Rside Science 9 Fall 2015

By Rside Showcase | Here is a collection of learning from Sean Robinson's Science 9 class at Riverside Secondary

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Part 1: Mutation story<p>by Mac Christie<p>My host josh could have been a normal kid if only I was not a genetic mutation that ruined his life. I was just …


Science 9 – Christina's Blog

On January 15th our class had a Skype call with Charis Walko, a stem cell researcher in Vancouver. She has a degree with stuff relating to liver stem …

Stem Cells

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On January 15th our science class decided to have a skype call a with someone named, Charis Walko. Charis is a stem cell researcher that works with …

Human Anatomy

Power Connections

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Science 9 – Molly's Blog

On January 15th, we had a Skype call with a woman named Charis Walko, who is a stem cell researcher in Vancouver. Charis has her degree with stuff …

Down Syndrome

Science 9 | Alexis

Category Archives: Science 9<p>This is an edible model of a double helix. It is a double-stranded DNA molecule in which strands linked by hydrogen bonds …

Light Bulbs

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With this experiment we used a complete circuit to produce electron flow in our fruit/vegetable. The fruits/vegetables we used were lemon, orange and …


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January 19<p>Charis Walko skype chat<p>Hello everyone, last Friday we had a Skype chat with stem cell researcher Charis Walko. Here is a picture of what …


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<i>In Science, we have started our biology unit. We were able to contact with Charis Walco, a stem cell researcher who works for Stem Cell Technologies</i> …


Electricity Mind Map | Tessa's Blog

QUESTIONS<p>1. What kind of energy is lightning?<p>2. What is the fastest way electricity travels?<p>3. Are energy and electricity the same exact thing?<p>4. Why …


Electricity Mind map! | Hannah's Blog

Hello!<br>Here is my electricity mind map!<p>My questions are:<br>1. What are the different types of circuits?<br>2. Are there different types of electricity? If so …


Electricity – Raiyah's Blog

I know very little about electricity but I added some pictures in the mind map because I associate those things with electricity. I don’t generally …


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Science 9 | Adrienne's Blog

On Friday January 15th our class had a Skype chat with Charis. I wasn’t there for the skype chat but the point of the chat was to learn more about …

Periodic Table

Science 9 – Raiyah's Blog

Today in my science 9 class, we prepared a skype chat with a lady named Charis Walko. She works for a company called Stem Cell technology where they …

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This a picture of Charis, in the middle of teaching my class about plurepotent stem cells, along with adult stem cells and embryos.<p>During our …


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<b>Skype chat with Tanya Harrison.</b><p>I could not find the photo that I had. So I found a photo of her. Our intire class whent up and we asker tanya …

Mars Rover

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I was a healthy gene but my host worked on a nuclear plant and was exposed to lots of radiation. One day there was a radiation leak where my …


Science 9 | Tessa's Blog

On Friday, the 15th of January 2016, we had a skype Chat with Charis. Charis works with stem cells and she researches them, so she knows a lot about …

Stem Cells