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Take a Quick Tour of the Mind-Boggling Universe of Mathematics

Math is often considered synonymous with pain, boredom and frustration. It’s not uncommon to hear someone say, “ugh, it’s like doing math.” But math …


What if the internet stopped working for a day?

For many people, going without the internet even for a few hours is unthinkable. But if it did stop working, the impact might not be what you'd expect.<p>Jeff Hancock likes to give his Stanford University students weekend assignments that let them experience concepts discussed in class for themselves. …

U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security

How Richard Spencer's home town weathered a neo-Nazi 'troll storm'

An onslaught of antisemitic harassment descended upon the residents of Whitefish, a small Montana ski town, for taking a stand against the ‘alt-right’ racist in their midst. Then came the threat of a 200-person armed march<p>On a bitterly cold afternoon, the residents of a Montana ski town waited to …


Scientists can’t seem to figure out how ancient Mars got so warm

NASA’s Curiosity rover shoots down a big theory explaining how liquid lakes and rivers flowed on the Red Planet<p>After four and a half years of exploring Mars, NASA’s Curiosity rover has made a new discovery that only deepens a long-standing mystery about the Red Planet — namely, how the world used …

Researchers Create a Song That Makes Babies Happy

<i>Summary: Psychologists and musicians work together to create a novel, highly baby friendly song. Future research may help identify babies’</i> …

Ever own a computer with a DVD drive? You may be owed $10

Optical drive makers settle a class-action lawsuit that accused them of conspiracy to inflate prices.<p>Do you remember the computer you owned a decade ago? Did it have an DVD drive?<p>That little trip down memory lane may have just earned you $10.<p>This past December, Sony, NEC, Panasonic and Hitachi-LG …


Earth Overshoot Day: As Of Aug 8Th, The World Has Used A Year's Worth Of Resources

Our reserves are being depleted faster than they can be built back up.<p>August 8th 2016, according to the environmental think tank the Global Footprint …


The World's First Implant-Activated Smart Gun


Most robots dancing simultaneously - Guinness World Records

World Records

How MIT's new biological 'computer' works, and what it could do in the future - ExtremeTech

How MIT’s new biological ‘computer’ works, and what it could do in the future<p>By on July 25, 2016 at 7:49 am<p>This site may earn affiliate commissions …


WATCH: A Breathtaking Timelapse Of The Never-Setting Arctic Sun

In the polar regions called, the sun never sets in summer — and it looks really nifty when you watch it sped up.<p>Why Doesn’t the Sun Set ?<p>The polar …


The Brain That Couldn’t Remember

‘Can you tell me who the president of the United States is at the moment?”<p>A man and a woman sat in an office in the Clinical Research Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It was 1986, and the man, Henry Molaison, was about to turn 60. He was wearing sweatpants and a checkered shirt …

The Brain

Moon Express becomes first private company to get US approval for lunar mission

Paving the way for private missions beyond Earth orbit<p>Spaceflight venture Moon Express wants to be the first private company ever to land on the Moon in 2017 — and now the company has been granted approval by the United States government to launch to the lunar surface. It's the first time the …

To Prevent a Nuclear Disaster, Washington Firefighters Burned a Whole Mountain

"Sometimes, you fight fire with fire."<p>The nation's largest nuclear waste dump was almost ignited by wildfire this weekend. The raging inferno, called the Range 12 Fire, threatened to summit Washington's Rattlesnake Mountain, and creep down the other side toward the Hanford Nuclear Site, an aging …


Earth - In 250 million years Earth might only have one continent

Science calls it "Pangaea Proxima". You might prefer to call it the Next Big Thing. A supercontinent is on its way that incorporates all of Earth's major landmasses, meaning you could walk from Australia to Alaska, or Patagonia to Scandinavia. But it will be about 250 million years in the …


One of the Best Explanations For Why We Haven't Found Alien Life

So far, the only examples of sentient life we’ve found are right here on our own planet. It’s not for lack of trying, though—we’ve sent out …

How Worried Should We Be About A Huge Asteroid Hitting Earth?

An asteroid explorer answers 13 questions about scary space rocks.<p>Some media outlets say the asteroid Bennu might be on a collision course with Earth. Others say not to worry.<p>To learn the truth, The Huffington Post reached out to Dr. Dante Lauretta, professor of planetary science at the University …

Space Exploration

2015 Warmest Year On Record

An annual State of the Climate report has confirmed that 2015 surpassed 2014 as the warmest year on record since at least the mid-to-late 19th …

Global Warming

Where Does Your Mind Reside?: Crash Course Philosophy #22


10 SECRET Google Earth Places You're NOT Allowed To See

Google Earth

Astronaut Scott Kelly on the psychological challenges of going to Mars

Scott Kelly

The hidden base that could have ended the world

In the 1970s and 80s, crews sat at constant readiness in nuclear missile silos buried in the Arizona desert. What would have happened if they had got the order to launch?<p>Yvonne Morris had three minutes to get to work at the start of her shift. Any longer between phoning through her secret code at …


Death From Space — Gamma-Ray Bursts Explained


The Olympic Storylines You Absolutely Need To Know

With more than 300 events and 10,000 athletes at the Summer Olympics, you can't follow everything at the Rio Games even if you're an insomniac streaming NBC around the clock.<p>Still, you want to know which athletes, events and stories you can't miss. Well, it's impossible to say, because drama, …


More Evidence That Dinosaurs Suffered a One-Two Extinction Punch

What killed the dinosaurs?That was a mystery for decades; when I was a kid, there were tons of ideas but precious little evidence for any of them, …