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Donald Trump’s Disastrous Trip to Europe

The meeting in Helsinki between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin wasn’t the only international summit that took place on Monday. In Beijing, Chinese leaders gathered with those from the European Union at a China-E.U. summit, where, according to a report in the <i>Wall Street Journal</i>, “China courted the …

Donald Trump

Playing Mommies and Daddies

Emoji are the new grotesques of architecture

So why is this on TreeHugger? In his book The Shape of Green, Lance Hosey has written that “If it's not beautiful, it's not sustainable.”<p>@verge …


What the new photo of the Thai cave boys tells us about their ordeal

Where are the fists raised in triumph? Where are the big front-page grins? A photograph released by the Thai health ministry of the 12 boys rescued against all odds from the depths of the flooded Tham Luang cave is a picture editor’s nightmare and a human marvel. Instead of raucous celebration, …

Thai Cave Rescue

Can't a naked man paddle his kayak during a typhoon in peace?

That'd be a no.


Raising My Child in a Doomed World

I cried two times when my daughter was born. First for joy, when after 27 hours of labor the little feral being we’d made came yowling into the world, and the second for sorrow, holding the earth’s newest human and looking out the window with her at the rows of cars in the hospital parking lot, the …


15 bänkar utomhus som du kan bygga själv – beskrivning finns!

1. Stabil och luftig sittbänk av träreglarLuftig men ändå stabil sittbänk av träreglar. Planteringslådor finns på sidorna.Den här träbänken är inte …

Why a bat-friendly town turned the night red

Sustainable village in the Netherlands finds a happy middle ground.<p>A sustainable neighborhood in the Dutch town of Nieuwkoop is leaving on the …


World Cup 2018: The Moral Clarity of Pussy Riot’s Protest

On Sunday, in the fifty-second minute of the final game of the World Cup, four women dressed in Russian-police uniforms charged the field, briefly disrupting the match. They were members of the Russian protest-art group Pussy Riot.<p>Pussy Riot is often misidentified as a punk group, which is, in …

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Den nya tågstationen vid Centralen

Jul 11, 2018 at 5:19pm UTC

The Maps of Israeli Settlements That Shocked Barack Obama

One afternoon in the spring of 2015, a senior State Department official named Frank Lowenstein paged through a government briefing book and noticed a map that he had never seen before. Lowenstein was the Obama Administration’s special envoy on Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, a position that …


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How To Make an araabMUZIK track

Memo to those seeking to live for ever: eternal life would be deathly dull | Julian Baggini

Every experience is coloured by a sadness that it will not last. This doesn't diminish the experience but intensifies it<p>How long would you like to live? One hundred no longer seems too greedy. In 1983, the Queen sent 3,000 congratulatory telegrams to centenarians. By 2016 she was sending 14,500 …


Make a reclaimed wood picnic table with a built-in planter

We are so in love with this table and bench set made from reclaimed wood, an entry in the Instructables Green Design Contest. It is gorgeous, made …


Inside China’s Dystopian Dreams: A.I., Shame and Lots of Cameras

ZHENGZHOU, China — In the Chinese city of Zhengzhou, a police officer wearing facial recognition glasses spotted a heroin smuggler at a train station.<p>In Qingdao, a city famous for its German colonial heritage, cameras powered by artificial intelligence helped the police snatch two dozen criminal …


Photo: Dazzling tiny beetle has the cutest face in the rainforest (+ video)

<b>Our photo of the day stars a beetle that is as gorgeous as it is adorable.</b><p>Behold the teeny-tiny golden target tortoise beetle, a dazzling metallic …


World Cup 2018: Sweden vs. Switzerland and the Pulling of the Shorts

“What makes a soccer match interesting?” I’d begun to wonder exactly that when, in the sixty-third minute of Tuesday’s knockout match between Sweden and Switzerland, my eleven-year-old son, who was watching next to me, asked the question aloud. We discussed some possible criteria: goals, as in …


Abbaye de Tamié

Face recognition technology is useless on Juggalos

Caroline Haskins reports that Juggalos have mastered the art of defeating facial recognition technology. And they didn't even have to try hard...<p>You …

Machine Perception

The future has arrived with these lemonade "jet packs"

I'm no futurist but I think I've spotted the future of beverage-dispensing devices. Marin County Fair vendor Phil's Lemonade is selling …

Marin County


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Godmorgon världen!

The Parra x Nike Air Max 1

Amsterdam-based label Parra has once again teamed up with Nike, this time for a unique take on the classic Air Max 1 model. Known for some outlandish …


Watch the first trailer for Matt Groening's new Netflix animation "Disenchantment"

A new teaser trailer has been released by Netflix for the new animated series it’s working on alongside The Simpsons’ creator Matt Groening.<p>Named</i> …


Daytrips within the Gothenburg region

Official Visitor Guide<p>Green experiences and outdoor adventures<p>Discover amazing parks and adventures. Welcome to a green and grand city.<p>Read …

European Travel

Mer ljus, sittplatser och planteringar i Brunnsparken

I synpunktsinsamlingar från allmänheten och workshops med berörda fastighetsägare, förvaltningar och polisen fick park- och naturförvaltningen in ett …

Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Who Deserves a Place at the Table

The academics have a word for it: “commensality.” It describes the practice that determines who eats with whom at the table—who has a place, who doesn’t have a place, and how, instinctively and traditionally, the rules and rituals of sharing food get made. Oddly enough, it’s a field that has gotten …

Donald Trump

Han Solo's blaster sold for $550,000

Han Solo's blaster used in "Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi" sold for $550,000 at a Las Vegas auction on Saturday. Turns out that Ripley's …

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi