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1930 ... Acme motorized parachute!


Screentendo can turn almost anything on your computer into a Mario level

When I start daydreaming online, I’ve found myself wondering why I can’t control a little Mario and make him jump around the eBay ads for crap I looked up two weeks ago. Well, it turns that out that I can.

Developer Aaron Randall has coded together something that he calls Screentendo. This is a Mac …

We're All Using These Emoji Wrong

Everyone has a go-to emoji. Mine is something I’ve always called “Swoopie Star.” I use it whenever I want to convey excitement, or when I don’t know …


On-Demand Startups Aren’t Delivering on Promises to Workers

For all the criticisms of the 1099 economy—the cornucopia of app-based, push-button services provided by an army of independent contractors—becoming …


Inside the labs where Netflix is trying to make televisions suck less

In a nondescript room in the center of Netflix’s headquarters, you can walk into a small, paper white chamber called the Shu. It’s an homage to the solitary confinement cell in Orange Is The New Black, one of Netflix’s most popular original series. And just like the Shu in the show, Netflix’s …


1946helicoptercouncil-copy [r]


1963 ... yucky aliens!

The Smartest Hardware Won’t Ask You What to Do—It Tells You

In hardware, the idea that you’d make a product that appeals to as many people as possible just makes sense, right? The more people a device works …

Computer Hardware

Sega Saturn: how one decision destroyed PlayStation's greatest rival

Twenty years ago this week, at the E3 video game conference in Los Angeles, the head of Sega of America accidentally killed the company’s Saturn video game console.

Tom Kalinske was in a bind. He knew that Sony was readying its new PlayStation machine for an autumn launch in the US (both the Saturn …


(BART) Area Rapid Transit- San Francisco, CA

"AFKA chairs...the new look in waiting area confort."

Happy Birthday, Mr. Hancock!!

Facebook's instant articles arrive to speed up the News Feed

Facebook today is rolling out "instant articles," quick-loading stories from publishers including The New York Times and BuzzFeed that load on Facebook’s flagship app 10 times faster than before. The articles, which are hosted on Facebook’s servers, are well designed and create a genuinely better …


"Thunderbird 2 is a 250 feet long, supersonic, VTOL, lifting body carrier aircraft, which transports major rescue equipment and vehicles to rescue zones in detachable capsules known as “Pods”. It is piloted by Virgil Tracy."

Facebook and the Feed

In a week where much of the Internet was all atwitter about Mobilegeddon, Google’s pre-announced algorithm change that will favor mobile-friendly …