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Daily Meditation: Permanence And Impermanence

We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that these Daily Meditations, prayers and mindful awareness exercises can be part of bringing spirituality alive in your life.

Today's post features a poem by 19th century Austrian writer Rainer Maria Rilke. The poem celebrates …


It’s Only 160 Square Feet But The Inside Is Mind-Blowing!

This shipping container home by the Costa Rican firm, Cubica is only 160 square feet.

Yet, it can sleep up to four people and is available as a rental …


Heart Shaped Cherry Pie Bars

These delightful 2-ingredient cherry pie bars combine everything fun about February. They’re shaped like hearts for Valentine’s Day and feature …


A Morning Meditation with Deepak Chopra

Meditating in the morning can help you focus on your personal priorities for a more positive day. In this short meditation video Deepak Chopra, M.D., …

Deepak Chopra

4 Incredibly Simple Steps to Making Your Money Last Through Retirement

Forget about that arbitrary number you've got in your head. Attaining financial security for retirement is all about doing the math, says finance expert Jane Bryant Quinn.

In the book How to Make Your Money Last: The Indispensable Retirement Guide (Simon and Schuster, 2016), bestselling author and


The 5 Ego Traps To Avoid in Meditation

With so many people joining the meditation revolution what are some of the pitfalls to be avoided? Generally speaking meditation is meant to eliminate …

Ancient Philosophy

31 Brilliant Uses For Dawn Dish Soap

Make an ice pack: Fill a plastic sandwich bag half-full with soap, close it, and freeze it. The soap stays cold for a long time, and the ice pack can …


17 Incredibly-Simple Ways to Be Happy Right Now

We all just want to be happy, don't we? So why is that we tend to live our lives steeped in worry, anxiety, and fear rather than just being happy? Is happiness just a temporary state of mind, or is something real and long-lasting?

No doubt you've heard the expression before that if you want to be …


How to Avoid Hiring a Toxic Employee

Nothing is more costly to an organization’s culture than a toxic employee. Research shows that rudeness is like the common cold — it’s contagious, spreads quickly, and anyone can be a carrier.

Dylan Minor, a visiting assistant professor at Harvard Business School, and Michael Housman, chief …

Human Resources

5 Lessons From People Who Retired at 40

Most people believe that retiring by 40 is something achieved only by lottery winners, celebrities, trust-fund babies and tech tycoons.

But there is a growing movement of young retirees who are smashing our conventional beliefs about what it really takes to retire early. They’re not born rich, …


The Hidden Harm of Antidepressants

An in-depth analysis of clinical trials reveals widespread underreporting of negative side effects, including suicide attempts and aggressive behavior


Muddling Toward Retirement

It's a bit unsettling, realizing I won't need a resume anymore.

This semester is the start of my 17th year teaching journalism at Emerson College in Boston. It is the 37th year since I started teaching journalism. It will be my last.

No one forced me to sign the paperwork. At age 66, I decided I …


I Gave Up Sugar, Alcohol, Gluten, Grains, Dairy, and Soy for 30 Days

Hello. My name is Christine and I'm addicted to sugar, salt, and bread. I have equal-opportunity sweet tooth and salt tooth. And I'm an emotional eater through and through.

There. I said it.

On the whole, I'm generally not a terrible eater. I tend to eat real food — mostly plants — and I never eat too …

Healthy Eating

How To Tell If A Friend Is Empathetic Or Secretly Selfish

The sign couldn't be clearer.

Friends are our sounding boards. They're there for us when we need to vent, and they offer advice when we're in search of counsel. But, in the process, some well-intentioned friends relate your story to one of their own and end up doing far more talking about themselves …


Natural Happiness: The Truth About Exercise and Depression

We all want to be happy.

But is there anything you can actually do to feel happier more often? Or at the very least... can you limit the likelihood that you'll feel sad and depressed?

