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Who are the fraudsters costing the ad industry billions?

Billions of pounds are stolen from the digital ad industry every year by those with a background in malware, whose incentive to defraud advertisers …


Call me maybe: Elasticsearch 1.5.0

Previously, on Jepsen, we demonstrated stale and dirty reads in MongoDB. In this post, we return to Elasticsearch, which loses data when the network


Why we should aim to build a forever company, not just a unicorn

“Unicorn company.” It’s the latest bit of jargon that’s infected our conversations here in the Bay Area, to the point where both WSJ and Fortune have …


Designing Mobile UX

Creating A Captivating User Experience

As the mobile channel matures and technologies develop, so too does the field of Mobile User Experience. Good …

UX Design

Evolutionary UX design

Aug 27, 2010 | Estimated reading time: 13 minutes

Wow, what a difference some well thought out UX design can make. I recently bought a new Humax video …

UX Design

Google’s Larry Page on Why Moon Shots Matter

Larry Page lives by the gospel of 10x. Most companies would be happy to improve a product by 10 percent. Not the CEO and cofounder of Google. The way …


Entrepreneurial Management 101

One of the hardest things for entrepreneurs to learn is that most of the time, the best thing they can do is get out of the way of the people …


The Secret Psychology of Facebook

Whenever I hop onto Facebook to do something specific—find a link I saved for later or see what’s happening on Buffer’s Facebook page, perhaps—something strange happens.

Despite my best intentions to stay on track and accomplish my goal, I get sucked in. Suddenly I’m checking my own notifications, …


Watch Elon Musk announce Tesla Energy in the best tech keynote I've ever seen

I've watched a lot of handsomely paid CEOs get on stages for keynote presentations over the past decade, and none were as good as the one I saw Elon Musk give Thursday night in California as he introduced Tesla's new battery system. I'm sure many people will disagree — I mean, how can you compete …

Elon Musk

Peak Google

Despite the hype about disruption, the truth is most tech giants, particularly platform providers, are not so much displaced as they are eclipsed. …


Modeling communication mediums. — Medium

Modeling mediums.

The natural transition of every medium, since the beginning of human communication, is from a necessity to a vehicle for …


Bitcoin Venture Capital Funding

Venture Capital

New Test Suggests NASA's "Impossible" EM Drive Will Work In Space

Last year, NASA’s advanced propulsion research wing made headlines by announcing the successful test of a physics-defying electromagnetic drive, or …


World's Brightest Minds Pose After Historic Quantum Mechanics Debate : Solvay Conference, 1927

Einstein, Bohr, Heisenberg, Schrödinger, Curie, Lorentz, Bragg! All these names are associated with one or the other theory, equation or formula in …

Quantum Mechanics

Increasing Performance by Reducing Dynamic Dispatch

Subtle Mid-Stage Startup Pitfalls

(This post is derived from a talk I gave at SV Angel's CEO Summit.)

A lot has been written about the dangers that early-stage startups face. But …


Are Mission-Driven Companies Living In A Social Enterprise Bubble?

Social entrepreneurs: You have your work cut out for you. And too many of you may be living in a social enterprise bubble.

Those are some of the implications of a new study looking at consumers and socially responsible spending.

For one thing, according to the study, shoppers may have good …

Social Enterprise

Predicting CTR with online machine learning

Good clicklog datasets are hard to come by. Luckily CriteoLabs released a week’s worth of data — a whopping ~11GB! — for a new Kaggle contest. The

Machine Learning

15 Practical Design Tweaks For Your Website In 2015

In this article I would like to provide you actionable steps on altering your website for success. I’ll share findings from my own experience as well as advice from industry experts and tips on tweaking your website to make it perform better, increase conversion rate and eventually sell more.


17 Simple Rules for Buying the Perfect Suit

A couple of truths about suits: 1) You need at least one. 2) It's going to cost you. Exactly how much is up to you. Thanks to technology, inexpensive labor, and the free market, you can now buy a damn fine suit for under $300. You can also drop a grand or more. It all comes down to options.

The …


Learning a Personalized Homepage


Fall of the Designer Part I: Fashionable Nonsense


5 Big Myths About Bacon

Steer clear of them, and you'll reach bacon bliss.

I know you must get asked this a lot, but what is your favorite bacon? I have been trying pretty much every brand I can get hold of and I've also checked out some local products. I've been looking especially for applewood-smoked and bacon with no


How Instagram Onboards New Users, 07/2014

Instagram, now well over 150 million users strong, exploded on the scene as one of the most rapidly-adopted products in the …

Similarity in Elasticsearch


A similarity model is a set of abstractions and metrics to define to what extent things are similar. That’s quite a general definition. …


"People Who Like This Also Like ... "

Distance Metrics for Fun and Profit
"People Who Like This Also Like ... "

A while ago a friend of mine asked me how I would go about building a …


Lose Your Love Handles Through This 10-Minute Workout

By Dr. Mercola

Love handles, like most types of abdominal fat, can be quite challenging to get rid of, and for many may hold even after you've lost …


The Next Big Thing In Design? Less Choice

In the future, the design around us will sweat the small stuff, writes Huge CEO Aaron Shapiro.

Choice is overrated.

Recently, I decided to buy Monopoly to play with my son. What I was sure would be a quick decision on Amazon turned into a learning experience for both of us. Did you know there are …

Concept Design

The Latest Fashion, Trending on Google

Normcore? So last year. String bikinis? Most definitely over.

Even interest in skinny jeans may be waning, if six billion fashion-related queries by Google users are any indication of this year’s most popular trends.

Instead, consumers are Googling tulle skirts, midi skirts, palazzo pants and jogger …