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Swarm Brings Gaming Back

After pulling the plug in mayorships and leaderboards back in 2014, Swarm has now made a quasi 180 degree turn and has reintroduced some important …

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Improving Language Detection

At Foursquare, we attempt to personalize as much of the product as we can. In order to understand the more than 70 million tips and 1.3 billion …

Last week we launched something at Foursquare that means a lot to me as a life-long fan of video games; Swarm 3.0 introduces a new game, a new visual language, and is the most fun check-in app the...

Last week we launched something at Foursquare that means a lot to me as a life-long fan of video games; Swarm 3.0 introduces a new game, a new visual …

Screw the cynics, Foursquare’s Swarm is better than ever

This week Foursquare added leaderboards back to its location sharing app Swarm. Our own Lauren Hockenson could just about raise a ‘meh’ at the news:

“I spent about 9 months on Swarm before I had an epiphany one day: what am I even doing this for? I was no longer getting anything out of it, and …


How to disable sounds effects in Foursquare's Swarm app

Not a fan of the sounds coming from Swarm with every check-in or mayorship earned? Here's how to turn them off.

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So you're earning all …


Swarm 3.0: squiggles, BMO and European design (plus: my first big Swarm release!)

I’ve been a designer on Swarm for the past 6 months, and it’s been a busy ride leading up to our 3.0 release. This release is notable for our use of …

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Game on, the leaderboard returns to Swarm by Foursquare

If you have been competing with friends for who has the most exciting, interesting, or entertaining week with Swarm by Foursquare, then you will love …


Swarm 3.0 – Bring back the fun!

Foursquare was never intended to be a game. The original game mechanics were meant to be a short-term and fun onboarding process to get people …


Foursquare reintroduces traditional leaderboards in Swarm update

Location check-in app Swarm continues to become a bit more like the Foursquare app of yesteryear, this time gaining a leaderboard system identical to the original one that helped to make Foursquare so addictive in the first place.

Swarm saw leaderboards re-added to the app almost a year ago now. …


Swarm 3.0, over-gamified, missed its chance with me

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who, over time, forgot the little things that mattered? And, when you purposefully address that he or she doesn’t take you out anymore, that person careens, full-blown, so hard into the other direction that it’s almost too obvious how far they want …


Swarm is now giving people virtual coins they can’t spend

Foursquare's check-in app Swarm has brought back the leaderboard — but it's making a key change to it. Swarm now rewards its users with virtual coins for being active, and those coins are what rank you on the leader board against your friends. "For now, [coins] just help you beat your friends and …


Swarm Gets Back Into The Game With Leaderboards

In its quest to add a little fun through your (literal) journey through life, Swarm is launching version 3.0 of the app, bringing in a special new game that lets you compete with your friend network.

In short, the Swarm leaderboard rewards users with coins for checking in at various places. Some …


Are you #1? Introducing leaderboards in Swarm.

Honeymooning with Foursquare

August 19, 2015

Christina and I got married in SF a few weeks ago, and we just got back from a wonderful two-week honeymoon on the Big Island of …

These days ‘convergence’ means uniting the selves of the customer

Before it was obvious this is a multi-channel or even omni-channel world, “convergence” used to describe how those separate modes of digital communication would come together.

Now, as articulated by two speakers this afternoon at VentureBeat’s GrowthBeat conference in San Francisco, the big …


Foursquare by the numbers: 60M registered users, 50M MAUs, and 75M tips to date

Foursquare chief executive Dennis Crowley revealed today that the company now has more than 60 million registered users and more than 50 million monthly active users — up from 55 million registered users in October.

Foursquare doesn’t often break out its monthly active user data, and this number’s …


The Foursquare Vices Challenge #TopVices

7 Startups That Are Owning the Data Game

Big data is big business. The first quarter of 2015 was the most funded big data quarter since 2000, with $13.4 billion being given out in 1,020 deals.

Want to see who came out on top of this lending spree? Here are seven startups that are owning the data game. Some of them use data in innovative …


Restaurant payments startup Cover boasts discovery-centric redesign powered by Foursquare

Restaurant payment app Cover received a refresh redesign today that looks like a cross between Foursquare and Yelp’s mobile apps.

The new app has expanded restaurant information, a more visible “directions” button, and links to OpenTable to make reservations. Now powered by Foursquare, the app …


Mobile dining app Cover is offering to spot you for dinner

Cover, a mobile app that lets you pay your restaurant tab from your phone, wants to advance you cash for dinner tonight.

The company is rolling out a feature so that people who are dining with friends that already have Cover can benefit from the app before signing up.

Called Float, the tool enables …


One year after the relaunch: Dennis Crowley on the future of Foursquare, privacy, and Yelp

Nearly a year after Foursquare’s relaunch, we caught up with chief executive Dennis Crowley to talk Foursquare’s future, its plan to cash in on ad tech, privacy, burrito discovery, and why the six-year-old startup doesn’t have to kill Yelp.

Here’s our Q&A, trimmed for clarity.

Harrison Weber: How’s

Dennis Crowley

Dennis Crowley on Foursquare and Swarm

An Inside Look at Foursquare's Strategy for Building a 40,000-Member Superuser Community

When Foursquare launched in 2009, CEO Dennis Crowley noticed something special happening. Although they had thousands of users and were poised for …


Foursquare Names Rosen, Krasniqi As Key Execs

Bolstering it sales efforts, Foursquare has brought in Michael Rosen to oversee brand sales efforts, and Peter Krasniqi to run Pinpoint, along with …


Deep linking & search in iOS 9 will change everything

The holy grail for any investor is to discover the next Google and deep linking has been a pathway largely because the iOS app world has been …


Personal recommendations for the Foursquare homescreen

Earlier this summer, we shipped an update to Foursquare on Android and iOS focused on giving each user a selection of “top picks” as soon as they …

Foursquare CEO: In two years, Yelp will be 'laughable' - Video - Technology

Foursquare founder and CEO Dennis Crowley sits down with Laurie Segall to give an update on the company and explains why he thinks the future of search is personalization.


With Swarm, Foursquare goes full circle on its gamification

Swarm, a mobile app that continues the original Foursquare application of past fame, is a social check-in app. Foursquare was well known for its …