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Why Yahoo Couldn’t Adapt to the Smartphone Era

Soon after Marissa Mayer became the C.E.O. of Yahoo, in 2012, she looked up a list of the most popular activities that people did with their phones. Yahoo’s mobile business barely existed at the time, generating so little revenue that the company didn’t even report the amount in financial filings. …

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Tech’s ‘Frightful 5’ Will Dominate Digital Life for Foreseeable Future

There’s a little parlor game that people in Silicon Valley like to play. Let’s call it, Who’s Losing?

There are currently four undisputed rulers of the consumer technology industry: Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google, now a unit of a parent company called Alphabet. And there’s one more, Microsoft, …

Big Ideas

The Waltons to Walter White: The Rise Of Immersive Content

There has been much discussion around the question of whether there is “too much TV” today, but very little about why there’s so much great television …


How Facebook Squashed Twitter

The idea of a “smartphone” that could connect to the Internet and run applications was around long before 2007; Apple, though, was the first to put …


1963 ... Motorola World - around the rock!

1963 ... Motorola World - barnacle bohemian!

Netflix Will Block VPNs for Now. But Its Real Goal Is Global TV

You can now watch Netflix almost anywhere in the world. But Netflix wants to make sure you watch it the way the company intended you to.The post …


Kevin Plank Is Betting Almost $1 Billion That Under Armour Can Beat Nike

Kevin Plank built Under Armour into a $4 billion behemoth. He's just spent almost $1 billion to get into an entirely new business. Can this decade's most unlikely tech startup beat Nike?

"Have you seen Kevin's whiteboards?"

If you spend any time at Under Armour headquarters, you'll hear that question …


1960 ... Lightolier showroom!

1961 ... TWA Terminal- Eero Saarinen

Facebook Wants 2016 to Be the Year Messenger Makes Apps Irrelevant

Facebook has plans for Messenger. Big plans. And apparently, a whole lot of you are on board.The post Facebook Wants 2016 to Be the Year Messenger …


It's time to change how we discuss feeling sick in VR

I was recently given a demo of the upcoming VR game Adrift by developer Adam Orth, and I wanted to be upfront about one aspect of the experience when I spoke with him: The game made me feel a bit ill.

Saying this was nearly once a slap in the face to a virtual reality developer. It used to mean that …

Virtual Reality

Netflix vs. Amazon in 2015: A tale of two video-streaming giants


As we near the end of another year, VentureBeat takes a look back at some of the highlights from two companies at the forefront of the cord-cutting movement: Netflix and Amazon.

From awards and big-name content acquisitions to new international markets and strategic partnerships, this is a …

Take Your Private Winged Chariot For A Picnic

A 1988 prediction of what Los Angeles would look like in 2013.

Mid-Century Modern Freak : Photo

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1951 ... private hell for Earthmen!