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Can MakerBot's New Factory Churn Out 3-D Printers For Every School In America?

Months after major layoffs, the company has opened an expansive new manufacturing facility in Brooklyn.

MakerBot has grand ambitions, recent headlines be damned. On Wednesday morning, the 3-D printer manufacturer cut the ribbon on a huge new factory in the Industry City region of Brooklyn, a …


How Guitar Center Made Learning Rock

Innovation is a lot like learning. It works best when you do a little bit every day. Here’s some inspiration.

Image: Guitar Center

The Challenge:

After …


The Future of Education is Emergent

“Emergence is a paradox: emergent properties are often changeless and changing, constant and fluctuating, persistent and shifting, inevitable and


Why Higher Ed and Business Need to Work Together

Over the past decade, business has changed dramatically. As a result, workforce skills and requirements have also changed. There are jobs today that didn’t exist 10 years ago — data scientist, social media manager, app developer — and in five more, there will be new roles with new requirements that …

Business Technology

9 Reasons Flash Must Die, And Soon

12:06 PM

Whether you're a user or a developer, the reasons to leave Flash in the past keep multiplying.

9 of 10

Flash Makes Browsers More …


UDL and The Flipped Classroom: The Full Picture

In response to all of the attention given to the flipped classroom, I proposed The Flipped Classroom: The Full Picture and The Flipped Classroom: The …

How to Write Learning Objectives: The Ultimate Guide

Learning objectives are a key part of effective training materials. Create them and use them correctly, and you’re well on your way to helping your …


Everything Science Knows About Reading On Screens

We’ve adapted our reading habits to fit our screens, but at a cost.

Thanks to technology, we’re reading more than ever—our brains process thousands of words via text messages, email, games, social media, and web stories. According to one report, the amount people that read tripled from 1980 to the …

James Joyce

7 Tenets of Creative Thinking

Michael MichalkoStudent EngagementMichael Michalko explains that everyone is an artist and that it takes belief and persistence to nurture this …

The Brain

2015 Instructional Design Trends Compass: Calling IDs to Action

How to Put Instructional Design Trends to Action

Like most years, 2014 ended with articles about the latest trends in instructional design, …


MIT and German research on the [appalling] use of video in xMOOCs

Demonstration is one of the 18 video production styles from a Coursera course “Mechanics: Motion,
Forces, Energy and Gravity, from Particles to …


The difference between social learning and social collaboration

In my framework of Modern Workplace Learning (see diagram on right) I use the term social collaboration to label an important new element of work of …


The ABCs Οf High Quality Online Discussions

How To Improve Online Discussions

The role of the instructor is to encourage critical reflection with thought-provoking questions. Instructors should …


Social Learning is here to stay!

Who would have imagined that the rapid pace of technology advancement would transform the learning landscape so dramatically! So, if Facebook, …


3 Things eLearning Designers Can Learn From TED Talks

When I say ‘rule’, it’s more like the ‘Pirate Code’ in Pirates of the Caribbean. To quote Captain Barbossa, “the code is more what you’d call …

TED Talks

To be a Great Teacher, I Will Never Stop Learning

By: Brandon Johnson. There’s always room to grow and improve as an educator, whether it’s through fellowships or other professional development …


Tin Can API and the Age of Informal Learning

The typical LMS serves up elearning and tracks results, but Tin Can API captures learning data in streams of “actor/verb/object."

Informal Learning

Learning Needs a Revolution

Learning and development is failing, and the only real remedy is a revolution. Tinkering around the edges is not going to cut it. Not a violent …


Multiple Intelligences In eLearning: The Theory And Its Impact

Multiple Intelligences In eLearning

The Theory of Multiple Intelligences was developed in 1983 by Howard Earl Gardner and it was first published in his …


6 eLearning lessons from Game of Thrones

While everyone tries to overcome the shock from the fifth season’s finale (no spoilers here), we thought it would be a fun summer post to write about …


Peeking into the brain's filing system

Storing information so that you can easily find it again is a challenge. From purposefully messy desks to indexed filing cabinets, we all have our preferred systems. How does it happen inside our brains?

Somewhere within the dense, damp and intricate 1.5kg of tissue that we carry in our skulls, all …

The Brain

10 Effective Ways To Make You A Faster Learner

The importance of learning cannot be underestimated. Learning empowers us to fulfill our ideas and realize our full potential. The speed of gaining …


10 eLearning Trends For 2015 – Presentation

Latest trends have been known to be the game changers; be it in the fashion industry or eLearning industry. Trend watchers are constantly on the …


5 papers every learning professional should read

I don’t read as many journal articles as I’d like.

Given the challenges and pressures of professional life, combined with everything else that’s been …


Children should advance in school according to skill, not age

In 2010, a fifth-grade student named Jack started the year at the bottom of his class in math at Santa Rita Elementary School in the Los Altos School District in California. He struggled to keep up, and grew to consider himself one of those kids who would just never quite ‘‘get it.’’ In a typical …


Teacher Guides for Technology And Learning

Welcome to the official guide to technology and learning by Edudemic! This part of Edudemic is meant to offer you, the teacher, some of the best and …

eLearning 101: Getting Started With Online Training

So what is eLearning, really?eLearning can be any situation where you use technology to learn outside of a traditional classroom. Originally, it was …


Hands-Off Teaching Cultivates Metacognition

As a teacher, you put a lot of thought into how to make your class and the material as accessible and engaging as possible. You think about what you …


The DOs and DON’Ts of Gamification Design Thinking, Part 1

A World Explorer Gamification Design Strategy Session is for you if you are interested in designing a gamification strategy for either employee or …