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The Case for Branded Content Studios

The media landscape is being rocked by concurrent disruptions in platforms, formats, devices, and most of all a tectonic shift in consumer attention. For brands seeking to reach younger audiences, this is all leading to one conclusion: the need for branded content. But not just any type of content. …


Is America Prepared for Meme Warfare?

Memes function like IEDs.<p>Memes, as any alt-right Pepe sorcerer will tell you, are not just frivolous entertainment. They are magic, the stuff by which reality is made and manipulated. What's perhaps surprising is that this view is not so far off from one within the US defense establishment, where a …

U.S. Military

Les Edwards

Revenge of the 'legacy' sector

The New York Times and Washington Post just edged out Buzzfeed and Huffpost for the most digital readers. It seems the digital news revolution may be kinder to incumbent media companies than we've thought.<p>For the first time in many years, both The New York Times and The Washington Post have passed …


Why Super Nintendo Is the Reason You're Still Playing Video Games

It may be 25 years since its U.S. launch, but impact of the SNES can still be felt today<p>Fall 1990, ground zero for the modern games industry. The …

Chrono Trigger

MotorEx is this weekend here in Melbourne. Flash back to that one time a bunch of Mexicans went to Sydney's MotorEx

5 Creepy Ways Video Games Are Trying to Get You Addicted

So, the headlines say somebody else has died due to video game addiction. Yes, it's Korea again.<p>What the hell? Look, I'm not saying video games are …

Photo by Glenn Richards


Photo by Glenn Richards

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Eulogy for The New York Times R&D Lab

The New York Times R&D Lab, a groundbreaking department of applied creative technology that helped one of the great institutions of journalism see …


Twitter Beats Amazon, Verizon for Global NFL Streaming Deal

The fact that Amazon didn't land the NFL games is somewhat surprising.<p>Surprise finish to the fight for NFL streaming rights: They’re going to Twitter.<p>The social media company beat out heavyweights including Amazon and Verizon for global rights to stream the Thursday night games the league will host …

1941 Kitchen by American Standard - ✨From Deco to Atom✨

1925 ... coal-stop!

1967 ... a world of Supersonic Travel

1959 ... the engines are in the back!

... share the deeds of Victory!

Why the Final Game Between AlphaGo and Lee Sedol Is Such a Big Deal for Humanity

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — Go grandmaster Lee Sedol regained a sizeable slice of human pride on Sunday night when he won the latest game in his historic …

Artificial Intelligence

1962 ... watching the President- Cuban Missile Crisis!

Facebook is eating the world

<b>Something really dramatic</b> is happening to our media landscape, the public sphere, and our journalism industry, almost without us noticing and …

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