How Water Rights Factor in Droughts

Southwestern U.S. states are forced to make unprecedented cuts to their water usage. Not only is the Colorado River drying up, but the Lake Mead reservoir is dangerously low. So who has priority over what's left? It all falls on which state has senior water rights. Learn what they are and why these contracts won't necessarily stop people from getting what they feel they're entitled to.

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How Water Rights Factor in Droughts
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    What are Water Rights?

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    During A Drought, Senior Water-Rights Holders Have Privileges

    During A Drought, Senior Water-Rights Holders Have Privileges


    Amid California's drought, some big farmers and corporations have unrestricted water because of special deals. David Greene talks to Jay Lund, a water resources professor at UC Davis. DAVID GREENE, HOST: The drought in California has gotten so bad that wells are at their lowest levels in a century. …

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