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  • How to screenshot on iPhone
    Whether you already use or you are new to iPhone and iPad, the guidelines on How To Screenshot on iPhone, iPad is simpler when you know its generation and features.

    Apple has launched many iPhone generations with different features year by year, so capturing a screenshot will vary with different generations.

    Here are two popular methods to quickly save what’s on your screen:

    Method 1: Take a screenshot with a button combo
    There are two scenarios when using buttons: iPhone with Home button and iPhone without Home button.

    How to screenshot on iPhone with a Home button
    If you are the person who keeps searching how to screenshot on iphone 8, how to screenshot on iphone 7, and also how to screenshot on iphone 6, these below steps are for you.

    These iPhone models (iPhone 8, iPhone 7, and iPhone 6) have a Home button and Side buttons (also known as Sleep/ Wake or Power button). Follow these simple steps to take a nice screenshot:

    Step 1: Press the Side button and Home button at the same time.

    Step 2: Your iPhone screen will blink once. Quickly release both buttons.

    Step 3: The screenshot will be saved automatically.

    How to screenshot on iPhone without a Home button
    With other generations that don’t have a Home button, there will be another button combo to take screenshots. These steps are pretty easy; all you need to do is:

    Step 1: Press the Side button and Volume Up button at the same time.

    Step 2: Quickly release both buttons when you see your phone blink.

    Step 3: You can find the automatically saved screenshot in Photos.

    These above steps work well to the case when you or anyone want to know how to screenshot on iphone 12, how to screenshot on iphone 11, how to screenshot on iphone 10, and how to screenshot on iphone xr as well.

    Note: For any generation of iPhone, if you don’t press the button combos simultaneously, you will lock your phone screen. Don’t worry! Just make sure you press them simultaneously next time.

    Method 2: Take a screenshot with Assistive Touch
    If you have difficulty pressing the buttons and want to find other fast and simple ways? Here we go! You can capture your phone screen with a single hand using Assistive Touch. Following these instructions:

    Step 1: Enable AssistiveTouch

    Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Touch > then select AssistiveTouch.

    Step 2: Customize Top Level Menu

    Tap Customize Top Level Menu > Custom (the star icon) > scroll down and select Screenshot > tap Done.

    Step 3: Take a screenshot

    Go to the screen with the information you want to take a screenshot.
    Tap AssistiveTouch on the Home screen.
    Tap Screenshot.
    How to screenshot on iPad
    If you want to know how to screenshot on ipad pro or how to screenshot on ipad air, the methods are the same.

    You will find that it is also quite easy to screenshot with ipad with two methods below:

    Method 1: Take a screenshot with a button combo.
    The method of taking a screenshot on an iPad is the same as on iPhone. It is easier once you are familiar with the process.

    Step 1: Press the On/ Off button or Sleep/ Wake button.

    Step 2: Press the Home button at the same time.

    Step 3: Once you see your screen blink, quickly release both buttons.

    Method 2: Take a screenshot with Assistive Touch
    You can snap a shot anytime you need with only one hand by tapping the Screenshot button on the screen.

    Step 1: Enable AssistiveTouch

    Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > select AssistiveTouch.

    Step 2: Customize Top Level Menu

    Still, on that screen, tap Customize Top Level Menu > Custom (the star icon) > scroll down and select Screenshot > tap Done.

    Step 3: Take a screenshot

    Go to the screen with the information you want to take a screenshot of.
    Tap AssistiveTouch on the Home screen.
    Tap Screenshot.
    Saving and Editing screenshots
    Generally, you know how to take a screenshot on iphone and how to take a screenshot on ipad, but you can save your phone screenshots in other ways or edit them if needed.

    After you press the button combo or tap Screenshot on AssistiveTouch, the screenshot is saved as mentioned above. There are two other ways that your screenshot will be saved depending on your iOS.

    With iOS 11 or later, you will see a thumbnail preview on the low-left corner of your phone screen.
    If you don’t tap the thumbnail or do anything, the screenshot is automatically saved.

    If you want to edit or share the screenshot, tap the thumbnail and edit it to your will, such as changing size, writing notes, or even deleting the screenshot.

    With the older versions of iOS, the screenshot is added to Photos on your phone automatically without showing a thumbnail.
    Where to find the screenshots?
    For any generation of iPhone or iPad and any way to take a screenshot as mentioned above, you can find your screenshots by doing these steps:

    Open Photos > go to Albums > then select Screenshots.

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  • Most people think that they do know how to screenshot Android. But actually, they don’t, at least not all the possible methods available out there. There is a common case that people want a screenshot, but the information just swifts away, such as Facebook stories, video clips, or games. The operation is quite cumbersome when you have to press two buttons at the same time.

