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Why Leaving Rowing Out of Your Workout is a Big Mistake

In terms of training value for time spent, there is little that comes close to rowing. It is cardio, it is anaerobic and it is strengthening. By …


5 Olympic Weightlifting Game Changers

If you have been introduced to Olympic weightlifting through CrossFit, maybe one of these tips will help you take your game to the next level.


Hero Training: Workouts to Save a Life

These workouts give you the tools you need to pull yourself from danger, leap from rooftop to rooftop, lift an object off of someone in distress, and …

Men's Style

CrossFit Level 1 Training – Day 1

I had the best day!

I came into the first day of CrossFit Level 1 Training much like the first race I ever participated in: feeling like I don’t …


Running Man | T Nation

As most of you probably know, I'm not a big fan of slow-pace cardio work, especially when you're trying to build muscle mass or improve your …

Interval Training

Cracking the Rotator Cuff Conundrum | T Nation

I bet we all see things in the gym that really, really, annoy us. There's the "belter," the guy who sports his trusty lifting belt for every …


The Right (and Wrong) Way to Become an RX Athlete

If you want to become an Rx athlete, you have to embrace the process. Here is some strategic and practical advice about achieving that goal.


Know the Difference: Training vs. Testing vs. Competing

You can’t max out every day…Sometimes less is more.

There’s a difference between training, testing and competing. In CrossFit that line has gotten …


The Missing Link In Your CrossFit Program

Let me be clear…..I am a CrossFit purist. I firmly believe in programming functional movements that are constantly varied and performed at high …


Information Games: Analyzing the CrossFit Games Leaderboard

The CrossFit Games leaderboard is an underappreciated, underutilized thing.Though it is the bane of my existence during competitions – I feel like I …

5 Moves to Fix Your Snatch

You have to perform the Olympic lifts heavy and often to improve.

No matter what may be holding you back in the snatch, an increase is practice …

6 Ways Reading On A Regular Basis Vastly Improves Your Life

1. You experience different lives, cultures, and points of view.

As George RR Martin wrote, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man …


5 Types Of Strength To Be Thankful For

CrossFit makes you stronger. Obviously. But a lot of us are so focused on achieving PRs and upping those AMRAP numbers, that we don’t take the time …


Data-Driven Crossfit Program Design

Everyone seems to be searching for that magic bullet that will get them to the next level of performance.

I’m a firm believer in individual …


Box Jump

The basic concept of a box jump is simple: Get from the ground to the top of the box. You’ll encounter them in many workouts, including a Tabata …

Weightlifting Technique with Evidence: Lifting the Feet in the Snatch Clean

Look at the pictures you see to the right (click to enlarge). Go ahead, look at them for a minute.

Pretty cool, huh? Yeah, they’re awesome. You know …

World Records

3 Ways CrossFit Made Me a Better Human

We've heard the jokes: You know someone does CrossFit because it's ALL they talk about! I used to laugh (and agree) with this before I started my own CrossFit journey. Now, just shy of three months into my own experience, I'm starting to understand on a deeper level, why the workout is more than a …


Be Better at Life: How to Find More Time to Train

Time management seems to be the biggest determinant in a person’s success in any given training program.Training can have a remarkable effect on all

Time Management

Vitamin D Can Turn You Into Superman, Says Science

Improve your health, fitness, and fight seasonal depression all in one.

Daylight saving time has ended, whether you like it or not. That means more cold weather, less warm sun, and for some people, vitamin D deficiencies, which, like any vitamin deficiency, can cause a host of health problems. This …

Vitamin D

I’m Not as Good as That Guy/Girl

When I first began doing CrossFit I was you. I thought I knew a lot about fitness and being in good shape and eating healthily. I thought I knew a …


The 25 Essential Books for the Well-Read Explorer

Hey, we're with you. Given half a chance, we'd much rather hit the road than the armchair. Nothing can replace the intensity of authentic experience. Yet experience needs shape and wisdom and behind every great adventure are the stories that inspired it. We read before we go; and after we arrive, …


The 1st Pull In Weightlifting: Go Fast Or Slow?

The first pull in the snatch or clean tends to either be slow or fast, so it is all about the transition when it comes to lifting heavy weight.As I

Western Canada

Five books to fire my passion for science

Here’s my confession. Although I love science, and can never get enough of the latest story – I avidly followed the nail-biting progress of the Rosetta space probe on its way to rendezvous with the romantically named comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko for months before Philae’s fateful landing – this …


3 Ways to Control Insulin and Get Jacked

Insulin means everything when you're trying to get lean or build muscle. It can either make you fat or it can get you big and ripped. Here's how to …


3 Strategies to Conquer the Pain Cave

The workout of the day is set. You look on the whiteboard and see suffering written all over it. If you’ve been around CrossFit long enough or have …


4 Reasons You Suck at Building Mass | T Nation

The 4 Reasons You Can't Build Mass

Why can’t you build muscle mass? Well, probably because you suck at eating and training. Here’s how you can stop …


What Makes a Crossfit Coach Great?

Justin Johnson is a CrossFit Level 1 Coach in Mooresville, NC. He WoDs it up daily at CrossFit LKN. In his spare time he runs a CrossFit blog called


Gain Bulk Without Getting Fat

Just the other day I was killing my bis and tris at the gym when a hard-working and passionate young trainee approached me with some questions about …


The Jerk: Close Grip vs. Wide Grip

I’d wager that when it comes to the split and push jerk, most CrossFitters employ a close-grip (shoulder width) position. That’s what they were …

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