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Infographic: 15 Crazy Social Media Trends From The Last Five Years

It’s amazing and somewhat frightening how quickly information spreads over the World Wide Web. The rapid transmission of information, however, makes …

Social Media

Don't Post That! Why Half of Americans Regret Their Social Media Posts

​Lucille Ball famously said, “I'd rather regret the things I've done than regret the things I haven't done.” It looks like America has a similar …

Social Media

Management skills for new leaders

At DevOpsDays Melbourne 2015 I facilitated an Open Space session on management and leadership.

The purpose of the session was for experienced leaders …


Traditional Performance Management Doesn't Work

A public survey released by Deloitte (quoted by the Harvard Business Review here) more than half the executives surveyed said that their current …

Human Resources

People Offer Better Ideas When They Can’t See What Others Suggest

Companies from BMW to Kraft have invested a good deal in soliciting “open innovation” ideas from consumers, but the results have been underwhelming: Of the more than 23,000 ideas gathered by Dell’s Idea Storm site, only 2% have been put to use, and Starbucks has implemented an even smaller fraction …


Everything you need to know about your Millennial co-workers

A new study from Great Place to Work reveals the quirks that drive the biggest generation in the American workforce.

Millennials are tired of getting a bad rap. They’re sick of being called lazy, entitled or high maintenance simply because they played on T-ball teams in which everyone got a trophy …

Boston Consulting Group

Combining Virtual and Face-to-Face Work

Many companies feel they face a conundrum when it comes to determining remote work policies. Perhaps the most common misconception about adopting virtual work is that it is an all-or-nothing proposition, such that once we have networking tools in place, there is no need to come together — or …


Here’s why Chinese workers are wearing ‘no-face’ masks

The government is worried about overwork-related deaths.

Like Casual Fridays? Try “No Face” day.

On Tuesday, a handful of service companies in Handan, a city in China’s Hebei province, encouraged workers to wear masks to work so that they could relax their faces instead of smiling all day. Customers …


Lessons From Companies Thriving With 100 Percent Remote Teams

The Bureau of Labor Statistics just released its much-anticipated American Time Use Survey, which found that more Americans are working from home, with 23 percent completing all or some of their work from home, up from 19 percent in 2003. Most employees who work remotely have a hybrid situation …


HP bans T-shirts at work, and employees are furious

The traditional Silicon Valley coder uniform.

For a lot of programmers, especially in Silicon Valley, the trusted T-shirt-and-hoodie combo makes up the only work uniform they need. It's considered by many to be a perk of the job: Nobody cares how you dress for work, so long as you deliver.

But this …

Silicon Valley

5 Ways to Effectively Communicate With Employees

Effective communication with employees takes effort, repetition, thoughtfulness and most importantly needs to come from the heart. Communication needs to be something business leaders seek to do whenever they can rather than considering it a check box before getting back to the "real work" of …


35 Smart Habits That Make Employees Extremely Valuable

Every employer wants employees who contribute to the overall success of the company. Here's how the best bring long-term ROI.

An employee doesn’t have to be a top salesperson to bring exponential value to a company. Amazing employees stand out from the crowd in many other ways. Simply put, their …

Human Resources

Your Company Should Be Helping Customers on Social

People under 35 spend almost four hours per day on social media, and more of that time is being spent engaging with brands. Our research has shown that the volume of tweets targeted at brands and their Twitter service handles, for example, has grown 2.5x in the past two years. Similarly, the …

Social Media

5 Bad Office Habits That Could Be Undermining Your Career

This story originally appeared on LearnVest.

Let’s face it: Office dynamics can be tricky.

You may think you’re doing all the right things—when it turns out you’re actually frustrating colleagues, alienating work allies and maybe even disrespecting your boss.

The possible culprit?

You’re engaging in …

Job Satisfaction

Can MakerBot's New Factory Churn Out 3-D Printers For Every School In America?

Months after major layoffs, the company has opened an expansive new manufacturing facility in Brooklyn.

MakerBot has grand ambitions, recent headlines be damned. On Wednesday morning, the 3-D printer manufacturer cut the ribbon on a huge new factory in the Industry City region of Brooklyn, a …


5 ways to make employee learning a pillar of your company — and why it's vital

This article is part of DBA, a series on Mashable about running a business that features insights from leaders in entrepreneurship, venture capital and management.

Business leaders know that any challenge can (and should) be a learning event. Lifelong learning is what helps us ultimately reach our …


10 Common Email Mistakes: Using Email Effectively

Using Email Effectively

© iStockphoto

Wait until your stormy mood clears before you send an email.

How many hours do you spend …


How to Escape Your Cubicle and Live the Dream Life

I’ve been fortunate to live in some pretty amazing places. They include a small tourist town in the Canadian Rockies surrounded by some of the bluest lakes you can ever imagine, a remote bayside town in Alaska with office views of multiple glaciers; and “classic” paradise on the island of Kauai, …


24 Ways Your Office Job is Literally Killing You

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msn money

The stress, long hours, and sedentary nature of your modern office job are sucking the life out of you …

Healthy Eating

LEGO Denmark Office - Version 2.0

LEGO Denmark Office – Version 2.0

This morning we showed off a few shots of LEGO’s space in Denmark, but this afternoon we are lucky enough to have …


4 Smart Tips to Reverse Workplace Brain Drain

Here’s news that smarts: Our brains can start to power down in our early 40s. That is, the complex mental processes we rely on to be our sharpest …

The Brain

The Research We’ve Ignored About Happiness at Work

Recently, we found ourselves in motivational seminars at our respective places of employment. Both events preached the gospel of happiness. In one, a speaker explained that happiness could make you healthier, kinder, more productive, and even more likely to get promoted.

The other seminar involved …


How Guitar Center Made Learning Rock

Innovation is a lot like learning. It works best when you do a little bit every day. Here’s some inspiration.

Image: Guitar Center

The Challenge:

After …


The Future of Education is Emergent

“Emergence is a paradox: emergent properties are often changeless and changing, constant and fluctuating, persistent and shifting, inevitable and


Why Higher Ed and Business Need to Work Together

Over the past decade, business has changed dramatically. As a result, workforce skills and requirements have also changed. There are jobs today that didn’t exist 10 years ago — data scientist, social media manager, app developer — and in five more, there will be new roles with new requirements that …

Business Technology

How To Be A Better Mentor

If you find yourself in a teaching role, be prepared to learn on the job, and keep practicing your mentoring skills.

Remember that teacher you had in school—or that boss from one of your first jobs—who made you take a step back and think about what you really wanted to achieve in life? That …


What Happens When You Talk About Salaries at Google

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‘On mobile, the average [YouTube] session is now over 40 minutes.’
—Omid Kordestani, Google’s chief business …


9 Reasons Flash Must Die, And Soon

12:06 PM

Whether you're a user or a developer, the reasons to leave Flash in the past keep multiplying.

9 of 10

Flash Makes Browsers More …


10 Travel Etiquette Tips

• Don’t hog seats in the boarding area. Planes are full, airports are busy, space is tight on board and in the gate area. Be kind and leave the seat …


Avoid These Three Traps and Become a More Decisive Leader

I recently oversaw a study designed to clarify the relationship between pivotal decisions and leadership. Based on our nationwide survey of 500 …