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The market for food apps is exploding.

Every day it seems like there's another mobile app that can deliver your next meal or get your groceries. And with meal-delivery apps like Blue Apron raising millions of dollars in funding, expect the new industry to only get more crowded.

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An Inside Look at Foursquare's Strategy for Building a 40,000-Member Superuser Community

When Foursquare launched in 2009, CEO Dennis Crowley noticed something special happening. Although they had thousands of users and were poised for …


Foursquare Attempts to Unterrible Itself By Bringing Back Mayorships

Remember last year when Foursquare split its app in two, and got rid of all the fun features that actually made people want to use Foursquare? Well, …


Jeff Glueck Puts Foursquare Into Context

“Did you see our news?” Foursquare COO Jeff Glueck asked with a big smile. Foursquare had just announced a deal that will allow Twitter users to …


Foursquare and Swarm: Breaking up is never easy

More than a year ago, Foursquare decided to split its app in two. The main app was now focused on location discovery, while Swarm was created to handle the social check-in side of things. The reason? To streamline the two seemingly disparate functions so that each feature could flourish without …


I’m happy to announce Public Mayorships went live in Swarm today! I’m also happy to announce that Swarm is starting to feel more like – and look more like – a game. All 15 of us on Team Swarm are...

I’m happy to announce Public Mayorships went live in Swarm today!

I’m also happy to announce that Swarm is starting to feel more like – and look more …

Just in time for summer, Mayorships return to Swarm

Eleven months after checking-out of the check-in game, Foursquare is re-gamifying its Swarm app by bringing back Mayorships.

That's right Swarm fans, you can now compete to be Mayor of a location on Swarm, not just against your friends — but against all users.

The move was announced on Monday on …


All hail the mayor in a new Swarm by Foursquare update

Whats old is new again, at least in the Swarm by Foursquare app. With a recent update to version 2.5, the popular check-in app has now revived the …


Foursquare finally brings mayorships and true competition to Swarm

One of the best things about the old Foursquare has made its way back to Swarm: mayorships. You can now compete with users everywhere for the most check-ins at any business listed in the app, earning badges and bragging rights in the process. It's a surprisingly addicting feature that once made …


Foursquare Mayorships Are Finally Back, Available As Update In Swarm App For iPhone, Android

The location service Foursquare is bringing back the feature that made it a sticky app in the first place: the ability to become "mayor" of locations …


Swarm brings back Foursquare mayorship, adds a flashy crown badge

Swarm is bringing back Mayorship, a feature many who used Foursqaure ahead of its split have been longing for.

To become the mayor of a location, just check-in more than anyone else. When others check-in, they’ll see you’re in charge (not really, you get no authority).

You do get a crown badge, …


Swarm Brings Back Mayors

Mayorships. Enthusiastic users of the old foursquare likely feel a little pull at the heartstrings when they hear the word, given that the title was totally removed from both the new Foursquare and Swarm when the company split the app into two.

But fret no longer, former mayors. Today, Swarm is …


Claim that crown: Mayorships are back


Foursquare's Soho Digs Boast Comfort, Collaboration and Style

At 6 years old, Foursquare is among the established old guard that serves as inspiration for young entrepreneurs amid today's launch-and-burn startup …


Swarm for Windows Phone Updated with Stability Improvements

Foursquare's Swarm application for Windows Phone has just received a new update that brings some stability improvements.
Many of those that already …

Microsoft Windows

This ad tech company is boosting its image by partnering with Foursquare

Drawbridge is announcing its partnership with Foursquare’s new ad platform—but it’s only one of many strategically placed partnerships.

It’s not everyday that a company is fully honest about their PR strategy, but it’s refreshing when it happens.

In the case of Drawbridge, a four-year-old ad tech …


Swarm Now Lets You Message Friends Of Friends

Swarm has just released an update that brings with it the ability message friends of friends.

This means that whenever you come across a user in the app with whom you have a mutual friend, you’ll be able to send them a direct message.

On the receiving end, you’ll be notified that the message is from …


Swarm now lets you direct message friends of friends, so don’t be creepy

Swarm just got a little bit creepy — or maybe a lot handier. We can’t tell. Via an update, Swarm now allows users message friends of friends.

Say you wanted to reach out to an acquaintance that also liked to mountain bike. You could do that via Swarm without having to ask a mutual friend for their …

Mesh Network

How Button Pushed Its Way Into the Midst of Uber and Foursquare

“There should be more connectivity in the app world,” says Button CEO and co-founder Michael Jaconi. “We’re trying to solve that.”

On Monday, his New …


Foursquare Integrates Uber Ride-Hailing Service Directly In Its Mobile App

Button, a New York City startup that works to strengthen connections between apps, has announced a partnership today whereby it will integrate Uber’s ride-hailing services directly into Foursquare’s mobile-discovery app.

For instance, when a Foursquare user discovers a restaurant, bar or shop that …


Foursquare Partners With Uber, Button So Users Can Order Rides From Within Its App

Two better-known members of the startup old guard and new guard are teaming up as Uber comes to the Foursquare app.

Foursquare announced Monday that users of its mobile discovery app can now order rides to the destinations they find through Uber buttons that automatically load the location’s address …


Foursquare, Via Button, Now Lets You Order An Uber Directly In The App

Foursquare and Uber are teaming up, with the help of mobile deep-linking startup Button, to offer Foursquare users a button within the app to call an Uber.

The idea is that, as you look up restaurants or fun destinations on the Foursquare app, you could also execute on that plan far more easily with …


Announcing Button & Foursquare

Jun 1, 2015 by Button

1 minute read

Today, we’re extremely excited to announce the newest partner on the Button network: Foursquare. Foursquare has …


The Perfect Ride for the Perfect Recommendation

Whether you’re hungry or just looking for a place to hang out, picking a spot that accommodates your needs is not always the easiest task. In fact, …


The Perfect Ride to the Perfect Recommendation


Foursquare is bringing mayorships back for Swarm

When Foursquare split its app into two separate services, Swarm and Foursquare, some users were unhappy that their favorite gamification elements had been nuked. If you were checking in with Swarm, for instance, it was no longer possible to unlock badges and compete for mayorships with the entire …

With Swarm, Foursquare goes full circle on its gamification

Swarm, a mobile app that continues the original Foursquare application of past fame, is a social check-in app. Foursquare was well known for its …


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Introducing Foursquare for Android Wear