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Eric Joyner

1962 ... Mercury mission control!

Black Friday - Macy’s - 1946

Black Friday - Macy’s - 1946

Here's hoping your Saturday has one or more of the following: Reptiles Milk Shakes Orange Juice Hot Dogs Novelties Pecans Coffee Tropical Jellies Gifts Candies Lawtey, FL. Vintage postcard.

... wind tunnel- F 86 Sabre

... victory starts here!

Welcome Home

Detail from 1950s Nutone Mixer brochure.

‘This Time May Be Different’: Bank of England Chief Economist on Robots Taking Your Job

In the future, Uber or Google will take you to work in an autonomously-driven car. Soylent (or something like it) will replace eating meals with other people. A gigantic robot arm will eliminate the workers in an Amazon warehouse.

This is the extremist position, of course; Soylent tastes …


Once upon a space age

1878 ... Statue Of Liberty - display: Paris

blade runner

Classic GDB - The Douglas Rocket

The Moonliner was an impressive feature of the pre-1967 Tomorrowland. I loved it best when it had the TWA colors; that airline ended its sponsorship …




Apollo 17, November 1, 1972 Apollo 17 Lunar Module Pilot (LMP) Harrison Schmitt briefs the press on the Taurus-Littrow landing site, Schmitt became the first member of NASA's first scientist-astronaut group to fly in space. As Apollo 17 was the last of the Apollo Moon missions, he also became the twelfth person to set foot on the Moon, and as of 2015, the second-to-last person to step off of the Moon (he boarded the Lunar Module shortly before Apollo 17 Commander (CDR) Eugene Cernan). Schmitt also remains the first and only professional scientist to have flown beyond low Earth orbit and to have visited the Moon. He was influential within the community of geologists supporting the Apollo program and, before starting his own preparations for an Apollo mission, had been one of the scientists training those Apollo astronauts chosen to visit the lunar surface. (Credit: NASA-Apollo Archive)

1960 ... electronic learning center!