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By Sandra Chidester | weaving in all of its wonderful forms and techniques


This story appears in the July 2017 issue of <i>National Geographic</i> magazine. It was first published on June 14, 2017 and updated on July 12 with news of the Larsen C break.<p>Seen from above, the Pine Island Ice Shelf is a slow-motion train wreck. Its buckled surface is scarred by thousands of large …

Global Warming

Testing Double Weave Double Wide 02

Testing Double Weave Double Wide 01

Kromski Harp, Understanding the Rigid Heddle Loom, Part 1


Ashford - Winding a Warp

Laying Out a Warp on a Warping Board

Cricket Loom Tips

The Cricket Loom is a wonderfully accessible way to create woven fabrics without committing to a room-size loom. It’s an amazingly engineered tool, …

Hand looms are kind to the earth. They require no scarce resources, provide self-employment, rebuild communities and keep alive a heritage that …


Rag Rug Weaving - Part 6 - Finishing Off

Rag Rug Weaving - Part 5 - Changing Projects on the Loom

Rag rug Weaving - Part 4 - Splicing Yarn

Rag Rug Weaving Part 3 - Starting The Weft


Rag Rug Weaving Part 2 - Preparing The Fabric Strips

Rag Rug Weaving - Part 1 - Getting Started

How to weave with a simple frame loom

Tapestry Loom

Build your very own lap loom and warp it too!<p>I have wanted to weave since I can remember, but I always thought it was impossible because of space constraints. Then I got my hands on a tapestry loom!<p>With a tapestry loom you’re able to weave the full length of warp because it’s wrapped around the …

How to Make a Simple Weaving Loom and Basic Weaving Techniques: part 2

This is the second in a series of three weaving posts and the first of two tutorials.<p>This tutorial covers "loom" construction and basic weaving …

Yarn and Free Knitting and Crochet Patterns

Popular Yarn<p>$ In Stock<p>Starting at 4.99 $4.99<p>$ In Stock<p>Starting at 0.99 $0.99<p>$ In Stock<p>Starting at 6.99 $6.99<p>$ In Stock<p>Starting at 9.99 $9.99<p>$ In Stock<p>…


Weaving Techniques || The Pile Weave (Loop Weave)

If you’ve seen my work, you may have noticed that I love weaving loops. I really like the soft texture that they give weaves. They also give a more …

Weaving Class: The Basics

If you learn one new medium this summer, let it be how to weave. It's one of those centuries old traditions that is both practical (in certain forms) …


Crochet<p>This article is about textile weaving. For other uses, see Weaving (disambiguation).<p><b>Weaving</b> is a method of textile production in which two …

Weaving with Wool Roving

The Art of Guatemalan Weaving

Around the majestic Lake Atitlán sits the small town know for its traditional weavings, San Juan La Laguna. I was graciously invited to learn about …

Smoothing The Rough Edges

I needed a break from the pillow pile-up and had a request for a baby blanket. I did a quick (and familiar) blooming leaf, but wanted to do something …

9 Weaving Projects to Get Your New Hobby Going

Popular in the ‘70s, weavings were hanging on walls everywhere. From living rooms to hotel lobbies to restaurants, this stylish artisanal craft was having its heyday. Like many other trends, weavings have made a major comeback. Unlike the artwork of the ‘70s, the woven work we’ve had our eyes on …


Avalanche Looms

My mom and I are at the house at the lake where she still lives with my dad, sitting at her kitchen table after lunch. My mom is looking at the <i>Ely</i> …


Firecrow News<p>Thank you to the reporters and newscasters who've interviewed me for feature articles and columns!<p>Weaver Kathy Litchfield showed how to …