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Creating the Next Generation Workforce

Creating the Next Generation Workforce

By Harold L. Sirkin

The federal government has been cracking down on for-profit trade schools that leave students with heavy debt loads but no marketable trade or job skill.

Singling out the so-called career colleges for their failures may be politically popular, …


How to Play Games at Work Productively

One of the big challenges facing businesses today is maintaining a keenly motivated workforce that is raring to achieve bigger and better targets every day. Companies resort to a variety of measures to keep morale up and their teams motivated. These include flexible work hours, encouraging good …


Life Beyond the Lecture: 5 Ways to Support Faculty who Teach with Emerging Technologies

5 Ways to Support Faculty who Teach with Emerging Technologies

"We must support both sides of the chasm." -Phil Hill

As online and blended learning …

Emerging Technology

Why We Can No Longer Rely Only On Schools And Companies For Professional And Personal Development

There once was a time where everything you needed to know for your career was taught to you by the educational institution you attended and the company you worked for. You would go get your four year bachelor’s degree in whatever topic and that information would stay with you for a little while, …


Stop Universities From Hoarding Money


WHO do you think received more cash from Yale’s endowment last year: Yale students, or the private equity fund managers hired to invest the university’s money?

It’s not even close.

Last year, Yale paid about $480 million to private equity fund managers as compensation — about $137 million …


The Coddling of the American Mind

In the name of emotional well-being, college students are increasingly demanding protection from words and ideas they don’t like. Here’s why that’s disastrous for education—and mental health.

Something strange is happening at America’s colleges and universities. A movement is arising, undirected and …


Taking Notes: Is The Pen Still Mightier Than the Keyboard?

Educators are eager to know how the computers popping up in their classrooms actually affect student learning. Much of the research has focused on …


Here's Why Writing Things Out By Hand Makes You Smarter

Typing is fast.

Handwriting is slow.

Weirdly, that's precisely why handwriting is better suited to learning.

Take it from research psychologists Pam A. Mueller of Princeton University and Daniel M. Oppenheimer of the University of California, Los Angeles, who did a fascinating study investigating just …


Why organize your ideas, and how to do it

Just as important as the process you use for developing ideas is the process you use for organizing them.

Idea organization matters on many different …


Rise Against Robotic Voice-Overs

You’ve probably met someone before who over-enunciates. Many people do this in order to make themselves better understood, which makes sense when you …


A Handy Tool for Turning PowerPoint Presentations into Interactive Lessons

August 3, 2015 Office Mix is an excellent PowerPoint add-in that allows teachers to create engaging and interactive presentations using multimedia …

Microsoft PowerPoint

10 Visual Design Tips for eLearning and Slides

You don't need to be an artist to be effective at design. You can go from BORING to BOLD by learning how to excite audiences through visuals. These 10 tips are drawn from my book, Visual Design Solutions: Principles and Creative Inspiration for Learning Professionals.



1 Question You Should Never Ask Senior Leaders About Trainin

I recently met with a client who was preparing to conduct a training needs assessment with his company’s senior leaders. Here is the crux of what he …

Customer Service

5 Habits of Effective Instructional Designers - E-Learning Heroes

A habit is defined as “something you do without thinking—a regular practice.” When it comes to our professional development, building new habits, …


Student Motivation Matters: 25 Tips and Strategies

A new report from the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching reviews what we know about student motivation.

Motivation Matters: How New Research Can Help Teachers Boost Student Engagement , by Susan Headden and Sarah McKay, is a competent review of current research. Following are 25 …


Why Public Schools Don't Teach Critical Thinking -- Part 2

While state education departments are the first reason why public schools don't teach critical thinking, community pressure against it is the second. While some communities do welcome critical inquiry as an essential part of a good education, others do not, rejecting critical thinking as dangerous …


Flipped classrooms are turning education upside-down: students watch videos in their own time, then come together in a curated discussion to interact and learn together with their teacher. But what about flipped learning for professional development?

Flipped classrooms are turning education upside-down: students watch videos in their own time, then come together in a curated discussion to interact …


Stop The Presses! Report Finds Most Professional Development Waste Of Time

TNTP has just come out with a big report announcing what every teacher who has had to go to a district-mandated professional development session …

Professional Development

Can MakerBot's New Factory Churn Out 3-D Printers For Every School In America?

Months after major layoffs, the company has opened an expansive new manufacturing facility in Brooklyn.

MakerBot has grand ambitions, recent headlines be damned. On Wednesday morning, the 3-D printer manufacturer cut the ribbon on a huge new factory in the Industry City region of Brooklyn, a …


How Guitar Center Made Learning Rock

Innovation is a lot like learning. It works best when you do a little bit every day. Here’s some inspiration.

Image: Guitar Center

The Challenge:

After …


The Future of Education is Emergent

“Emergence is a paradox: emergent properties are often changeless and changing, constant and fluctuating, persistent and shifting, inevitable and

Why Higher Ed and Business Need to Work Together

Over the past decade, business has changed dramatically. As a result, workforce skills and requirements have also changed. There are jobs today that didn’t exist 10 years ago — data scientist, social media manager, app developer — and in five more, there will be new roles with new requirements that …

Business Technology

9 Reasons Flash Must Die, And Soon

12:06 PM

Whether you're a user or a developer, the reasons to leave Flash in the past keep multiplying.

9 of 10

Flash Makes Browsers More …

Mobile Apps

UDL and The Flipped Classroom: The Full Picture

In response to all of the attention given to the flipped classroom, I proposed The Flipped Classroom: The Full Picture and The Flipped Classroom: The …

How to Write Learning Objectives: The Ultimate Guide

Learning objectives are a key part of effective training materials. Create them and use them correctly, and you’re well on your way to helping your …

Everything Science Knows About Reading On Screens

We’ve adapted our reading habits to fit our screens, but at a cost.

Thanks to technology, we’re reading more than ever—our brains process thousands of words via text messages, email, games, social media, and web stories. According to one report, the amount people that read tripled from 1980 to the …

James Joyce

7 Tenets of Creative Thinking

Michael MichalkoStudent EngagementMichael Michalko explains that everyone is an artist and that it takes belief and persistence to nurture this …

The Brain

2015 Instructional Design Trends Compass: Calling IDs to Action

How to Put Instructional Design Trends to Action

Like most years, 2014 ended with articles about the latest trends in instructional design, …


MIT and German research on the [appalling] use of video in xMOOCs

Demonstration is one of the 18 video production styles from a Coursera course “Mechanics: Motion,
Forces, Energy and Gravity, from Particles to …