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This New Study Suggests Time Did Actually Exist Before The Big Bang

So... is physics broken or not?<p>According to a straightforward interpretation of general relativity, the Big Bang wasn't the start of …


California Is Imploding... and Liberals Are Making It Worse

It is no surprise that Sen. Diane Feinstein — alongside other senior California Democrats — did not receive her party’s endorsement. Over the past …

Libertarian Party

Going to the Gun Range With Family Got These Students Suspended From School

The Ignored Reality Of California ‘Teacher’ Who Discharged Firearm In Class

I’m not a tinfoil hat kind of guy, but if I were, I’d be freaking out about how we start talking about arming teachers and suddenly there are …


Watch: Cherokee Genealogist Takes Elizabeth Warren's Native American Claims To The Woodshed

Not one of us


Alan Dershowitz UNLEASHES on Keith Ellison and other Democrats for associating with Farrakhan

Alan Dershowitz says that Keith Ellison is lying about breaking his connections with Louis Farrakhan and should be fired from the DNC immediately: …

Alan Dershowitz

Salon: Hillary Is Right About Those ‘Backward’ Country Bumpkins Who Didn’t Vote For Her

FBI: The Obama Administration Purged 500,000 Fugitives From the Gun Background Check System

Obama Administration

World's biggest puppy who weighs 12st and is 6ft tall replicates extinct ancient dog

The world's biggest puppy - who weighs a whopping 12 stone and stands at a staggering six-foot-tall - has been bred to replicate an extinct ancient …


College student tells prof there are only TWO genders – and gets KICKED OUT of the class

In another example of insanity on campus from far left liberals, a student at the University of Indiana was kicked out of class for saying there was …

Tucker Carlson

Shaq says banning guns WON’T solve mass shootings – here’s what he wants instead [fixed]

Holy crap who told Shaquille O’Neal that he was allowed to speak common sense and not follow the lemmings who regurgitate liberal narratives??!?! …


Vox: We'll Have to Confiscate Guns To Reach 'European Levels Of Violence'


Here Are 8 Stubborn Facts on Gun Violence in America

In the wake of the tragic murder of 17 innocent students and teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, students, …


8 Times Law-Abiding Citizens Saved Lives With an AR-15

“Why would any law-abiding citizen need an AR-15?”<p>This question has been a favorite talking point of gun control activists in recent months, grating …



Google Maps has done it again! This time satellite imagery shows a massive circular object moving on the Pacific floor.<p>First of all, here’s the link …

Google Maps

Dick Morris: Hillary Attacks Half of America… Again

Exclusive to The Western Journal.


BOOM!! Federal court hands Trump a VICTORY on sanctuary cities in TEXAS…

The Trump administration has something to celebrate today as a federal appeals court upheld Texas’ steps to ban sanctuary cities, which el Trumpo has …


School Spins National Walkout For Gun Control As Parkland Memorial

Parents across the country are being urged to let their children participate in the National School Walkout on March 14. Yet, few parents (and kids!) …


This Obama Policy Shielded Florida Shooter From Measures That Could Have Prevented Gun Purchases

"School-leniency policy"


Rep. Mike Conaway: 'No evidence of collusion' and no Russian preference for Trump

Yesterday, CNN Manu Raju published a tweet about the end of the House Intelligence Committee probe and the conclusion it had reached, i.e. no …

Donald Trump

The Colt AR You Never Heard Of

In 1986, the US. Army began the Advanced Combat Rifle (ACR) program to find a replacement for the already aging M16 assault rifle introduced in the …


How Hillary Clinton Is Like Ayn Rand

The Hillary Unplugged tour made it to India this week, where the former presidential candidate modified her theory as to why she lost the 2016 …

Ayn Rand

Sanctuary City Outrage: Another Illegal Alien Avoids Immediate Deportation After Deadly DUI Wreck

Sanctuary city policies simply inflame the debate over immigration when seemingly with another month comes another infuriating news item detailing …


Watch a Bitter Hillary Clinton Take Shots at Americans While Abroad (and She Wonders What Happened)

This is not healthy. Seek help.Poor, distraught Hillary Clinton is taking her pity party on the road, and it seems even a year and some months still …

Hillary Clinton

House Intel Republicans Just Signaled They're Ready to End Russia Investigation

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee have found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 …

Donald Trump

Antigun Politicians Aim for America’s Most Popular Firearms With Expansive Ban

Hoping to capitalize on tragedy, ignorance, and hysteria, 174 opportunistic anti-gun Democrats – led by Rep. David N. Cicillinie (RI) – introduced …


A huge solar storm is heading our way and gigantic ‘cracks’ are opening up in Earth’s magnetic field

A gigantic hole has opened up in the sun and spewed out a massive stream of radiation that’s now heading towards Earth.<p>This ‘solar storm’ is set to …

Earth Science

Dear Mainstream Media: Stop Allowing David Hogg to Say Whatever He Wants Without Challenge

One has to wonder what the statute of limitations is when a person goes from a “victim who should be allowed to speak” to a political hack who should …

David Hogg

Black Lives Matter Calls NRA a Terrorist Organization

The civil rights organization retweeted the Associated Press and called the NRA a terrorist organization.<p>The NRA’s decision to file the lawsuit comes …

Quotes from the Founders: No to Gun Control!

In the wake of the Orlando shooting, many people, especially those in the media, have been jumping on the gun control band wagon. One of the more …