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Top 10 alternative city breaks in Europe

For great-value city breaks, look past the capitals and big names; some of Europe’s liveliest cultural scenes are in its smaller cities

Ghent, Belgium

Why go?
While Bruges can sometimes feel a little like a tourist toy-town, Ghent keeps it real. The city still offers picturesque Flemish architecture …


India’s Quiet Places

Photographer Kate Golding has a knack for the serene. Shooting in some of the most hectic and overwhelming places on earth, she always manages to draw out a moment of calm. This month she released her first photo book Within You Without You. The photos inside are a meditative exploration of India, …


Lost Cities Photos


Sleep 9,000 Feet in the Air in This Cable Car Hotel Room

The luxurious cable car room is only being offered as part of a contest

Airbnb is typically known for letting people rent out their apartments or extra rooms. But here’s an Airbnb rental that’s literally in the air. Through a special promotion, the company is offering an opportunity to stay in a …


Inside a Saudi Arabian Oil Giant’s American Oasis

“When I think back on growing up in Dhahran, it seems like a dream. An American dream in Saudi Arabia.”

Photographer Ayesha Malik grew up in a typical American suburb with cookie-cutter houses, softball fields, and Christmas trees in December. However, her hometown, Dhahran, is located on the east …


Rio’s Carnival Parade: In Pictures

Carnival parades begin at Rio's Sambadrome, despite deluge

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — The show went on Sunday at the world's most-celebrated Carnival parades, despite a tropical deluge that soaked thousands of feather-clad dancers, wildly costumed musicians and masses of spectators at Rio de Janeiro's Sambadrome.

The skies opened up about an hour ahead of the …


What to Do in Anguilla­

Anguilla has no right to be fabulous. The Caribbean island, a British overseas territory about seven miles north of St. Maarten/St. Martin, is a blip on the radar — a mere 35 square miles with just six traffic lights. It’s dry and flat, and its tourism scene took off only some 20 years ago; until …


The world’s most beautiful markets

Before the industrial age, people shopped for food in their local areas – often in beautiful covered halls and markets. Jonathan Glancey describes the best.

When it comes to fresh food, there has long been a dividing line between Britain, the United States – or English-speaking countries – and much …


Travel - Seven unknown architectural wonders

We’ve all heard of the Coliseum, the Great Wall of China, and the Taj Mahal. But what about the world’s undiscovered architectural wonders: the man-made marvels where most crowds don’t stray?

To uncover a few of those hidden structures, we turned to question-and-answer site Quora, asking “What are …


Burma Uncovered: Amazing Shots From a Photographer's Paradise


In pictures: Living beside the tracks

Ho Chi Minh City

Lunar New Year celebrated in Singapore

The streets of Chinatown in Singapore came to life on Saturday evening with an official light-up and opening ceremony to usher in the nation’s 50th Lunar New Year celebrations, also known as Chinese New Year and ‘Hua Qing’ (Spring Festival).

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Australia Day in Whistler Is Kind of Insane

This is Whistler, BC: an adrenaline junkie's Disneyland where the only thing that stands between you and your sporting dreams are the size of your balls which, if you have them and you live here, you should probably get checked out. While Whistler is commonly known as the STI capital of Canada, …


The 16 Best Small-Town Museums in the U.S.

These museums offer outsize collections of Impressionist paintings, modern installations, and folk art—without the big-city crowds

The first significant new museum of American art in nearly half a century debuted in 2011. But to view Crystal Bridges’ collection—from a Gilbert Stuart portrait of …


The 9 Most Spectacular Lost Cities in the World

These sites are famous for their beautifully preserved ruins

One day in the incomprehensibly distant future, our descendants will gaze upon the ruins of the Statue of Liberty or the Mall of America, and ask, “Mommy, what is that?” Over the course of human history, an astonishing number of cities and …


In Far-Flung Myanmar, a Land of Contradictions

It is strange how some of the world’s most retrograde authoritarian states end up being such inadvertent conservators of both their country’s architectural heritage and vast tracts of wild, unspoiled nature. Of course, it was not their leaders’ intention to distinguish themselves as …


Vacation Rentals for Every Type of Traveler

Decide your type and find out below where you should stay for your next vacation

Niche rental companies are cropping up to address travelers’ hyper-specific needs, whether that means a house with a high chair or a condo with a concierge. Here, four we love.

For the first-time renter: BeMate
If you …


The Heartland’s best hits: top Kansas sights along I-70

This is the stuff road trips through Middle America are made of: slurping milkshakes at a Formica countertop in a diner that hasn’t changed since 1950, cruising by fields of sunflowers and amber waves of grain that stretch as far as the eye can see, and stopping at the quirky, always-superlative …


These Are the Best Countries for Traveling Alone

Taking off on a journey alone? Have no fear. Here are the safest, friendliest countries for your solo adventure

Solo travel is the ideal opportunity to try something new, like a surf camp in Central America, a bike trip in Southeast Asia, or a visit to a classic European spa town. Despite the …

Costa Rica

Europe’s 13 Best Winter Getaways

High design and haute cuisine meet crackling fires and snow-covered vistas in these European winter destinations

Europeans have dreamt up many definitions of cozy. Denmark has hygge, a concept that evokes “coziness when relaxing with good friends.” Germany, Austria, and Switzerland have gemütlich,


Bulls, Booze, and Pumpkins: The Devil's Carnaval Returns to Colombia

The devil is everywhere in Riosucio, Colombia. He walks the streets in broad daylight, his pink-tipped dreads falling over a blood-red cape. At night, she sits barefoot on a corner, playing her Andean flute and sipping chica—a murky, artisanal corn liquor—from a two-liter Coca-Cola bottle. And in …

The best of the Colorado River: one step, pedal or stroke at a time

Snaking 1450 miles, the Colorado River is nothing less than the nerve center of the great American West. Capturing snows off the Rockies, it drops through pine stands, winds down into the desert and carves the Grand Canyon’s rosy depths.

In the American psyche, it’s a powerful life force, a natural …


Spend the Night in Sweden's Ice Hotel

Bring your parka, this ice hotel is not for the faint of heart. The temperature never drops below 23 degrees Fahrenheit and guests sport thermal …


The best new tourist attractions on earth, according to Lonely Planet

If globe-trotting is on your bucket list this year, travel guide company Lonely Planet wants to tell you where to go. Its list of the world’s best travel experiences of 2015, part of its latest ebook, “New in Travel,” will take you off the beaten track from Ireland to Panama to South Africa. Here’s …

Panama City

These Are the World’s Most-Visited Castles

From Paris to Beijing, these historic castles and palaces draw millions of visitors for a glimpse of the lifestyles of the rich and famous

Imagine a castle: it probably looks a lot like Germany’s Neuschwanstein Castle, the turreted inspiration for Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Each year, more …


A Month-by-Month Guide to the Best Places to Travel in 2015

Use our new travel calendar to make this your best vacation year yet.

Cold weather got you down? Perhaps you’d like to get away someplace warm this winter. Or maybe you’re already thinking about your summer vacation destination. No matter when you’d like to escape, this 12-month calendar will help …


Dakar Rally Hits the Sand: Pictures

Holidays you thought you couldn't take with kids

Having children doesn't mean the next few years of travel are all about two-week package holidays, self-catering accommodation, and strategic locations near gaudy play centres.

Read on to find out why the Maldives isn't just for blissful couples and whether safaris and toddlers really can mix.