    How To Screenshot With Android’s Hardware
    It is the traditional method to capture a screen on Android regardless of your phone models; it is easy to remember but quite frustrating. Open the picture or video you want to capture first, then press the “Power” and “Volume down” buttons at once.

    The position of these two buttons can vary depending on the brand and model of your device. Generally, they lie on the top right edge of most Android gears.

    But another placement includes the “Power” button on the right side and the “Volume Down” button on the left of your phone.

    The tricky thing about how to screenshot from Android is how long you hold these buttons to take a screenshot. It would become rather cumbersome if you are bad at timing. You’ll find yourself staring at your phone and waiting for nothing. Then you have to repeat those actions.

    Tip: Particularly, after you hold the two buttons on a Samsung galaxy, a “Smart capture” appears at the bottom of the screen. It will provide basic choices for your screenshot, such as a thumbnail or a share.

    How To Screenshot In Android Using Quick Settings
    Starting at Android version 7.0, Google allows users to intervene more in the Quick Settings area. It is where we can get quick access to system settings by swiping down from the top edge.

    Depending on your device and the number of “Quick Settings” you’re using, there can be several pages of tiles in the expanded version of the menu. You can swipe left or right to navigate the different pages of your Android “Quick Settings” menu.

    We suggest that you rearrange the shutter button away from the first page; it is a useful button, and you will want to find it as quickly as possible.

    In case you can’t find the “Screenshot” button on the “Quick Settings” menu. Tapping on the “Settings” symbol, normally on the right corner, will provide you more options, including the “Screenshot.”

    How To Screenshot On Android Phones By Swiping The Screen
    Notice: This feature is not built in some Android devices, so check the information before applying it.

    Next is one of our favorite methods on the list. Compared to the two methods above, this requires you to perform only one action. However, you have to activate it first.

    You need to tap on “Settings,” scroll down and choose “Advanced features.” Then, a screen will be full of many options; find “Motions and gestures.” Now, just turn “Palm swipe to capture” on, then you can use this feature.

    How To Screenshot An Android Device With Bixby
    Bixby is a virtual assistant of Samsung. Like Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana, Bixby is a built-in function of every Android device.

    After activating the Bixby, access the screen you like to snap. Press and hold the Bixby button to turn on Bixby’s voice, then say, “Take a screenshot.” Bixby will follow your command right away.

    Bixby saves the screenshot to the Gallery automatically, then you are free to share or edit the image.

    How To Screenshot From Android With Third-party Apps
    The two popular apps from third parties that we recommend are AZ Screen recorder and Screenshot touch. Both of them can provide you with many post-shot functions.

    For instance, the AZ Screen recorder enables you to snap the screen, record it, and edit the videos. With this dedicated app, you’re also able to stream your screen on social media platforms.

    Thanks to the in-app video editor, you can trim videos, change background music, or add subtitles, etc.

    And Screenshot Touch, compatible with Android 5.0 or higher, save your screenshots into as many folders as you want. You can crop, edit, and draw on the screenshots directly.

    It also provides the mp4 format of the screenshot. Then, you can adjust the frame rate, audio, and bitrate of it.

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  • How To Screenshot Chromebook

    If you have been familiar with Windows laptops and recently decided to purchase a Chromebook as your personal laptop, you definitely would want to know how to screenshot Chromebook. This procedure is somewhat different from other Windows or Mac units, so we have conducted a quick and easy guide on how to take screenshots in chromebook for your convenience.

    Detailed Procedures Of How To Screenshot Chromebook
    There are so many answers to the question of “how to screenshot with chromebook?”. Below are some procedures that we believe to be the simplest and work perfectly on any variants of your laptop. Now let’s not wait further and get started!

    Screenshot By Shortcut
    This is the process that makes taking screenshots on a Chromebook so different from Windows, since the keyboard layout of each laptop is distinguishable. It is also the first way many users would find when searching for “how to screenshot a chromebook?”.

    To take a screenshot, you will need to press the special “Show Windows” key in the shape of a rectangle next to 2 lines, and follow these steps in order

    Taking A Full Screenshot
    If you want to capture your entire screen, proceed to press these keys at the same time: Ctrl and Show Windows. Then everything on your screen appears in the picture.

    Capturing Specific Areas
    In terms of how to screenshot on chromebook, other than a full picture, you can generate a dedicated window for capturing a portion of your screen. You will need to find the Ctrl, Shift and Show Windows keys, then, do as follows:

    Step 1: Hold down Ctrl and Shift keys at the same time, after that press Show Windows.

    Step 2: The screen should quickly dim, and the cursor will transform into a crosshair. Use that crosshair to mark 1 corner of the area you want to capture. Remember to hold down your mouse or touchpad continuously.

