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Goal Setting

Natty Or Not? Not That Anyone Should Give Two Fucks: The History of Performance Enhancing Substances

Zero fucks are given.

Interestingly, when I began lifting weights, steroids were not a topic of discussion. Of course, we knew some people used gear …

How to Gain Muscle Mass Fast - 3 Simple Steps

Despite all the hard work, protein shakes, gym visits, calories of chicken and tuna are you still struggling to gain muscle mass fast? Well lucky for …


5 Secrets of Building Muscle | T Nation

Here's what you need to know...

The double progression system works. It's the easiest and most adaptable form of planned progression.
• Stop listening to …


5 Fast Rules to Be Bigger, Leaner, and Stronger

Ask the average guy in the average gym how to build bigger muscles, and chances are he'll tell you to do exactly what he's doing: lots of sets and reps of lots of redundant exercises. Except . . . well, you notice it's not working particularly well for him. Worse, you realize you're already doing …


T Nation | Log Your Training Like a Boss

Here's what you need to know...

Detailed training journals distinguish successful athletes from beginners.
• Tracking the rate of perceived exertion will …


The Master Switch for More Muscle & Less Fat | T Nation

Here's what you need to know...

AMPK serves as the body's master regulating switch, determining how fat you are and even how long you'll live.
• The case …


Can Pain Pills Kill Your Bodybuilding Gains? -

Getting bigger and stronger is one byproduct of resistance training. Another is muscle soreness, or the "good pain" linked to the old bodybuilding …


How To Recognize Someone Using Anabolic Steroids

How To Recognize Someone Using Anabolic Steroids

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Written by: PWN Fitness

We’re all curious about that guy at …

The Surprising Truth About Working Out Twice a Day | Greatist

You might also like: {{displayTitle}} Read More For the spring semester of my junior year, I packed up my yoga mat, P90X DVDs (and as many clothes as I could feasibly squeeze into one suitcase), and flew to Australia. Six months later, I packed it all back up and headed home. But I took something …


5 Supplements That Actually Help Build Muscle

5 Supplements That Actually Help Build Muscle

Supplementation is becoming increasingly popular amongst athletes and bodybuilders. With thousands of …


Carb Cycling For Fat Loss and Muscle Maintenance

Ever since the infamous Atkins diet made headlines, it seems as if carbohydrates have been receiving a great deal of attention, even more so than fat …


Using Isometronics To Break A Plateau in Strength and Size Development

One of my favorite books of all time from the Iron Game has to be The Development of Physical Strength by Anthony Ditillo.

In his classic book, he …


Down and Dirty with the Clean for More Muscle and Power

People tend to think that the Clean is a lift meant only for power athletes or competing weightlifters. I’m here to say that the Clean can and should …


4 Methods You Haven't Tried to Get Stronger

It’s pretty simple right? For size, go for high volume; for strength, go with low-reps and heavy weights; for cutting, go with high-reps and lower …


Why Many Gain Strength Without Adding Muscle Mass

Many who embark on a natural bodybuilding program expect that if their weights increase in the gym during a workout, then their muscles must be …

How To Gain Muscle And Lose Fat At The Same Time.

Feeling a little flabby? Have those new man-spanks started to look appealing to you in the department store window? Perhaps you have been making a …

The Best Fitness Photos of the Week

Filter or no filter, these photographs of these powder day heroes, bodyweight warriors, exercise aficionados, and ultra-jacked athletes will inspire you.


5 Ways To Get Leaner And Meaner

This idea of burning fat to get leaner far faster than normal isn’t new. Men and women have always been seeking ways to become leaner–from watching …


5 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me In My 20s

Vital Stats

Name: Bryan Krahn, BA, CSCS
Trainer, online coach, and fitness writer.
Calgary, Canada

Test Your Fitness With These Strength Benchmarks

Test Your Strength

The Move: Front Squat



Work needed: 0.5-0.75 x bodyweight
Average: 0.75-1.0 x bodyweight
Above Average: …


Lend a Hand to the Novice Weightlifter

It happens at the start of every new year. Motivated by a New Year’s resolution, or perhaps lured by a deal on a membership, first-timers flood gym …


The 100 Laws of Muscle | T Nation

The 100 Laws of Muscle


1. There is no perfect training program. In fact, very intelligent, very successful coaches often disagree with one …


Understanding Your CNS & Recovery Needs

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Working with athletes online allows me access to a wide range of folks I may otherwise not ever have the privilege of working with, and …


7 Smart Ways To Boost Your Testosterone

Vital Stats

Name: Alex Savva
B.S. Physical and Health Education, University of Toronto
Founder of CircuitFIT, Co-founder of …


Add Muscle, Subtract Fat: The Clean Bulk That Works


“Training sessions should always be geared towards building muscle because you can use diet for anything else,” says Miyaki. Leave fat-loss …

The Reasons You’re Not Getting Stronger | Greatist

If I had to make a list of things that really annoy me, it would be as follows:

1. “Twilight.”
2. People who don’t turn right on red.
3. People who don’t prioritize getting stronger.

As a strength coach this last one is what really gets me irritated, and for good reason. To be blunt: Strength is kind of


The 5 Pillars of Successful Training

Featured Expert

Dan John

Dan John has coached for more than 30 years. He's helped hundreds of athletes pack on double-digit pounds of rock-solid muscle. As an athlete, John broke the American record in the Weight Pentathlon. He is the author of several books, including Intervention.

Read Dan's most …

How to Burn Stubborn Body Fat | T Nation

Here's what you need to know...

Targeting stubborn body fat and "spot reduction" are two different things. It's possible to get rid of stubborn body …