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Foursquare wants you to order food from its phone app

Why find restaurants to visit when you can have them deliver?

Foursquare doesn't just want to help you find nearby restaurants these days... it wants to bring the food to you. It's partnering with to let you order food, groceries and even alcohol through its mobile app. It's technically …


Get it delivered with and Foursquare

Power Couple of the New York Tech Scene

“A girlfriend likes to joke that my look is ‘aggressively natural,’” said Chelsa Crowley, a founder and the chief creative officer of Stowaway, an online cosmetics company that started last February. “It’s natural, but bumped up a notch.”

The question was about her makeup style, but her answer was a …

Dennis Crowley

How Foursquare's new CEO is trying to avoid Twitter's big mistake

As stocks of big social media names like LinkedIn (LNKD) and Twitter (TWTR) get pummeled, Foursquare’s new CEO is trying to distance his company from …

Are you ready for The Snack Bowl 2016?

The big game is coming up; is your plate ready? From fries, to pizza, to burgers, bars and restaurants across the country are getting their biggest …

The Dating Matrix: Plotting places on the romance spectrum

Today's the day Americans become unhealthy again

We all know that February 2 is Groundhog Day (and it truly was a joyous occasion when Punxsutawney Phil didn’t catch a glimpse of his shadow). But …

You Misunderstand Foursquare. It’s comScore, Not Instagram

Foursquare is not a consumer social app business, it’s a data company. And only when it admitted that to itself and revalued as such was it able to pull in more capital and keep chugging. Today at LA’s Upfront Summit, Foursquare’s lead investor from Union Square Ventures Fred Wilson stuck up for …


Trip Tips, A New FourSquare Feature for Getting Travel Recommendations From Friends

Trip Tips is a new FourSquare feature that helps users easily compile a list of travel recommendations from friends. Before a trip, users share a …


Inside Foursquare's Plan to Become Profitable

We talk to new CEO Jeff Glueck.

Newly appointed Foursquare CEO Jeff Glueck stopped by Fortune’s New York headquarters last week to discuss his plans to make the seven-year-old company profitable.

Most people know New York-based Foursquare as the “check-in” company, the primary purpose of its original, …


Foursquare helps you ask friends for travel advice

Trip Tips give you an idea for what to do on your vacation.

It's a familiar problem: you're heading to an unfamiliar city and looking for things to do, but you'd rather not ask each and every friend in the area for advice. What do you turn to? Foursquare has an answer: it just launched Trip Tips. …

Travel Technology

Foursquare Lists: The Best Feature You’re Not Using

Before the days of Amazon and iTunes, we actually had to discover new music in person, at an actual store. If you’re not a “digital native” then you …


Why Foursquare will destroy Yelp

Five months ago The Verge published an exclusive interview with Dennis Crowley, founder of Foursquare, to announce the spinout of the ‘check-in’ …

Foursquare exec: Application of digital tactics to physical world will scale in 2016


Foursquare's Founder and the Art of Letting Go

Another iconic founder is out of the role he created for himself. But can he really say goodbye?

It's the first day of the rest of Foursquare's life.

The company announced Thursday it had raised a significant new round of venture funding. But the $45 million in finding was what's known as a "down …


New Foursquare CEO on Funding and Growth Ideas

Foursquare CEO Jeff Glueck joins Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero to discuss the company's location intelligence business, which helps advertisers and …


Here’s What Foursquare Should Do Next

I’m a huge fan of Foursquare and have been since it launched in 2009. I love how it encourages a better experience through discovery and …


What Is Foursquare? Dennis Crowley Steps Down As Executive Shake-Up Hits Location App

Foursquare, a pioneering location app, is checking in a new CEO and announced a $45 million round of funding that reportedly cuts the New York City …

Dennis Crowley

Saving Foursquare

Remember New York City-based Foursquare, the location-based social app that first wowed the crowds at SxSW in 2009? Back then co-founder Dennis …


Foursquare's location data is way more powerful than people realize

One of the top-rated pizza places in Brooklyn on Foursquare is called Lucali.

The first time I went there for dinner a couple of months ago, I sat …


Foursquare poised for comeback after years of falling

Foursquare has transformed from a semi-competitive check-in app to a reviews app, but hasn't been able to return to its former popularity Photo:


Foursquare CEO: Business Revenue Grew 170% in 2015

Foursquare CEO Jeff Glueck discusses the growth of the company's business. He speaks on "Bloomberg Markets." (Source: Bloomberg)


The Best Places For Coffee In Every State

...And Washington D.C.

Any true coffee lover knows that it doesn't matter where you are -- you always want a cup of joe. Whether you partied too hard in Austin last night, or you need a midday jolt in San Francisco, Foursquare is here to help you get the best brew wherever you travel.

The discovery …


The Dreamer's Disease

“Wake up kids. We’ve got the dreamer’s disease.”

– You get what you give, New Radicals

Ahhh… the Dreamer’s Disease.

Almost narcotic-like when you catch …


The one thing Dennis Crowley believed that no one else did

Yesterday, Foursquare announced a new $45 million raise and that its founder CEO Dennis Crowley was stepping “up” to executive chairman.Investors …

Dennis Crowley

Foursquare: ‘We’re The Most Misunderstood Company In The History Of Technology’

AdExchanger |Some people might describe Foursquare’s shift from location-based social network to a purveyor of location data as a pivot. But Steven …


Foursquare’s Plan to Use Your Data to Make Money—Even if You Aren’t a User

Foursquare believes it's found a way to make money from its apps, even if people don't install them.The post Foursquare’s Plan to Use Your Data to …

Fred Wilson

3 Notes on the Foursquare Financing

Diving inside of a down-round.

Foursquare yesterday announced $45 million in new venture capital funding from (mostly) existing investors. The company also said that its founding CEO Dennis Crowley would be replaced by chief operating officer Jeff Glueck. Crowley will become the company’s executive …

Venture Capital