What Do We Know About Venus?

NASA plans to send two unmanned spacecraft to Earth's nearest planetary neighbor to study it and understand if it could have supported life at one point. These missions are expected to launch around 2028 and are the first such endeavors to Venus in more than 30 years. Could their findings reveal answers on how to combat climate change and other scientific mysteries of the universe? Learn more about what NASA calls the "lost habitable" world.

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What Do We Know About Venus?
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    NASA Picks Twin Missions To Visit Venus, Earth's 'Evil Twin'

    NASA Picks Twin Missions To Visit Venus, Earth's 'Evil Twin'

    NPR - Nell Greenfieldboyce

    NASA has decided to send two new missions to Venus, our closest planetary neighbor, making it the first time the agency will go to this scorching hot world in more than three decades. The news has thrilled planetary scientists who have long argued that Venus deserves more attention because it could …

    NASA Sets Sights on Venus Again

    NASA Sets Sights on Venus Again

    By The Photo Desk

    For the first time in more than 30 years, NASA missions will travel to the planet Venus. DAVINCI+ aims to learn about the planet's atmosphere, while VERITAS will explore its surface and determine if it has active volcanism. The missions will take place between 2028 and 2030. Scroll through images of the planet that have been recorded through the years, from instruments here on Earth as well as those in space.

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