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What did you make in Home Economic class? I made chocolate chip cookies & cinnamon toast!

Disneylands' House Of The Future 1957 Via, Ricardo Goulart

ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer )

SPACE 1999 Control Room and Launch Monitor Center set with Commander Koenig, Dr. Russel and Professor Bergman action figures, Mattel, 1976

A 1982 clone of Dr, Funkenstein.

Apolllo 15, July 25, 1971 Apollo 15 astronauts David R. Scott (left) and James B. Irwin (right) practice navigational maneuvers in the Lunar Roving Vehicle simulator, assisted by astronaut Joseph P. Allen IV, support team member. (Credit: NASA-ALSJ)

So, Um, Starbucks May Be a Big Player in the Future of News

Who would have thought that one version of saving journalism would look like the app you also use to pay for your coffee?The post So, Um, Starbucks …


1965 ... whizz - sound!!

1956 ... Oldsmobile 'Golden Rocket'

Via, Ken Gage

Marie-France Pisier, February 1968 Via, Deux Mille

Computer Orchestra (1968)


GE General Electric ORBITER AM Transistor Radio 1960's

A 1960's 'Conversation Pit'

An extremely clear aerial view of 1955 Tomorrowland.

1950 ... hurricane hunters!


Explore the TWA Terminal, a Pristine Time Capsule From 1962

[All photos by Max Touhey.]

Right now, a team of digital scanning whizzes is back in their Florida lab, making a digital 3D model of the TWA Flight

Architectural Photography

1968 ... visit beautiful Portland!