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Silkway Rally 2016 from Moscow to Beijing: Pictures


Editors' Secrets: Our Off-the-Beaten-Path Vacations

Every travel journalist has a few places that he or she keeps quiet—unexpected finds that have become secret favorites, staples of their little black …


Where to find pop-up restaurants, public art, and some of the tiniest bars in the world.

Back alleys can be some of the most unexpectedly lush, intimate spaces in cities around the world. Once home to Dumpsters and deliveries, these small streets are being rediscovered worldwide, as locals plant trees, install public art, plan festivals, and open shops.<p>"Alleys are like someone’s …


9 Awe-Inspiring Caves Around the World

9 Incredible Caves<p>The philosophy of traveling deeper has many applications in the world of exploration. It can mean dining with locals, learning the …

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Adventures by Rail: The Most Scenic Train Vacations in North America

Train voyages and vacations have been part of European and U.S. culture as long as there have been tracks on the ground. Millionaires Jay Gould and …


7 waterfront towns worth a closer look

<b>(CNN) —</b> Sun, sand and a large body of water. Check, check and check.<p>Those are the basics of any trip to the shore.<p>But some of the United States' protected coasts and lakeshores are cozied up near towns with their own unique appeal.<p>These seven towns, located within easy reach of national seashores …


The 15 Coolest Bookstores From Around the World

Curl up with a new book—or catch a reading or concert—at these thriving independent bookstores from Buenos Aires to Brooklyn<p>Rumor has it J. K. Rowling was inspired by Livraria Lello while writing <i>Harry Potter</i> (and teaching English) in Portugal. It doesn’t take long to appreciate Lello’s potential as …

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11 Coolest Underwater Hotels in the World

From Dubai to Sweden, these hotels (and hotel bars, spas, and restaurants) take sleeping with the fishes to a whole new below-sea level. Prepared to …


These Hotels Are a Chocolate Lover’s Dream

These Hotels Are a Chocolate Lover’s Dream<p>Calling all chocolate fans: These hotels were made for people who crave the good stuff. Whether you want to …


The 50 US experiences you must have in your lifetime

No country seems more familiar than the USA. In films and television, starring roles are played by famous sights, from the Statue of Liberty to the Golden Gate Bridge. America’s popular music started with New Orleans jazz, then conquered the world. But there is much more. Natural attractions, such …

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10 of the best cycling holidays for families

It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best,” Ernest Hemingway once observed. That doesn’t have to change once you have children in tow – but even the most intrepid parents would be wise to consider their route a little more carefully than before. Now may not be the time …

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10 Best Places to Swim With Sharks

If swimming with sharks is on your travel bucket list, these spots are officially recommended by PADI, the Professional Association of Diving …

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The 25 Best Coastal Cities in the World

Using data from global market research firms and analyzing living conditions metrics, Chicago Line Cruises crunched the numbers on cities around the …


50 Restaurants to Visit Before They Get Too Famous

We've heard a lot about the World's 50 Best Restaurants—but what about the "Next List"?<p>Some restaurants get all the love, be it Noma in Copenhagen or …


7 stunning and affordable travel destinations

Shutterstock<p>Visit Reykjavik and go horseback riding on Icelandic horses.<p>Slide 1 of 9<p>If your last few vacations have been to the local beach, it’s time to mix things up. And you don’t have to pay big bucks for a getaway that will satisfy your wanderlust.<p>These travel spots in the U.S. and abroad are …


Journey Through the Largest Cave in the World

Sơn Đoòng Cave—the largest in the world—wasn’t discovered until 2009. Now, National Geographic grantee and photojournalist Martin Edström, takes us deep inside Sơn Đoòng as he tries to capture its overwhelming size and beauty in 360 degrees.<p>The effort to share Sơn Đoòng (also known as Hang Sơn …


The Best Vacations for Every Type of Couple (Including Work Wives)

If the summer heat wave has you daydreaming of your next escape, we're here to help. Plane tickets are more fun to purchase than air conditioners …

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The best European cities for solo travelers

When I was a teenager, my family went on one of those bus tours of Europe, where we saw everything — we took 15-minute photo stops in front of landmarks from the Leaning Tower of Pisa to the Amsterdam Central Train Station. But now looking back, I realize we really saw nothing.<p>While monuments …


Christo's 'The Floating Piers' Draws Visitors to Italy to Walk on Water

Lago d'Iseo is one of the quieter lakes in Northern Italy, but for 16 days this summer, it will welcome visitors from around the world all intent to …


The Perfect Weekend in the Hamptons

When it turns out your best friend isn’t renting a mansion or hosting you this summer, follow our guide to an envy-inducing weekend on Long Island's …


The 10 Most Beautiful Coastal Towns in Spain

Spain has more than 1,000 miles of Mediterranean coastline (just for starters), a mix of ancient port cities and resort towns that draw the European …


Discovering Deco: A tour of Havana's eye-catching architecture

<b>(CNN) —</b> Cuba's capital, Havana, boasts one of the world's most significant but frequently overlooked treasure troves of Art Deco architecture.<p>Successfully integrating architecture, interior design, fashion and visual arts, this decorative trend had a wide-reaching influence on the Caribbean …


Australia's Hamilton Island Race Week Is the Biggest Party Down Under

Australia's elite head to Hamilton Island in late August for yachting, high fashion, and some serious street parties. But this is the Land Down …


The most dazzling city of the ancient world

A new exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art celebrates Pergamon, the stunning city that reveals a great deal about the ancient world, writes Alastair Sooke.<p>When Alexander the Great died in Babylon, still only in his early 30s, in 323 BC, he left behind a vast kingdom, sprawling across three …


'Star Wars' and beyond: National parks in the movies

<b>(CNN) —</b> Thanks to digital effects, filmmakers today can create almost anything -- monsters, aliens, tornadoes, tsunamis -- on movie screens.<p>But when it comes to spectacular natural scenery, it's hard to replicate the pristine beauty and wonder of real-life wilderness.<p>Ask the makers of "Star Trek V: …

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The world's best rail journeys: in pictures

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16 incredible destinations in Asia that tourists don't know about yet

From islands and beaches to towns and villages, Asia hosts various stunning destinations that haven’t been overtaken by tourists.<p>While some of these locations are remote, others are hidden gems often overlooked by tourists.<p>For those in search of the best spots to visit in Asia away from the masses, …


10 Amazing Places to Visit Before They Vanish

The world is filled with jaw-dropping sights, but rapid climate change is threatening some of the most spectacular natural wonders. Here are just a few of the world’s most majestic places that could disappear in as little as a few decades.


13 Best Hotel Pools in the World

From rooftop to mountaintop, Los Angeles to the Aegean Sea, have a splash in these beautiful hotel pools.<p><i>This gallery was originally published in</i> …