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Cool story here. So my friend Eduardo told his 5 year old son Eddie that he was going to visit @houstonpolice Chief @artacevedo . Eddie heard “Houston” and wanted to tag along with his dad. When he met Chief Acevedo he pulled out his Velcro wallet and gave the Chief $1, then another $1, then $1 and another $1. Then Eddie gave him his lucky $2 bill for a total of $6. He had been saving up for a Lego set. Eddie told the Chief it was for the kids that lost everything during Harvey. So I told my friend @jensenackles he had to hear Eddie’s story. After hearing this story, my boy Jensen pulled out his lucky 1969 $20 bill that he had been carrying around for 10 years in his wallet. He gave it to Eddie. Saying, “I’ve been carrying it around for 10 years, not knowing why. Now I know why!” I have some of the best friends that make me a better person everyday! #spnfamily @danneelackles512 @jaredpadalecki @nowandgen @stevecarlson @lisaktan @jeprobertson @jessicaduckwife


[NOWE] @DanneelHarris na Instagramie | Ciocia Jensena ze swoją żoną była z wizytą na weekend. @JensenAckles #SPNFamily

Aktywność Jensena na Instagramie! @JensenAckles #spnfamily

We are Team MOD. Married, Old, Dads. But we are fun and we laugh at ourselves, daily. One is a Chef, two wear makeup for a living and one eats what the Chef serves. How can that not be a fun combo? #spnfamily #spn #familybusinessbeerco #jepssouthernroots

Danneel buying a vintage doll and setting it up around the house so that it could freak Jensen out RT if you agree...😂👍

I love how Jensen and Danneel still act like newlyweds after 7 yrs of successful marriage. Goals af...

My idol is still a kid at heart 😍😍😍 @JensenAckles so proud, awww sweet ❤❤❤ #ReasonsToLoveJensenAckles

Miss these two beauties already! Had such a great weekend! #aunts #family❤️

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. @JensenAckles #SPNTOR

. @JensenAckles #SPNTOR

. @JensenAckles @RobBenedict #SPNTOR

I haven't word to say really My @DanneelHarris you're so wonderful @JensenAckles 😍🔥 I love you both so much ❤ #Love

One years ago Danneel liked me in her birth day that was day the best day of my life that was the first time that Danneel liked me 😭💘 She is a really queen honestly I haven't love her but when I see that she's a strong and kind women die for her 😍🔥 I understand @jensenackles that how love her so much 💕 My @danneelackles512 every time you need me I'm here for you I mean I am behind you always I'm proud of you I love you so much Dee ❤ . . . ___________________________________ #Jensenackles #Danneelackles #Janneel #Acklesholic #Iranianfan

My follower are everytime less, even if I get "one new follower" notification. I had 3090 -ish- and now barely 3080. 😔 #danneelackles #queendee #danneelators #acklesfamily #acklesholic #eltagraul #acklesfamily

What a lovely family 😍 #danneelackles #jensenackles #jenneel #ackles #teamackles #acklesfamily #acklesholic #danneelators #ackles #deedee


Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles's Wife Danneel Ackles & Kids {Justice Jay | Arrow Rhodes | Zeppelin Bram} 2017

Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles Deleted Instagram Video 8/25/17

Jensen Ackles

[NOWE] @JensenAckles z fanem na koncercie Stevie'go Wondera w Austin. #spnfamily 📷: @vic098

New pic of the Padackles in Austin, at Gino’s wedding



I don't even have words😍

Good night and sweet dreams #SPNFamily

#Rensta #Repost: @danneelackles512 via @renstapp ··· “ When Stevie took a knee, and brought us all together.❤️❤️❤️ ”

When Stevie took a knee, and brought us all together.❤️❤️❤️