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Top 10 reasons for using BHM - BizTalk built-in monitoring tool

The BizTalk built-in monitoring tool – BizTalk Health Monitor has been built and supported by Microsoft CSS and is available for BizTalk Server 2010, …


Integration User Group


Minecraft Integration Demo Deep Dive

Monday | 7:30 PM



Integration NOT Monday – Introducing Josh Twist + Discussion

Wednesday | 7:30 …


Logic apps: Working with On-Premise SQL data

Author: Steven Van Eycken June 29, 2015 0 Comments

This blog-post is the first in a series concerning a scenario where I will work with data retrieved …


"SOA Patterns with BizTalk Server 2013 and Microsoft Azure - Second Edition" available for pre-order from Packt Publishing

Disclaimer – Shameless (but hopefully informational) plug follows :)

Close to a year ago myself and my colleagues Mark, Mahindra, and Colin were …


Azure API Management–IP Whitelisting

When implementing API Management solutions, it is a common practice to use IP Whitelisting when interacting with certain trading partners. The idea …

IP Address

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) offline bulk scan process

The MBSA tool can be downloaded from the website. The current address for version 2.1 is …


Powershell script: collect send and receive port information

At the moment I am involved in migrating BizTalk Server 2009 applications to a brand new BizTalk Server 2013 platform. Most of the systems that …


Using User-defined tables as stored procedure parameter

The WCF-SQL adapter provides support for multiple inserts through the Consume Adapter Service feature:However, sometimes you might want to validate …


BizTalk Database Restore cmdlets – Now on Codeplex

Since I published the powershell cmdlets to restore BizTalk databases I got plenty of feed-back and suggestions. Lately my new friend and colleague …


How to use context data with Business Rules

I had never come across the need to execute rules based on message metadata until a colleague of mine asked me the other day. Which is surprising as …

XML Transformation: Xslt vs .NET. Part 3.

Originally posted on: 1.
Part 2.
Part …


XML Transformation: Xslt vs .NET. Part 2

Originally posted on: 1.
Part 2.
Part 3.In …


BizTalk: Deployment Hell & BizTalk Deployment Framework

Originally posted on: …


Complex XML schemas. How to simplify?

Originally posted on:[Sample code is here: HIPAA …


BizTalk Server Best Practices

Originally posted on: a few articles out there about various …

Dynamics AX 2012 R2 File based integration with BizTalk Server 2013

I am currently involved in a project where I need to integrate Dynamics AX with a 3rd party payroll system. Dynamics AX 2012 provides a rich …


BizTalk 2013–Integration with Amazon S3 storage using the WebHttp Adapter

I have recently encountered a requirement where we had to integrate a legacy Document Management system with Amazon in order to support a …


BizTalk 2013 SharePoint Adapter not respecting SharePoint 2013 View Name

I have done a lot of BizTalk-SharePoint Integration in the past and ran into a situation recently that surprised me. There wasn’t an easily …

Microsoft SharePoint

/nSoftware Powershell Adapter for BizTalk Server

In the past I have blogged about /n Software and their SFTP Adapter here and here. Hard to believe one of those posts goes back to 2007. One thing …


Microsoft Integration MVP 2015 – 6th Time in a row!

Today I have received an e-mail from Microsoft with exciting news that my MVP status has been renewed again! For me this is the sixth time to receive …


Book Promotion: SOA Patterns with BizTalk Server 2013 and Microsoft Azure - Second Edition.

It’s been awhile since a BizTalk title hit the market. Colin, Mahindra, Mark and Johann updated Richard Seroter’s well received book SOA Patterns …


How to integrate Mobile Services with BizTalk Server via Service Bus

Introduction This sample demonstrates how to integrate Windows Azure Mobile Service with line of business applications, running on-premises or in the …


How to integrate Mobile Services with a LOB app via BizTalk Adapter Service

Introduction This sample demonstrates how to integrate Windows Azure Mobile Service with a line of business application, running on-premises or in …

How to integrate a Windows Azure Web Site with a LOB app via a Service Bus Relay Service

Introduction This sample demonstrates how to integrate an ASP.NET Web API REST service running in a Windows Azure Web Site with a line of business …

How to create a Service Bus Namespace and an Event Hub using a PowerShell script

This week I received the same two questions twice from two different customers: how can I create a Service Bus namespace from a PowerShell script? …


BizTalk: BizTalk Flow Visualizer

Today I came across something I was keeping an eye on recently and that is the BizTalk Flow Visualiser on Codeplex.It basically looks at your tracking …


BizTalk: Setting BizTalk Services to Delayed Autostart

Hey folks, Something that has been bugging me for a while is to be able to set a bunch of BizTalk services to 'Automatic (Delayed)' start type, cause …

Howto: Split a FlatFile into multiple files and ensure the files are grouped based on content from the source file using out of the box BizTalk functionality

First of all… …a belated Happy New Year! I know it has been quiet on this blog for quiet some time, but I’ll clear this up in the near future once …