    Step 3: Pull the crosshair across the screen until the area is contained inside a box.

    Step 4: Stop pressing down the mouse button and the laptop will automatically capture the screen.

    Capture Via Stylus
    Should your Chromebook support a touch screen, you can use a Stylus pen to take screenshots with simpler steps.

    Taking A Full Screenshot
    Step 1: On your laptop’s homescreen, find and tap on “Stylus”.

    Step 2: Take your Stylus pen and tap it on the Capture Screen option; this will take a quick snap of the screen.

    Capturing Specific Areas
    Taking a specific part of your screen is possible with a stylus, to through these steps:

    Step 1: Similar to recording your entire screen, tap on “Stylus”.

    Step 2: Instead of tapping on Capture Screen, tap the Capture Region option.

    Step 3: Touch and hold your stylus on the screen.

    Step 4: From there, start dragging your stylus to create a box

    Step 5: Release your pen and the area inside the said box will be captured.

    Screenshot In Tablet Mode
    Technology is in rapid development; with Chromebooks, they have been designed to operate as 2 devices in 1. Not only as a laptop, these high-end units have 360 degrees hinges, allowing you to flip the keyboard over and turn your screen into a functional tablet.

    So how to screenshot on a chromebook in this mode? Many people have the same question .The dedicated Tablet mode should not stop you from grabbing your screen. Simply hold the Volume Down and Power button in conjunction, and a screenshot will be ready in your machine.

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  • How to Screenshot on Laptop

    Screenshots can come in handy whenever you want to save something from the Internet, or simply just want to show your friend that funny meme you saw. But how to screenshot on laptop? This article includes different ways to take screenshots on a laptop. Check it out!

    How to Screenshot on Laptop
    Below are some methods of taking a screenshot on laptops that run on Windows and macOS.

    If Your Laptop Runs on Windows 10
    If you own a laptop with Windows 10, there are several ways on how to screenshot in laptop.

    Using Snipping Tool

    This is a bonus for those who want to know how to screenshot on HP laptop or any other laptops that run on Windows operating systems.

    First, click on the Windows icon found at the bottom left of your laptop screen. You can also tap on the Windows key on your keyboard.

    Then, look for ‘Snipping Tool’ on the search bar. You will see several options, including ‘New’, ‘Mode’, ‘Delay’, ‘Cancel’, and ‘Options’.

    The New option lets you capture your screen regardless of the size, dimension, or form. With the Mode option, you get to choose a customized size for your photo; for instance, full screen, rectangle, or even free form.

    The Cancel calls off whatever you’re doing, and the Delay one lets you set a timer for when you want to take a screenshot.

    This pre-installed program comes in convenient whenever you want to take a screenshot, especially if you need simple editing on your just captured screenshot(s).

    However, if you wish to take a screenshot using straightforward methods with keys only, keep on reading!

    Using the Print Screen (PrtSc) Key

    Windows laptops allow users to take a screenshot with a simple press on the PrtSc key found on the top right corner of your laptop. Then, simply go to Paint and paste (press Ctrl+V) the image. You can also paste it on Microsoft Word or another program that displays the photos.

    For some computers, an additional act may be needed. If you tried the method above, and it doesn’t work, try pressing Fn+PrtSc.

    Remember, by doing this, you’re taking a photo of the entire screen of the laptop.

    Using the Alt+PrtSc Key

    There is another alternative to the method below with the PrtSc key: use Alt+PrtSc. However, this act will only capture the image of your current displayed screen; in other words, the active window you’re using.

    Using Windows key+Ctrl+S

    Press on the Window key+Ctrl+S if you want to take a screenshot of a specific part of the current display. When you do this, the screen is dimmed, and the mouse changes to a pointer.

    Use this pointer to choose the portion you want to take a screenshot on, and then paste it into any program that supports images.

    Using Windows key+G

    If you’re a gamer, you ought to know this method of taking a screenshot. Simply press on the Windows key+G to make a game overlay. Clicking right on the camera icon also works.

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  • Are you wondering about how to screenshot on windows? Then, the 8 methods below will be of immense help to you, and you can have your desired pictures instantly.

    You are surfing the internet and see something interesting that you want to save for viewing later, but you don’t know how to capture the screen. It will be very frustrating, and you may miss an important piece of information to help you work or study.

    8 Ways To Screenshot On Windows
    The below are the 8 techniques that show you how to take a screenshot on windows. We can be sure that they will help you to save your desired pictures.

    Print Screen
    Are you wondering about how to screenshot on windows 10 in a simple way? The Print Screen function is the answer. All you need to do is to press the PrtScn on the upper-right side of your keyboard. Now, you can have a photo of the entire screen.

    Your clipboard will save the photo. If you want to use the picture, paste it into any programs which offer inserting pictures, including Paint and Microsoft Word.

