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hue strip

hue strip

I Just Discovered Melting Potatoes and I'm Officially Serving Them With Everything

We weren’t actively seeking a new way to cook potatoes. In fact, we think there’s a pretty solid variety to choose from. You can bake them, fry them, …

Surrender to the shock and awe of the killer Klingon Battlecruisers

Welcome back to SYFY WIRE's Flight Deck, where you can safely dock and climb aboard the history of an entire armada of awesome sci-fi spaceships, …

Star Trek

burnhamandtilly:Terran Emperor Philippa Georgiou » All of Her Titles

Trying my watercolor pencils!!

Trying my watercolor pencils!!

Superman #6, page 3 by John Byrne & Karl Kesel & Tom Ziuko. 1987

Superman #6, page 3 by John Byrne & Karl Kesel & Tom Ziuko. 1987.

deepspacegifs:Benjamin and Jake Sisko moments


“Oh, there it is, <b>silly old universe. The more I save it, the more it needs saving</b>. It’s a treadmill… Yes, yes, I know, they’ll get it all wrong without me. Well, I suppose one more lifetime won’t kill anyone… well, except me.”

the year in review

the year in review

25 years ago, I was an intern on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

"We're going down to the set. I think they've got all the lights wired. You wanna come?"<p>Because I was an intern who chose to interpret every question …


SAN DIEGO, CA - JULY 22: (Top L-R) James Frain, Sonequa Martin-Green, Jason Isaacs, Mary Wiseman and Shazad Latif (Bottom) Anthony Rapp and Doug Jones from CBS’ ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ pose for a portrait during Comic-Con 2017 at Hard Rock Hotel San Diego<p>Omg my CREW

Benjamin Sisko reviews movies

Benjamin Sisko reviews movies



digitalloop: “Long way home by Tomas Brunsdon ”


Like. Ever. 

Like. Ever.

This is one of my favorite shots in all of DS9

<b>This is one of my favorite shots in all of DS9.</b><p>Now, I know, It’s from one of the silliest episodes in Star Trek history, but BEAR WITH ME!<p>I’ll start by saying I’m generally neutral on most sports, but when it comes to baseball, I’m a huge fan. It’s always been my favorite. There are a number of reasons: It’s not a time-based sport and you can’t just run out the clock, skill decides the winner no matter how late in the game it is, and the most important moments sometimes come at the most …

dax & sisko: uniforms through the ages

dax & sisko: uniforms through the ages.


skyblep:when u realize hes the one part 2

when u realize hes the one part 2


Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)