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‘These people lie constantly, the whole family does’: Watch Ron Reagan Jr bring down the hammer on Kushner

Appearing with <i>Hardball</i> host Chris Matthews, the son of conservative icon Ronald Reagan unloaded on Jared Kushner, saying if he so “naive” as to meet …

Donald Trump

Trump in phone call: "What would happen if I fired Sessions?"

President Trump, in one of his hallmark rituals, recently called a longtime political associate and asked out of the blue: "What would happen if I …

Donald Trump

New communications director moves toward possible staff purge at White House

Anthony Scaramucci, the flashy financier President Trump hired to overhaul the White House communications operation, is exercising a broad mandate from the president and intends to follow through on threats to purge aides he believes are disloyal to Trump and leaking to the press, officials with …

Donald Trump

What happened to Trump's war on data?

One major anxiety about the new administration hasn't come to pass—but the White House is learning to use numbers to its advantage.<p>On May 16, three months' worth of data vanished quietly from the website of the U.S. Census Bureau. The figures included age, sex and employment data, crucial for …

Inauguration Day

Calif. Lawmakers Extend Cap-And-Trade Program Through 2030

David Greene talks to Gov. Jerry Brown about the program which sets limits on greenhouse gas emissions while issuing permits for emission of pollutants which companies can sell.


The Conservative Case for Universal Healthcare

Don’t tell anyone, but American conservatives will soon be embracing single-payer healthcare, or some other form of socialized healthcare.<p>Yes, that’s …

Health Care

House to vote on Russia sanctions bill rebuking Trump

<b>(CNN) —</b> The Republican-controlled House of Representatives is expected to overwhelmingly approve a bipartisan bill giving Congress the authority to block any effort by President Donald Trump to ease sanctions against Russia.<p>The vote scheduled for Tuesday comes the same day as the President's …

U.S. Congress

Why Trump Might Fire Robert Mueller

The President Trump is reportedly considering drastic action to end the Russia investigation.<p>Why do Donald Trump and his advisors keep floating the possibility of firing Robert Mueller, an act that would spark the greatest constitutional crisis since Watergate, perhaps the greatest in modern …

Robert Mueller

Not so isolated: North Korea’s elite uses Gmail, Facebook and iTunes

Western researchers recently began sifting through troves of North Korean Internet data, looking for activity related to missile launches or malicious cyber activity within the famously isolated country.<p>What they found instead surprised them.<p>North Korea’s tiny circle of elite families — among the …

North Korea

China will protect border with India ‘at all costs’

China on Monday issued its ­strongest warning yet to India over their month-long border ­dispute, saying Beijing would ­protect its sovereignty "at …


Leading foreign policy officials complain they lack independence to do their jobs

Frustration is mounting among leading foreign policy officials in President Donald Trump’s administration as they chafe at some policy and …

McCain to make dramatic return for Obamacare vote

The announcement fueled late-breaking momentum for the uphill GOP repeal bid.<p>Senate Republicans appear on the verge of having enough votes to start debate on Obamacare repeal, with the dramatic announcement Monday night that Sen. John McCain, diagnosed with brain cancer just a few days ago, would …

John McCain

Photo of a Christian man praying with Muslims during Jerusalem tensions goes viral

A picture of a Christian man praying alongside Muslim worshippers in Jerusalem has been praised as a positive example of how different faiths can …


Trump asks appeals court to shut down protesters’ suit

President Donald Trump is asking a federal appeals court to shut down a lawsuit filed by protesters who claim they were assaulted at Trump’s instigation during a 2016 campaign rally in Kentucky.<p>Trump’s lawyers have asked the Cincinnati-based 6th Circuit Court of Appeals to head off an act of …

Donald Trump

FBI investigating South Carolina Statehouse corruption, could expand scope of state probe

The FBI has joined the ongoing Statehouse corruption probe, raising the specter of potential federal charges in an investigation that already has …