There isn't a single perfect answer, of course, but research is starting to reveal the incredible connection between …


5 meditation tips for people who don't think they're cut out for it

Living in Manhattan is jarring. It’s like living inside a pinball machine.

I love this city, but it’s a bit overwhelming and quite stressful at times. To combat this, I’ve been working on developing a meditation routine.

I’ll be honest — I’ve tried meditation on and off for the last two years, but I …


A Guided Meditation for the Anxious Mind

Welcome to your Buddha Buddy five-minute guided meditation. During this practice, we will focus on your body and breathing awareness, in an attempt to soothe the mind. Find a comfortable seated position somewhere in nature. Now close your eyes and take a deep breath. Picture your front door. Did …


14 tips to save up to $1,000 in 30 days or less

Getting rich is a long-term game, but saving a lot doesn't have to be. A few lifestyle changes here and there can add up to help you save hundreds — even thousands — each month.

Ramit Sethi, author of "I Will Teach You to Be Rich," launched a challenge to help people save $1,000 in a week, …


21 Ways to Stop Regretting the Life You Didn’t Have And Live The Life You Want Now

"Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today and you make your tomorrow.” - L. Ron HubbardWhat if you could travel back in time?You’d probably do a …

L. Ron Hubbard

A Guide for Emotionally Sensitive People (and a Giveaway!)

Update: The winners for this giveaway have been chosen:

You’re too sensitive. You’re making a big deal out of nothing. Why are you letting that bother


The Joy of Less: A Systematic Approach to Minimalist Living

The world is full of material things, but real living happens in the space between all of our stuff. Francine Jay’s The Joy of Less, A Minimalist

Personal Organizing

Where in the World Should You Retire? New Report Takes a Look at 23 Great Possibilities - Expat - WSJ

Thinking of retiring abroad? Here’s an updated resource that might have you thinking differently about Peru or Malaysia.

The magazine International Living has come out with its annual global retirement index for 2016, ranking 23 countries on things like affordability, internet access, health care, …


13 strategies to save a fortune, from real people who retired before 40

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to win the lottery, inherit a windfall, or even earn a Wall Street salary to retire early.

Consider "Mr. Money Mustache," who averaged a $67,000 annual salary working as an engineer for 10 years before announcing his retirement at age 30. Or Jeremy Jacobson …


20 Tricks to Retiring Rich

By Cameron Huddleston, Columnist

When you envision your retirement, what do you see yourself doing: Traveling to faraway places? Indulging in hobbies you didn't have time to enjoy while you were working? Or pinching pennies just to cover the bills?

The latter is probably not your ideal retirement, …


7 ways to raise your credit score in 2016

It's important to have good credit, especially if you're looking to get approved for a loan, credit card or mortgage. Attain that perfect credit score of 850, and you've reached financial VIP status. Since your FICO score is an indication of your creditworthiness, the pinnacle range of 800 to 850 …

Credit Scores

Simple But Powerful Visualisations To Find Your Purpose In Life

What s the meaning of life?

How can you be happy and successful?

What is my purpose here?

Everyone tells you that if you want to live a happy life, all …

20 Simple Things You Can Do Daily To Become A Mindful Person

The world we are living in today has taken away our ability to truly appreciate the little things that we should be thankful for. Mindfulness helps …


FICO: The Credit Score You Need To Know

No one wants to think about their credit score. It's boring at best, and for many people, the topic of credit scores can be confusing and even anxiety provoking. But being aware of your credit score -- and in particular, your FICO score -- is an important component to your long-term financial …


Japanese Buddhism in 10 minutes【Rocketpedia】

Today we’re introducing you to the basics of Japanese Buddhism, plus highlighting some of the Buddhist images you’ll see in Japan and help you …


11 Small-Space Hacks That Can Work In Any Size Home

We predict that this is the year you master the DIY.

If there's any trend we won't be escaping any time soon, it's downsizing. Tiny homes are a national phenomenon, and the lifestyle changes associated with low-impact living — from composting to conscientiously tidying up — have made their way into …