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British archaeology is in a fight for survival

The first University Archaeology Day marks a point of crisis in British archaeology. As student applications fall, threatening university departments with cuts, commercial demand for archaeologists is soaring, leaving a looming skills shortage<p>On 22 June, the first ever University Archaeology Day …


Africats to the Purr-ymids: DNA study reveals long tale of cat domestication

Study of ancient genetic material from Egypt to Viking graveyards reveals all tamed cats descended from one rodent-catching African subspecies first tamed by Near East farmers 9,000 years ago<p>The untold story of how cats came in from the wild to commandeer the finest armchairs and win over the …


A Pharaoh’s Massive Tomb Unveiled

The tomb of King Senwosret III, one of the most renowned pharaohs of ancient Egypt’s Middle Kingdom, is expected to open to the public in about a …


Ben Finney, Anthropologist Who Debunked Theory on Island Settlement, Dies at 83

On June 4, 1976, the Hokulea, a double-hulled sailing canoe of ancient design, glided into Papeete Harbor in Tahiti, greeted ecstatically by a crowd of 17,000 — more than half the island’s population. For the first time in six centuries, a traditional Polynesian sailing vessel had made the voyage …


Nimrud: Restoring a city destroyed by Islamic State

Unesco and locals attempting to rescue Iraqi city’s heritage from terrorist group’s attacks

Islamic State (ISIS)

Cambridge University refuses to return Aboriginal artifacts to Australia

The University of Cambridge has refused a request by an Australian man to return important Aboriginal artifacts taken by British explorer Captain …

Archaeologists in N. Iceland discover Viking age chief buried in ship with his sword and dog

Archeology<p>By Staff<p><b>At the site</b> Archaeologists at work excavating the Dysnes site. Dysnes translates as "Burial-ness". Photo/Auðunn<p>Yesterday …

Siberia 9,000BC: Secrets revealed on how hieroglyphics were carved into the oldest statue in the world

The imposing Shigir Idol is 5.3 metres tall.<p>The huge Shigir Idol, preserved for more than 10,000 years in Siberia, was carved with instruments …


Chichen Itza's El Castillo Is A Pyramid In A Pyramid In A Pyramid

In the ancient Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza sits a pyramid called Kukulcan, also known as El Castillo. Archaeologists have long known that this …


France’s Wealthy Warriors

<b>A necropolis</b> recently discovered in northern France is providing remarkable new evidence of the La Tène Culture, enigmatic warriors who once …


Cathedral upgrade wary of hidden graves

There may be unknown graves under Taranaki's cathedral.

Just how Earth-shattering are those 300,000-year-old Homo sapiens fossils?

It may seem like an astonishing revision of our species' history to add 100,000 years, but to paleoanthropologists trying to piece together a messy …

American Museum of Natural History

Who are you calling a caveman? Israeli study finds Neanderthals had versatile habitats

Analysis of remains from 60,000 years ago found at Ein Qashish questions a bedrock narrative of humanity’s ancestors


More human remains, clues found in Civil War submarine's conservation | CNN Travel

(CNN) — More clues of the H.L. Hunley mystery are being revealed during conservation of the American Civil War submarine.<p>On Wednesday, researchers in a North Charleston, South Carolina, laboratory unveiled the crew compartment -- which had been sealed by more than a century of ocean exposure and …


10 Crusader Castles

10 examples of castles in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East, founded or occupied during the Crusades.<b>1 – Krak des Chevaliers – Syria</b>Krak des …

World History

ANU Archaeologists unearth 19th century history at Googong

Pieces of rusted door hinges, roofing nails, stone walls and slate pencils are artefacts providing clues about a forgotten school in …


Oldest Homo sapiens bones ever found shake foundations of the human story

Idea that modern humans evolved in East Africa 200,000 years ago challenged by extraordinary discovery of 300,000-year-old remains in Moroccan mine<p>Fossils recovered from an old mine on a desolate mountain in Morocco have rocked one of the most enduring foundations of the human story: that <i>Homo</i> …


Researchers find mysterious wooden pagan circles are actually 800 years older than Stonehenge

Thought Stonehenge was our oldest relic?<p>Think again.<p>Mysterious religious rituals were happening WAY before the stone circle was assembled, in a lesser-known prehistoric site some 20 miles down the road in Avebury, Wiltshire.<p>Experts discovered the circular Palisades – which would have appeared like …


New Map Reveals Ships Buried Below San Francisco

Dozens of vessels that brought gold-crazed prospectors to the city in the 19th century still lie beneath the streets.<p>Every day thousands of passengers on underground streetcars in San Francisco pass through the hull of a 19th-century ship without knowing it. Likewise, thousands of pedestrians walk …

San Francisco

Did children build the ancient Egyptian city of Amarna?

New evidence from Akhenaten’s capital suggests that a ‘disposable’ workforce of children and teenagers provided much of the labour for the city’s construction<p>There’s a whiff of magic about the site of Tell el-Amarna that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. It’s partly down to the …


Archaeology project unearths new stories about early Aboriginal lives

In Queensland's remote Channel Country, an archaeological discovery is raising questions around the idea that Indigenous groups were nomadic hunter …

Iceland's coastal erosion threatens Viking artifacts: report

Coastal erosion in Iceland poses such a threat to Viking-era historic artifacts that a member of the country's parliament warns of a "cultural …


Chaco Canyon’s ancient civilization continues to puzzle

Chaco Canyon is a land of extremes. Summer heat scorches the desert canyon, which is sandwiched between sandstone cliffs nearly two kilometers above …


Laser technology uncovers 1,600-year-old Christian frescoes in Rome's biggest catacomb

Deep in a labyrinth of dank tunnels, in the heart of Rome’s oldest and largest catacombs, archaeologists have discovered an exquisite set of 1,600-year-old frescoes painted to commemorate the city’s early Christians.<p>Experts used the latest laser technology to uncover the centuries of grime which …


Man out to prove Māori not original settlers under investigation

An amateur historian is under investigation for taking human remains in a bid to prove his theory that Māori were not the original settlers.

New Zealand News

Amateur Northland historian asked to explain source of skulls

An amateur Northland historian is being asked to explain the origins of two skulls he says were used to create visual reconstructions of what are …

A Northland man is under investigation by Heritage New Zealand for tampering with historic burial sites

A self-proclaimed historian who has repeatedly claimed Maori were not the first inhabitants of New Zealand is being investigated for allegedly …

Rice Was First Grown At Least 9,400 Years Ago

Archaeologists have unearthed bits of rice from when it was first domesticated in China.<p>Around 10,000 years ago, as the Pleistocene gave way to our current geological epoch, a group of hunter-gathers near China’s Yangtze River began changing their way of life. They started to grow rice.<p>Remarkably, …


Antiquity of human spine revealed in 3.3 million year-old Ethiopian fossil

Portions of human skeletal structure were established millions of years earlier than previously thought.