Vintage Science Fiction

By schema flo | Design and Photography from the Golden Atomic Age.

Ideal toys & Tom Corbett Space Cadet an unbeatable combo

1966 ...PAGEOS Satellite

1954 ... Walt and Werner!

illustration by Bruce Pennington, 1976


Golden Sands Myrtle Beach, SC Another one gone...

Baltimore Skyline - 1962

Baltimore Skyline - 1962

These are your greatest treasures!

These are your greatest treasures!

What did you make in Home Economic class? I made chocolate chip cookies & cinnamon toast!

Disneylands' House Of The Future 1957 Via, Ricardo Goulart

ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer )

SPACE 1999 Control Room and Launch Monitor Center set with Commander Koenig, Dr. Russel and Professor Bergman action figures, Mattel, 1976

A 1982 clone of Dr, Funkenstein.

Apolllo 15, July 25, 1971 Apollo 15 astronauts David R. Scott (left) and James B. Irwin (right) practice navigational maneuvers in the Lunar Roving Vehicle simulator, assisted by astronaut Joseph P. Allen IV, support team member. (Credit: NASA-ALSJ)

1965 ... whizz - sound!!

1956 ... Oldsmobile 'Golden Rocket'

Via, Ken Gage