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Foursquare On The Pin #2: Meat And More

Photo Credit: Foursquare

Do you have a favorite steakhouse in New York City? Foursquare CEO and co-founder Dennis Crowley and editor-at-large Sarah …

New York

Adding mobile payments to the Foursquare app

UX Di General Assembly, London 2014

My third project for the User Experience Design Immersive at General Assembly was to add a mobile payment feature …


TwitSquare? What to Know About Twitter & Foursquare's Partnership

The check-in may be dead on Foursquare, but the app is alive and well – and increasing Twitter’s “social media on steroids” effect for brands. …


Designing Foursquare for Windows

The saga of designing new Foursquare for Windows Phone

Everybody loves launch days. It starts with your company’s blog post, next, tech blogs begin to …

Hey Foursquare! This is my love letter to you… ❤

(or: “why I’ve been using Foursquare for the last 5 years”)

Being an early adopter of anything technology related in Greece can be a very lonely sport …


The Lego Block Exercise

What drove Foursquare to split into 2 apps

By Noah Weiss, VP Product at Foursquare

A year ago, with Thanksgiving fast approaching, we started thinking …

Bringing Foursquare to the iPad

Early this September, just a month after shipping the new Foursquare, we set our sights on a new platform from which we’ve always been absent: iPad. …


One-tap messaging in Swarm: an even faster way to meet up with friends

Foursquare’s Noah Weiss on The App Split and Becoming a Product VP That Founders Can Trust

Foursquare’s VP of Product Noah Weiss is a friend from my Google days. They made a bold choice last year to split the Foursquare experience into two

Product Management

Foursquare strikes big deal with Twitter to power location-tagged tweets - New York Business Journal

Scott Eells

Ben FischerReporter- New York Business JournalEmail | Twitter | LinkedIn

Foursquare has inked a major tech integration deal with Twitter …


Can Twitter Help Power Foursquare's Future?

Twitter will help Foursquare in its quest to become "the location layer of the Internet."

It seems like yesterday that Foursquare was all the rage at South By Southwest. But six years after the social-location app's hyped debut, it seemed like everyone in Austin last week was too busy Meerkating to …


Why Twitter and Foursquare just struck a deal

“We can be a successful company with the fraction of the users that Twitter and Facebook has,” Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley says.

Twitter on Monday announced that it has partnered with Foursquare, a startup focused on local business recommendations, to allow users to include their location in …

Social Media

Twitter Teaming With Foursquare For Location Tagging In Tweets

Twitter is bringing the ability to tag specific locations to Tweets via official apps and the web, through a partnership with Foursquare. The company tweeted about the upcoming feature today, showing a video of how it’ll work in iOS.

Previously, location services in Twitter worked by detecting your …


Six Years In. A Few Thoughts on Foursquare. — Medium

Six Years In.
A Few Thoughts on Foursquare.

By now I’m hoping you saw the news from Twitter about Foursquare powering location-tagging in tweets.

This …


Foursquare's revenue is at least doubling every year, says its sales boss

When Foursquare cleaved off the location-sharing portion of its app last May in an effort to make its main app more Yelp-like, many in the tech press speculated that the company was doomed.

Now, 11 months later, it seems those critics may have spoken too early.

In an interview with GeoMarketing …


Foursquare exec boasts company has seen triple-digit revenue growth for 3 years straight

SAUSALITO, Calif. — The growth just isn’t letting up at Foursquare.

“I can share that we’ve had triple-digit revenue growth each year for the last three years,” Foursquare’s chief revenue officer, Steven Rosenblatt, said today during a panel discussion at VentureBeat’s 2015 Mobile Summit.

The …


Measuring user perceived latency

At Foursquare, tracking and improving server-side response times is a problem many engineers are familiar with. We collect a myriad of server-side …

Geographic Taste Uniqueness

Last August we launched Tastes to help our users customize their local search experience. Taste tags like “trendy place”, “pork buns”, or “romantic …

Swarm Launches Direct Messaging, Ditches Awkward Public Plans

Swarm has today launched private messaging within its location-based social network, ditching options to hop out of the app for a call, text message or a Facebook message. With this update also comes the elimination of the Plans tab, where users would be able to post ideas (let’s get a beer) to …

Social Networks

Swarm updates app with simpler messaging and group chat

Foursquare's bringing some much needed simplicity to its standalone Swarm app today, removing the old "plans" feature that let users publicly (and awkwardly) ask all of their friends to hang out. That's been ditched in favor of a private messaging system. "We think it will bring up the value of …


Foursquare Accounts No Longer Required For New Users

Foursquare has just made an update to the app that allows new users to onboard without creating an account, finally allowing the app to be used as a discovery-first tool.

Since its launch years ago, Foursquare was a location-based social network that allowed users to track their favorite spots and …


How Uber, Foursquare, and Other Apps Might Look on the Apple Watch

A group of impatient indie designers have started creating mock-ups of Apple Watch apps for Uber, Foursquare, and other services to see what this new …

Foursquare's original chief technical officer is the latest to leave the company

Foursquare's original chief technical officer has left the company after more than five years, The Verge has learned.

Harry Heymann, who was the company's first hire, is stepping down at the end of the week. Heymann is the latest in a string of high-ranking Foursquare executives to depart the company …


5 Startups That Marketers Must Look for at CES

Some of the most innovative companies at the Consumer Electronics Show don't make gadgets. They make the services that run on gadgets—services of …


Why I Use Foursquare Even Though None Of My Friends Do

If you are like most of my friends you tried Foursquare and gave up on it. Even loyal fans who live by it may have been a little furious with the …


My 2014 Travel (Foursquare) Data Visualized

I've traveled more days this year than any other year of my life. Most of my travel was for work, but some of it was for fun.

So, this is what 82 …

Why Foursquare failed to reach escape velocity

By the time I finally signed up for a Foursquare account, sometime in early 2013, it was like arriving at a party that was already winding down. …

What We Can All Learn from the Foursquare and Swarm Rebranding Fiasco

Oh, Foursquare. Originally known for being a simple, sensibly designed app for checking in and discovering the places around us, Foursquare has now …


Twitter/Foursquare Partnership Could Be Game Changer for Marketers

Earlier this week, rumors began to circulate that Twitter and Foursquare are on the verge of partnering to improve Twitter's location services.