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Anticancer Smoothie

The powerful ingredients in this smoothie recipe from William Li of the Angiogenesis Foundation's Eat to Defeat Cancer initiative pack a healthy punch, helping to lower your risk of several types of cancer.

Coconut-Chocolate Macaroons

This recipe comes from our book "Clean Slate: A Cookbook and Guide."

Dark Chocolate Truffles

This recipe comes from our book "Clean Slate: A Cookbook and Guide."


5 Comforting Slow Cooker Cocktails to Help Deal With Winter

The age of hands-free hot cocktails is at hand. Don't put your slow cooker in the corner--it's good for far more than quietly stewing tough cuts of meat.<p>Load that big-batch juggernaut with booze for a winter party and revel in the shaker-less freedom of ready-to-serve hot buttered rum and mulled …

6 Warm, Fresh-Baked Breads That Steal The Spotlight

These warm, fresh-baked breads and biscuits make a delicious addition to any meal -- don't be surprised if they upstage everything else on the table!<p><b>1. Rosemary Focaccia</b><p>Expecting company? Focaccia is a flavorful and easy-to-make Italian flat bread that feeds a crowd. This classic version is topped …


13 Piglet-Watching Snacks

The Piglet is to us what game day is to sports fans: There's excitement, heightened emotions, cheering, yelling, and plenty of eating. On a good day, there might even be a foam finger thrown into the mix. Though we're not tossing around a pigskin, we are frying some bacon and wrapping it around a …

11 Beef Recipes You Should Master: It’s What’s for Dinner

Nutrient-rich and full of iron, beef is a versatile meat that cooks quickly and is just as delicious in a winter stew as it is grilled outdoors in …


National Geographic Travel

Istanbul: City of the Future

From the October 2010 issue of <i>National Geographic Traveler</i><p><b>Beloved for its complex, layered past, Istanbul, where East meets West, may also offer a vision of what’s to come.</b> <br>I don’t think I’d ever stepped inside a cinema restroom to see little video screens along the wall projecting fashion runway …

Making the most of your Australian Working Holiday Visa

Fancy plenty of time to swim in the Australian surf, cuddle koalas, and gobble juicy barbequed prawns at night? By travelling to Australia on a 'working holiday' visa you can earn more dollars to fund travelling for longer and enjoy more of these iconic experiences. Our tips will help you avoid the …

Fashion Designer Julie de Libran Builds On the Legacy of Sonia Rykiel

Of all the honors accorded Sonia Rykiel over the course of her long career (including France’s Legion of Honor and an “Oscar” from the Fashion Group International), perhaps none is more conspicuous than le Club Rykiel on the menu of the Café de Flore, renowned as the gathering place for the …

Louis Vuitton

Bacon-Wrapped Potatoes

To serve these bacon-wrapped potatoes as an appetizer, simply leave in the toothpicks they were secured and baked with. Remove them to serve as a side dish.

Reuben Dog

Catch you later, ketchup! Dress up your dog with this fresh topping and you'll never go back to a simple squirt again! Also try a Frank and Beans, Hawaiian Dog, Mexican Charred-Corn Dog, and Banh Mi Dog.

5 Warm and Cozy Breakfasts for Chilly Winter Days

It's cold outside: crank up the oven and wake your family with the smell of something good!<p><b>1. Marbled Chocolate Banana Bread</b><p>Warm out of the oven, this banana bread is tender and sweet-scented with a gorgeous ribbon of chocolate running through it. It's fun to make: you spoon the banana and …


Our 86 Favorite Weeknight Dinner Ideas

Monday-Thursday you need dinner and you need it fast. We've got all the recipes you'll need.<p>These are our most popular, best-loved, and greatest weeknight dinner recipes of all time—and we're coming up with even more as we speak.


New Orleans-Style Beignets

New Orleans, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways: 1) Beignets 2) Jazz Fest 3) Beignets 4) Jackson Square 5) Did we mention beignets? We've clearly got a thing for those delightful squares of fried dough coated in powdered sugar. And since Mardi Gras is this Tuesday, February 17, we couldn't …

Carnival around the world | CNN Travel

On a Budget? 5 Ways You Can Still Travel the World!

<i>This is part of the #BorderlessTravels series - featuring tips on your upcoming trips.</i><p>The world is becoming more accessible, with airlines, accommodation and everything in between available at budget-friendly prices.<p>If you can sort through the droves of information, you can go a lot further for a …

Travel Deals

En Route: Restlessness — Part 2

He has seen the mountains scratch at the sky like claws, then fall into the flatness of the plains. He has seen canyons swallow the flatness, but …

SNL 40th Anniversary: The A-List Party of the Season!

Sure the windchill in NYC dropped to an unbearable -9 degrees and New York Fashion Week was in full roar, but some of Tinseltown's boldest face …

Miley Cyrus

Puma Boosts Yearly Outlook as Second-Half Sales Rise

Puma SE, the German maker of athletic gear that sponsors sprinter Usain Bolt, forecast a belated sales increase this year as the company continues a …


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pizza May Be the Best Thing You'll Ever Eat

Chocolate chip cookie dough pizza combines two of the greatest things in food: cookie dough and pizza. What are you waiting for? Make it!<p>Hey, Food Fanatics!<p>I am SO excited to be the newest member of the Food Fanatic Family! I feel like I’ve been adopted into a gigantic family full of food bloggers …


One-Bowl Chocolate Cake

Birthday? Anniversary? Going-away party? This super-easy, one-bowl layer cake is the perfect dessert for any gathering of chocolate buffs.

Texas Corn Dogs

The secret to an even coating: Pour the batter into a tall container, such as a Mason jar, and dip in each hot dog.

Hot Dogs

Antipasti Pizza

To add more flavor and flair to these mini pizzas, top them with goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, or salami after baking.

Salted Fried Chicken

The secret to moist fried chicken is maintaining the correct oil temperature throughout the process. If it's too low, the chicken will be greasy and soggy, and if it's too high, the coating will burn before the chicken is cooked through.


Pink Heart Sandwich Cookies

The pink hearts are made from a sugar-cookie dough; the chocolate hearts are a little denser. What holds these charming sandwich cookies together is a filling that will remind you of an Oreo. It's creamy, but granulated sugar gives it a tender crunch. (This is the corrected version of this recipe.)

Paleo? Vegan? 36 Super Bowl Snacks to Satisfy *All* Your Guests

Entertaining can be tricky when special diets come into play, but it doesn’t have to be that way. These 36 Super Bowl-worthy recipes work for all kinds of allergies and preferences, from gluten-free to paleo to vegan to vegetarian — and everything in between. The best part, though? Even those folks …

Paris Is Filled With Secret Gardens, You Just Have To Know Where To Look

When you think of touring Paris, you likely think of the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame Cathedral or the Louvre. When you think of enjoying your time in Paris, you likely think about lounging in one of the city's famous parks with a croissant and a classic read to feel, you know, Parisian. And while …