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Introducing Foursquare for Apple Watch

Managing Table and Collection Views on iOS

As most iOS developers can tell you, dealing with UITableView or UICollectionView can be a pain. These UIKit views form the basis of most iOS apps, …

Why Foursquare is a must-buy for Yahoo

One of the most remarkable things about the digital revolution of the last dozen years or so is the speed with which things happen. Start-ups can …


Foursquare Turns To Location Data For Revenue, Joining Crowded Field

Foursquare boldly announced at one point that it wanted to be the "location layer for the internet." Now the company is trying to make good on that …


You Can Design a Business on Beer Night With Friends

Foursquare, the mobile app that allows people to search for popular locations, came together in 2009 in an unlikely venue: a cash-only watering hole …


Pebble - Pebble Apps of the Week

Apps are what make Pebble awesome. Ever since introducing our first smartwatch to the world, developers have used Pebble as a launchpad for doing …


Foursquare unveils Pinpoint to show you ads based on where you’ve been

Today Foursquare raised the curtain on Pinpoint, a new advertising platform that will enable brands to target Foursquare users (and even non-Foursquare users) based on where they’ve been.

The platform isn’t limited to Foursquare’s apps, however. Foursquare says it plans to sell ads across a …


Foursquare's Dennis Crowley: This Mistake Will Get You Called Out on Social Media


Dennis Crowley talks about the costly mistake too many brands make when trying to engage consumers.

Building loyalty with your customers is crucial for growing a business, but trying too hard can also get your company skewered on social media.

Take it from Foursquare co-founder Dennis …

Dennis Crowley

Sources: Yahoo In Talks To Buy Foursquare

Yahoo has been busy rebuilding its business around mobile under CEO Marissa Mayer, and soon it could make one of its biggest bets yet on the platform. We have heard perennially that the company has been looking to buy Foursquare, the New York startup behind the eponymous local search app and …


Foursquare Knows Where You've Been, Wants To Offer You A Sick Deal At Olive Garden

Pinpoint is Foursquare's latest attempt to cash in on its geolocation data.

Nearly a year after splitting itself in two and halfway-pivoting toward local discovery, Foursquare is ready for its next act: location-based ads. And here's the kicker: You don't even need to be a Foursquare user to see …


Foursquare Unleashes Location Data for Cross-Mobile Ad Targeting

Foursquare has taken its share of lumps from industry watchers in recent years about its slow user growth, but critics have never rolled their eyes …


Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley Will Recommend Good Restaurants At Disrupt NY

Foursquare is one of the biggest names in tech. But at the ripe old age of six, the company has made significant changes to the way that it does business with the split of Foursquare and Swarm into two separate apps.

In the midst of such a dramatic shift, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to …

Dennis Crowley

Enjoy Handoff and Citymapper support in Foursquare

The world’s most popular crowd-sourced local search and discovery app, Foursquare, has just pushed out a major update. In addition to other new …


Foursquare On The Pin #2: Meat And More

Photo Credit: Foursquare

Do you have a favorite steakhouse in New York City? Foursquare CEO and co-founder Dennis Crowley and editor-at-large Sarah …

New York

Adding mobile payments to the Foursquare app

UX Di General Assembly, London 2014

My third project for the User Experience Design Immersive at General Assembly was to add a mobile payment feature …


TwitSquare? What to Know About Twitter & Foursquare's Partnership

The check-in may be dead on Foursquare, but the app is alive and well – and increasing Twitter’s “social media on steroids” effect for brands. …


Designing Foursquare for Windows

The saga of designing new Foursquare for Windows Phone

Everybody loves launch days. It starts with your company’s blog post, next, tech blogs begin to …

Microsoft Windows

Hey Foursquare! This is my love letter to you… ❤

(or: “why I’ve been using Foursquare for the last 5 years”)

Being an early adopter of anything technology related in Greece can be a very lonely sport …


The Lego Block Exercise

What drove Foursquare to split into 2 apps

By Noah Weiss, VP Product at Foursquare

A year ago, with Thanksgiving fast approaching, we started thinking …

Bringing Foursquare to the iPad

Early this September, just a month after shipping the new Foursquare, we set our sights on a new platform from which we’ve always been absent: iPad. …


One-tap messaging in Swarm: an even faster way to meet up with friends

Foursquare’s Noah Weiss on The App Split and Becoming a Product VP That Founders Can Trust

Foursquare’s VP of Product Noah Weiss is a friend from my Google days. They made a bold choice last year to split the Foursquare experience into two

Product Management

Foursquare strikes big deal with Twitter to power location-tagged tweets - New York Business Journal

Scott Eells

Ben FischerReporter- New York Business JournalEmail | Twitter | LinkedIn

Foursquare has inked a major tech integration deal with Twitter …

Can Twitter Help Power Foursquare's Future?

Twitter will help Foursquare in its quest to become "the location layer of the Internet."

It seems like yesterday that Foursquare was all the rage at South By Southwest. But six years after the social-location app's hyped debut, it seemed like everyone in Austin last week was too busy Meerkating to …


Why Twitter and Foursquare just struck a deal

“We can be a successful company with the fraction of the users that Twitter and Facebook has,” Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley says.

Twitter on Monday announced that it has partnered with Foursquare, a startup focused on local business recommendations, to allow users to include their location in …

Social Media

Twitter Teaming With Foursquare For Location Tagging In Tweets

Twitter is bringing the ability to tag specific locations to Tweets via official apps and the web, through a partnership with Foursquare. The company tweeted about the upcoming feature today, showing a video of how it’ll work in iOS.

Previously, location services in Twitter worked by detecting your …


Six Years In. A Few Thoughts on Foursquare. — Medium

Six Years In.
A Few Thoughts on Foursquare.

By now I’m hoping you saw the news from Twitter about Foursquare powering location-tagging in tweets.

This …