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By Sandra Chidester | weaving in all of its wonderful forms and techniques

Larsen C Ice Shelf Break is Only Start of Antarctica Melting From Climate Change

Seen from above, the Pine Island Ice Shelf is a slow-motion train wreck. Its buckled surface is scarred by thousands of large crevasses. Its edges are shredded by rifts a quarter mile across. In 2015 and 2016 a 225-square-mile chunk of it broke off the end and drifted away on the Amundsen Sea. The …

Global Warming

Testing Double Weave Double Wide 02

Testing Double Weave Double Wide 01

Kromski Harp, Understanding the Rigid Heddle Loom, Part 1

Ashford - Winding a Warp

Laying Out a Warp on a Warping Board

Cricket Loom Tips

The Cricket Loom is a wonderfully accessible way to create woven fabrics without committing to a room-size loom. It’s an amazingly engineered tool, …


Hand looms are kind to the earth. They require no scarce resources, provide self-employment, rebuild communities and keep alive a heritage that …

Rag Rug Weaving - Part 6 - Finishing Off

Rag Rug Weaving - Part 5 - Changing Projects on the Loom

Rag rug Weaving - Part 4 - Splicing Yarn

Rag Rug Weaving Part 3 - Starting The Weft

Rag Rug Weaving Part 2 - Preparing The Fabric Strips

Rag Rug Weaving - Part 1 - Getting Started

How to weave with a simple frame loom

Tapestry Loom

Build your very own lap loom and warp it too!<p>I have wanted to weave since I can remember, but I always thought it was impossible because of space constraints. Then I got my hands on a tapestry loom!<p>With a tapestry loom you’re able to weave the full length of warp because it’s wrapped around the …

How to Make a Simple Weaving Loom and Basic Weaving Techniques: part 2

This is the second in a series of three weaving posts and the first of two tutorials.<p>This tutorial covers "loom" construction and basic weaving …

Yarn and Free Knitting and Crochet Patterns

Popular Yarn<p>$ In Stock<p>Starting at 8.99 $8.99<p>$ In Stock<p>Starting at 6.49 $6.49<p>$ In Stock<p>Starting at 5.62 $5.62<p>$ In Stock<p>Starting at 6.99 $6.99<p>$ In Stock<p>…

Weaving Techniques || The Pile Weave (Loop Weave)

If you’ve seen my work, you may have noticed that I love weaving loops. I really like the soft texture that they give weaves. They also give a more …

Weaving Class: The Basics

If you learn one new medium this summer, let it be how to weave. It's one of those centuries old traditions that is both practical (in certain forms) …


This article is about textile weaving. For other uses, see Weaving (disambiguation).<p><b>Weaving</b> is a method of textile production in which two distinct …

Weaving with Wool Roving


The Art of Guatemalan Weaving

Around the majestic Lake Atitlán sits the small town know for its traditional weavings, San Juan La Laguna. I was graciously invited to learn about …

Smoothing The Rough Edges

I needed a break from the pillow pile-up and had a request for a baby blanket. I did a quick (and familiar) blooming leaf, but wanted to do something …


Avalanche Looms

Make do. Get by. Take what you get, and be still. Words my grandmother spoke over coffee in her kitchen in Northern Minnesota. Or, other words my …


Firecrow News<p>Thank you to the reporters and newscasters who've interviewed me for feature articles and columns!<p>Weaver Kathy Litchfield showed how to …