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What It Means When You Stay Friends with Your Exes

With that said, there's a difference between having a friendly chat every so often and texting him good morning each a.m. Here's what each stage of being chummy with an ex means about you (and your new relationship, if you're in one!).<p><b>Wishing Him a Happy Birthday</b><br>"A superficial friendship is fine," …

Text Messaging

19 Organizing Tricks That Take 5 Minutes or Less

A tidy space is just a few mini projects away.<p><b>1. Donate unused mugs.</b> <br>Unless you're a true mug aficionado, you probably have more than you need. Separate your favorites and donate the rest.<p><b>2. Sort your food containers.</b> <br>Double-check that there's a lid for every container, get rid of loners, and stack …


Depression Isn’t What You Think It Is

Millions of people are diagnosed with major depression, while a growing number of scientists are saying it isn’t a distinct condition. It’s part of a big shake-up in psychiatry as researchers attempt to define mental disorders by what’s going wrong in the brain rather than using checklists of …

The Brain

21 Things That Happened On "Friends" That Would Baffle Kids Today

RIP answering machines.

This Genius Tinder Hack Caused Straight Guys To Hit On Each Other

This hacker decided to give the men of Tinder a taste of their own medicine.<p>"The original idea was to throw that back into the face of the people doing it to see how they would react," he told <i>The Verge</i>, to whom he gave an exclusive interview.<p>(H/T <i>The Verge</i>)


How to Lose Belly Fat at Any Age

Metabolic slowdown is a real thing. It's due to your muscle mass declining—by up to eight percent each decade after age 30 and up to 10 percent after the big 5-0. "You lose about a half pound of lean muscle every year in your twenties, thirties, and forties, and once you hit your fifties, you lose …


This Clever Duvet Cover Trick is Going to Change Your Life

The "duvet burrito" makes changing your cover SO much easier.<p>Nothing says frustrating like trying to put on a duvet cover by yourself. In a world of iPhones, robo-vacuums, and all sorts of tech gadgets, you'd think we would have found a simpler solution to this cumbersome housekeeping task by now. …

Laundry Rooms

How to Have Your Longest Orgasm Ever

Ready to get going (and going…and going…and going)? Here, a quick debriefing on Tantra before you and your partner de-brief yourselves:<p><b>Breath</b><br>You want to share your breath in a way that enhances your intimacy and can boost your orgasm. "The faster you breathe, the quicker you orgasm," says Cadell. …

41 Genius April Fools’ Day Pranks Your Kids Will Totally Fall For

Because kids don't get a free pass on April 1.

How Uncertainty Fuels Anxiety

An inability to live with life's unknowns can lead to worry and distress.<p>After nine years writing <i>Slate</i>’s “Dear Prudence” advice column, Emily Yoffe has noticed some recurring themes: “Mothers in law, husbands addicted to porn, impossible officemates, crazy brides.”<p>Sometimes, Yoffe says, …


Wild Coyote Finds A Toy And Proves That Wild Animals Are As Playful As Pets

Coyotes are known as clever and vicious wild animals, but photographer Pamela Underhill Karaz, who lives in a rural area in upstate New York, …

National Geographic Travel

7 Life-Changing Organizing Lessons We Learned from Marie Kondo

We found joy in The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up — and you can too.<p><i>The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up</i> is everywhere lately, or so it seems — Japanese author Marie Kondo's unique, joy-based organizational method has spread across the States like wildfire, drawing millions of new followers to …


One Travelin' Woman Tested 9 Celeb Skin-Care Tips—Here's What Happened

<b>Flight One: 10 hours and 15 minutes</b><p><b>1. The celebrity: John Mayer (don't judge)</b><p><b>The tip:</b> Apply <b>Kiehl's Lip Balm #1</b> ($7, throughout the flight to keep lips protected from the dry, recycled air on the plane.<p><b>The result:</b> My lips stay crack-free and moisturized the entire plane ride. Plus, …

Skin Care

10 Things You Should Never, Ever Apologize For

Enlightening, right?<p>Obviously, it’s important to apologize when you’re in the wrong. If you raise your voice at your partner or forget your friend’s birthday, go ahead and whip out the s-word.<p>But many of us might also be frequently saying sorry for things that aren’t our fault and not even notice …


Are You Using Your Shampoo the Right Way?

Most women with really fine hair have to shampoo every day to prevent greasiness, says hairstylist Ryan Darius Nickulas, owner of Ryan Darius Salon in New York City. However, since over-washing your hair can leave you with a greasy scalp, too, Nickulas recommends washing every other day and using a …

Hair Care

Different Solutions<p>website<p>Diply

9 Tips for Composing the Perfect Picture

From the Rule of Thirds to symmetry, Steve McCurry's photos show you how you step up your photography game.<p>Photojournalist Steve McCurry, who is most famous for his piercing portrait of the Afghan Girl, featured on the cover of the June 1985 issue of National Geographic Magazine, is a master at …

Seeing is the Essence of Photography, And You Can Learn to Do It Better

Photography is an analytic art form. We aim our lenses to specific parts of the world around us to pick a frame because, in our analysis, that …

What Your Shower Curtain Says About You

Let's not even get started on glass doors.<p>Your shower curtain sets the tone for your bathroom and, much like funky throw pillows, it's a no-commitment design element that you can have fun with. But what you may not realize is that it reveals more about your personality that you ever</b> …


Messing Around With Markers: Sharpies on Ceramic Tiles

This is a really neat technique that uses permanent markers, like Sharpies, and rubbing alcohol to re-flow the inks and make all sorts of mesmerizing swirly effects on the tile. Tiles are a popular material for creating DIY coasters. Be sure to seal the ink with a spray sealer as a final step to …

Things Men Think Show Weakness...That We Wish They Would Do More Often

<b>2. Crying</b><br>Crying to excess isn't exactly attractive on either gender, but a sensitive man who is in touch with his feelings? Aw, come here. Let us make you feel better.<p><b>3. Being Good with Kids</b><br>Hopefully as Instagram accounts like the hilarious and brilliant "DILFs of Disneyland," become more …


The 5 Daily Rituals That Will Make You Happy

You know what percentage of people are really happy? Not “oh, life is pretty good”, I mean people who are <i>flourishing</i>. They feel their lives are …


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5 Habits of Women Who Orgasm Every Single Time

Most women require stimulation of the clitoris in order to reach orgasm, says Walfish. "A much smaller percentage of women reach orgasm solely through G-spot stimulation, via penetration," she says, but for the vast majority, the clitoris is where it's at. Whether your partner gives it some lovin' …