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Tuning and Debugging Apache Spark


Futures of text

When the weather is bad I take a bus to work. I’m forever grateful to the person at the bus stop who informed me that you can text New York’s MTA …


What has been the biggest startup failure in Silicon Valley in the past 5 years?

Silicon Valley

Why startups fail, according to their founders

The top reason? They make products no one wants.

When the founder of a startup company shuts down her or his business, it is customary to pen an essay that tells the rest of the community what went wrong, called a failure post-mortem. It’s estimated that nine out of 10 startups fail, which is why …


Databricks at Strata San Jose

The Strata + Hadoop World Conference in San Jose last week was abuzz with “putting data to work” in keeping with this year’s conference theme. This …

San Jose

Emic and etic

This article is about the anthropological terms. For emic and etic concepts in linguistics, see emic unit.

Emic and etic, in anthropology, …

David Ogilvy’s Timeless Principles of Creative Management

“If you ever find a man who is better than you are — hire him. If necessary, pay him more than you pay yourself.”

Advertising legend David Ogilvy endures not only as the original Mad Man, but also as one of modern history’s most celebrated creative leaders in the communication arts. From The

David Ogilvy

The Geometry of Classifiers

As John mentioned in his last post, we have been quite interested in the recent study by Fernandez-Delgado,, “Do we Need Hundreds of …

What I Wish I Knew in My 20s as an Entrepreneur

In 2015, one thing is clear, startups are continuing to dominate. Entrepreneurs are using their visions and abilities to overturn industries. But for …


'Big brain' gene found in humans, not chimps

A single gene may have paved the way for the rise of human intelligence by dramatically increasing the number of brain cells found in a key brain region.

This gene seems to be uniquely human: It is found in modern-day humans, Neanderthals and another branch of extinct humans called Denisovans, but …

The Brain

15 Open Source Tools and Resources for Designers and Developers

Professional web designers need to well-organized with their work. They should aiming good quality and foundation in a web design. Some time saving …


KDnuggets™ News 15:n06, Feb 25: My brief guide to Big Data; Data Scientist 3 wishes; Active Data Mining Blogs

My Brief Guide to Big Data; Cartoon: Data Scientist gets 3 wishes for Valentine Day; Active Data Mining, Data Science blogs; Gartner 2015 Magic …

Infographic: How Mobile Ads Are Becoming More Engaging and Accountable

A week ago, it was revealed that Facebook had begun working with the MRC, IAB and Nielsen on creating viewability standards for mobile ads. The move …


Five countries where you should buy a second home

Want a casa in the Costa Del Sol? Thinking of retiring to the Caribbean? Some property markets around the world may be benefiting from a strong dollar or an expanding middle class.

Real Estate

50 LA tech startups to watch in 2015

*The below companies were founded January 2010 or later, are still independently operated (not acquired), and are within Los Angeles more


Understanding the psychology of eating disorders [infographic]

More than 30 million people in the United States suffer from an eating disorder. In acknowledgement of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, …


How to pick startup ideas

25 Feb 2015

One of the most important things I learned from running a startup is that on a macro scale the innovation market is efficient. If the …


10 UX Design Trends You Shouldn’t Overlook in 2015

In today’s fast-changing world of user experience design, predicting the future is no longer the art of gazing into a crystal ball. Instead, keeping …


South Korean Island Grows Wary After Welcoming the Chinese

DAEJEONG, South Korea — Not far from Shin Yong-kyun’s strawberry farm are the crumbling remains of an airfield that Japanese colonialists built in the 1930s, to launch air raids against China, and the coastal caves they gouged out to hide their warships.

The Japanese imperial era is long over, but …


People who are living in SF/ the bay area, what is your income, expenses, and what do you do?

Curious because of the NYC threadEdit: thank you all for sharing, especially those who shared your profession. It takes a lot to put that out for all …


A tale of two clusters: Mesos and YARN

This is a tale of two siloed clusters. The first cluster is an Apache Hadoop cluster. This is an island whose resources are completely isolated to …


4. Doing Naive Bayes Classification

Lynn Cherny, 2/10/15, arnicas@gmail

This is an example of going from labeled text to machine classification, first with NLTK and then the Python …

Machine Learning

Core Data Concurrency & Maintaining a Silky Smooth UI

In July 2014, Soundwave introduced a new messaging feature that enabled music lovers to chat and share music with each other. Along with tracking …

Core Data

Introducing Origami Live and Origami 2.0

Just over a year ago, we released Origami — a free tool for designing interactive user interfaces. We’ve used it here at Facebook to design many of …


Swift & the Objective-C Runtime

Even when written without a single line of Objective-C code, every Swift app executes inside the Objective-C runtime, opening up a world of dynamic …


Modern Core Graphics with Swift: Part 1

Imagine you’ve finished your app and it works just fine, but the interface lacks style. You could draw several sizes of all your custom control images …

Swift State Machines, Part 1

Books for Founders


Founders at Work Stories of successful founders




Innovator's Dilemma The seminal business book



Venture Deals Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and …

Genghis Khan

CitusDB: Scalable PostgreSQL - How to Build Your Distributed Database (1/2)

Created on February 24, 2015Written by Ozgun Erdogan

The first distributed database that I worked on was called CSPIT. The project was led by a …