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Michael Gannotti is presently a Technical Architect for one of the worlds largest software companies. In his role he helps large organizations architect and implement solutions in the Business Productivity space. Frequently these sessions focus around social media, its implications and how it can be leveraged to facilitate increased productivity within the Enterprise as well as build/enhance brand externally. Michael is a happy husband and father and shares his Philadelphia area home with his wife Tracy, son Sam, daughter Mary, and two ferocious canines, Sasha and Sophia. His favorite pastime is spending time around the bonfire with good friends (the original social network). Michael's passions include his Catholic Faith, Technology, Politics, and Science. He is also active in the Office365 community. You can find him online at: http://WWMTCStudios.com http://www.facebook.com/micchaelgannotti http://www.twitter.com/gannotti