    Alt + Print Screen
    Another similar way is using the combination of Alt and Print Screen. When you want to capture the active window that you are working on, you can press Alt + Print Screen. It will snap the current Window and copy the shot to the clipboard. You would use another program such as paint to open it.

    Windows key + Print Screen
    Finding the process above complicated and want something simpler? Don’t hesitate to choose this feature. To take a photo of the whole screen and save it automatically, you need to tap the Window Key + Print Screen key. The screen goes to dim, and to open the file, you just need to go to the Pictures > Screenshots folder.

    Snip & Sketch tool
    The Snip and Sketch tool is the easiest way to access, share, and annotate your screen photo. And using the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + Shift + S is the best option for you to call up the function.

    This action will dim the screen, and users can find a menu appearing at the top of their computer. It will let you choose from different screenshot types, including rectangular, Window, freeform, and full-screen snips.

    After you take the photo, it will go to your clipboard and show you a notification momentarily in the lower right corner. You can press it to open the application and annotate, share, or save the picture.

    If you open the App in the first place from the Search menu, you will see the Snip & Sketch tool window in place of the toolbar. Users can click on the New button in the upper-left to capture a new picture. It is an extra step, but you can delay the screenshot for 3 or 10 seconds, which allows you to go to the desired screen.

    Snipping Tool
    There is no need to worry about screenshots even when using the older Windows version with fewer features. Let us show you how to screenshot on windows 7.

    Although the Snip & Sketch is way better than this function, it is still possible to use the old function Snipping Tool available on Windows 9, 8, 7, and Vista. However, Window has warned that they are removing the feature.

    You must find the tool via the search bar. Use the Mode bottom to choose the types of screenshot you want, and click the new bottom to take a shot.

    Users can also delay the screenshot through the Delay function. Once you take the shot, it will open in a new window, and you can easily save, share or annotate the picture with Microsoft Outlook.

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  • Snapping photos of your screen using phones is the only answer when being asked about how to screenshot on PC? Things are about to change! Our guide on how to screenshot on PC will instruct you to handle the job in the simplest and most effective way through 6 comprehensive methods.

    How To Screenshot On Pc – 5 Quick Ways
    So, how to do the screenshot on PC?

    One thing is for sure, it is not as complex as you expect it to be. You do not even have to be tech-savvy or try to master any particular skill to get started. In fact, these 5 tricks alone can have you well-covered no matter what operating system your PC runs on.

    Print Screen
    How to screenshot on a PC with the print screen? Using its namesake right on the keyboard, what else? It is shortened into ‘PrtSc’ from ‘Print Screen’, in case you have a hard time telling it apart from the rest.

    What it does is pretty obvious from the name, to capture the entirety of your display. But simply holding down the button would not do the trick. You have to combine it with a series of other actions to have the image ready.

    Print Screen only: Tap this button once, and your PC’s system will immediately copy the whole screen. But the image will go straight to the clipboard, so you need to paste it on a different tool for further editing and saving (like Paint)
    Print Screen + Alt: This is another way to take the full PC screenshot. The only part that differentiates the command from the first one is that it only captures the windows you are currently select, not the whole screen
    (Imagine having both Google Chrome and Microsoft Words running parallel to each other even though your focus is on the latter only. Hitting this combination of key snap nothing else but its image)

    Window + Print Screen: Use both these keys at once, and you can directly save the screenshot without an image editor tool. The whole display will even go darker for a second as a sign that the image is already taken.
    But it does not let you decide the storage location, so you need to fetch the saved images from the Screenshot file in the Picture section later on.

    Snip and Sketch
    Snip and sketch is a screenshot utility built into all PCs operating on Windows 10, and you only need the Windows + Shift + S to activate it. You can have it grab certain parts of the screen instead of the whole big display, which is why the function is highly favored these days.

    Once calling up this fused application, your screen will darken, and you have to drag a rectangle across sections you want to save, which appear in the usual brightness rate for you to track with ease.

    You can swap between this and the active window capture command, snap the full screen, or go free-from by selecting the available options. After that, just customize the image in the new pop-up dashboard, then save it when you are satisfied. The extra step of copying and pasting won’t be there to bother you!

    Snipping tool
    Snipping tool, is the non-upgraded version of Snip and Sketch that can be found in all PCs. But in reality, its target users are any operating system older than the Windows 10. Despite being an old-school choice since the conception of Windows Vista, it still plays the role of a decent screenshot app up to this point.

    All the features are practically the same as what you have for a Windows 10 device. But its dashboard is more on the cumbersome side, and you will have to go through some mode modifications to be able to finish a screenshot. (Not so convenient for regular screenshot snappers, if you ask us)

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