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Laurie Anderson Introduces Her Virtual Reality Installation That Lets You Fly Magically Through Stories

While the sci-fi dreams of virtual and “augmented” reality are now within the grasp of artists and game designers, the technology of the adult human …

Virtual Reality

Owls hold secret to ageless ears

BBC News<p><b>Barn owls keep their acute sense of hearing into old age, scientists have discovered.</b><p>Previously, starlings have been found to have this ability, suggesting birds are protected from age-related hearing loss.<p>Understanding more about the "ageless ears" of barn owls could help develop new …


We’re building roads to withstand last century’s climate | Ars Technica

Asphalt in use tolerates the temperature extremes of a period that ended in 1995.<p>Does it make sense to build something that will almost certainly end …

Climate Change

TOMB RAIDER - Official Trailer #1

Tomb Raider

Linda Hamilton Set to Return to 'Terminator' Franchise (Exclusive)

With James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger involved, it's a reunion more than 25 years in the making.<p>She’ll be back.<p>After waving hasta la vista, …


A chilling study shows how hostile college students are toward free speech

Here’s the problem with suggesting that upsetting speech warrants “safe spaces,” or otherwise conflating mere words with physical assault: If speech is violence, then violence becomes a justifiable response to speech.<p>Just ask college students. A fifth of undergrads now say it’s acceptable to use …

United States

Scientists Can Now Repaint Butterfly Wings

Thanks to CRISPR, scientists are studying animal evolution in ways that were previously thought to be impossible.<p>When the butterfly emerged from its pupa, Robert Reed was stunned. It was a Gulf fritillary—a bright-orange species with a few tigerlike stripes. But this butterfly had no trace of …


Gin Wong, LA Architect Who Inspired The Jetsons, Dies at 94

You may not know the name Gin D. Wong, but you definitely know his work. He’s responsible for some of the most iconic buildings in Los Angeles, …

Los Angeles

Hopeful Martians Emerge From 8-Month Experiment To Find Earth Horrific As Ever

Before Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and other space enthusiasts can ship humans to Mars as easily as an Amazon Prime delivery, we need to figure out they’ll …


Lamb - Illumina


John Cleese DGAF About Death Because the Best People Are Dead


How McLaren Applied Technologies Built Secret Body Armor For an Injured Anonymous Billionaire | Men's Health

This Secret Body Armor Keeps an Anonymous, Injured Billionaire Safe<p>McLaren’s $250,000 Project Invincible transformed one man’s life in less than three months. Here’s precisely how a team of engineers and doctors did it.<p>Share this story<p>You’re a mega billionaire. The world is yours for the buying. …

Auto Racing

Being unpredictable pays off for rodent on two legs - Futurity

Jerboas hop, run, skip, and leap on their two hind legs. Their unpredictable moves may keep them safe from predators.


Artificial intelligence just made guessing your password a whole lot easier

Last week, the credit reporting agency Equifax announced that malicious hackers had leaked the personal information of 143 million people in their …

Artificial Intelligence

18 Things You Never Knew About Rocko’s Modern Life

Joe Murray never originally intended to make <i>Rocko’s Modern Life</i> into a cartoon series. The misadventures of the anthropomorphic Australian-immigrant …


Prospect of Synthetic Embryos Sparks New Bioethics Debate - MIT Technology Review

Yue Shao had never seen anything quite like it.<p>Two years ago, Shao, a mechanical engineer with a flair for biology, was working with embryonic stem …


New mirror-coating technology promises dramatic improvements in telescopes

The results of the pilot study, which used an ALD system in Kobayashi's lab designed for microelectronics, convinced the team to design a larger …


Porsche’s all-electric Tesla rival could cost less than $100,000

Production version of 2015 Mission E concept to go on sale in 2019<p>While automakers have been not-so-quietly making promises to catch up to the likes of Tesla when it comes to electric vehicle range, a sports car maker may be the first to beat the startup at its own game. A production version of the …

Electric Vehicles

Close Encounters at 40: Spielberg still believes ‘we’re not alone in the universe’

What movie does a director make when he can make anything?<p>You can make a solid argument that the most important (and revealing) movie on a director’s resume is the next film following that first blockbuster — when the artist is soaring with confidence and creative ambition and the studios will …


Norm Macdonald Is A Comic Genius


If you read one sci-fi series this year, it should be The Broken Earth | Ars Technica

The haunting trilogy by N.K. Jemisin won Hugo Awards two years running and changed sci-fi.<p>Sometimes a book series is so important that you want …

Science Fiction

Good Omens first photo: David Tennant's demon meets Michael Sheen's angel

<b>Good meets evil in the first photo of Michael Sheen and David Tennant as they will appear in the upcoming TV adaptation of cult novel Good Omens.</b><p>Tennant plays the demon Crowley, while Sheen is the angel Aziraphale in the latest incarnation of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's fantasy.<p>Shooting has …


Hubble Captures Blistering Pitch-Black Planet

Hubble Space Telescope

Echolocation and Its Discontents

In a world increasingly shaped by humans, having an extra sense can sometimes do more harm than good.<p>For the past 45 years, volunteers working with …


Claire Foy To Become Fede Alvarez’s Lisbeth Salander For GIRL IN THE SPIDER’S WEB

David Fincher’s <b>Girl With the Dragon Tattoo</b> adaptation was divisive amongst even his most hardcore fans, but what could be universally agreed upon was …


Example-based Face Stylization - Web Demo

DCGI and Adobe Research have put up an online interactive demo of their stylized facial animation paper.<p>Just drag and drop an image with a face into …

Seth MacFarlane Teases Cosmos 2 Announcement

<i>The Orville</i> star Seth MacFarlane hints that the much beloved science miniseries <b>Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey</b> may be gearing up for a second season of …


Ellen Pao: Has Anything Really Changed for Women in Tech?

San Francisco — Just five years ago, I sued Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, the venture capital firm in Silicon Valley where I had worked since 2005, for bias and gender discrimination. The lawsuit, which I lost, led to the venture capital world closing ranks against me. I had trouble finding …


Weaponizing sound: could sonic devices have injured diplomats in Cuba?

Scientists still have a big mystery to solve<p>A mysterious illness has been striking people associated with the US Embassy in Cuba — and a secret sonic weapon is rumored to be the source. Over the past year, diplomats in Cuba have experienced an unusual collection of symptoms that range from hearing …

Hearing Loss