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Is the Tiny House Market Worth Investing In?

As a real estate investor and coach, I'm always on the lookout for the latest investment opportunities. A lot of the times my students ask me, "Marko Rubel, how do you spot a real estate investment opportunity? What's the latest out there on the market?" A lot of it is all about research and, …


10 Magnificent Tiny Home Design Companies

Tiny homes are becoming a big market. Aside from the advantage of mobility and the popularization of living simply, tiny houses are also growing more …


5 Small Homes Built in 3 Weeks

…five small homes that are each only 500 sq. ft. They are 1 bedroom, 1 bath, with a nice front porch, living room and kitchen. The builder poured all …

Tiny House Movement

11. Tiny Texan Cabin




Location: 123 Mytilus Ln., Friday Harbor, Wash. 98250

Price: $1,850,000

Size: 598 sf

Image via Zillow




This one-bedroom, one-bath home on 5.3 acres features Miele appliances and complete privacy. Views …


10 Things I Learned Living In A Shipping Container

By Tin Hat Ranch Contributor Amy Edge

In the Spring of 2008, we purchased a 45 foot shipping container. This was prior to the interest that has seem …

Shipping Containers

Sebastopol developer has big plans for tiny homes

There’s a new cottage industry sprouting up outside of Sebastopol, and it doesn’t resemble the strip-mall condos or McMansions of past years. It’s a …

San Francisco Bay Area

Don’t Rent It Out: Move into a Microhouse Today

Good things come in small packages and Portland’s tiny house community is no exception. This week on Portlandia, Fred and Carrie reveal the truth …

Carbon Footprint

Tiny Transition and Downsizing e-course

The next session of Tiny Transition and Downsizing, the 8-week e-course, begins on March 1st, 2015. You can register for the class and see all the …


One of the Many Uses for Tiny Houses - Activists Work to End Homelessness via: http://goo.gl/CkKb2N

Minimalist Living Brings Happiness – See Inside Wayne & Anita’s Tiny House Truck

Wayne and Anita are a wonderful couple who have chosen simplicity over complexity, and freedom over debt and stress. Over six months ago, they made …


How Tiny House Living Forever Changed My Finances

There are so many reasons that folks decide to take the tiny house living plunge. But for the sake of this post, we’re going to focus on one very …


A Tiny Modular Housing System For Cities Where Real Housing Is Too Expensive To Afford

Will San Francisco become a city only for the rich? The goal of these parking space-sized units is to stop that from happening.

Many cities face a real challenge to remain affordable in the future. They've become so attractive as places to live and invest that they no longer offer basic, decent …


25 Shockingly Great-Looking Homes Made From Shipping Containers

Sustainable Design

Tiny Houses Meet Park Homes At Recent Shows

Recently at several RV and sportsman shows throughout Florida Chariot Eagle RV Park Models of Ocala, Florida had a park model/tiny house hybrid on …


Overwhelmed By Your Life? Perhaps It Is Time to Simplify

If you had millions of dollars, what would you do? Buy an expensive house and car? How about a used van and park it by the ocean? That is exactly what Major League pitcher Daniel Norris did. Instead of spending his multimillion dollar contract to live up to the appearance of a celebrity ball …

Henry David Thoreau

What's Next: 8 Creative & Clever Products for Small Spaces

We wrapped up a whirlwind few days at Ambiente, the world's largest and most international consumer goods show in the world, where we were …


People Try Living In A Tiny House

“What would be a good password to get in here? Owl Magic!”

Check out more of this tiny house at A Bed Over My Head.
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Tiny House Movement

31 Tiny House Hacks To Maximize Your Space

Just because your house is small doesn’t mean you can’t live large.

Keep your window-to-wall ratio high.

Large panes of glass really open up this 136 sq ft DIY Colorado Mountain Home. Bonus: Tucked under the built in desk are two stools that double as storage.

Install floor to ceiling bookshelves.

Tiny …


A Shipping Container Costs About $2,000. What These 15 People Did With That Is Beyond Epic

These container homes put a creative spin the the mantra “reduce, reuse, recycle” — from a mountain getaway to a full time off-the-grid homestead, …

Andrew Odom deals with How To Turn Your iPad Into A Laptop for tiny house living in his latest blog post and video: http://tinyhouseblog.com/?p=35188

Luxury Tiny House

A tiny home that's moveable with a nicely-finished interior.

Shiny Tiny Mansion

At this point the Cottage is 450 Square Feet with a loft bedroom. It was completely hand-built and finished by Sue and I with a little help from my …

Is bigger always better? Meet the ‘tiny house movement’

While most people think bigger is better, an increasing number of people are embracing what is called the "Tiny House Movement," a trend where people are downsizing their living spaces.

"What we realized is that living with the least, we're gaining the most," Gabriella Morrison told NBC's Craig …

Downsizing to a Tiny House to Find Big Happiness

By her own admission, Dee Williams was living the American dream. She had a three bedroom house in Portland, Oregon, a backyard and a 30-year …

Tiny House Movement

La roulotte de La Bastide de Marie

A bohemian style caravan in France.

You Won't Believe the Cozy Home Inside This Converted Grain Silo

Architect Christoph Kaiser turned a dismantled grain silo, purchased online from a Kansas farmer, into a cozy studio in Phoenix, Arizona. The 190-square-foot space is outfitted with a highly customized interior—only the Eames dining chairs were not made by Kaiser—that serves as a comfortable home …

Pickup Trucks

This Tiny House Seems Weird From The Outside, But When You Step Inside? WHOA!

The house was built on a triangular lot. It was an affordable land space, but it was difficult to build upon.

Of course, adding three levels of …

10 Ways to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Pantry

If you're an enthusiastic cook and rambunctious baker, you can never have enough pantry space. Here are 10 ways to make the most of the pantry- or …

Storage Ideas