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Live Off the Grid in This Solar-Powered 'Ecocapsule' Pod

Ever feel like just leaving it all behind and moving into a tiny pod in the country? You might after seeing the Ecocapsule, a tiny dwelling that packs all the necessaries — and little else — into its egg-like chassis. It's got a bed, kitchen, bathroom and work area, and a couple windows to let in …

Log Cabins

7 Ways to Declutter You Probably Haven’t Tried

Last year, I moved into a new house. Walking through the empty rooms after closing left me giddy. They represented a fresh start and a clean …


The Best Kind of Road Trip: A Luxury RV Without The Camping

Mercedes-Benz and Airstream team up to provide one luxurious travel experience




Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer, also kicks off summer driving season, with about 33 million motorists expected to hit the roads this weekend, according to AAA. About 15 million of them will …

Road Trips

11 Ways to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Bedroom

Dealing with a tiny bedroom can be a bit overwhelming — how are you supposed to sleep in there and fit all your stuff in there, too? Try out one of …

Storage Ideas

13 Clever Built-Ins for Small Spaces

If you live in a little apartment (or house) and are lucky enough to own your place (or have a landlord who's quite lenient) built ins can be a real …


8 Space-Saving Murphy Bed Designs

Check out how these Murphy bed designs cleverly maximize space and increase a room's functionality.

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7 Space-Saving Solutions from Some of Our Tiniest Houses

With a little wood and a lot of imagination, these diminutive homes manage to pack a lot of function into very little square footage.

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Transforming Shipping Containers into an Industrial Cottage Home

Susan Fredman
CEO, Susan Fredman
Design Group
Founder, Designs for Dignity

Experimentation with new materials has always been at the core of renowned


Winnebago Travato First Drive

Bravo Travato: Compact RV Offers an Easy Mobile Life

Jake Burns, lead singer for Stiff Little Fingers, screamed it best. Sometimes, you “gotta, gotta getaway.”

I was following that notion when I took the new Winnebago Travato, a recreational vehicle, to Northern Michigan’s Thunder Bay Resort, where a …

Northern Ontario

A New Tiny House Documentary Digs into the Nitty-Gritty of Small Living

Photo courtesy of Small is Beautiful

After a recent episode of Portlandia epically skewered the tiny house movement, it may be time again to look at …


6 Plywood-Loving Prefabs

Take a look at how plywood is incorporated into the designs of these six prefabs.

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Interior Design

Smartphone-controlled microfarming system can grow veggies in tiny spaces

Homegrown fruits and vegetables might seem like an impossibility in a small apartment, but students at MIT are working on a way to garden …


An American Ex-Pat Renovates a Tiny London Apartment on Her Own Terms

Playfully flouting convention, an American-born architect creates a deceptively spacious home for herself in a tiny London apartment.

Project: Notting Hill ResidenceArchitect: Johanna Molineus Architects

Johanna Molineus doesn’t initially come across as the poster girl for rule-breaking. But the …


Origami-style cardboard furniture for dorms, urban nomads

Simple Living: Finding A Place For Everything

Do you have a place for everything in your home? Does everything make it's way back to it's "home" in a relatively timely manner? Or does the thought …

Simple Living

The Joy of Less: A Systematic Approach to Minimalist Living


Amazing Folding Shower for Small Bathrooms

You’ve seen a lot of unusual indoor designs here on Freshome, including ones that can considerably decrease their volume for an easier storage. …


Bathboard – Folding Bathtub by Sylwia Ulicka Rivera

The Bathboard is a too-good-to-be-true design. It has all the makings of an excellent bathtub; one, which folds up and holds enough water for a good …

These Tiny Homes Can Be Built in a Day

Get in on the small space movement — without the wait.

As popular as it may seem, tiny house living is simply not for everyone. But for those who are brave enough to ditch the extra square footage and downsize, there's a new, appealing option on the market.

Designed by the Dutch architecture firm …

Dallas Couple Builds Luxurious Shipping Container Home

One of the best things about shipping container architecture is that you can go as small or as large as you like. Matt and Barbara Mooney of Dallas, …


Photos from Motorhome full time's post - Motorhome full time

Here's How a Family of 4 Lives in 640 Square Feet — Dwell

A while back we showed you a Brooklyn apartment where a family of three lives in 675 square feet. Today we're taking it to the next level, with a …

200 Things

“The things you own end up owning you”

In mid-2001, I lived in a high-rise Seattle apartment, having returned to a second stint at Microsoft as a …

Living Without Sacrifice: Solutions to the Top 5 Tiny House Limitations

by Gabriella Morrison

Do you want to live tiny but are worried about having to make too many sacrifices in space and comfort? We were too but can say …

Tiny House Movement

Living Small In The City: With More Singles, Micro-Housing Gets Big

Back in 2012,something unusual got started in an alleyway in an already tightly developed part of northeast Washington, D.C.

On an 11th-of-an-acre lot next to a cemetery, behind a block of row houses, tiny houses started to go up. And not just one little house in backyard, like you might see in many …


The Definitive List of Tiny House Blogs

Here's all the quality blogs I could find about building and living in tiny houses. I've tried to list blogs written by those actively living in …

10 incredible tiny houses in Japan: a photo tour

Despite being known as the office video game nerd here at RocketNews24, one of my secret passions is architecture. But not just any old architecture, …

How I made peace with selling everything I owned to spend my retirement traveling the world

Just before I retired in 2011, I sold almost everything I owned.

It wasn't because money was tight, but because I wanted to spend my life as an adventure, traveling the world, pursuing my passions of writing and photography, most of the things I owned weren't going to fit into that lifestyle.

I …


The Zeer Pot, a good solution for a little outdoor, power-free food cooling? Read more here: http://bit.ly/1xCjEGD