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By Sandro Pereira | BizTalk Server Magazine: Weekly magazine focused on BizTalk Server and Windows Azure BizTalk Services (and in general to Microsoft Integration Stack)

Quick way to get all assemblies referenced in a BizTalk Server Solution

BizTalk Server uses a lot of assemblies, many of them are referenced and many times I need to understand how the assembly is used and how many are …


Integration Day 2015 | BizTalk User Group

June 4th – Mechelen, Belgium

We are happy to announce that after a series of successful evening events we decided to organise a full day event packed …


Posted: May 18, 2015 in BizTalk, Integration Tags: Azure, Azure App Service, BizTalk, BizTalk Server, BizTalk Services, Icons, Infrastructure, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Integration, PowerBI, Shape, Visio, Visio Stencil

I realized that I forgot to add some shapes, or I hadn’t addressed certain features/functionalities, so I decided to make an upgrade to my Microsoft …


Posted: May 14, 2015 in BizTalk Tags: BizTalk, BizTalk Server 2013, BizTalk Server 2013 R2, BTARN, Configurations, Errors and Warnings Causes and Solutions, Installation, Microsoft BizTalk Accelerator for RosettaNet, RosettaNet, Runtime

Every time I try to configure the BizTalk Accelerator for RosettaNet in BizTalk Server 2013 or BizTalk Server 2013 R2 of course using Windows Server …


BizTalk DevOps: Monitor your BizTalk environment using PowerShell - Manage messages being archived locally into the hard drive

Is very common in integration scenarios to see messages being archived locally into the hard drive – either by using a pipeline component like …


Logic Apps: Integrating Custom SharePoint Lists and Salesforce

I have posted a little tutorial video that describes consuming data from a SharePoint Server Custom List and using that data to create new Contacts …

Microsoft SharePoint

BizTalk 2013 SharePoint Adapter not respecting SharePoint 2013 View Name

I have done a lot of BizTalk-SharePoint Integration in the past and ran into a situation recently that surprised me. There wasn’t an easily …

Microsoft SharePoint

BizTalkGrinch Sandbox – Advanced Log strategies (ETW–DBGV - Log4net)

Another toy in my SANDBOX to remember how to log in best performance, when I need to do it

In this project I have all the usual log methods and in …

My Integration-Monday Session Videos: Logic App and My experiences

On 18-May-2015, I have taken a web session for Integration-Monday. Integration-Monday web-sessions are run by Integration User group where every …

Microsoft Visual Studio

Hello Logic App! | Jean-Paul Smit – Didago IT Consultancy

During INTEGRATE 2014 last November in Seattle Microsoft gave a sneak preview of what today is known as API apps and Logic apps. Back then it was all …

Jean Paul

Architectural Thoughts on JSON from a BizTalk Perspective

White Paper - Architectural Thoughts on JSON from a BizTalk Perspective

*BizTalk360 is not associated with Microsoft. It's lovingly created and …


BIA - The BizTalk Intelligence Agency: Could not find server 'servername' in sys.servers after running the BizTalk Backup job on Windows Azure

After I provisioned a Windows Azure Virtual Machine, which was based on the BizTalk Server 2013 Beta image from the Gallery, I configured the BizTalk …

Microsoft Windows

BizTalk on App Services

BizTalk API Apps bring the EAI and B2B integration functionality to Logic Apps. This session will cover how you can work with XML data in Logic Apps, …


API Management Part 2: Exposing agile BizTalk ESB itinerary services as APIs

In a world where APIs are quickly going to be the norm for exposing and consuming business services it is going to be crucial to implement the right, …

Agile Development

BizTalk Server tips and tricks for Administrators: Trying to annoy Tord - Moving an Event Source to a Different/Custom Windows Event Log

Probably this was one of the most talked and funny tips and I completely forgot to publish in my blog despite the resources despite the resources are …


Dynamically setting HTTP headers on a static WCF-WebHttp send port in BizTalk Server 2013+

Ricardo Marques from Codit wrote a fantastic blog post a few years ago about dynamically setting HTTP headers for the WCF-WebHttp adapter using …


An Integration Platform to Support Vision 2025

Northumbria University is at an exciting point on its journey to become a new kind of excellent university at a time when the higher education sector …


Create Azure API App for Confluence


Create simple Azure Logic App Demo

Microsoft Azure

Connector API Apps


Azure API Apps: API Backends for Enterprise Web, Mobile, and Logic Apps

Azure API Apps for Web, Mobile and Logic Apps

Microsoft Azure

Logic Apps


Microsoft Azure AppService Tutorial


Introducing our second product - BizTalk NoS Ultimate

Four years ago when I launched BizTalk360, I was all alone. It is such an enjoyable journey, learning all the ups and downs of perceiving an idea, …

Microsoft Visual Studio

Integration User Group


Minecraft Integration Demo Deep Dive

Monday | 7:30 PM



Integration NOT Monday – Introducing Josh Twist + Discussion

Wednesday | 7:30 …

BizTalk360 Customer Presentation - BizTalk360 -

In this session, Nicolas Blatter from HP Services – one of BizTalk360’s customer’s over these years shares his experience using the product for their …


Product Update & Surprise Announcements

In this session, Saravana will be giving a quick introduction to the latest features in BizTalk360, and hand over the floor to one of the customers …


BizTalk Summit 2015 London - Welcome Speech

Welcome Speech

Saravana Kumar

Integration MVP

Saravana is a Microsoft Integration MVP (previously called BizTalk Server MVP) since 2007. In year 2013, …