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The World's 16 Most Incredible Sea Caves

Most people have only been exposed to sea caves by reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and that's not OK... mostly because the sea cave in that book was terrifying and filled with zombies (apologies to anyone who hasn't read it by now). The sea caves in this list, on the other hand, are …

Making Connections at Machu Picchu

You’ve probably seen this before.

It’s what everyone pictures when they think of Machu Picchu—the verdant network of stone terraces, temples, and open-walled houses; the soaring peaks of Huayna Picchu framing the dramatic scene.

When I arrived at Peru’s “lost” Inca citadel in the clouds, I was …

Machu Picchu

10 travel destinations trending this summer

Kayak just released its list of the top 10 trending summer destinations of 2015.

The results are based on the most-searched places, with major music events, art festivals, and sporting competitions driving demand.

From Reykjavik, Iceland, to Hyderabad, India, here’s where everyone wants to travel …

Travel (Canada)

The Best Destinations for Solo Travelers

As great as traveling with companions can be, sometimes it's even better to get out there and discover yourself. If you're plotting your next adventure stag, here are our picks of the best spots for a little one-on-one time with you.

U.S. Travel

The Sensational Architecture of the Strangest Village in Lebanon

Follow the road meandering through endless olive tree fields. Ask for directions again and again from old men chatting on the side of the road at an Abi Nasr cafe. Make a detour through Ehden, and you'll reach what looks on first sight like a typical town in northern Lebanon.

Across the welcome sign …


Brick Buildings That Are Actually Cool (PHOTOS)


The Best Tourist Attractions You Haven’t Heard of Yet

Discover new sites in popular vacation destinations


The former West is buzzy thanks to Bikini Berlin, a new cool-kid shopping center full of local high-design brands such as Gestalten. Next door, there’s the whimsical 25 Hours Hotel Bikini Berlin, whose rooftop restaurant Neni and Monkey Bar …

Europe Travel

Quirky sleeps: Sweden's top 10 unusual hotels

Sweden’s varied landscape, from the frozen reaches of the north to its vast forests and lakes, combines with cutting-edge design to inspire some unique lodgings. Here's our pick of the country's quirkiest sleeps, taking you underground, underwater, face-to-face with wildlife and beyond.


Near …


15 Indie Record Stores You Can’t Miss on Record Store Day

To music mavens, vinyl hoarders and those who love a leisurely afternoon spent expanding their record collections, Record Store Day is basically Christmas. Every third Sunday in April, record stores across the world throw parties, welcome bands, offer deals and stock limited-edition RSD-exclusive …

Indie Music

10 Insanely Gorgeous, Under-The-Radar European Destinations

The value of the dollar against the euro is the highest it has been in years, making now the perfect time to take that trip you've been meaning to plan. But instead of the usual suspects (lookin' at you, London and Paris), why not try one of these under-the-radar spots that are far less crowded but …


The Best Places to Stargaze in America

For 25 years, NASA’s orbiting Hubble telescope has beamed mesmerizing images of our universe. But Earth dwellers can get stellar celestial views, too.

Here are three trip-worthy dark-sky havens in the United States:

> Lake Powell (Utah)

The combination of a thin atmosphere and lack of artificial light …

United States

Seven unknown architectural wonders

Forget the Taj Mahal and the Coliseum – some of the world’s most impressive structures remain out of the public eye.

We’ve all heard of the Coliseum, the Great Wall of China, and the Taj Mahal. But what about the world’s undiscovered architectural wonders: the man-made marvels where most crowds …

Taj Mahal

The forgotten pyramids of Sudan

Few visitors have been making the trek out to the country's northeast to see the secluded Nubian Meroe pyramids.

Bagrawiyah, Sudan - More than 200km from the Sudanese capital Khartoum, the remains of an ancient city rise from the arid and inhospitable terrain like a science-fiction film set. Nestled …


Rains dampen hopes of Kashmir's tourism industry

Unseasonal rains trigger widespread cancellations and raises concerns over much-needed business in Srinagar.

