make live action VR... Now! - Virtual Reality & Oculus News and Events

The best virtual reality news at NAB was tucked away in Immersive Media‘s booth. That’s where Tim Dashwood was showing a preview of Stereo VR …

Virtual Reality

Oculus’ Founder on the Pros and Cons of VR for Social Good

Virtual reality's potential to transform entertainment and social networking has been discussed ad infinitum. But we're only starting to understand …

Virtual Reality

Hands On With PlayStation’s Virtual Reality Headset

Earlier this week, I had a chance to meet with PlayStation R&D senior director Richard Marks for a hands-on demo with Project Morpheus, Sony’s attempt at making a virtual reality headset.

I got to try two demos during my time with the headset. The first was a simple intro experience, giving you a …

Virtual Reality

Mini's weird-looking AR goggles are actually useful

Augmented reality is supposed to be the future, but its current usefulness is pretty fuzzy. Sony's SmartEyeglass is reminiscent of your old monochrome monitors, Microsoft's HoloLens' games look intriguing, but who knows when that's coming out and Google Glass, well, we're not sure what the future …


HTC's VR headset is available, but you probably won't get one

HTC and Valve will be giving out Vive virtual reality headsets for free as reported in March, but only if you're a developer -- a very lucky developer. The duo has just launched a sign-up form for folks who want a shot at getting one of the developer units to be distributed throughout spring and …

Virtual Reality

The Man Behind the Hidden World of Magic Leap

Many believe that the technology Magic Leap founder Rony Abovitz is working on could usher in the next big change in how we use computers.The post …

The Lord of the Rings

Microsoft is making HoloLens games — and attacking virtual reality’s momentum

Microsoft has made some moves to ensure the future of games on its Xbox and HoloLens platforms.

John Needham has left his position as the head of Fable developer Lionhead Studios to oversee the development of Microsoft’s games for Xbox and HoloLens (as Engadget first spotted), the head-mounted …


Wearality: 3D virtual reality glasses for your smartphone

Wearality is a new virtual reality company that has designed a lightweight VR headset with a large field of view and minimal latency, promising users a new depth of immersive experience.

Devkit for early adopters, with removable blinders

They've recently launched a Kickstarter, and they're halfway to …

Virtual Reality

How to Reduce VR Sickness? Just Add a Virtual Nose

In the 1950s, the Navy introduced a simulator that taught pilots to fly a helicopter from the comfort of a virtual cockpit. They could take off, …

Virtual Reality

Like Google Glass for cars: I tried Mini’s Augmented Vision concept

While Google Glass may have fallen flat, companies big and small are still chasing the dream of seamless augmented reality — information delivered to your field of vision without distraction (and without making you look ridiculous). What I didn't expect was for automaker Mini, best known for its …

Augmented Reality

We’re not talking about what VR is doing to our eyes … and our brains


OK, so it’s pretty funny seeing someone

after trying a virtual reality headset for the first time. But with companies like Facebook, Valve, and Sony all pushing to bring their own VR solutions to a mainstream market — worth an estimated $30 billion by 2020 — maybe we should have more concern …

Virtual Reality

Google steps up support for Cardboard VR with new certification program

Nearly a year after it debuted at the search giant’s I/O developer conference, Google has once again focused some major attention on Cardboard, its hardware-software experiment designed to demystify virtual reality to the masses.

The new Works with Google Cardboard program seeks to make Cardboard …

Virtual Reality

Google Announces Certification Program For Cardboard Clones

Google Cardboard has been a surprise hit among early adopters, giving an intentionally cheap, approachable device that opens the door to more people having their first virtual reality experience.

Providing affordable hardware for optics and input and a software layer that ties into the tools app and …


Sixense, SapientNitro launch VR platform so you can shop in the Andes

For a lover of women’s shoes, it was a kind of heaven.

Not that I would so characterize myself, but to see one possible future of virtual retailing offered by digital marketing agency SapientNitro and VR technology platform Sixense, I ventured into a magical showroom of women’s shoes.

Sixense has …

Virtual Reality

Tiny 4K Displays Will Be Awesome—Just Not for Smartphones

New 4K displays for smartphones are overkill for almost every mobile task—except running VR apps.The post Tiny 4K Displays Will Be Awesome—Just Not …

Virtual Reality

Mini is making augmented reality goggles for driving

Mini is rolling out a new product, and no, it's not a car. Announced at the Auto Shanghai show, the Mini Augmented Vision is actually a pair of augmented reality glasses that offers up info about your ride in your field of vision. You can see some of the following details as you're riding around in …

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