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batteredshoes:We Now End Our Broadcast Day…

We Now End Our Broadcast Day…

Polynesian Motel sign, Anaheim California

February 2015 - The vault of retro sci-fi 2.0

... Nasty Nurses of Neptune!

1962 ... talking heads!

Ugo La Pietra, Globo Tissurato, 1966

Dust jacket by Virgil Finlay.

Daily Vintage Disneyland: Monorail, Skyway and the Matterhorn 1964 Check out our blog for more information on our pics! Blog link in Profile. #disney #disneyland #mickeyphotos

Inside Oscars' Social Media War Room: Followers, Ratings and the Ghost of Ellen's Selfie

Ahead of Sunday’s Academy Awards, the show’s digital media chief talks year-long engagement efforts

Ellen DeGeneres‘ star-studded selfie from the 2014 …

Social Media

1956- A London travel agency opened a reservation list for space travel where a seat on a space ship to the moon can be booked - scheduled for 2040.

Millenials ditching their TV sets at a record rate

The biggest TV drama among millennials is playing off screen. So far this season, younger viewers, the most important audience for advertisers, have …


... he threw a switch!

1952 ... abduction!

Monsanto Hall of Chemistry, 1956

Wally Wood and Dan Adkins-Fantasy Illustrated #7, 1963.

Why We Should Design Some Things to Be Difficult to Use

The first car I ever drove was a bashed Land Rover Defender. I was working at an outdoor pursuits centre in North Wales. Changing gear was like …

Game Design

Mobile Uploads - The vault of retro sci-fi 2.0

Netflix's War on Mass Culture

Netflix's War on Mass Culture Binge-viewing was just the beginning. Netflix has a plan to rewire our entire culture

Given all the faces you see glued …


Radio, Radio: How Formats Shaped, Splintered And Remade Pop Music

Music critics these days love to argue about "rockism," the unexamined prejudices we bring to our musical judgements, and "poptimism," an effort to celebrate commercial stuff that some think goes way too far. My book, Top 40 Democracy: The Rival Mainstreams of American Music, aims to get us out of …


Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) featuring the Theme Building in 1964. Photograph by Garry Winogrand

Future of News: How will technology change news in the future?

Technological developments are allowing journalists to find news content and change the way news stories are told.

Broadcasters and academics discuss how changes in technology will alter the way news is created in the future.

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Monorail and Submarine Voyage, 1965

How the iPad Went From Massive to 'Meh' in 5 Short Years

Five years ago today, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad in a keynote where he spent a lot of time sitting on a couch. The audience went wild, but out in …

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A model demonstrates the Ekco-Scophony ES104 television receiver on Scophony’s stand at Radiolympia, 23 August 1938 Scophony was one of the most highly original television manufacturers of the 1930s. Their innovative optical-mechanical television systems produced large screen high-definition pictures for both the home and cinema. The magnificent Ekco-Scophony model ES104 home receiver boasted a picture 24″ wide by 20″ high. The screen could fold into the richly veneered cabinet when not in use. Know more:

A photograph of a cocktail party, taken by Zoltan Glass, c. 1960. This photograph of a staged drinks party shows eight men and women drinking and smoking whilst a barman serves drinks behind. The older man wears semi-formal black tie dress, whilst the younger men and women stick to a less formal lounge suit, or cocktail dress code.