In Indian-administered Kasmir, spring tourism is about start. The industry is one of the main drivers of the economy.

But this year it has been hit by unseasonal rain, leading to widespread …


Cherry Blossoms Bloom in Japan: Pictures

The world’s must-visit islands

With draws including Jurassic Park-like scenery, hand-blown glass and thousand-strong king penguin colonies, these five islands don’t need tropical beaches to thrill.

Often featuring unique geography, wildlife and culture, islands can easily become a world unto themselves. But to find the most …


8 Wedding Destinations That Are Positively Swoon-Worthy

Weddings are fun. But, destination weddings, with their built-in vacation status, are even better. As a bride, though, you want to make sure you’re bringing your friends and family somewhere worthwhile. For starters, if there aren’t palm trees and white sand, there should at least be a castle. As a …


Top 10 hotels in the U.S.: Tripadvisor

How to Survive the Best Party on the Planet: Trinidad Carnival

Longreads Or Whatever

All photos by the author unless otherwise credited.

Before I begin, I want to clarify that I didn’t go gallivanting through Port-of-Spain in a rhinestoned thong because I care for crazy parties. I don’t. I have narcolepsy (no, not like Carol in Deuce Bigalow, and no, I don’t need …

8 Destinations That Totally Own Spring

By winter's end (or, let's be honest, well before), we get that nature-starved feeling and start looking everywhere for signs of spring. And in these eight spots in the U.S. and abroad, you won't have to look far: Mother nature pulls out all the stops, serving up rich explosions of color at every …

U.S. Travel

China for beginners: 7 first-timer fails to avoid on your trip to Beijing

Beijing's contradictions create a rip-roaring adventure for first-time visitors. Neon lights flash alongside swaying lanterns. Enormous squares yawn next to labyrinthine hútòng (alleyways). Catcalling market sellers and car horns provide a constant soundtrack.

In a city as deafening as it is …


The 10 Best Party Beaches On Earth

These are the world's best beaches to eat, drink and play, as chosen by Condé Nast Traveler readers.

10. Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Greece

Courtesy Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort

If the name alone isn't enough of a hook, Super Paradise Beach on the island's southwestern coast is the hub for eating, …


17 Pieces of Map Wall Art to Satisfy Your Wanderlust

We’re craving an adventure. From following fearless women travelers on Instagram to drooling over pretty passport covers, we’re ready to start booking flights to our favorite destinations. Unfortunately, for some of us that vacation is a ways off. So in the meantime, why not bring the world to you …


Deadly Cliff Path Caminito del Rey Set to Reopen in Spain

The path, which hangs some 300 feet off the ground, has been closed since 2001 after five people fell to their deaths in less than two years.


Rare Supertide Turns Ancient Abbey Into Isolated Island

A supertide turned France's famed Mont Saint-Michel into an island on Saturday and then retreated out of sight, delighting thousands of visitors who came to see the rare phenomenon.

The so-called "tide of the century" actually happens every 18 years. Although the tide rushes in and out along the …


"Hidropark" by Freya Hajade

Located in the middle of Kiev on two islands in the Dnieper River, Hidropark is an entertainment complex for Ukranian residents and became a …


16 of the Coolest Light Phenomena Around the World

These natural wonders are totally worth designing a trip around

Simple science may explain the phenomena, but when it comes to natural light shows—be they in ravines in Arizona or caves in New Zealand—the effect is nothing short of magical. From forest fireflies in Japan to the violent, …

Svalbard Discourages Last-Minute Visitors


Chile evacuates thousands as fire threatens Valparaiso

State of emergency declared as warm temperatures and strong winds fan flames spreading towards the Pacific.

Chile has declared a state of emergency and evacuated thousands of people as a forest fire threatened the historic port city of Valparaiso, where 15 people died in blazes last year.

The fire …