Rocky Mountain high: Gov. @henrymcmaster at @The_RGA’s 2017 Executive Roundtable quarterly meeting in Aspen today and Tuesday

Among the events Gov. @henrymcmaster attended last wk: Hootie Johnson's funeral, Rep. @collins_neal's Family Night, BMX World Championships

Schiff responds to Trump’s ‘sleazy’ tweet

The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee shot back at President Donald Trump Monday morning, writing on Twitter that Trump’s conduct is “beneath the dignity of” the presidency.<p>Trump, who has long labeled the multiple ongoing investigations into Russian efforts to interfere in last …

Donald Trump

Former GOP senator: Resist the bullying. Don't vote for a mystery health care bill.

There will be no do-overs on this. Take it from me: a no vote this week is the only one that will be defensible in the years to come.<p>What do you do when you are a U.S. senator and the president wants you to vote for a health care bill that could radically change health care?<p>You ask questions. You …

Health Care

Lying to Congress can put you in jail, even if you're not under oath

<b>(CNN) —</b> The President's eldest son (Donald Trump Jr.) son-in-law (Jared Kushner) and former campaign chairman (Paul Manafort) are sitting down with the staff and members of several Senate committees, but sources tell CNN some of the meetings will be behind closed doors and not under oath.<p>But even …


Mississippi Nissan workers hope for historic win in 14-year fight to unionize

Support from Bernie Sanders and Danny Glover helped provide momentum to a campaign ‘about overcoming the effects of slavery’<p>“I’ve never seen a labor campaign of this size,” says the civil rights movement veteran Frank Figgers. “This is a historic struggle about overcoming the effects of slavery in …

Bernie Sanders

Will the Swamp defeat ObamaCare repeal?

OPINION | If you voted for it when President Obama was in office, you should vote for it again with President Trump ready to sign it.


Donald Trump doesn't want to fire Jeff Sessions. He wants Sessions to quit.

<b>Washington (CNN) —</b> Donald Trump's most famous line is "You're fired," which is funny because, as president, Trump has repeatedly shown that he doesn't actually like to fire people.<p>Michael Flynn, Trump's national security adviser, was let go only after he lied to Vice President Mike Pence about his …

Donald Trump

When a police shooting victim is a white woman

The sympathetic reaction to Justine Damond’s death shows the relentless power of race in America.<p>The reaction to a police shooting sure looks different when the victim is a white woman.<p>There’s a typical story that plays out in the aftermath of police shootings. One side, critical of police, comes …

Black Lives Matter

A 21st-century form of indentured servitude has already penetrated deep into the American heartland

Corporations want to make sure that laborers never again have the power to tell big business how to treat them<p>Indentured servitude is back in a big way in the United States, and conservative corporatists want to make sure that labor never, ever again has the power to tell big business how to treat …


Obama Shut Down Anthony Scaramucci In The Most Presidential Way Possible

The audience cheered Obama's reply during a 2010 Q&A session.<p>Anthony Scaramucci, the new communications director of President Donald Trump’s White House, once went head-to-head with President Barack Obama during a televised event on CNBC. And it didn’t go well for Scaramucci, who at the time was a …

Anthony Scaramucci

Why not call it treason?

Team Trump's actions fit the commonsense and legal definition of betrayal of country<p>When treason became a Washington buzzword, the pushback came fast and furious.<p>Donald Trump’s meeting with a Russian government attorney, a Russian government lobbyist and others to obtain damaging information about …

United States

Are Democrats turning to an alliance between neocons and neoliberals? If so, it’s a terrible strategy

An alliance with Bush-era neocons on the Russia scandal is pushing Democrats hard right on foreign policy. Sad!<p>Last week, former Republican congressman and MSNBC host Joe Scarborough made headlines when he announced on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” that he was leaving the Republican Party. A …

Foreign Policy

Jordan holding Israeli Embassy guard who shot two during stabbing attack

An Israeli security guard working for the Israeli Embassy in Amman is being prevented from leaving Jordan, after he killed two Jordanians Sunday …